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Lexus LS 400/LS 430 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited April 2014 in Lexus
What kind of deal did you get for your Lexus LS?


  • ron36330ron36330 Posts: 69
         I purchased my 03 LS 430 UL in Oct 02. The car was equipped with the UL pkg, Chrome wheels, Wheel Locks, Trunk Mat and touch up kit. The price was $68,000.00.
         I did all my shopping over the internet and final negotiations over the phone.
         The dealer experience was excellent. No haggling, the quoted price was the actual price, sales personnel were polite and at delivery everything was explained. Follow up service has been exceptional.
          I purchased the car at Reinhardt Lexus in Montgomery, Alabama.
    Hope this is what you are looking for.
  • viskhaviskha Posts: 35
    I noticed on that they are selling '04 LS430s (any exterior and interior colors) for $55,349 with Navigation system - Seems to be a pretty good price! Anyone with any experience buying from them?
  • Check out the other forums, and you will get a lot of complaints
  • I cant PROMISE you but if 5-7k off MSRP sounds good, let me know and I will ask the dealer if he can do the same for others.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    niceputt, if you want to recommend a dealer, you can post the dealership's name (but no other info - see the header of this discussion). That way folks can do their own negotiating.

    It's not really the purpose of these boards to facilitate deals, though. We're here to share prices paid and buying experiences, not assist in selling - that's contrary to the Membership Agreement.

  • Ur point is well taken. Still, I am 500 mile from a dealer I got a terrific deal from. I thought it presumptuous to put his name and the deatils on the net. Thanks. :-)
  • I just did some negotiating between several local dealers for a 2004 LS 430 with modern luxury package, Euro suspension with alloy wheels, Briarwood pearl with cashmere interior.

    I decided to go with Bob Casiulli on Route 46 in Little Falls, NJ. The next best price came from Lexus of Manhattan. They were both very, very close, but the deciding factor was the convenience of the NJ dealership.

    Both were straightforward and a pleasure to deal with.
  • We bought our first Lexus from Bob Casiulli. They beat all prices.

    Bob Casiulli and Manhattan Lexus were not even close when we just got the 2004 SC and LS. Got them from Prestige........for the record $4500.00 off list on both cars.

    Good luck.
  • Actually did better off list than that with the 2004 LS. Worked up from dealer invoice, which many Lexus dealers are loathe to do.

    Prestige e-mailed me 80 times with many duplicates after getting my on-line inquiry, but never responded to my e-mail stating the exact specs of the car I wanted and where I was on price at that time.

    Got some kind of on line survey form and when I rated them badly someone actually called me. I told them I had already ordered the car.

    One dealer, Warnock, never even quoted me a price. This after I visited the dealership twice, asked the salesman for a quote, called to remind him a week later that I was still waiting, called the sales manager to say I really wanted to buy from them but couldn't seem to get a price....not a word.

    A couple of other dealers in NJ said $1,000 off list take it or leave it.

    Crazy. The treatment at Bob Casiulli was also excellent. Would refer them anytime.

    Maybe they were willing to discount so much because my car had to be ordered. Although all the other dealers knew that, too.
  • is not a scam. I can't find a single complaint. It is evident there prices and payments are the lowest in the U.S.A. It's seems odd that a competitor would make these accusations. I wonder how many clients from Lehigh used there services. My guess is quite a few.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I note that has changed their affiliation and moved to a new web site.
  • I've had one guy bring it up, but the bad press it has received on Edmunds tossed that idea. Take a look in your records, and you won't find any.
  • viskhaviskha Posts: 35
    This is a forum to discuss deals you get - I would think your dealer would be glad putting your deal on the forum so it may generate more national (and possibly international!) interest.

    Please post the amount you got over Invoice or under MSRP. Thanks in advance.
  • I think Riverside Lexus varies a little on what price they accept (especially early in model year) depending on if you are repeat customer etc., but swiftm's price is possible there.
  • I haven't bought yet but the best price I've gotten so far has also been from Bob Casiulli. It wasn't the first price they quoted but they didn't put up much resistance. They quoted 2 higher prices to me first but all I did each time was tell them I had to think it over and they immediately dropped the price until they reached $4000 off.

    As far as dealing because the car has to be ordered: my experience is any dealer would much rather sell a car they have in stock. One dealer I talked to said I could special order a car with "a la carte" options but would have to pay list price.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I was quote at a lower price of $2500 over invoice; when I went to the dealer this am, price was higher, I was in rage and told the manager I wouldn't buy it from them at any price, this is the second time they done it to me in 3 years, don't trust Tustin lexus in so. cal guys, bad experience and never again, stay away.
    I reconnected with thousandoaks lexus in LA; they will deliver my LS430 UL on Wes. for $3200 over invoice, no hidden cost, will keep you all update later. hope this will help somebody in this side of the country. swift
  • How did you determine "Invoice" cost?
  • Invoice price on a base 2004 LS 430 is about $47,956 (slight varience by region) plus a $650 destination charge.

    The options packages avg about a 20% markup (maybe just slightly more) (Example Ultra package msrp is $11,320 and Invoice is $9,112

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks. May I ask where you get your info? My reference is Edmunds and it says dealer cost "N/A".
  • I got the bulk of the info from 0998&trimld=98288

    Good luck...If I screwed up the Link just fish around the Auto section of MSN and you will eventually get there.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I know the best pricing and true invoice price is listed in, I bought one-LS UL for 3200 over invoice. hope this helps, swiftm
  • That worked well. I am surprised the Lexus LS data is there and not in Edmunds. I cross checked a couple cars with Edmunds and it checks in agreement. Thanks
  • By the way, what can you tell us about the air suspension? Did you get to try the Sport Suspension? Presently I drive an Acura TL-S, which is kind of rigid, and I think I could not take the standard (soft) Lexus suspension.
    The report I have seen recommends the Sport; they argue the air suspension floats a bit, or something like that. Look forward to your comments.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    oriente: I bought the UL for the luxury and "floaty-ness", it is absolutely what I am looking for, I liked the six speed shift, you can't tell the gear change at all, there is a sport button, but I don't use it, the UL had the air susp. with auto level ride at certain speed, I loved it, I didn't try the sport version; as matter fact, I didn't do test drive or seeing my car until it arrived in my driveway. I had a 95 LS, been driving all lexus SUVs; so sport driving isn't what I am looking for. Another point: pre collision radar system is availiable after Jan, you may consider it. Hope this help, swiftm
  • 1. Did Thousand Oaks come through at $3200 over?
    2. Does anyone now if the Custom Luxur package is being produced or does one have to buy the Ultra package?
  • I have been told by my dealer that the Custom Luxury is available only on a custom order and the UL is The car that production is being centered on at this time.

    Custom Luxury is not yet out of the lineup.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    niceputt: Yes, LS UL delivered to my driveway, silver with ecru, smooth transaction, call Lora for detail. hope this help, swiftm
  • Purchased a Crystral White, std equip, alloy wheels and gold pkg, 2004 LS 430 at Kearney Mesa Lexus San Diego for $54,500 + tax, license.
    Bottom line was $5,000 - $6,000 under MSRP.
  • The dealer might not have been totally truthfull with you...MSRP FOR A STANDARD LS430 is 55,125 I don't know the additional charge for the gold package but I think somewhere around $500.

    Still a good deal at $1000 under...They don't deal much this earily in a new model year.
  • I am picking up my 2004 LS430 in Crystal White,Cashmere with Premium Package. I was able to get a 4000.00 Discount off Retail. The retail was almost 57,300 and I am paying 53,300.00. They will only discount the premium packages this much,the Modern Luxury around 2500.00 off. The dealer is Sterling McCall in Houston.
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