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Lexus LS 400/LS 430 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    stickgsstickgs Member Posts: 8
    Hi Carman:

    I am looking to lease a used 05 430 with only 13k mi. Asking price is $44500 but it will probably come a little cheaper - I hope! I am being shown a 48mo/12k/ .00212 MF with ~ $17500 residual from a National Lease service. Does it look like a good deal and what should the residual and monthly note be on this deal? Thanks -Stick


    Climate Controlled Front Seats
    Self Leveling Suspension
    Keyless Ignition System
    Electronic Suspension Control
    Climate Controlled Rear Seats
    Heated Front and Rear Seats
    Front and Rear Parking Sensors
    Mark Levinson Audio
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    mrsincere7mrsincere7 Member Posts: 40
    I recently purchased an 04' LS 430 silver w/black interior Ultra Luxury at a dealers auction in Bordentown NJ. Cost me $28,700. Car had high mileage ( 78k ). But for a car that may easily go 200k + miles, 78k is nothing to worry about.

    I got exactly what I was looking for and more. You see.......I already owned a silver with black interior 96 LS 400. And I wanted to step up in luxury by replacing that car with a silver w/black interior LS 430 w/ ultra luxury package. How in the world did I get so lucky, finding my car at an auction? Yeah, there would be many LS 430's there, but that doesnt mean you'll find exactly the car , color and options you want. I know, I know......buying at an auction is a huge risk. But I think it's worth the risk, especially when you find out, the same car you find at someone's used car lot is the same car purchased by that dealer from a dealer only auction. The car hasnt changed, only the cost by the time it gets to a car lot.

    Originally I was only able to afford an 02'......but going to an auction allowed me to step up to a newer model. And I'm sure glad I did. I didnt know the 04' had a 6 spd trans, and that previous year models had 5 sp trans.

    I love everything about my car. Mark Levinson system,chrome rims, self closing doors and trunk,rear refrigerator,reclining massaging rear seats, back-up camera, voice command nav system, great MPG, smart key access,folding side mirrors,sport and snow selections, 4 auto power windows,rader/laser cruise,whisper quiet, 4 pass heat/cooled seats,computerized message center,parking sensors,one touch open/close roof, drivers's seat extends out for more leg comfort,cornering headlights,headlight cleaners,exterior illumination, interior styling and creature comforts. All of that for under 29k??? I'll take it.
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    wifescar1wifescar1 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought an '03 LS 430 last week. I think it was an ok deal and I really like the car. Bought it from a Lexus dealer for $23,900. Its a certified used car with 47k miles. Black over black with only a few options (heated/ac seats, etc.) Its a one owner car, bought new locally. The dealer was pretty good and gave me $500 more for my trade than I was offered anywhere else to close the deal. The Certification gives me 3 years of warranty or up to 100K miles bumper to bumper. While I was shopping - I never saw a certified LS for under $28,000 so I thought it was a good price. The dealer/salesman were easy to deal with, though they were real firm on the price and didn't throw any extras at me. I suspect that means there wasn't a lot of fat in the deal.
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    phyllis119phyllis119 Member Posts: 3
    My lease ends in one month on my 2004 Ls430. The car is in perfect shape and has 51,000 miles with no problems. the buyout is $28.5 plus 7% tax. Im considering buying it rather than stepping down to an es350. Is this a good idea?
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 239,399
    Hi phyllis119...

    If you post in Real-World Trade-In Values, an expert can tell you the wholesale value of your car.

    Just be sure to include a complete description. Then, you can compare that number to your buyout.

    Good luck!

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    nacontinaconti Member Posts: 1
    recently purchased my third (3) vehicle over the net. Experience is what you make of it and dealing with someone you trust. Try MAXIMUM4MINIMUM ask for Ben, I've had nothing but an eellent experieince. FYI - I just purchased a 2004 with Ultra luxry package from him. The vehicle was just as described, actually better!

    good luck and save the money you expected!!!
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    mrsincere7mrsincere7 Member Posts: 40
    Hey poster........I too have an 04 with the Ultra Luxury package. Would you mind sharing how much you paid? And what color is your machine? Believe it or not......I still need to get used to my 04. I sold a 1996 LS 400 and I truly miss that car. I didnt realize how much I liked that car, until it was gone. How is that possible considering the options and technology the 04 has over the 96??? I wish I could have kept it. Dont get me wrong, I love my 04, but I think it's still going to take some time getting used to this car. My 1996 LS held up, and proved itself. I cant wait for the same feeling with the LS430.

    BTW, both were silver, and I paid 28700 for my LS 430.
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    CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
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    carguy_62carguy_62 Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at 2005 LS430 Ultra's.

    Found very clean one for low price here in Canada (less than $29k) but has high miles (80k miles). Best ones I see in US seem to be high 30's (i.e. about $37-38k) with just under 30k miles.

    Hassle factor to bring up to Canada from US is big, so wonder what opinion is on higher mileage LS430?

    BTW VERY hard to find these in Canada, and Lexus dealers seem to almost never see them - where do they go after lease??
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    mrsincere7mrsincere7 Member Posts: 40
    I wouldnt sweat the mileage. As long as you are assured the vehicle was well maintained, then go for it. Whats 80,000 miles on a well maintained Lexus LS430??? I look at it like this........80,000 miles on a well maintained Lexus is equivalent to 50,000 miles on a well maintained lemon free American made car.

    My '04 LS 430 had about 78,000 when I bought it last year from a dealer auction. Of course there was some concern especially since I couldnt check the car out before purchase.......but I went with my gut and my Lexus experience. So far, the only thing I did for the car is replace the water pump when I changed the timing belt, serpentine belt, tension pulleys, spark plugs and new tires. All done for $700 ( I have a great , honest mechanic ).

    Now that I own the car ( in addition to another car and truck ), the mileage driven per year on the Lexus will eventually balance out closer to 17,000 - 20,000 a year because I'm probably not driving the vehicle as much as the previous owner. That might apply to you too after you own yours for a couple of years.
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    mrsincere7mrsincere7 Member Posts: 40
    Hey Carguy.....your $29k sounds about right. That high mileage may have brought the price down so it could sell. That could be a blessing in disguise. It was for me, I paid $28,700 last August for my Ultra. When I did my research it was the same as you......they were all 35k to 45k. And yes most usually with less mileage. Tell you what??? I hope I dont step on anyones toes.......but I would buy a Lexus with higher miles on it before I'd buy anybodies Mercedes even with zero miles on it. Good Luck!!!
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    carguy_62carguy_62 Member Posts: 2
    Appreciate the thoughts and advice. I will see if I can confirm that it has been dealer serviced and is accident-free. Are there any big (read expensive) servicings that I should make sure have been done? ANything else in particular that I hsould look for?

    Thanks again.
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    sfuadsfuad Member Posts: 15
    I bought today 05 LS 430 with Nav and ML audio (Black with Black). Lexus CPO with 45000 miles for 30500. Do you guys thinks is it a good price?
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    georgehughes35georgehughes35 Member Posts: 25
    I have begun researching the LS 430, maybe an 04 or 05 model. My experience searching the usual web sites (Ebay, yahoo motors, washington post, CL etc as well as local dealers) in my area seemed to show most low to avg mile cars around $34-39000. The TMV on edmunds for CPO with approximately 40000 miles says $26000 (or there abouts). Did you all just negotiate a CPO or used car down $5000-10000? I wanted to get an idea on what to expect before I out financing in place and start trying to hammer out a deal.
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