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Ac not cooling. Lots of dripping through the draining hoses, sweaty low pressure tube( not cold )

tommybilly25tommybilly25 Member Posts: 2
edited August 2015 in Honda
I have a Honda Pilot 2008 (115k miles ). After a long trip ( Georgia to Miami ) I noticed while driving that my ac was not blowing enough cold air even though it was set to the maximun. My wife noticed few drips of water from under the glove box. When I touched under i felt a piece of ice attached to the plastic that covers the Ac filter and evaporator. Also, the car is dripping a lot of water from the 2 draining hoses ( one in the front and the other one towards the middle of the car ), lots of water dripping from both hoses so I am assuming the drain is not clogged up.
I just changed my AC Filter since I have never changed it before ( it was not so bad ) however, I noticed when I looked through the filter case compartment that both pipes where the expansion valve is attached was extremely "sweaty" and dripping few drops of water every 10- 15 sec. Also the tube that continues through the firewall was also "sweating a lot " as well as the whole low pressure tube under the hood.
The Compressor engaged with no problem , both fans are working. compressr clutch engages with no problem but it seems that doesnt desengages, it is ON all the time ( im assuming because is trying to get the interior of the car cold but it doesn happen, inside the car is not cold as should be ) .
I re-charged with more refirgerant becasue it was a little below where it should be and i used the UV dye just to see if there was a leak but After i recharged i didnt found any leak. Now same signs, ac not cooling enough and a lot of sweaty pipes (evaporator, expansion valve and low pressure tubes ) and lots of dripping through the draining hoses. Please help, any ideas?


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