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2006 Honda Odyssey random electrical failures

alf2006alf2006 Member Posts: 2
edited August 2015 in Honda
My 06 odyssey lost electrical power to random items such as turn signal, temp gauge, door locks on drivers side, sliding door on drivers side, intermittent wipers and rear wipers to name a few. No logical commonality. Cleaned battery posts, disconnected and reconnected battery, checked fuses and relays. Anyone have similar issues and does anyone have an idea what else to check. Was told it maybe an alternator going bad, anything else that it could be, I was thinking maybe computer going bad.


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    joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    Check the battery voltage with a voltmeter and also the voltage output of the alternator. If there is low or no voltage coming from the alternator that could be your problem. If your battery drains and shuts off while driving, that is also an indication of a bad alternator (but also bad for your battery to let this happen). Does the car still start and run normally while all this is going on?
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    alf2006alf2006 Member Posts: 2
    The car does run minus the items that do not work. In hopes of resetting computer I removed battery connections cleaned posts. Did not work at first. Sat overnight and tried again in the morning. Some how works now. Alt and bat checked fine. Pos cable had corrosion underneath protective cap that was not visible until disconnected. At moment all seems fine. Thanks
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    croftonhillscroftonhills Member Posts: 13
    We had this issue about 3 years ago on our 2006 Odyssey. I drove my son the library for story time on a rainy night and when we came back to the van to leave, the remote wouldn't unlock the doors. Then I noticed the electronic doors weren't working, nor the horn, wipers, windows, turn signals or high beams. I classified as "nearly total electronic failure", though the car drove fine.

    I searched the internet and found a TSB which pointed to a relay/ component in the rear cargo area getting wet and malfunctioning. Honda replaced that (for something like $400) and the problem went away...for a few days...then we started having similar, though not exactly the same, electrical problems. They then replaced the "switch" in the drivers side door that works the windows/locks (for another $200 or so). That fixed the problem for the most part.

    We did have another similar issue about 4 months ago where the alarm went off in the middle of the night. We drove the van that day and things started acting funny and there was a clicking noise from the cargo area (this time on the opposite side). We immediately drove to Honda, they heard the clicking, brought the van back into the shop and the clicking stopped. There were no error codes so they couldn't diagnose anything. It has not functioned properly ever since.
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    BusmanBusman Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2018
    I started having this issues with my wifes van about 3 weeks ago after 2 days of rain. What I found was a service bulletin from Honda that said what could be the problem and how to fix it. the service bulletin is 08-078. After I went through what the service bulletin said to do it did not work. I had water coming into the luggage area. After feeling around on the carpet I found a leak coming from under the top of the carpet on the right side. After finding the leak I went and bought some marine adhesive and put along the seem then I did what the service bulletin said to do on the drivers side back panel. I took off the outside sliding door panel and applied adhesive to the cable pulley base, then I also took clear marine adhesive around the outside of the passenger side rear window. This ended my electrical issues. On the rear right side there is a control box back there and wiring for the rear AC unit that can get wet and cause issues if the window seal is leaking or the base for the door cable seal has went bad. I know that this is a very old thread but I'm posting for any future people that may have this issue.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Thanks for the excellent feedback. We keep the topics open regardless of age so your experiences might very well help someone else!

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    Kay0833Kay0833 Member Posts: 1
    We had this issue with our 2006 Honda Odyssey. First our key fob stopped working despite putting a new battery in it. Then months later the navigation and radio required the password when we started the car. We noticed it being a severe issue when the battery light came on and the van became jerky, if that makes sense, when driving. As if the engine wasn’t getting enough power. We thought it was an alternator but it didn’t have tell tale issues of a faulty alternator. We put a new Fully charged battery in and all issues were resolved. I suppose some things require a certain voltage to work properly
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