Where is the cabin filter located?

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Hello! I have a 1993 GEO Tracker 2WD 2D 1.6L 4Cyl. with a 5 speed manual transmission.
My question: I cannot for the life of me find the "cabin air filter", I keep reading about them, and I know I need one, I just dug half a pound of debris out of my internal heat duct including whole leaves, twigs, winged tree seeds, and the like! I have searched in depth on line and even called a dealer to know avail. The online search turns up parts but no location, the dealer said they weren't sure, but of course if I bring it in they would be glad to charge me by the hour to dismantle the system and look for it. I could of course do that myself, but was hoping someone would already know and could put me on the right track. Thanks to all who answer.

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  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd North East Ohio USAMember Posts: 194
    Thank you, that's a good idea. This has been an annoyance for a while. At one point I even had a fist full of debris in my squirl cage fan. Thanks again!
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