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GMC Yukon XL Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
edited March 2014 in GMC
How did you do on your Yukon XL or Suburban purchase? Share your experience with others here!


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  • traymtraym Posts: 4
    2500, 8.1 big block ,sunroof, fully loaded. Sticker 49,733 I paid 44,325 at 0 % At Mossy Chevrolet in San Diego Ca, 44,325 was before taxes & lic. I love this big gas hog and polluter its awsume . but did I get a fair price? There is one thing that concerns me a little there is a lifter or piston slap for a min or so after starting any one have similar prob
  • juebjueb Posts: 1
    I just purchased the Base Model Suburban 1500, LS 2WD, Front Bench, barn doors. Nicely equiped but Absolutely NO options. MSRP $37,050, Destination $815, Vehicle Price $37,865. Los Gatos Anderson Chevy in CA was running an add, 1 at this price, $5,877 Dealer Discount, $4,000 rebate, and $1,000 Loyalty rebate. Essentially $10,877 off MSRP for the base model where profit margin is small. Out the door for $29,932. Dealer said they took a loss of $467 and that this was a loss volume leader. They were only willing to give this price on this specific VIN# vehicle, not others in stock. Essentially, this was a teaser add. Brand new with only 36 test driven miles when I took delivery. I didn't qualify for $400 college grad rebate because it was too long ago. I think I got a good deal.
  • hammersleyhammersley Posts: 684
    2002 Suburban LT, 47K miles, on the lot for 29500, bought for 26700, Edmunds TMV was 30200 'clean', 31000 'outstanding', and this truck was clearly leaning towards the outstanding. Immaculate in & out, obviously well cared for, but needed tires (at 47k that was no surprise).

    We were treated very well personally, professionally, and financially by Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg, Idaho, a *very* high-volume dealership (1000+ cars/month, 75-100 on a typical summer Saturday alone). Complimentary hot dogs, burgers & sodas on an outdoor patio, no pressure, a bit of waiting (the busy Saturday thing), but still just one of the most enjoyable car-buying experiences I've been through.

    (temporarily sojourning from the Subaru Crew Boards)
  • FYI - Just took delivery yesterday of a new '03 Yukon XL SLT w/ Luxury pkg and we love it!

    With current rebates, supplier program, and $1200.00 equity on the trade, out the door for $36,248. I did cave in and buy the extended warranty to 75K miles for another $1185, so the final tally was $37,433.

    GMAC offered 5.99% for 72mos. I thought I could do better, and I did. Capital one went to 4.99% for 72mos. GM matched it, and then dropped it .25% when I took the warranty, so I'm at 4.74%. Overall, I feel pretty good about the deal.
  • I have been offered the following:

    2003 Suburban 2500 4X4 LT
    6.0 Liter Engine
    Luxury/Trailering/Convenience/Cargo/Audio Packages/OnStar/Power Folding Mirrors

    Pretty much every option except DVD video

    MSRP = $50, 439.

    Dealer is offering the truck for $40, 858 +TTL if I take the cash back, currently at $5,000.

    Any thoughts on this price?
  • $9600 off MSRP is good, but you might be able to do better. A couple weeks ago I purchased an 03 Z71 Suburban with a MSRP of 48,900 and got $9800 off. Since then GM increased rebates from $4750 to $5000. You ought to be able to pick up another $500 or so, and that may be about as good as it gets . . . for now anyway.
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    I researched our Suburban purchase quite a bit, 03 LT 4WD. Thought I had the rebates at $5000 but when the rebate disclosure form (where you assign the rebates to the dealer) showed $5,500.
    So, you may want to ask the dealer about any and all rebates available. They should show them to you as you will need to sign the document anyway.
    Loved my dealer, tried to play 4 sqaure and 1st offer was MSRP minus rebate. Showed the salesman my pages of printouts, Edmunds TMV, other nearby dealers inventory and my financing approval. The next offer was within a few $100 of my target of $10,000 off.
    Overall a reasonable experience.
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    Saturday bought the last cloth-seated (I hate leather!) 8-passenger (bucket front, bench middle) 2003 XL left at Ewing GMC in Plano, TX. The truck has running boards and the cargo package (net, cover, and roof rack rails) added; but otherwise standard. MSRP was $40,179 (including destination charge). We got $9,500 off that (the $4,000 rebate and $5,500 bite-the-bullet from the dealer) for $30,679 + TTL ($1917 sales tax and $250 title/dealer prep/"inventory tax").

    A nice surprise was the "aggressive" CarMax dealership next door giving us $12,000 for our 1999 F-150 SuperCab with 42,500 miles. Ewing was thinking closer to $10,000.

    It is a beautiful truck though: Toreador Red (that metal flake paint looking like a sapphire gem in the sun light) with custom Gold second tone paint along the bottom (similar to a Lariat job, only better), egg crate grill, bed liner, hard cover, alloy wheels, OWL tires (though rapidly nearing replacement time -- another $500 expense we saved!), tinted glass, Sony AM/FM/CD, and the coolest running boards I've ever seen (swooping back from the front wheel well all the way onto the bed portion to the front of the rear wheel well). In the summer of 2000, it was one of 25 1999 Custom trucks left over at what was then Lewisville Ford (now Sam Pack's Ford Country. We got a deal on it (paid $21,500 for it) and only added the hard cover, wheel locks, and spare tire lock. Up to the point of selling it, we frequently got compliments on that truck.
  • Please people STOP buying these HARMFUL BAD vehicles that hurt our mother planet. they polute our sister air and brother water. we will soon all perish if we dont stop this madness and prtect our planet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
  • jgkiijgkii Posts: 9
    Picked up a metallic green, 1500 2wd 2003 Suburban from Power Chevrolet in Irvine, CA last week. Very highly equipped model, with side impact air bags, stabilitrac, xm radio, leather interior and the overhead entertainment center with DVD player. Sticker was $44,886 + 815 delivery. With GM rebates ($5500) and dealer discount ($6315) went out the door at $33,886 + tax and license. Internet Salespeople there are very straightforward. No dicking around or games. I researched here on Edmunds, and his price quote was nearly $12K off. Very satisfying experience. The whole transaction took about 25 minutes.
  • When will the greatest SUV on the mother planet be upgraded to reflect the pickups redesign? Also, how come the Allison/8.1 can be ordered with the pickup, but the 4A/8.1 is only on the burb? <mother planet, brother water, sister air> indeed. Someone's been eating WAY too much non-meat products!
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    The reason you can't get the Allison is the same reason you cant get the Dmax engine in a burb, It won't fit. I know this sounds strange, but if you'll notice the Allison tranny and Dmax are only available in the 2500 HD and 3500 trucks, not on the 2500 or the 1500. The latter 2 are the platform that GM uses to make the burb.
    I am not sure when the redesign is coming for the appearance, but I did hear a rumor that the Dmax would be available in 06 on the Burb. I don't know if its true, if anyone could verify that would be great. I know I would be interested, although the MSRP of over 50K would scare me a whole lot.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    What are the best deals anyone has gotten lately? We're not really in the market and our 2002 Avalanche is still almost flawless at 32k, but we've always wanted a white Yukon XL. Would have to order because we want a base 2wd SLE with only a few options, but might do this if we could get about $10k off.

    What has anyone else gotten lately on a new '04??
  • I just signed for a 2004 Yukon XL. List for $48,990, got it for $38000 + doc (SLT, DVD/Sunroof, tow package, 17" alum wheels, + safe & Secure).

    I believe that this was $863 under invoice or $506 over GMS price. The whole deal only took 15 minutes. I was prepared, I knew that everybody was offering supplier discount plus the 4$k rebates.
    I searched dealer inventory over the net & went to the dealer with the one that I wanted. Chicagoland had 25 black XLs and several hundred XLs within a 100 miles. I should have tried the GMS discount price but I didn't know what it was until I saw it at the dealer.

    As many Yukon XLs as there are on the lots, I'm guessing that the cash back will go to $5k in June. Any thoughts?
  • I just bought my new Yukon XL with a MSRP of $49,365.30 for $36,805.20 with no DOC fee's full tank of gass and a dealer button down shirt thrown in. I even got a fair deal on my trade. I was able to get $1500 more than I really had hoped for. I know GM needs to move the over 80 days supply of Yukon XL's on hand but that was great.
  • scottg1scottg1 Posts: 5
    My lease expires in Oct., 2004. My residual is 24K for my 2001 1500 LT. The bank has called offering a "deal" at a wholesale price of 16K + tax, license and my next two payments for a total of approx. 20K. Is this a good deal or do I just pay the 500 drop off fee and walk away?
    Thanks for any input that you can give.

  • gators7gators7 Posts: 3
    We are looking at a 2004 1500 Z71 4Wd 4Dr (5.3L 8 cyl). Sticker price is $49,360. TMV with options is $43,600. Currently running $5500 rebates for Southeast area (Florida to be specific). Bringing our rough cost to $38,100 based on the TMV. Does this sound like a decent price if I can get it to fly? Currently own a 1997 1500 LT 4WD. Love it but the signs of age are becoming too expensive.

    Also, what is the current price for an extended warranty, high deductible for 6/100,000? Should I go with Chevy's or an aftermarket company?

    Thank you for your help.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    I'm doing the exact same thing and have same questions. TMV with options is $42,148 minus rebate in Wisconsin of $4,500 for customer cash adjusted true maket value of $37,648. First dealer quote is $38,036 before sales tax. Am waiting for a couple more. This doesn't sound anything special to me. I heard there are bunches of these things sitting on dealer lots. I'm looking for a dealer who wants to get rid of one. Hope someone responds if my expectations are out of line.
    or email.
  • gators7gators7 Posts: 3
    Received a quote from our local dealer. Their bottom line price for the Z71 is $38,990 without tax, tag, title and fees. Estimate of $1000-$3000 for the warranty. And, I would have to finance through GMAC to receive the full $5500 incentive.

    Meet with them tomorrow to see what they will give me for my 1500. The tranny is going fast so I don't expect much.
  • gators7gators7 Posts: 3
    Bought my truck yesterday. Took the GMAC financing at 4.7% for the extra $1000 rebate. Total rebate was $5500 plus dealer discount of $4870. My cost was $38990 plus tax, title and $599 dealer fee (they wouldn't budge on that). Feel okay with my deal but think it could have been lower had I been able to wait another month or more. They still have seven similar models that they need to move. But, I couldn't wait as my truck was breaking down. And, the 6/100,000 warranty with $200 deductible was $2300. I did not purchase it. Again, they were not moving on the price.

    Hope you have good luck with your purchase. Oh, they also quoted a price of $37110 for a 1500 LT 4WD but no sun, sound, dvd package.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Congratulations. Was that a Z71on that $37110 one? I'm at $37,000 on a Z71 off road package with bucket chairs in the second row, and full feature buckets up front, lift gate, and driver convenience package and that's it. Let me know. Thanks.
    That's a lot of dough for 6/100,000.
  • koach22koach22 Posts: 3
    Just signed yesterday with a dealer in VA for a 2004 1500 Suburban 4wd LT. Sun/DVD/2nd row buckets/17"/Safe & Secure/Leather. MSRP was $48,745. Invoice around $43K. TMV with rebate says around $39K. I paid $38K out the door. Used cash, financed $10K at 7.1%. I think it was a decent deal. Done in about 30 mins. Curious as to your thoughts.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Does that 38K "out the door" you paid include sales tax and plates?
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    hi everyone,

    i just purchased a new 04 GMC Denali.
    the sticker was 52k. i purchased the
    vehicle for 42k and they also threw in
    a bug deflector. i financed part of the
    purchase @ 5.4%. love this vehicle. very
    smooth, powerful, and comfortable. also
    this forum was very informative. thanks.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    Well, at least in the northeast (MA specifically), you should be knocking a solid 25%-30% off the sticker for the majority of Chevy trucks and SUVs. As far as I'm concerned, TMV is completely useless at this time of year, especially THIS year. GM has 1 Million units on the lots, most of them SUVs and trucks; they can't GIVE these things away.

    To see what I'm talking about, google "quirk chevrolet braintree" and check their newspaper ads under Hot Deals. These are not 'ad cars'; they usually have a bunch available at the ad price.

  • As posted earlier I was out the door(less tax) for 36,805(msrp 49,365) with all the toys on my Yukon XL. I am surprised that better deals are not out there to be had.
  • Sorry not getting back to you earlier. Yes, $38K TOTAL. It included tax, tags, the mysterious $269 processing fee, etc. I later added a $1,006 extended warranty for 5 years, 75K miles.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    This is so helpful and many thanks. I guess one more question. What's your sales tax rate that you paid?
  • bought a Z71 in bay area 4 weeks ago. retail sticker $47K.
    paid $33.5K before taxes. think I got a good deal. no sunroof and dvd.
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