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GMC Yukon XL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    I think you got a great deal. Did you use points from a GMAC credit card etc. to get that far down on the price?
  • 3% plus some other tax rate. Comes out to about 3.17%. I never really looked at the sales contract, but I paid around $1,450 tax/tags/fees, give or take $50.
  • Ready to buy this month. Does anyone know the current dealer "hold back" is?(rebate to dealer from factory that establishes their true-below invoice-cost). I thought it might be 6% now that the 05's have arrived, but that's based on experience from several years ago. Any thoughts on waiting for October incentives to see if they go above the current 5k?
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Anyone have an idea of how far, if any, are the dealers willing or able to go below their dealer invoice price not including the GM rebates?
  • Back in April my dealer did use two $500 GM coupons to sweeten the deal on a 04 Yukon.

    If interested I could give you the GM code for it since they had to be listed on the incentive/rebate sheet
  • Thanks to the writers of this post. Bought an '04 Z71 loaded at Rapid City Chevy listed for just under $50K, out the door for $33K after rebates. Ended up using Edmunds invoice price, minus $7,750 in rebates (4500 + 1500 GMAC cash + 750 military + 500 XM radio + 500 in Dealer incentives) plus $3,500 in GM credit card earnings. I decided to take the 1500 GMAC cash with 7.9% interest to finance $10K and I'll pay it off in 3 months and still net over $1200. Not worth it if financing full term of 60 months. So far, extremely pleased with the Z71...nicest vehicle I've owned.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Would much appreciate the GM code on the coupons.
  • looking at the Customer Incentive Acknowledgement form, there are 4 differents incentive codes:

    Incentive Progam Reference $ GM incentive Code
    CWE 3000 04-31A-14
    TFB 1000 04-31AAE
    MVC 1000 04-31AAK
    UDP 2000 Aut#04-31AAK

    UDP was the GM credit card rebate and CWE the manufacturer rebate from MSRP

    one of the $1000 rebate was also an extra manufacturer rebate from MSRP, so the two $500 coupons are either TFB or MVC.

    I bought the truck on 04/31/04 ,so i will think that under the GM Incentive Code,the 04/31 is nothing more than the date
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Many thanks. I will probably buy this week and appreciate it.
  • No credit card used.
    details of deal was:
    2004 white Z71
    MSRP 46800
    dealer discount:(8300)
    gmac: (4500)
    gmac financing at : (500)
    will refinance through another bank
    net price :$33.5K
  • terrific price on z71! looks like dealer went way below invoice. where did you buy?
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Thanks Shaylou. That is a terrific price. Yes, what dealer did you get it from.
  • The best quotes I am getting are for GM supplier pricing, which in the case of a z71, is $10,519 off list, including the 5k rebate/gmac allowance. This time of the year I expected more and certainly Shaylou got more. I hope he gets back on the site and shares the dealer name.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like all the dealers will drop from MSRP to just above dealer invoice price and then the rebates off of dealer invoice price. It would seem you are better off this way unless you get the GM supplier price plus rebates. What am I missing?
  • GM Supplier Price less rebates added up to $10,500 off list. Essentially, with 5k in incentive, the supplier price is 5.5k under list, which, as best as I can determine from Edmunds, is about $300 OVER invoice. Other recent posts have talked about under invoice deals. I havn't seen any yet and a few of the dealers have gotten a little thin on inventory. Even one with 27 in inventory still looking for deal over invoice. Guess I need to get off the net and show my back a couple of times.
  • We just purchased a 2004 LT. They went from $46,305 to invoice $40,5?? (I forget!) relatively quickly. We told them we'd buy today if the deal was right and we were working with the internet manager. We had a check with us from the credit union, whose rates were much better than GMAC so we opted to not mess around with that incentive. Ultimately, we used the $4500 rebate, a $500 "value certificate" (they claimed the dealer gets 5 a month to use at their discretion and that was the only one they had left), and we had a loyalty certificate for $1000. That brought us to $34766.37 + tax + tags for a total of $37477.XX. We then told them, that we'd buy TODAY if they could get us to $37 even out the door. They said repeatedly that they couldn't do it, it would be a "loser deal". So my husband approached the Manager seperately who agreed to crunch the numbers and call us ASAP. At that point we test drove the Sub home to pick up our kids off of the bus. Not even 10 minutes later he called to say he could do it. They knew we had our PSECU check with us for a max of $36K and the $1K coupon. (We more or less implied that we couldn't get approved for more than that -- not quite true.) We told them that was it, that's all we had to spend......this helped with the finance guy too. We were not pressured at all to buy anything extra. It was pleasant and smooth. Their gimmick was that we could only have the value cert. if we bought that day and I believe the rebates expire at the end of Sept. They also told us that at this time of the year, in this area (PA), they wouldn't be pushing them out the door on "loser" deals becuz winter's coming and they'll just take their chances and hold onto them at least until January 1 before they'd feel the need to move them out. I could see that logic as our weather has been ugly early in the season the past couple of years. Another consideration, they're getting low on '04's on the lot. They had one Z71, two LT's and approx. 4 LS's. The Sub we bought was also manufactured early in the model year which lowered the invoice price by about $500 when compared to the other LT on the lot. Prior to going to this dealer we had contacted via email many different dealers. Few responded and those that did weren't exactly begging for our business. It's always an interesting experience! We love the vehicle and feel good about the price, options on it (stabilitrack, side air bags, 17" 5-spoke wheels) and really like the color (sandalwood). Good luck to everyone who's searching!
  • I have heard of the $500 value cert., but not the $1,000 loyalty cert. At least it is not mentioned on the GM website under current offers. How did you get the loyalty cert. and does it apply if you have any household member with a GM product? (My sister is burdened with a P.O.S Saturn, be nice to get something back for her grief!)
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    No info on loyalty certificate. However, we used a GM credit card which you get points off the purchase of a GM vehicle. Turns out we have about 2000 worth and a 1000 bonus card just came in the mail to sweeten the deal on using the points. I have to believe everyone who has ever used a GM credit card received one. I would check if anyone in your family used this card?
  • I've got $3500. on GM (original) card plus they sent me a $500 bounus card. Guess my higher balance didn't need quite so much sweetening!
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    Your're golden! Maybe you can get the thing for free.
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    You're golden! Anymore coupons and maybe you'll get it for free. My coupon expires the end of the month, yours too?
  • I was mailed the loyalty certificate awhile ago and saved it just in case. It expired 12/31/05.

    I may have to get myself a GM credit card. I never thought I'd be buying one so I wasn't interested. Shows you what I know! lol If the Sub performs as well over the next 5 years or so as everyone seems to be reporting theirs has, I'll just use my points then!
  • not looking for free...just something approaching what others on this site have gotten. My coupon does expire this month also. What a game of poker. I could be more loyal to a dealer and not fight for the last dollar, if they didn't just abuse you in the service department after the sale. It will be satisfying, however if I buy a basic 'burb for about what a friend will be paying for her new Prius, (if it ever arrives). She sure will save a lot on gas, but driving on the beach with teenage sons and two labs or towing the boat to go offshore will make me smile at the pump!
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    I hear you. I'm talking with two dealers tomorrow. We will see. The thing that catches my attention on this site is shaylou's 46,800 truck (post 346 above) is the 8300 dealer discount plus the 4500 plus 500 coupon. AS a rough calculation you could take off about 5000 off that 46,800 to get to dealer invoice price, but another 3300? I just don't see anything approaching that from my dealers.

    Note: Type in "rebates" - questions and answers. Post 9/23/04 #2036 from the site host (car_man)is interesting on what we should expect to pay in response to my question. Dealer invoice minus rebates and maybe minus a few extra hundred dollars.
  • I agree shaylou's deal sounds too good to be true. I and several other posts have asked him to reveal the name of his very generous dealer since his post with no response. I typed in the details of his deal and sent e-mails to several GM Buy-power dealer quote sources with no reponse...they're probably still laughing!
  • I am located in Northern NJ and I am not getting the discounts on Suburbans many of you folks are getting. Could the incentives be regional and not Nationwide? Thanks.
  • incentives are regional and appear in detail on the GM web site. i am also in the northeast region, so you should get 4500 rebate plus 500 gmac financing rebate OR next tuesday, get 0% for 6 years.
  • hi guys,

    i picked up an 04 Denali about 3 weeks ago.
    i got a flat $10000.00 off of the msrp. the
    truck drives beautifully and is as comfortable
    as anything i've ever driven. the dealer i
    purchased it at was MotorWorld in wilkes barre pa.
  • Last night (Fri) I tried to purchase an 04 Yukon XL out the door for $37000 but they wouldn't do it. My experience is close to yours - MSRP >$48000, dealer got close to invoice quickly, finally showed me he'd paid almost $37. It was loaded, 1SD + sun & sound - did not have auto ride! He said T.T.L. would run me ~ $3500 so he'd have to sell for $33500 to get to $37000. I don't have a supplier discount, GM loyalty, GM credit car, no rebates or certificates so I'm just a walk in off the street. Is the 0% for 72 months 'til the end of Sep to blow out the 04s just Phoenix, AZ or nationwide? Anyone experienced a dealer going less than invoice without the extra incentives to someone off the street? or am I gonna have to find a desperate dealer to sell to me at $37 out the door with a 1SD (GM) or loaded Z71?!?
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