GMC Yukon XL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • osteoosteo Member Posts: 20
    Your're golden! Maybe you can get the thing for free.
  • osteoosteo Member Posts: 20
    You're golden! Anymore coupons and maybe you'll get it for free. My coupon expires the end of the month, yours too?
  • amc731amc731 Member Posts: 42
    I was mailed the loyalty certificate awhile ago and saved it just in case. It expired 12/31/05.

    I may have to get myself a GM credit card. I never thought I'd be buying one so I wasn't interested. Shows you what I know! lol If the Sub performs as well over the next 5 years or so as everyone seems to be reporting theirs has, I'll just use my points then!
  • beachdriverbeachdriver Member Posts: 13
    not looking for free...just something approaching what others on this site have gotten. My coupon does expire this month also. What a game of poker. I could be more loyal to a dealer and not fight for the last dollar, if they didn't just abuse you in the service department after the sale. It will be satisfying, however if I buy a basic 'burb for about what a friend will be paying for her new Prius, (if it ever arrives). She sure will save a lot on gas, but driving on the beach with teenage sons and two labs or towing the boat to go offshore will make me smile at the pump!
  • osteoosteo Member Posts: 20
    I hear you. I'm talking with two dealers tomorrow. We will see. The thing that catches my attention on this site is shaylou's 46,800 truck (post 346 above) is the 8300 dealer discount plus the 4500 plus 500 coupon. AS a rough calculation you could take off about 5000 off that 46,800 to get to dealer invoice price, but another 3300? I just don't see anything approaching that from my dealers.

    Note: Type in "rebates" - questions and answers. Post 9/23/04 #2036 from the site host (car_man)is interesting on what we should expect to pay in response to my question. Dealer invoice minus rebates and maybe minus a few extra hundred dollars.
  • beachdriverbeachdriver Member Posts: 13
    I agree shaylou's deal sounds too good to be true. I and several other posts have asked him to reveal the name of his very generous dealer since his post with no response. I typed in the details of his deal and sent e-mails to several GM Buy-power dealer quote sources with no reponse...they're probably still laughing!
  • njguy1njguy1 Member Posts: 2
    I am located in Northern NJ and I am not getting the discounts on Suburbans many of you folks are getting. Could the incentives be regional and not Nationwide? Thanks.
  • beachdriverbeachdriver Member Posts: 13
    incentives are regional and appear in detail on the GM web site. i am also in the northeast region, so you should get 4500 rebate plus 500 gmac financing rebate OR next tuesday, get 0% for 6 years.
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Member Posts: 169
    hi guys,

    i picked up an 04 Denali about 3 weeks ago.
    i got a flat $10000.00 off of the msrp. the
    truck drives beautifully and is as comfortable
    as anything i've ever driven. the dealer i
    purchased it at was MotorWorld in wilkes barre pa.
  • boyzgot5boyzgot5 Member Posts: 2
    Last night (Fri) I tried to purchase an 04 Yukon XL out the door for $37000 but they wouldn't do it. My experience is close to yours - MSRP >$48000, dealer got close to invoice quickly, finally showed me he'd paid almost $37. It was loaded, 1SD + sun & sound - did not have auto ride! He said T.T.L. would run me ~ $3500 so he'd have to sell for $33500 to get to $37000. I don't have a supplier discount, GM loyalty, GM credit car, no rebates or certificates so I'm just a walk in off the street. Is the 0% for 72 months 'til the end of Sep to blow out the 04s just Phoenix, AZ or nationwide? Anyone experienced a dealer going less than invoice without the extra incentives to someone off the street? or am I gonna have to find a desperate dealer to sell to me at $37 out the door with a 1SD (GM) or loaded Z71?!?
  • osteoosteo Member Posts: 20
    Pulled the trigger yesterday on a Z71, MSRP $47200, DIP $42235. From a starting price of $42536 they factored in the $4500 in rebates which took things to $38036. Then the $1000 credit or rebate to finace at least $5000 for at least one month came along, which took things to $37036. Then they found two $500 dealer coupons sweeteners and rounded it off to $36k. Up to this point all communications were via email and a phone call or two. Then yesterday went in to take a test ride and talk. Things then went to $35700. Then sales manager came through with what was described as a supplier coupon or something like that which took it to a little under $35300 which was as far as he could go. I said I would think on it and talk to the other dealer but if he wanted to wrap it up for $35k and a years worth of oil changes we could wrap it up. The nice thing was I had almost 2k with the GM credit card and another k with a coupon. Total before tax and title was a shade over $32K. With taxes $34.6. Think it was a decent deal and glad to get it done. Very nice truck.
  • boyzgot5boyzgot5 Member Posts: 2
    From what I've seen that's a great deal! Did you have to say anything to them to get the dealer and supplier coupons or did they come up with those ideas on their own? I didn't look Sat or Sun as I'm gonna call Mon to see what their inventory holds. I can't see giving the dealer $40 out the door when I see others out the door for < $35! If I can get the vehicle for $35 I'd pay TTL.
  • beachdriverbeachdriver Member Posts: 13
    Great deal! I also made the plunge on Sat. Used GM Buypower site to look at inventories all over MD and VA. Found one I wanted in Easton, MD. Base MSRP was $39,850 which means it has been around since the beginning of the model year and I started out saving $550 over models delivered later in the year. Deal went as follows:
      MSRP: $43,545
      GM rebate: (4,500)
      GMAC rebate: ( 500) (will pay off loan 3 mon.)
      GM card: (4,000) (card earnings plus bonus)
      Dealer disc. (5,845)

    Price before
    tax and tags $28,700 ($887.45 below invoice),
                             less rebates & cards.
    Dealer was very agreeable to each request, meaning I probably left money on the table. (kids and 2 labs waiting out in my Pathfinder, so I tried to expedite). I was eligible for Supplier Discount, but dealer did not use and gave me the same price less $500, (since GMAC rebate is $1000 in mid VA., and less $180 for wheel flares, which manager did not want to install so they could spot deliver me. Things that helped were: dealer had 16 'burbs in inventory, (Other dealers with fewer trucks would not deal as hard), matching VA. larger GMAC rebate , picking a truck that had been on lot for a while. Internet, (including this site) was a great help. I also found that, unlike dealers in Baltimore area who charge a "local advertising charge" on top of factory MSRP, there was no such charge from dealer on Eastern Shore, MD. In addition, I will get about $1300. from the Ford Citibank card (2% rebate on purchases to apply to any car), making the cost before tax and tags $27,400. I met my goal of beating price paid by a good friend on a Toyota Prius at full sticker plus months of wait time. I think I got a bit more vehicle. Can't wait to hitch up boat and roll!
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Member Posts: 190
    I just love the dealer advertising here in DFW that they have only SIXTEEN hundred(!?!) 2004 Chevies left, "so hurry!" ;-) Talk about spin! Oh yeah, that's right. It is an election year!
  • looramlooram Member Posts: 17
    Just drove home in my 2004 YUKON XL SLT, I was looking for a Silver one but settled on a Sport Red Metallic. I got every option except the snow plow package and the engine block heater! MSRP was $49,605.00 I drove it home for $36,605.00 total (tax and license included). On top of that, the dealer (Plaza GMC,Omaha,Nebraska) gives me free oil changes and tire rotations every 3000 miles for 3 years (no mileage restrictions). The kids love the DVD Player,and I love the fact that it has wireless head phones! I also got the 72 month no interest financing. How it happened I dont know but there were no rebates in the $13,000.00 taken off of the MSRP(according to edmunds pricing,I got the vehicle for about $3,200.00 under invoice). Looking through the paperwork I found out that mine was made in Mexico,so I hope I don't have any problems. I opted not to take the extended warranty. My buying experience was about the most trouble free I have ever had(I have bought 10 vehicles in my lifetime).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,133
    Congratulations! It sounds like you got a fantastic deal. Now you can join our GMC Yukon XL discussion and talk with other owners about the joys of driving your new SUV!

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  • beach15beach15 Member Posts: 1,305
    I wouldn't worry about it being from Mexico at all...that'a a good thing, at least in my view. We used to have an '02 Avalanche out of the same plant in Mexico and it was drum-tight, problem-free, and had perfect paint. That's pretty much the same for most every truck that comes out of Mexico.

    When we were buying the new Suburban, I encouraged getting one from Mexico if possible, and that's what we were going to get, but it didn't work out and we ended up with a very early built Janesville truck (08/03...!). Build quality pretty much matches our Av, but the front bumper is just a little crooked and it's already had one or two issues with rattles/creaks. Overall still awesome, but I've only ever heard of more issues with the U.S. built ones.
  • cutter1cutter1 Member Posts: 1
    Where did you buy your Yukon? I'm in Florida and not getting the pricing you did. I don't mind driving.
  • osteoosteo Member Posts: 20
    Sorry for the late response. I was out of town for the week. Regarding the coupons, I had to ask. My impression was if they tell you they are out of them and you hold your position, they will find them from somewhere. That's an extra grand. The dealer wasn't about to volunteer anything. They want to hold those coupons for the guy who is going to force their hand. I probably left money on the table, but I can't imagine you not getting your truck for under that 35K. Make sure you have at least a second dealer lined up. You're in the driver seat. Go for it and let me know how it turns out.
  • frank310frank310 Member Posts: 45
    I have been looking for a 2005 Sub LT with 2nd row bench, Sun/Sound/ Ent Package, Safe & Secure, Nav System, Locking Rear (if possible with Safe/Secure Package)and Wheel Flares in the new Bermuda Blue color. I got prices from 2 dealers of $48,500. I walked into a GMC Dealer saw a Denali XL in the same color and options I want and within 2 minutes gave me a price of $47,500. What would be the best I could get either one for?
    Pricing given include rebates of $2,500 (Oct Truck Fest) I live in Northern NJ. Any advice will be a great help. Thanks
  • njguy1njguy1 Member Posts: 2
    I can only speak in generalities but I also am in North NJ and did not get close to the deals some of these other folks are sharing. But I was looking for an 04 Sub LS which was harder to find. Since you are looking for an 05 Denali may be easier. I did buy an 04 and got the 0% for 6 yrs.Best advise is to go to a few dealers, knock 20% off the invoice price and go from there.
  • jda528jda528 Member Posts: 1
    With 2 small kids and 2 big car seats finally looking to pull the trigger on the 'big' family truck and trade in what has been a very reliable Lexus RX 300 as we are growing out of it. I am looking to get a good deal on a 04 Suburban LT or YukonXL in southwestern CT - just outside NYC.

    There seems to be very limited inventory as this point and so far I've been quoted SubLT w/just about everything except factory DVD..47K sticker, dealer will discount 12K for price of 35K, that is without 0% interest. If I want 0% interest I lose the $4500 rebate for a price of 39.5K. The other option I've been quoted from a GMC dealer is for a fully loaded YukonXL...$52k sticker, with all rebates can get down to 39K without 0% financing, if I want 0% on the Yukon the price is $43.5k.

    Both seem a bit high compared to other posts I've read on this board. Any insight as to whether I should press these dealers to go lower?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • jrborkjrbork Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Denali with 170k miles on it. I'm looking to get a new Denali XL. There's a 2003 Denali XL with 12k miles,with the Nav. System for 38k. What should I be paying for this truck? Also, someone told me that the Nav system in the Denali doesn't work when driving, which sounded false to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    I think that person meant to say that you can't input destinations into the nav (other than any preset destinations like "Home") or perform other nav adjustments which require you to fiddle with the nav controls/buttons while the vehicle is in motion--safety first, you know! Then again, what I said applies to '04; I dunno if it applies to '03 but I would think it would since '03 and '04 share the same nav unit, IIRC.

    Personally, I think $38K is too much for an '03 with that many miles on it...but what do I know.
  • frank310frank310 Member Posts: 45
    Took the plunge this past Friday and picked up my fully loaded'05 Denali XL for $47,065 (got it in the new Blue Green Crystal color). MSRP was $55,650. Added 7/70 warranty for additional $1,800.
  • ryan94ryan94 Member Posts: 6
    2005 Yukon XL 1/2 Ton - 2wd

    Paid $34,937 + T.T.L. ($34,087 + $850 dest.).

    MSRP: $45,875 + $850 = $46,725

    Price paid was $11,788 off MSRP (25% off)

    Options included:
    1SD SLT Decor
    AL4 2nd Row Captains
    PDY Safe & Secure Pkg (side air, stabilitrak & autoride).
    P27 17" Wheels
    Z82 Trailoring Equipment
    1SZ Preferred Equipment Discount.

    $3,000 + $1,000 GMAC + TWO $500 Coupons.

    NO Supplier Discount pricing or GMAC credit card points were used.

    We had found a 2004 Chevy Suburban LT at another dealer. It had exactly the same amenities except in 04' the Safe & Secure Pkg did not include Autoride. The Chevy dealer offered $32,000 + T.T.L.. It was $3,000 less but the Yukon XL was a year newer and had Autoride (which is ~ $1,000 option). We like the looks of the GMC over the we went with the 2005.

    The GMC dealer was very professional and did not waste time with haggleing. Shot me a price up front over the phone, we gave it a 15 minute test drive, signed the papers and we were driving away in less than 2 hours. Best car buying experience I had ever had. Used GM Buypower to search inventories and did all shopping from the comfort of my own home over the phone and internet.
  • thandleythandley Member Posts: 4
    where do you live that you got such a great deal. I live in Philly. I am also looking for a Yukon XL or a Suburban.

  • ryan94ryan94 Member Posts: 6
    Tim - Live in Houston, TX. Beck & Masten was the dealership. They sell more "Texas station wagons" and "Prairie Porshe's" than anyone in the world.
  • red94red94 Member Posts: 9
    Looking to buy 04 or o5 Suburban. Have had 94 2wd w/ cargo doors and no running boards - has been great. But at 11 years old even though only 90k miles may be time to do something. We've loved the cargo doors.
    Does anybody who has had the cargo doors now have liftglass (all that is available for 05)? Any downside to running boards? Have not needed 4wd. even in the limited snow of eastern PA. Why get it?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,133
    Car_man "Rebates, Incentives, APRs - Questions & Comments" Dec 7, 2004 1:08pm

    from car_man:
    No details of this promotion, called the "Red Tag Sales Event" are available yet, but it would definitely be in the best interest of anyone who is considering purchasing a GM product to hold off on buying anything for a few days (it is rumored that the new program will begin on the 10th).

    Check our Rebates, Incentives & APRs discussion for updates!

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  • red94red94 Member Posts: 9
    Comments on pricing for leftovers -Yukon Xl and Suburban.
  • mdoradomdorado Member Posts: 1
    Can you please tell me what where you purchased your GMC Denali?
  • tsandovaltsandoval Member Posts: 7
    White xl with everything except navigation, stabilitrack and ?! Sound and Sun package, second row captains chairs, 17inch wheels and tires heavy duty tow etc.

    msrp 50770
    price 39678

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,133
    A reporter is interested in speaking with someone who has purchased a GM vehicle using the current &#145;GM Employee Discount&#146; promotion. If you are interested in speaking with this reporter about your purchase decision, please contact Pam Krebs, PR, at [email protected] with a phone number where you can be reached. The reporter needs to speak with someone today. Thank you


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  • sagemajorsagemajor Member Posts: 7
    We just bought a 2006 yukon Denali XL in OC at Hardin GMC for 35,905 + ttl. We added the factory navigation for $2300 and the 20" factory rims for $1999. We bought the Denali out of the ad, got 6.04% finance. I believe the sticker was around 52k before our 2 additions.

  • c5_4func5_4fun Member Posts: 59
    Any insight on what's the current "going" price (vs invoice) for a 2007 XL? I went out yesterday only to learn they're still short supply when I want navigation and 20" wheels. One dealer told me he'd come off 2% (and that there was only 4% profit in them to begin with). After he mentioned the 4% profit, I decided I'll find a different dealer to work with.
  • mantrasiamantrasia Member Posts: 11
    from what i've seen, the dealers seem to think the 07's are lined with gold or something, cause they're not getting realistic with the prices. i think they're still in denial over $3 gas or something.
  • njvikenjvike Member Posts: 56
    I agree. I bet in another couple of months prices will start dropping. If you like the '06 Denali, you can get some great deals on one. I did :-)
  • bucko1961bucko1961 Member Posts: 2
    Does anybody know how to reset oil light sensor in 2004 yukon xl? I don't have my manual
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    I remember something about sitting in the driver's street. Turning the ignition on (but not starting the truck), and press the accelerator to the floor 5 times. Then turn the key off.

  • bucko1961bucko1961 Member Posts: 2
    How do I reset oil change indicater on my Yukon I don't have a manual. Thanks Steve :mad: :confuse:
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    See post 107
  • breezybreingbreezybreing Member Posts: 7
    While you are seeing the % of oil life remaining, Press the check mark button for about 5 seconds or longer.
  • edlegueedlegue Member Posts: 6
    I recently bought a 2004 Yukon XL SLT with 17,900 miles. I think I got a pretty good deal on it but I am concerned with the mileage:engine hours ratio. At 17,900 the engine hours read 744, which gives you an average of 24 MPH. I don't know if there is such a thing as and national average
    but 24 MHP seems pretty low. I know it's tough to screw with the odometer and if I didn't have the hour meter it would not have occurred to me. Any comments please.
  • catamcatam Member Posts: 331
    I wouldn't worry about it.
    My 03 burb has something like 86K with 2700 hours on the engine, works out to 31 MPH average. I know mine has seen a lot of highway miles, but those are cancelled out by sitting in traffic a stop lights, driving in the city, sitting in your driveway with engine running etc.
    Like you said without the hour meter you'd never even be concerned about this issue.
  • drjmak1drjmak1 Member Posts: 9
    new 2007 yukon denali AWD with nav, ent. pkg, rear view camera, heated wheel, sunroof for 49,900 before the 1750 rebate. MSRP 53510
  • esaculesacul Member Posts: 11
    If you check the MSRP of this vehicle in edmunds (or at, it is $56025. So I am just curious where did you get the number 53510. May be you dont have all the options that you listed. Could you list it one more time? I am looking for the same vehicle as this. So I am just curious about what is the price that I can get. :shades:
  • drjmakdrjmak Member Posts: 19
    this is for the reg. denali not the xl. if u price it out its 53510 on">link title
  • elbeto77elbeto77 Member Posts: 7
    1.Does anyone know if you pay taxes in TX before or after the rebate ?

    2.Who here has access to a Dealer Invoice or GM employee site ?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    Has anyone bought a Yukon Denali XL recently? I found one with an old build date that the dealer is offering for $10k off MSRP without junk add-ons. I'm deciding if I should run over there or wait for the deals to get sweeter...
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