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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chip1chip1 Posts: 1
    picked up 2004 fx35 awd w/ touring package for $100 below invoice - worked out to $35,800 (plus tax, license, tag)

    bay area - 5 competing dealers within 30 miles makes for great "matching"

    dealer couldn't have been more pleasant - went through internet using the Edumunds links
  • dutch47dutch47 Posts: 8
    After a month of looking at almost every SUV out there I finally decided on the FX35 AWD, Touring Package, Splash Guards, and Sunroof Wind Deflector. I have a friend who works for Nissan so I was able to buy the FX35 for 1% under invoice. The dealer does not have the color I want so they are looking for one. Going to cost me $150 to get it here. Now I'm beginning to feel I should have included the Technology Package but I already have a Garmin GPS that sits on the dash and works great. I'm going to have the dealer price it out for me. Whatever happens I should be driving my new FX35 by Wednesday.
  • petewat3petewat3 Posts: 83
    there's more to the Tech pkg. than Nav. It's an expensive upgrade but imo worth it. I love all the tech it adds..... glad I sprung for it. Either way, welcome to the club. Of all the FX owners that have frequented these boards, I know of only one that regretted his purchase and he really wanted a more traditional SUV.
  • dutch47dutch47 Posts: 8
    I really wanted the Tech Pkg but could not find a FX35 without including the Sports Pkg. The dealer offered to order one but I decided just to go with the Touring Package. The camera, keyless entry and nav are great options. My car came in today so I will be picking it up tomorrow (Tuesday 4/13). Feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.
  • I just bought my '04 Copper FX35 with black leather on March 31st. End of month, end of quarter and end of fiscal year. The dealer was motivated. I got it at invoice (which obviously isn't their cost) but better than I expected. Got the Touring, Sport Pkges, with mud guards and back bed liner for $37,300.00. So far I have about 700 miles on it and love it. I put a trailer hitch on at U-Haul and saved $500.00 from the price the dealer would have charged. They wanted $850.00 including labor. U-Haul was $350.00 and did a great job. Dicker well.
  • jdinnjjdinnj Posts: 9
    Thank you all for the post. I'm also inlove with the FX35. Still doing my research to buy it. D in NJ where did you buy the Fx35, I'm also in NJ and I would like to call them.
    Thank to all
  • jamokejamoke Posts: 2
    I live in CT and I am interested in purchasing an FX35 with Prem+Tech.Pkg. I got a price of $41,900 from Ramsey Infinity in NJ (includes SAT Radio). Is that a good price? Can somebody advise and if a better price can be had in NY, NJ or MA please provide me the name of the dealer. Thanks...
  • daimajindaimajin Posts: 2
    We're probably going to buy an FX35 Liquid Copper/Graphite with Touring and Tech packages (NO Sport package) soon. I'm guessing my dealership (I already bought a G35 coupe at that dealership) will either have to order or do a dealer trade for such a car. If that's the case, can I still expect to get a good deal on it? Has anyone ordered an FX35 and got it near invoice?
  • harryhharryh Posts: 7
    I'm in CT also so I feel your pain. Sometimes I think our state motto really translates to "Welcome to Connecticut. Please hand over all of your money."

    Anyway if what I've read on this forum over the past month is any true indication I'd say NJ is the place to get the best deals in our area. But you should be able to do better than this quote from Ramsey which (correct me if I'm wrong) is sort of half way between Invoice and Edmund's "TVM." You can do better even in our lovely home state of CT. I'm purchasing an FX35 w/ Sport from Devan in Fairfield for slightly less than the midpoint between Invoice and TVM. I could have gone to NJ or Long Island but the thought just gave me a headache. Also I know for sure I could have got it for less (maybe a couple hundred over invoice) by leveraging quotes between Devan and Harte in West Haven,CT. Harte seems, at least in my case, to have had some sort of "thing" about beating ANY quote from Devan. You have a Harte Infiniti up in your area and maybe they've got the same fixation. You might want to give it a try. Also you might want to check out Pepe in White Plains, NY...I've run into a few folks around here who claim to have received pretty good deals and treatment there.

    By the way, the original quote from Devan was basically equal to the Edmunds TVM. So I got them down a fair piece from that but in the end I stopped pressing on the price because they were willing to install some aftermarket things I wanted done (body side moldings and rear proximity alert) at very attractive prices. Saved about $200. Also they give free oil changes for as long as I own my FX, they have Saturday service hours, and they'll come and pick up my FX at my house when I need to have service and bring it back afterwards. And I guess after having been lied to by a Mercedes salesman, having had a confirmed appointment at a Lexus dealership blown off while I was standing there, and being so stunningly ignored at a Cadillac dealership that I actually left laughing...I felt Devan knew what customer service was really all about.
  • jamokejamoke Posts: 2
    Harryh, Thanks for sharing your experience, I definetely will also try Devan also and may be a Long Island Infinity dealership. I live 20 minutes south of Hartford and the only Infiniti dealerships near me are in Hartford and New Haven and both owned by the same dealer, so I can not deal with them. The lowest they have offered me is 6% over invoice, which from reading this forum is a joke. I will press Ramsey in New Jersey, now that I can try Devon and may be other dealerships. Connecticut does suck when it comes to Luxary car buying because it seems like most people are happy if you can knock off a grand or two in CT. I would hate to buy one for 2-3K over than I should be paying. oil changes do sound nice. Thanks again. I'll keep this board abreast of my deals over next two weeks becuase then I need to buy.
  • d_in_njd_in_nj Posts: 23
    Sorry, we were away for a few days!

    I had great great prices from both Salerno Duane Infiniti in Denville & Ray Catena Infiniti in Edison. I requested quotes via Edmunds (Denville- fabulous price right off the bat) & Carsdirect (Edison - took some work, had to request price and use other quote as leverage). Good service, too. It helped that they both had the car I wanted on the lot. I highly recommend getting Internet quotes to work with.

    I ended up buying at Ray Catena saving $5 over Denville, but the girl I worked with really bent over backwards & was exceptionally professional. I am VERY happy with my whole car buying experience.

    I've heard Ramsey Infiniti thinks their deals are better than they are. Definitely check around. Try Denville first, they are closer & have TONS on the lot.

    HTH!! Have fun!
  • socalbobsocalbob Posts: 23
    I bought a new 2004 FX35 about 800 miles ago. I've never had a car that pedestrians stop and stare at before. Today at the mall, an elderly couple couldn't ask enough questions about it, and the car was parked next to a shiney new Pacifica, which they ignored.

    The purpose of the post is to encourage prospective buyers to pop for the extra money and get the Tech Package along with the Touring Package. With tech, you get the state-of-the-art (bird's eye view) navigator as well as the keyless entry and keyless ignition. That alone is too cool. Equally cool is the "tractor beam" cruise control that adjusts your speed according to the car in front of you. If someone cuts in, the car automatically slows you down to maintain a safe following distance. My wife loves the rear view camera as we have a long, narrow driveway.

    We got chrome wheels on the 18" tires, which simulates the look of the sport package without adding the harder ride or the two grand. Cost: $750.

    We also bought Lojack and an extended warranty, a 6 year, 100,000 miles with $0 deductable as we intend to keep this.
  • ducmonducmon Posts: 8
    I decided to buy a FX35 with touring package.
    Using this site I found to dealers who run ads weekly for the Fx35 Herb Chambers and Quirk infiniti. The most recent advertised price from Herb Chambers is 34,995. I live in Ohio and have sent this ad to local dealers asking for a price match but with no luck. Does anyone have any expierence dealing with Herb chambers or quirk automotive?. WOnder how much it costs to shio a car from Mass to Ohio.

    Any advice would be appreciated
    I live in OH and have been negotiating with local delaers.
  • smokey100smokey100 Posts: 26
    Chip, which bay area dealer did you end up purchasing from? I've been to the one in Saremonte and Redwood City. I purchased my G20 ten years ago from the dealer in's time for a new car although my G20 is still running great.

    I've been looking at the FX35, Murano, X3, and RX330. To me the RX is a bit of a mom mobile, the X3 feels cheap and harsh although I like the sporty image it projects. I like the exterior of the Murano but I think the interior industrial design isn't nearly as sophisticated as the FX. Overall I love the FX although it has a bit of a retro gangster look to it and it gets pricey fast. Does anyone have any thoughts on those vehicles?
  • Smokey100 wrote
    >I've been looking at the FX35, Murano, X3, and >RX330. To me the RX is a bit of a mom mobile, >the X3 feels cheap and harsh although I like the >sporty image it projects>

    We drove from San Diego COunty to the Bay Area last week,and then down 101 and 1. I could not believe the number of RX330's I saw. Literally hundreds. It seemed like every other car. In San Francisco I saw all of one FX, but saw more Cayannes than I ever have before. Perahps 5.

    I reluctantly purchased our FX35 awd sport w20's with the tech package. I will never own another car without keyless entry,nav,and some kind of rear looking camera or warning system. The adjustable cruise control works great. Even going up the Grape Vine it kept a steady speed and distance. It only chirped once when a semi pulled in front at the last moment,the deceleration is amazingly accurate. The cruise control does not work above 90 mph.
  • dutch47dutch47 Posts: 8
    I picked up my 2004 AWD Golden Sand FX35 about a week ago and love it. I found it takes a few days to get used to the way it handles and accelerates. The more I drive it the more I like it. I find myself looking for excuses to go somewhere. It's great to own a vehicle that so few people are driving. There is no shortage of people on the road driving a Ford Explorer, MDX, Lexus 330 or some other mundane SUV. No question the car is a real head turner. I simply like every thing about the car including the seat controls on the seat to the right. The sound system is awesome and the overall quality of material, design and the way it is built are all excellent. My only fear is getting a speeding ticket since I find it hard to keep it under 80 on the interstate.
  • socalbobsocalbob Posts: 23
    I've been looking at the FX35, Murano, X3, and RX330. To me the RX is a bit of a mom mobile, the X3 feels cheap and harsh although I like the sporty image it projects.

    The Murano is based on the Maxima/Altima; the FX is based on the G35/350Z. The Murano 2WD is front wheel drive, the FX35 2WD is rear wheel drive. While they share stylistic similarities, they are by no means the same car.

    We had a 2001 RX300 and liked it better than the '04 RX330. Neither is as much fun to drive as the FX35. The RX300 did not keep its value; the value now is $21,900 and it would have cost $24,500 to buy at the end of the lease. Lexus Fin'l would not deal. The RX330s are going for invoice in So.Cal (see pricing.)

    The MDX is nice because of the 3rd row seats, but I think they'll have limited use as time goes by because kids outgrow them. Its design is mature and traditional. I passed on a *great* deal on an MDX to get the FX35.

    I haven't driven the X3 but it looks like a junior X5.
  • petewat3petewat3 Posts: 83
    I agree....wouldn't be without my Tech package. Not cheap but worth it imo.
  • smokey100smokey100 Posts: 26
    From reading this message board, it sounds as if I should be able to pick up a FX for just a few hundred bucks above invoice. According to Consumer Reports there is a $965 hold back so the dealer is still making over a grand.
    Since gas prices here in the San Francisco bay area is as high as $2.59/gal.... what real world mileage are you lucky FX35 owners getting?
  • Last week, my son took delivery of an '04 FX35. My wife and I took delivery of an '04 RX330 last month. Didn't even shop the FX, so only now have we had a chance to compare:

    FX is definitely a head turner. Very sporty and rides much firmer than the RX. Love the exhaust note on the FX.

    The RX is a true luxury ride and the high caliber interior - real, rich-looking wood and leather - bear that out more than the FX. The FX is not cheap-looking by any stretch, but not as nice IMO.

    Where the FX really stumbles is cargo capacity. There seems to be almost as much room in our tiny A4 Avant, which is our other car. If cargo capacity isn't an issue, no problem - go for the FX. just pack lightly.
  • petewat3petewat3 Posts: 83
    I can't speak for the 35 but I average anywhere from 16.7 - 18.2 with combined driving that averages from 44-54 mph usually. That's with 93 octane and 76-85 on the freeway and whatever the road demands elsewhere. That's with an FX45 Tech/Sport and the numbers are from the on-board computer (but I have checked them in the past and found the computer to be accurate).
    There has been discussion of the FX35 mpg on the FX35/FX45 board - just do a search on mpg. Wow...$2.59/gal huh? Guess I should be happy with $1.89 around here (B'More/ DC).
  • smokey100smokey100 Posts: 26
    From reading this message board, it sounds as if I should be able to pick up a FX for just a few hundred bucks above invoice. According to Consumer Reports there is a $965 hold back so the dealer is still making over a grand.
    Since gas prices here in the San Francisco bay area is as high as $2.59/gal.... what real world mileage are you lucky FX35 owners getting?
  • kcrudupkcrudup Posts: 26
    I found it takes a few days to get used to the way [the FX35] handles and accelerates.
    What type of car did you come out of?
  • ducmonducmon Posts: 8
    Herb chamber infiniti is advertising prices that seem very low on a FX35 with touring package $35,000. THis price is below invoice. Has anyone purchased from Herb Chambers? How was your experience?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    RWD or AWD? If AWD, it's a really good price.
  • smokey100smokey100 Posts: 26
    Ducmon, I just ran a price report on Edmunds; FX35, RWD, touring package... nothing else. The invoice price came up at $34,676.
  • socalbobsocalbob Posts: 23
    '04 FX35s are going for $300 or so under dealer invoice in Southern Calif. I bought one at the end of March. If you can't get a good deal in the SF area, then buy one down here (Thousand Oaks Infiniti or Miller Infiniti) and drive it back upstate. Any Infiniti dealer will service it. You can do all the dealing over the net. Just know what you want and be persistent. Good luck.

    Don't know anything about mileage yet.
  • mfhmfh Posts: 37
    I currentyly drive a 2002 H6-3.0 outback and have found it very useful and utilitarian. Recently, a friend got me to test drive the fx35 on a lark. It was AWD tech/touring. I LOVED it!!!

    I have 3 questions for those who have driven some miles on an fx35: 1) is the ride as harsh as reviews say. (On the smooth interstate, it seemed good to me) 2) reviews say rearward visibility is very poor. Have others found that on crowded roads that has caused problems. ( I did not notice on my drive). 3) Have people transported skis and bikes inside with rear seats folded down.


  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    mfh...........1st of all - I traded my 2001 Outback VDC (H6) for an FX45 (Tech/Sport) 9 months ago & have had a big grin on my face ever since.
    1) is the ride as harsh as reviews say. - absolutely not, it's a sport tuned suspension with the Sport package and if you're used to a non-performance oriented vehicle you'll notice it at first. I did on the first drive & love it ever since. The handling is phenomenal and the suspension is a big part of that.
    2) reviews say rearward visibility is very poor. Have others found that on crowded roads that has caused problems. - with well adjusted mirrors & after a shake down drive to get used to the car I have never experienced any visibility problems of any kind. I commute 100 mi. a day on crowded freeways & have never had any issues with visibility.
    3) Have people transported skis and bikes inside with rear seats folded down. - I can't answer that one. I carry my skis and mtn bike on top (as well as a kayak occasionally). I would suspect that the skis inside would be no problem but if you're thinking of installing a fork mount inside (with the bike vertical) it may not have the height. If you're just gonna lay it in with front wheel detached, you'd have no problem.
    It's an awesome vehicle and more fun than a barrel of monkies (hmmm...that sounds kinky huh?)
  • mikeymikey Posts: 6
    In the Bay Area, Infiniti of Pleasanton is advertising $3500 off msrp for all fx models in stock. They have a 2004 fx35awd w/touring package, cargo mat, and splash guard for a sale price of $36,052. My numbers indicate that the vehicle is being sold at invoice. Considering that the fx's have been out over six months, should i jump at this price or should i be able to do better in northern california.

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