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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,130
How did you do on your FX45 or FX35 purchase? Let us know here!

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  • arhfx45arhfx45 Member Posts: 27
    I got my Berrylium FX45 for $50,500. It has every option except the Sunroof Deflector. Options: Tech Package, Tow Hitch, XM Radio, Roof Rails, Crossbars, Splash Guards & Rear Cargo Mat. They had to trade with another dealer to get this FX. They had one on the lot but had screwed the front license plate bracket into the bumper. Why this was done I cannot imagine, we are in a state not using front plates & the bracket screws actually go through the bumper cover itself. They tried to get me into their FX by suggesting they'd give me my choice of any Infiniti plate they had or could order. When I said no thanks, they wanted to have their "Best" body man fill the holes & touch up the bumper. "He's so good you'll never notice it", was their comment, to which I said, I'm pretty sure I'd notice it Bubba & I'm not interested. After this exchange they searched & found my FX about 150 miles away & had it brought over on a rollback the next day. That's my story & I'm truly enjoying my FX45.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    I have a black/brick FX45 Premium Pkg for which I paid $44,304. In addition to the Premium Pkg it has the Tow Hitch and Splash Guards. Great buying experience from Jim Lupient Infiniti - no pressure for add-ons and friendly atmosphere.

    Very happy with the vehicle so far - no problems and the performance is everything they say it is.
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Member Posts: 45
    I think I got a good deal but you know how that goes . Bought a FX45 Berrylium with everything you can order except tow package and sunroof deflector (ie.: Tech. package, rear cargo mat , roof rack w/ cross rails, 20" rims ,etc...) . Paid $48,394.72 not inc. tax & lic. Total out the door was $53,000.00 . I was not too impressed by the sales people but I knew how they played the "game" . I walked out once ( leaving my cell # and letting him know to call if he really wanted to do business ) . Stayed firm with what I was willing to pay and came in with #'s from what I could get on the Web on dealer invoice . I also waited towards the end of the month and end of the "business year" where sales #'s count more then profit #'s for the dealership . I live in the Bay Area (N. California) but was willing to go to S. California but none of the dealerships there would come close to the offer .

    Have almost 2900 miles and not a single problem .
    I get alot of positive comments and admirers . Only wish , Infiniti should have left the HP at 350 and not limit it to 315 HP.
  • echodocechodoc Member Posts: 1
    Ichiban reported best price from his dealership...can you name the dealership? Did you research getting from the net like
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Member Posts: 45
    Before buying , I checked some on-line dealers (can't remember who, sorry) , So. Cal. dealerships (three or four of them), CSAA Members discount , and even Costco . None was willing to beat the price I was willing to pay to Frontier Infiniti in Santa Clara, Ca.

    I spent approximately 4 months researching this S2UV and finding what dealer invoice was for the vehicle and options . These numbers were the best I could get off the Web. and after the test drive the salesman and I crunched ###'s. I walked out the first time we talked but left my cell #. (For all those dealerships and sales persons reading this post.) I really would not have come back unless Frontier Infiniti came close to what I offered . After a few more phone calls , I went back and crunched ###'s again . This time I drove off with a new FX45 ($53,000.00 out the door w/o a trade in or a car loan.) . Keep a eye on the dealer if you are going to trade in your car . If they don't front load you, they'll back load you on your trade in to make up for the difference $$$. Also, if you do a car loan with the dealership , they get a % or a kick back from the bank. This also factors into the true cost you are paying for the vehicle .

    If you need more info. just post and I'll see what I can do !
  • 3rdbass3rdbass Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a new FX 35/45 less than a month ago and have put on 1,600 exhilarating miles on the vehicle. I have gotten alot of attention from onlookers as people have had only positive feedback about the car. I have experienced no problems with the vehicle besides only getting a shade over 16 miles(city/highway) to the gallon. I feel I have purchased a great vehicle for a decent price. I bought my FX 35 Sport Package AWD in Brick/Black for $ 37,568.00. I payed about $ 900.00 over invoice while trading in my 2000 Nissan Maxima SE with 46,200 miles on it for $ 12,400.00. Though the Maxima was in decent mechanical condition it did have some noticeable paint blemishes,as well as two worn back tires and Kelly had it at $ 11,400.00 and Edmunds had it at $ 12,700.00. I feel that I got a decent deal but definitely left a few hundred dollars on the table due to really wanting the FX 35. I just wanted to feel if people think I got a good deal or should I have waited for the '04 model with all it's refinements ?(see below attached link) I feel good about the comparison shopping part since I tested the Murano,not sporty enough and not as nice looking, the Lexus RX330, nice looking but definitely not enough power for my tastes and a few cars (Infiniti G35, Audi A4 and A6, and 2004 Nissan Maxima). I just feel like I could of got more bang for the buck if I waited for the '04's. But hey I like the vehicle and in 3 years maybe the vehicle will have been drastically upgraded power wise that I will trade mine in for a new one. I definitely would recommend this car to anyone who wants a bigger vehicle that looks nice and still has the traction and power of a smaller sports sedan. 20Up.htm
  • bigsweatybigsweaty Member Posts: 22
    Anybody have another recent buying experience on an FX35 with Premium Package? I sat in one at the dealership 2 days ago and LOVED it! I'm of course thinking of buying a 2003 vs 2004, but would like to know what people are getting one for around the last couple weeks.

  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    See Infiniti's Limited Engagement regarding an excellent APR offer. The offer applies to 2003 FX35 (not FX45), I35, and the G35 Sedan.
  • tony50tony50 Member Posts: 15
    Has anyone dealt with Grubbs, Riverside, and other online Infiniti dealerships to buy an FX out of state? Any advantages/disadvantages in using these guys--financing, shipping, tax/title/tag issues?

    I have not purchased a car online, and I am curious about the experience--any better than doing it in person? How did the deal work with the sales tax from the state of origin and the one you live in?

  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    I bought from grubbs in april got a 35 rwd tech for 40543. I am not out of state but still 280 miles away (Texas is pretty big). Was the smoothest, easiest car buying experience I ever had. Even my trade was appraised sight unseen and no surprises on it's value when I arrived. I drove up a saturday afternoon signed a couple papers and was out of the door in about an hour. Stayed with my friend sat night and drove it back home sunday. Easiest time I ever had buying a car.
  • jacks10jacks10 Member Posts: 3
    Love the car. Some questions: Should I buy the rear view camera package? There does seem to be a blind spot when backing up. Are any colors going to be better for future resale? In one month the '03's will depreciate by about 20%. Should I wait for the 04's?
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    Bear in mind to get the rear view camera you need to get the complete tech package. If you want all those items, great. If not, it's a lot to pay for a rear view camera.
  • jacks10jacks10 Member Posts: 3
    Love the car. Some questions: Should I buy the rear view camera package? There does seem to be a blind spot when backing up. Are any colors going to be better for future resale? In one month the '03's will depreciate by about 20%. Should I wait for the 04's?
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Member Posts: 45
    If you are willing to spend the extra money for the tech. package it is well worth it , not only for the rear camera but for all the other bells and whistles . Never thought I would like key less entry as much as I do . No more pulling keys in and out of my pocket, just walk up and push one button . Color screen instead of a single color screen for radio, cd, nav. , a/c, etc... looks a heck of alot better !

    As to the rear camera .... I do everything the same when I back my FX up as I would a normal vehicle but when in a tight position it really comes in handy . It will be difficult to judge your distance of your rear bumper in tight parking or backing up situations . The rear window is curved , tinted, and small which make backing up semi difficult . You probably can live without the rear camera ( obviously , due to the fact Infiniti offers this as an option and not standard) but if you are willing to spend the extra you will find it is very nice to have and will help you in your resale.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Member Posts: 27
    I am thinking about getting FX 35 with Tech package, and I am wondering if it's possible to get that at invoice (or $500 over invoice)? I live in D.C metropolitan area and would like to hear some buying experience.
  • vmccoyjrvmccoyjr Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering an FX35 and have received 3 internet quotes from Atlanta dealers. All have come back 1500-1800 over invoice (per Edmunds). This seems very high based on other postings. Anyone else in the Atlanta area made purchase recently?
  • shenkarshenkar Member Posts: 159
    vmccoyjr, have you looked at Troncalli? They're the most aggressive dealer here in Atlanta. They've got RWD FX35's with Sport Package and roof rails for $31,990 or a 60-month lease at $379.00 with $2,990 down. Roswell Infinity has RWD FX35's (non-Sport) for 48-months at $399.00. I think both these deals are at invoice, or below.
  • blueyfishblueyfish Member Posts: 36
    Check with Rosenthal Infiniti in Tysons Corner. I recently leased FX35 (no Tech) and a M45. Great people to deal with and you should be able to get your price. Lots of inventory.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Member Posts: 27
    I exchanged couple emails with rosenthal and they offer to sell FX 35 with Tech and some extra stuff for $43500, MSRP is $46000, but invoice is little more than $41,000. Maybe getting FX for invoice (or couple houndred over) is hard to get.
  • blueyfishblueyfish Member Posts: 36
    You have to know what you want to spend and set limits. I paid about $150.00 over invoice. Make them an offer and be sure that it is close to where you want to be and see what they say. I did all my negotiating on the phone because I live in the Balitmore area. They beat the dealer here and gave me free oil changes for the length of the lease.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Member Posts: 27
    I just got an another email from Rosenthal and they refused to go below $43500. He said that there's more demand for tech package equipped FXs. I am pretty sure that I won't get it at that price. Does anyone know what's the best offer people got for tech package equipped FX?
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Member Posts: 45
    I'm assuming the $43,500.00 is for a FX35 and not inc. tax and Lic.

    If it is for a FX45 .... Sounds like a great deal to me !

    I paid $48,394.72 on April '03 ( not inc. tax , lic., and fees)
    for my Berryrillum FX45 w/ tech. , rear cargo mat , roof rails w/ cross bars , etc (read previous posts on this board , if interested ) .....
  • crayzcrayz Member Posts: 4
    I went to an Infiniti dealership in the Washington, DC area over the weekend, and they didn't even want to negotiate on a FX35 with Tech package. They were at $46,500, which is MSRP.

    I thought that they would want to get rid of them since the 2004 models are coming in... but I guess not.

    Does anyone know where I can get one for $500-$1000 over invoice?
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    The 04 FX's are not going to be around until November at least so there's no pressure to clear out 03s yet.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    In the new, "As sales have climbed, Infiniti's incentives have plummeted."

    Contra Costa Times

    Steve, Host
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Member Posts: 412
    Which dealer did you go to? I didn't think any were still asking MSRP. Even Rosenthal was offering money of MSRP. If it's not in this thread, it's in another on this website. There are defintely better deals to be had.
  • stanny1stanny1 Member Posts: 962
    Sounds like Grubbs to the rescue.
    $46k for a 35 Tech puts you almost in loaded 45 Tech territory!
    My DG 45 Tech was $48,600 with some extras. Gee, you could have had a V-8!
  • crayzcrayz Member Posts: 4
    It was Rosenthal. I checked out Grubbs and they definitely have great deals.

    BTW, at Rosenthal's website online, they have at least 15 FX35s in inventory... so it doesn't seem like they are selling like hotcakes!
  • calroadscalroads Member Posts: 2
    Bought an FX35 Beryllium with tech packages. The camera helps a bit but don't think it's the selling factor for buying the tech package. I like the navigation system the best . Cool toys. I do recommend you add a cargo mat and all weather floor mats. I would hate to make the brick interior.
  • daqmandaqman Member Posts: 27
    Try Passport Infiniti in Alexandria Va. new dealer, good inventory. Just off 395 Duke St. exit.
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    How does that logic work? They may have had 30 a month ago.
  • 808runner808runner Member Posts: 2
    Just got my 2003 Ivory FX35, no options for $750 over invoice. No too bad. Can't wait for delivery on Monday.
  • joystixjoystix Member Posts: 2
    I've been in the market for an FX35 fully loaded and all the dealerships here in the bay area Ca. want MSRP. Did anyone one this board from the Bay Area get a better deal. If not I think I'll wait for the 04's to come out, then they might want to go down even just a little...
  • tedcruisertedcruiser Member Posts: 50
    How much off MSRP did you get and where did you purchase?
  • smurfboysmurfboy Member Posts: 2
    I paid 42500 (46380 out the door) for my 2003 FX35 with tech package. The only accessory it had was the roof rails (no cross ones). There were some minor blemishes to the exterior of the car but the dealer is fixing it. Otherwise, I've really enjoyed the car.
  • ngkiyanngkiyan Member Posts: 19
    I bought mine in the bay area in March ,FX35 RWD with tech package and roof rails and cargo mat for
    $43500.00 plus t&L. If you want to know where and who to deal with ,e-mail me and I can give you the names. The dealership was great to deal with. By the way , I leased mine.
  • timtx01timtx01 Member Posts: 11
    Can anyone fill me in on experiences with Houston dealerships? I'm finding them not very anxious to do deals on FX35's which strikes me as odd since they're obviously not selling well here. Between the 3 Houston dealerships there are easily 80-100 of the FX35/45s in stock and they admit they keep getting more. Infiniti's 2.9% financing through January 2004 also hints that the cars aren't moving well, and I've seen almost none on Houston roads. I'm looking to trade a 2000 BMW 528 wagon in excellent condition with just 28k miles on it but am getting absurdly low numbers for the trade of $17-19k, and I simply will not do that with Carmax over $22k (trade is highly desirable in Texas because it offsets against sales tax). I figure at some point, one of the dealers will realize that a reasonable sale allowing some profit is better than no sale, but I'm not sure how much more blunt about this I can be. I'm not budging from my numbers so it's a waiting game...
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    not sure where you live in houston but I see 1 or 2 everyday here. We are not infested with them like the rx330's and mdx's but they are very popular at least on the southwest side of town where I have seen over a dozen different ones. The dealers here do not deal there really are only two dealers as the guy who owns SW infiniti also owns clear lake and west side and north houston have the same ownership. I think they collude on pricing. I got mine (FX35 RWD Black w/Blk/brick int and Tech package) from Grubbs in dallas there are one of the top 3 infiniti dealers in the country and the people at SW infiniti wouldn't even come close to touching there price. I think Grubbs will sell them for 4-800 over invoice right now. You want more information e-mail me. They have an FX35 AWD Tech with SUPERCHARGER on sale now for 46.5K.
  • timtx01timtx01 Member Posts: 11
    I knew SW Infiniti and Clear Lake were the same owner, but I didn't know that North Houston and West Houston were connected. However, the Southwest dealership admitted to me that it was talking to the North Houston dealership about my desired vehicle and trade. So they are clearly all working together. Frankly this is a major problem in the Houston car market and something should be done about it on the legal front. Last year I was negotiating with BMW and couldn't get anywhere on numbers because 3 of the 4 local BMW stores are all the same owner. Finally one suggested I shop my trade at CarMax, and I got so tired of their attitude and unwillingness to talk numbers that I found my BMW 528 at CarMax instead. It was a much better purchase. Infiniti here in Houston won't get my business either if they keep being obstinate, frankly I'm fed up. I will gladly take my business to Dallas if need be. If any other Houston customers know of collusion like this please contact me. I will be happy to coordinate info and see if state/local authorities would be interested in it. Thanks - Tim
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Good luck; from what I hear, the Texas auto dealers lobby makes the NRA and AARP look like amateurs.

    Here's a link for you (Consumers Union). Check the archives under Financial Services.

    Steve, Host
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    You are exactly right you can't use autobytel or carsdirect in texas. they have a very powerful pressence.
  • joystixjoystix Member Posts: 2
    Where did you guys pick up your FX35's in the Bay Area? Thanks

    Ric ([email protected])
  • smurfboysmurfboy Member Posts: 2
    Hey Joystix,

    I went to Pennisula Infiniti. The guys there are great. I would ask for Ron. But make sure you get a better price than I did. I think I paid a couple hundred more than I should have. But don't go to the steven's creek one. Their service sucks.
  • ncvolncvol Member Posts: 196
    I really like this vehicle, but can't get over the lack of real cargo space. I have two kids and two dogs, so I don't need a 3rd row of seating, but it just doesn't seem like 27.4 cubic feet of cargo space is very much. Even a Subaru Outback has 34.5. Is this number somehow deceiving? Is there more "functional space" than the numbers reveal?
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    What the heck do you need to load into it? The numbers don't really mean much. Go take a look at it and see if it looks like your stuff will fit.

    You can also rent a truck at several places nowadays for under $20 for a day.
  • ncvolncvol Member Posts: 196
    You'd be surprised at how much space luggage for two adults and two kids takes up, even for 3-day weekend trips. I've got a Ford Explorer right now, and space gets fairly tight. We also take our dogs with us sometimes, and that's really the kicker on space. I may just look into roof racks/luggage carriers for those trips where the dogs come along.
  • kevinaetnakevinaetna Member Posts: 2
    Hey, guys!
    Need a piece of advice here. I am dreaming about FX and a dealer in NY has 2003 FX45 Premium for $40,600, The car is brand new, 0 miles, not a demo or something.
    He got me approved for 1.9 APR with no down. Says I will pay $748.84/mo for 60 months (incl. tax). I am in Massachussets.
    He also says that I can lease it for 36 months for $562/mo with 10K mi/yr allowance (I will barely drive 5-7K mi a year).
    My assumption was: If I buy it and sell in 5 years, say for $20,000 it kind of makes my monthly payments lower by 20K/60=$335 so in fact the actual cost is about $415. If I lease it, dealer says, buyout is going to be 52% of $47,590 (it`s MSRP), hence $24,400 so if I buy out and sell it, say for $28,000, I`ll lower the average monthly lease payment for $100, hence true cost is $562-100=462.
    What would you, guys recommend - lease or buy?
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    Don't put the dogs in the carriers! :)

    The FX might not be the best choice if you are hauling dogs and kids and luggage.

    Probably more along the lines of Expedition or some other huge vehicle would be best for long trips.
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    try to get it for $39,000 - $39,600.

    You might want to take the lease vs. buy question over to finance, warranty and insurance board.
  • ncvolncvol Member Posts: 196
    I really don't need anything Expedition-sized. My trips with kids are typically 2, 4 or 6 hours, and the dogs only go on the 2 hour rides. The alternatives I'm looking at are the Saab 9-5 wagon and the Mercedes E320 wagon (used). I'm thinking a roof carrier might be all I need for the trips with dogs, one of them basically sits in the front seat on my or my wife's lap anyway.

    Thanks for the responses!
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