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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • srr3306srr3306 Posts: 12
    Love it! Got Touring, no tech, no sport, splash guards, roof rails, cargo cover, graphite/willow. Cannot brag about my deal since the market is very tight here in Philly. People down south are getting better deals. I worked the dealer down to the equivalent of (discount was added to my trade) $37,500 which was probably $500 over what I might have gotten, but this was the last one on the lot optioned the way I wanted it. Two other dealers blew me off before we got near these numbers. Might have done a bit better had I taken advantage of the financing promo, but I paid cash.

    Pros: Handling (I Traded a Lexus RX, the difference is night & day.) Power, seats, controls. xenons. Ride is fine with the 18s, if a bit noisy. Very tightly built. Load floor is very wide and usable if not that huge.

    Cons: Tires. RE92s are generally panned for lousy treadlife and snow/wet traction. I expect the electronics will counter some of that. There are no real acceptable substitutes out there that I can see in the original size. Lack of a sliding cargo cover is a pain. Found a dealer in Dallas on these boards that sells them for $230. Will have to get one. Small glove box. need more under-floor storage. LCD without tech is a bit lame.
  • If anyone else received in the neighborhood of 3% over invoice on the 2004 FX45, could you please tell me which Infinity dealership you purchased from? I am looking at a fully loaded 2004, and would appreciate some tips from those who were able to secure good deals in this range. Thanks in Advance!

    Post #135 RE: '04 FX45 fair price by newtisme Dec 01, 2003 (11:18 am)
    I live in the SF Bay Area and got mine Blck, Brick/Blk, loaded for invoice plus 3% - and that was after a lot of research and various internet offers. I believe that's about the best you can do, and would be a fair price. Hope this helps. Let us know what happens.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Can you explain what you mean. I'm not familiar with this....but it sounds like a nice feature.


  • I've read and benifitted from many of your posts prior to my purchase yesterday, so I thought I'd share my experience --

    My deal: '04 FX35 Tech/Touring/Splash/CargoMat in DiamondGraph/Graph for $40,125 -- $400 over invoice ($800 over Edmunds' invoice). Ended up buying from a pleasant salesman from Infiniti Tustin. Metro Infiniti (Monrovia) had basically the same vehicle for a similar deal. I was able to work the deal down a tad bit more than what I negotiated over the phone. Email me if you want more details.

    Also had a question: did any (or all) of you get floormats with an embroidered Infiniti logo standard? Mine came with rather average looking and fitting mats, and I'm wondering if I was shorted... Thanks and good luck to all.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The floor mats in the FX are plain. All the other Infiniti mats have the logo on them. Why is this the case? Je ne sais pas as they say in Paris.
  • gibogibo Posts: 22
    Some readers on the other pricing forum are asking where to find "real" invoice pricing. Is that to say that the numbers off Edmunds are not correct? Why must one buy the info from Consumer Reports?
  • "The floor mats in the FX are plain"
    Wibble- the all-weather floor mats (blk rubber) are much better IMO. They fit nicely and complement the brick/blk interior nicely as
  • aleksd1aleksd1 Posts: 37
    Just wanted to thank everybody on this forum for your advice and info. I've been reading and posting here for about 6 months and finally decided to buy a new car. I originally wanted FX35 but after having horrible experience with Cutter Infiniti in Santa Barbara and Infiniti of Ventura, I decided to get something else and eventually got Acura MDX. I was also partly swayed from buying FX by my driving experience. Even though it handled really well, I did not like the interior, especially when compared with my old 94 J30. Every time I see FX on the street while driving my MDX, I feel a tingle of regret, because FX looks so great, but after having bad dealer experience I just did not want to give them my money. I even contacted Infiniti corporate, but they did not care at all. Sorry for the long post,but I just wanted to thank everybody for sharing valuable info about your cars and buying experiences
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Ask the dealer to show you the invoice for the car you wish to buy. if they won't then go to a different dealer.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    The edmunds invoice is accurate except for the caveat that they do not include regional advertising fees. The only site that I know that include these fees in there invoice price is The base number from edmunds + the advertising fee is what will be on the invoice you see from the dealer.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Thanks Clpurnell.

    I don't know why people feel like they have to pay for this info when we have it here for free (unless you're Canadian - I don't know of any free CA invoice pricing out there).

    We don't include the ad fees since they do vary by region.

    Steve, Host
  • fxfanfxfan Posts: 30
    Funny thing is in Austin they don't have adv. fees for Infiniti's. The invoice price matched to the penny with Edmund's. I don't know if that applies to all of Texas, anyone in Dallas or Houston pay adv. fees?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I bought in dallas and can't remeber if they were on there or not.
  • In recent weeks, I have received some good offers for 2004 FX35's, consistent with this board (ie, +$500 over invoice).

    Two questions:

    - Pricing: How much below a comparably equipped 04 should I expect for a new 03? The first dealer I spoke to was not prepared to concede anything, I'm not so sure. I'm thinking 10-15%, but I might be unrealistic.

    - "Suspension changes": were they enacted in mid '03 on some late-model-year 03's, or were the changes made only to the 04's?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    suspension changes only happened on the '04 most that have driven both say they are negligible. I would not buy a new '03 because the most dealers will do is probably a grand under invoice but you are looking at a much bigger depreciation hit. I would buy the 04 for 500 over.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I agree with clpurnell about taking an 04, rather than an 03. That is, unless the dealer gives you a huge discount on the depreciation, which will probably not happen.
  • I have also been lurking here since I saw the FX at last winter's auto shows. Finally got serious about a new car at Thanksgiving; but so many models to choose from. One requirement: AWD or 4WD. So I test drove the FX35, the G35x, Volvo S80 & XC90, Murano & 4Runner. The 4Runner was the most practical, the Volvos were the safest, but the FX satisfied my mid-life crisis.
    Picked it up last Friday, no sport but went for the tech package and I'm glad I did. The rear camera is great and the nav is lots of fun, can't wait for a trip but I've enjoyed it as I driven back and forth to work (32 miles one way).
    Thanks to all for your words of wisdom about your buying experience and your enthusiasm about the FX.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Congratulations! Enjoy the ride...
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Posts: 97
    Mine never ceases to make me grin.
  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    "Mine never ceases to make me grin"
    ..... congrats rim! yup....I definitely agree with 93fsu1, I don't think I've ever had so much fun playing with a vehicle. Never knew there were so many cool back road alternatives to my daily 100 m. commute until I got the FX. Good choice with the tech. Have fun!
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Posts: 97
    I even took my FX on a 1700 mile round trip and it was a pleasure the entire time. (Made the same trip in many vehicles, most recently a Toyota Highlander - it was hell).

    I didn't surrender the wheel until midway through the return trip. Then it was a challenge to get it back.

    Even if given an unlimited budget, I would have no other vehicle.
  • nljohnnljohn Posts: 4
    You said it, no better car for the money. I'm always being checked out. And my wife's jealous and she has a Hot 2003 Volvo S60T5 which moves too..
  • drdeepdrdeep Posts: 3
    With a new baby on board, my wife and I are looking for something with a little more room but still fun to drive. We are seriously considering the FX35. One concern we have is the handling of the FX in hard winter weather as we live in Western PA and waking up to 6"-8" of snow is not unusual. Any comments would be much appreciated. Our C-class 4-Matic is fantastic for what its worth.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    The all wheel drive system on the FX is very capable in snow. If you are really concerned, spring for some good winter tires and you will not be disappointed. Otherwise it will do "OK" but it's largely the tires that determine how good your winter traction will be. The stock 20 inchers on the sport pkg are all season but are more performance oriented than what you may be looking for. I purchased a set of winter tires for my FX45, and the thing is a blast to drive in the snow.
  • drdeepdrdeep Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response. We were looking at the 18" wheels which we hope will perform well in inclement weather. All of our other 4-wheel drive vehicles (A4, C-class 4-matic) have been amazing in the snow with all season tires. For greater peace of mind I guess you could buy a set of Blizzaks but I would hope to have not to. Thanks for the info.

    Anyone with buying experiences in Pittsburgh to share?
  • I'm in central MD (not far from you) and I've had no problems with my FX45 in snow so far with the stock 20 inchers. My dealer is in B'More so that's probably no help for you in Pittsburg. The dealer experience has been the best I've had - always an Infiniti loaner available, always get it in quickly (within a week), and they always clean it inside and out no matter what it is in for. I feel spoiled given past less-than- exemplary experiences with other manufacturers.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Here's a video that an FX owner made while playing in the snow with their FX. You'll have to download it to see how much fun it was and how capable the FX is, in the snow. However, I concur that a good set of winter tires are a must.
  • drdeepdrdeep Posts: 3
    Thanks for the past responses. Actually took a test drive in an FX35 w/ stock 18" wheels last night. Drove to the steepest street that I knew of in Pittsburgh and had quite the experience. With the salesman at my side in the passenger seat, we started up the hill which was narrow and covered in ice. Another car was coming down so I had to stop about a quarter of the way up to allow him to pass. As I tried to get going again, we actually started to slide BACKWARDS. The salesman calmly said to reverse back to the bottom of the street and start again in snow mode. I had to give the FX more throttle but, with a few jerky movements, we made it up the street. I was quite impressed with that. Going back downhill was easier and the vehicle felt like it was in good control. Ice can stop anything on wheels and the FX held its own on Pittsburgh's toughest street IMHO.
  • I will be picking up my FX45 (blk/ wheels). I seriously considered the Cayenne S. After reading every post about the FX and Cayenne on these message boards I decided on the FX. My past cars include a 93 GMC typhoon and 98 M3. The FX takes allot about what I love about those cars and combines them, and eliminated the things I disliked about them. It has speed of the typhoon with some of the handling of the BMW in a SUV package. I love the M3, but could not think of getting another one because I enjoy the utility of the FX, as well as the all weather capability. (I live in Chicago) The car is waiting for me, but can't pick it up for another week because I am on a business trip. (Considered getting the flu so i could fly home early :) I paid $2500 over invoice. I have heard numbers of 3% over invoice which is about 1500. I feel the price I paid is fair, considering the inventory of the FX45 seems quite limited compared to the 35. I do have a few questions for the board. First, did you guys break these things in? My BMW wanted to keep the revs down for the first few thousand miles. Also, is there an easy way to read the tire pressure monitor. I have seen the read out, and it does not tell you which tire the read outs belong to. Finally, how often are you guys changing oil? I plan to use Mobil 1 synthetic.
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