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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • walt28walt28 Posts: 4
    Just put deposit today on 04'FX45 with everything but tow hitch & cross bars at 51,460. Edmund's invoice price is 48,890 without advertising fee. Did large amount of research comparing vehicles but not enough price research on FX's. I want to lease w/option to buy for business reasons. Is this deal OK, South Jersey dealership.Blk/Blk....Also can anyone comment on how binding check deposit is as I'd like to shop around some more for better price.......THANKS
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I went easy on the revs for the first 1200 miles, keeping the tach at a maxium of 4000. As I recall this is what is recommended. Also, as I'm sure you've heard, you are supposed to vary the revs, up and down, rather than hold a steady speed during the break-in period. And easy on the brakes too. I've been changing oil, also using Mobil 1 starting with the second oil change, every 3,500 - 3,750 miles, except I did the first one (dino) at 1,000. Have about 13,400 on it now, and am very satisfied (except for the poorly designed seat warmers -it's been below 0 here in Minnesota as of late!). Good luck!
  • there seems to be some conflicting info. out there regarding breakin of the FX. I was told none was needed and gave it none without any problems but others have posted that it is a good idea. I change my oil (FX45tech with 19,000mi) about every 3750 which is consistent with Infiniti's recommended hard-driving schedule - I put a lot of miles on it. The tire sensors report in to the puter on an as-ready basis and only the pressure is reported, not position, so the order of the screen readout is variable. In short, there's no way to know where a given reading is coming from but it seems to me that it would not be a major issue for Infiniti to correct with a software upgrade. And you're right about the 45 availability. I think I read that for rollout in 03 Infiniti planned 44,000 total with 11,000 of those FX45's & it sounds like you got a reasonable deal. Enjoy it!!!! I do.
  • I took delivery of my FX45 today. I logged about 60 miles today. Having test drove it quite a few times, I thought I knew exactly what to expect when I drove mine. However, after driving it all day, it actually exceeded my expectations. I really love how hard this car pulls of the line! Not to mention the handling. My tire pressure upon delivery was 32psi, and the ride felt great. It can be a little firm on bad pavement... but not as bad as my 98 4runner. Also, it did snow a little today (in Chicago) and the car felt solid at all times. Granted it was not 12 inches of snow, but the roads were sloppy enough to give the FX a good challenge. Even after tempting it to break loose the car was very well behaved. Most of the gripes I read on these boars were correct. First, the seat warmers seem not to work. The seats get a little warm, but my friends Denali feels the the seat is on fire. Also, the placement of the windows and door lock buttons are a little out of the way. These are little things, and I'm just confirming that I agree with the rest of you about these minor things. The rest of the car is just perfect. I spent half the day in the garage just figuring out the gadgets. The intelligent key is pretty cool, and the navigation is a blast! Well, I just wanted to let you guys know, I think I made the right choice when choosing the FX. Thanks for all the advice
  • Took delivery of my 2004 FX35 AWD in Black/Graphite (with Touring and Tech Packages, splash guards, roof rails, cargo liner) this past weekend and it's really awesome. My total price (before taxes, tags, and registration) was $39,900.

    Has anyone looked into getting a cargo cover? If so, any information would be appreciated.
  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    congrats hombogero & evlmike.....welcome to a hoot of a driving experience. Especially you won't regret the 45 choice - but I'm not dissin the 35. Mike- do a search on the 'FX35/FX45' thread. There was a discussion of the cargo cover there & where to get it - it's available.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Out driving in the snow tonight, and what a blast when there's not much traffic on the roads. With winter tires (Blizzaks) on and the AWD lock engaged, the FX45 is a real hoot. At stop lights it's a very simple matter pulling away from anything else out there, and around bends the RWD bias makes it so much fun to control traction and steer with the throttle...very safely if you don't overdo it! Can't do that with my wife's RX330, that's for sure.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I have found this interesting, and Im curious what everyone thinks..

    the 04 fx 35 awd with touring and the usual small add-ons (splash guards and that sort of stuff) invoices around $36,200 including the ad fee. I was offerred the vehicle for $36,500, which sounds pretty good.

    However, I checked the inventory on Infiniti's web site for a 20 mile radius from this particualr dealer, and found over 250 2004 fx 35 awd's available! That sounds like a market flooded with product, and I have to wonder if these should be selling for less. "Prestige" or not, supply and demand still applies. I own a G35, and the experience has not always been "prestige" :) Im in NY btw.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    The flood you see is typical they held a lot of 04's in the pipeline while the 03's cleared out. The only 03's that went for back of invoice were fx45 premiums for the most part. I had a single dealer with 80 fx's in stock and wouldn't come close to a deal I got elsewhere. I think your deal is awesome and would take it. I don't think you are gonna come in under invoice. Similar to the G they may have stock but unlike infiniti of the pats they aren't going under invoice unless it is a M or Q.
  • I'm searching for a FX35 in Houston,

    I got an offer of 35,700 for a plain 2004 FX35 rwd with premium package. Do you think it's a good deal? The thing is I called around and all the dealers seem to be pretty much around this figure. From what I read on these bulletin board, people have been getting a little better deal. The only dealer I dealt with on a face to face basis is Infiniti of North Houston and they was rather rude. Even if I get a deal at invoice, I don't think I would do business there. For those of you in the Houston area, can you recomend another Infiniti dealer or sales person in particular? Thx.
  • I don't read this board all that often and just saw your post. I purchased my FX45 at Marin Infiniti - all went smoothly. E-mail me for more info: [email protected]
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I bought my FX from Dallas. three of the dealers up there are top ten in the country. I bought from Grubbs Infiniti Through their GM amd internet sales manager. At least check them out on my car they were about 2k cheaper and 2k higher on the trade than anybody in houston. I get mine serviced at SW infiniti and they seem pretty good. Gave them a chance to match the offer I got from grubbs but they declined. I would recommend them if you do buy locally as they have always been very accomidating.
  • Been lookin' around for about a month now and have settled on a 2004 FX 45 Black/Black with Prem and Tech packages...For those of you who lease..what kind of deal ($/ # months) did you get. I live in B'ham, AL. Thanks in advance.
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    i am very interested in leasing a fx45. dealer had several 2003 in the lot offering abouy 7500 off. i am looking at about $40000 for one with the premium package 20in wheels roof bars and cargo mat, msrp is about 47,300. the lease woul;d be 39 month no money down with a payment of $599.00 per month. is it a bad idea to get a 2003, please let me know what you think thanks in advance
  • jgq1jgq1 Posts: 11
    I've searched on the Infiniti website the inventory of all the dealerships within 150 mile of where I live (MI) That includes Chicago and Detroit and I could not find the FX I want (FX35 AWD,Beryllium + sport + Tech + Chrome). It looks like I will have to custom order it from the manufacturer through the dealer. My question is that: Will it be reasonable to be firm on the price and ask for it to be at invoice? I read that when custom ordering, hold back is pure profit for the dealer. Also, I'm thinking of paying cash, will that be an advantage on the price? will I be able to get it for less than invoice? Is it wishful thinking? :)
  • What would be a fair price for an 03 leftover demo fx45 fully loaded with 5K miles? original msrp was 53K
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Since some brand-new 2003 FX45's are being had for about $10K off, a demo with 5K miles would be significantly cheaper.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I would start them at about 40K and would not pay more than 42k for a demo. Ask terry in real world trade in as with 5k n miles it is really a used car.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Here's the link:

    Real-World Trade-In Values

    Steve, Host
  • wow.... that guy oughta be getting a consulting fee. Good forum..never been on it before.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Tidester sends Terry a case of virtual Krispy Kremes every week.

    Steve, Host
  • Last December I worked a deal for '03 FX45 w/ Prem. for $39K. It was a good deal since Infiniti has some incentives at the time, but trade-in didn't work so i didn't buy.

    I am close to selling my car so the trade-in isn't an issue any more.

    The same dealer has some left now, but they claim there are no incentives for the '03 FX45's and can't get back to the 39K number.

    Anyone have the scoop on '03 incentives. I can't find anything after researching several car sites.
  • check out Grubbs Infiniti's site. I think they are in Houston but they do internet deals. I've read some posts here that indicate that they typically have lots of stock and better deals than most. 39K is the best deal I've heard of'll probably be hard pressed to match that even on an 03 45. Unfortunately, I paid top $ (54K) myself on a loaded 45Tech last June - there were no deals then.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Out of curiosity, I inquired about some leftover 2003 FX45s and it does seem that there are no incentives on it, currently. The dealership was only offering invoice on 2003 FX45s. What would be the point when one can get a 2004 model for not much more or the same price? The depreciation alone on a 2003 model would be at least a couple of thousand, if not more.

    I think Grubbs Infiniti was able to sell all of their leftovers via a $10K across-the-board discount.

    A contact at Grubbs did indicate that February is the last month that 2003 models can be leased out. By March, they can only be purchased. So, incentives may come up again next month?
  • I have been offered a price of $39,000 for a new 2004 FX 35 2 WD with Touring and Tech. Is this price reasonable or are there better deals out there. Thanks
  • Your price sounds pretty good.

    For what it's worth, I just got my FX35 2WD Touring, but no Tech for $35,500 + TTL. Since there is only one Infiniti dealer in Las Vegas, it wasn't so bad of a deal.
  • i am about to purchase a used and unadvertised 03 FX35 rwd with premium pkg and 16k miles for $30k (the price of an awd murano!). does this seem like a decent deal? or might i find an awd FX35 for this price if i wait? also how much will it cost and where is the best place to have XM installed so that it works on the display in the car rather than an add on?

    alternatively i can buy a never titled dealer demo 03 FX45 with 4k miles premium pkg and 20" chrome wheels for $39k. is it worth the extra 9k for awd and the v8?

    or should i look for a used $27k murano awd save another 3k just and forget the FX?
  • Unless you live in a dry climate, get the awd, adds to safety and performance of vehicle.
  • jgq1jgq1 Posts: 11
    I just got quote for an FX35 AWD Tech/Sport/Chrome for $41,940 (about 400 over invoice)
  • i live in san diego - i'd classify that as a dry climate. so is the rwd good enough?

    $41940 for an FX35 when you can get an 03 for FX45 for 39600 seems like a bad deal to me. in fact buying any FX new seems like a bad deal all around when you consider in a year your vehicle will be worth $10k less! sadly this is the nature of the car biz unless you buy a high demand low availability model like a mini cooper.
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