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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    I would try Riverside Infiniti. They've got a very good reputation for pricing and honesty.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I've done it three times without even meeting the dealer. Test drive in HI, locate on, and call the dealer. The whole deal can be done via e-mail, phone and FedEx.

    BTW: the guys at Infiniti of Hawaii are a really good bunch. While they can't help too much on price, they should be good to deal with for service. (Although I wouldn't advertise the fact that you bought your car on the mainland).

    Good luck!
  • Just got done with 2 hour session with the sales group. Yes, group. Man, they like to work you over. Here is the deal: FX 45 '03, premium MSRP $46,940 they will part with it for $3757 below invoice or $7950 off of MSRP. Liquid Copper color.

    Can I do any better?

    Take it or walk?

    PS I live in a one Infinity only town (Kansas City)
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I would take it the incentive is only 3k so they are going into holdback to move it.
  • I read the website, and very interested in the deal.
    so does anyone have any experience with quirk infiniti!
  • Yea, I tried it. I printed out the ad and took to local Infiniti dealer and had them call to make sure Quirk was really giving $10K off a 03 45. They are. My local dealer about fainted. The GM called a second time to make sure it wasn’t a demo or some special promotion. It is a legit $10K off. No Demo.

    The local guys hemmed and hawed and then called Infinitiusa directly to find out how the Quirk is doing it. I was not around for that call so I have no clue if the story I was fed was bull or not. They said that because Quirk is a new Infiniti dealer they were allowed to buy some "03 ground" cars that remained unallocated. Because of that, they got them discounted from Infiniti.

    My local dealer said if I wanted the $10k off deal I would have to go to Quirk. I said OK and started to leave. They then came running after me and said they could get real close and that they wanted me to just see the numbers. They worked some numbers up that gave me 8K off sticker and about 800 more for my trade than it was worth. I took the deal since they had to go into hold back money to make it. I could of been a hard A$$ and walked, but I live in a one Infiniti town and I will need them for service.

    Just to make myself feel better I gave a copy of the ad to another customer who looking for an FX too. I bet the Infiniti GM had a bad day. I feel for him...not.
  • Thanx for the detail!
    I will ask my local dealer if they can give me a better deal.
  • I live in northern NJ and I have been looking to purchase an FX 45 with the tech pkg. I have been waiting for the 04's to come out but about a month ago I figured that I if I was able to get a great deal on an 03 why not pick one of those up instead. I started contacting local dealers but none of them were willing to sell it for invoice (or less). They were willing to deal on cars with the premium pkg but I really want the navigation system so I didn't consider that option. One thing that pissed me off was that one of them claimed that they could sell it at invoice over the phone and then came up with some suspicious invoice price after I got to the dealership. I also noticed that their invoice prices (well ... what they claimed were their invoice prices) were different and they were all higher than my calculations from edmunds. Now that the 04's are in dealerships I'm wondering what experiences people are having at the dealerships, especially dealerships in my area. Has anyone picked up an 04 FX45 yet? Has anyone noticed whether dealers ready to move their inventory of 03 FX45 w/the tech pkgs below invoice?
  • Does anyone know where I can get a fully loaded 04 FX35 at $800 over invoice?

  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    I am also in Northern NJ and am planning to get the 04 FX45 with Tech. I was also thinking about getting the 03 model since they seemed to be nicely discounted - can you tell me which dealerships you've contacted so far?
  • I bought mine about a month ago and got delivery today. I paid $43,500 for FX 35 AWD, tech package, sports package, and DVD entertainment package. from Ray catena Edison NJ.

    I actually dealt with 6 infiniti dealers. Douglass infiniti in NJ, Kings in Brooklyn, Two dealers in LI and one in SI. Best price I got was from Ray catena.
  • Howdy!!!

    I was able to get a 2003 FX35 RWD with Premium package, roof rails, sunroof deflector, and window tinting for $37800 drive out price. Included is a 2 year or 24000 mile service agreement where they will do oil changes, tire rotations, wash the car, and 15000 mile service. This was done in Clear Lake. North Houston was a bad deal and plain insulting (the car salesman told me that I should be looking for less of a car since he would not go below $38500. I should drive by and show him the paperwork with the only thing missing his name on the commission.)
  • Unless I'm missing something I think you overpaid.
    I paid $35,200 for the same vehicle less window tint?, sunroof deflector, and service agreement.
    Service agreement may be worth $1000 and window tint is minimal. With 04's out now you should have been able to get this deal around $36k.
  • bzboybzboy Posts: 10

    What a coincidence...I had the same kind of displeasure when I went to North Infiniti. I was told to look for a car like toyota since I was trying to negotiate with the sale rep. I even wrote to Infiniti about my experience. Congratulations on your new vehicle.....enjoy.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I live in houston too. The dealers here collude on price to keep them high. I went to dallas and bought from grubbs and saved K's of dollars. Service costs are minimal I have been following the severe schedule and going to SW infiniti (also owns clear lake) and only have paid $143 total and I have 12k miles on my FX. Enjoy your FX but I don't think I will ever buy an infiniti from anywhere but grubbs while I'm in texas.
  • Where did you get that out the door deal of $35,200!

    Do you know if they will ship to California?

  • Tedcruiser,

    I included TT&L in my price. Do you think I still overpaid? I would be curious where you think I could have gotten it for $36K DRIVE OUT price. I checked with Crest Infiniti in Dallas and they would have given me the same vehicle for $37550 without the 2 yr/24000 mile service agreement. So I only paid an additional $250 for the agreement.

    Regardless, I think that I got a pretty good deal considering the TMV on edmunds and it is really a nice car.

    PS - Does anybody get ridicule for the shape of the car? I think I have some jealous friends because they are calling it a station wagon (One drive a Seqoia (METRO anyone) and one drives a minivan (I don't believe they should be saying anything.)
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087

    Did not know your price included TTL if so you did do very very well.


    I would go with grubbs all the way. I drove from Houston to buy from them and couldn't be happier.
  • I'm in the Columbus OH area. I took an add from a dealer around Boston to my local dealer, who wouldn't match the other dealer's advertised price. In fact, they told me that the ad price was below what they paid. The ad price was $35999 for an AWD 35 with Touring pkg. The best they could do at the local dealers (Columbus and Cincinnati)was $37k. I've even called the Mass. dealer to confirm they had these in-stock. Is it worth a trip to Boston to save $1k ?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Try the "North End" for some of the best authentic Italian around. Check out the Freedom Trail, Old Ironsides, and Faneil Hall (sp?). Lots of people travel to Europe to pick up their BMWs, why not Boston for an Infiniti?
  • mwitt3mwitt3 Posts: 15
    I'm shopping for an FX 04/35 and wondering when I could get the best price. I felt after the holidays in Jan. would be good as the demand would be less but I recall one sales manager who said the pressure was on from infiniti to make sales so I'm wondering if before year-end would be the best time to bargain with them?
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Posts: 97
    I would say that when you account for current rates and the fact that a lot of people either made new car purchases last year or are waiting for the economy to turn around, now is a great time to buy.

    Make an offer and if they don't take it just walk out and return again next month. I doubt they will let you leave without buying for a great price - no matter what day it is.
  • My apologies, I didn't realize this included TTL. Your deal was just fine then. I bought mine in early October before 04's were out and paid 35,200 w/premium,splash guards and cargo mat before TTL. Mine was FX35, RWD. Not a great deal but good enough.
  • Sorry for the delay. I contacted these dealers:
    1. Park Ave Infiniti in Englewood NJ - Closest to my house but full of all the wrong information. In fact they called me last week to inform me that Infiniti had just told them that 2004's would not be out until next year. I checked their inventory and they had one in stock (go figure).
    2. Ramsey Infinity, Ramsey NJ - They give you high prices and say "That's a very aggressive price!", I just smiled and walked.
    3. Lynnes Infiniti, Bloomfield NJ - Offered me $1000 over invoice but never could confirm invoice was.
    4. Kings Infiniti, Brooklyn NY - They seemed willing to deal but did not have the car in stock. I guess timing and location didn't work out.
    5. Pepe Infiniti, White Plains NY - I can't remember what my experience was with them, they probably were not very competitive. There are 3 other dealers that also fall into this category: Atlantic Infiniti, Lynbrook NY; Douglas Infiniti, Summit NJ; and Infiniti of Massapequa.
    6. Ray Catena Infiniti, Edison NJ - I had the best rapport here and ended up buying from here. One thing that they said that raised my suspicions is that Edmunds invoice prices don't factor in some advertising costs passed onto them by infiniti. They claim that the advertising adds another ~$600. Does anyone have any independent information that can either confirm or refutes this claim.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    What he told you is correct. The ad fee is there on every infiniti and varies by region. Check invoice for your zip and the invoice there should match the dealer.
  • When I bought my FX45 back in April, I had a deal all worked out with one of the two dealers in our area, but at the last second the internet manager brought up the "advertising fee." This was after several very specific discussions which included not only the color and options but all of the fees and taxes, i.e. we had the total price agreed to on a cash deal. I thought he was being dishonest and so I gave the other dealer in town the opportunity to win the sale. He not only agreed to waive the advertising fee but beat the other dealer's price by about $500 as well, so my decision to walk ended up saving me more than $1,000.

    I don't mind paying the dealer a reasonable amount of profit but it really bugs me when someone trys to take advantage after you thought you had the deal negotiated!
  • Guys, today I tried to get a 04 FX45 with permium package, black outside, brick/black inside, I know the exact car I want and for Invoice it's about $43K, and I got offer from local dealer for $44.6K. They dont have the car yet but they said they can check the incoming and if not, they can order one.

    My calculation is that, the dealer going to get 1% hold back and if I offer $1000 over invoice, they can make 3-4% over invoice for this car. But they cant work with $44k

    So, I choose to wait.

    I am a newbie here and dont have lot of chance to buy new car. Any thoughts suggestions? highly appreciated! Thanks.
  • I live in the SF Bay Area and got mine Blck, Brick/Blk, loaded for invoice plus 3% - and that was after a lot of research and various internet offers. I believe that's about the best you can do, and would be a fair price. Hope this helps. Let us know what happens.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I know what you mean about the cargo space. The thing is, how often do you really pile it up in the cargo area? I got a Thule Evolution 1600 and cargo space has not been an issue for weekend getaways.

    See for a picture. (I purposely did not attach it to the post as the pic is a bit big).
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