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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is $48,000 out the door a good price for a 2003 FX 45 with the Premium Package, chrome wheels and a $2000 DVD add-in (not the Tech Package)? I just started looking and was really looking for a 2004, but the $48,000 seems to be a good price. This is in SoCal.

    Does anyone know the differences between the '03 and '04 models? The dealer said only the colors.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Taken from 2004 Infiniti Lineup - Charting the Changes [Sep. 02, 03]

    Enhancements to the 2004 FX45/FX35 include:
    ·Refinements added to the suspension for improved ride comfort
    ·New 8-way power passenger seat (replaces previous 4-way design), new inside door handle lamp
    ·Available aluminum roof rails and 20-inch chrome-plated wheels
    ·New dark silver metallic finish added to 20-inch wheels (for non-chrome wheels)
    ·Snow-Mode function added (shifts throttle input algorithm in low-speed slippery road conditions once activated by driver for enhanced traction)
    ·Standard HVAC air filter on all models
    ·Engine will meet LEV2 standard for emission control (beginning with October production – FX35 only)
    ·New optional equipment package content availability

    For me, the most important added feature is the 8-way power passenger seat. The Snow-Mode function might be beneficial to folks up north.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    That price is way high. Plain '03 FX45 Premuims are going of about 40k or less (they have a 3k incentive on them). Add 1200 and 1000 for the wheels and DVD player I wouldn't pay more than 42,200 for the vehicle you listed. 48k should get you an '04 FX45 Tech with all the toys.
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196

    Thanks so much for the info on the cargo carrier. We just took our two kids on a four hour trip for Thanksgiving in my wife's Honda Accord, so I think an FX with the Thule Evolution should be plenty to cover us for just about everything. Great tip!

    As for those changes for 2004, does the change in the engine to meet the LEV2 standards only apply to ones sold in California? The EPA's site has the 2004 FX35 with a rating of "4" on their "Green Vehicle Guide"
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    No problem...BTW, I used the Infiniti factory crossbars to mount the cargo box. I'm sure Thule crossbars would work too, if that would be your preference. I went with the factory crossbars for aesthetics, i.e. it flows nicely with the shape of the vehicle.

    As for those changes for 2004, does the change in the engine to meet the LEV2 standards only apply to ones sold in California? The EPA's site has the 2004 FX35 with a rating of "4" on their "Green Vehicle Guide"

    I believe that the LEV2 standards apply to all 2004 Infiniti FX35s, not just the ones sold in CA. But, it might be a great idea to check with Infiniti.

    It could be possible that the EPA just carried over the ratings from the 2003 model into the 2004 ratings, i.e. it was also a '4' for the 2003 models. I can't imagine the change to making the engine at LEV2 standards not making a difference in the rating. But, I could be wrong. :)
  • I am condsidering 04 FX35 - For Houston owners buying out of town - what has been service experience in Houston with car not bought from local dealer? Still getting loaner cars?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I live in Sugar Land and bought my FX in dallas. I go to Southwest Infinti for service and for the most part I have been pretty pleased. I have gotten a free loaner for every service no question asked. They have washed and vacumed my car with every service including the 30 minutes I was there for the Airbag Reprogramming. If there sales staff could even come close to what Grubbs usually offers for there cars for I would have bought there. Only suggestion would be to take the Grubbs license plate frame off when you go in :). My service advisor there is Sophia she is not extremely timely with following up but she does make sure every problem is addressed and that I am taken care of. I can't really comment on westside, clear lake or North houston though.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A tv reporter is looking to interview a recent carbuyer who had to sign an arbitration contract at the dealership. Please respond to [email protected] or [email protected] by 12/12/03 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.
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  • bzboybzboy Posts: 10
    I bought my FX35 from Dallas and I live in Sugar Land. I checked with all four dealers in Houston and none was able to match Infiniti dealer's price in Dallas. North Houston was the worst by the way. Since I bought my vehicle 1 week ago, I will not be able to comment on the service part. However I am positive that SW Infiniti will do a great job since they are the most professional from the bunch.
  • Your price of 48K is good. I found my color and I will pick my FX45 up next week 48.3K. If you could wait tell the end of the year 47.8K is possible.
  • Anyone have pricing for an 03 or 04 FX35 in the NoVa area????
  • Finally picked-up my 2004 diamond grafite/grafite FX35 with sports package (happened to be hard to come across at most of the dealerships?!). Got my deal through Didn't want the 2003 (as we all know, you do NOT buy a car the 1st year it comes out). I believe I got the best deal possible, tacking that there are no rebates or promos available on this car. IT JUST TO HOT! I always lease my cars. This one is 39 months with $2,588 out of pocket at signing and $479 a month (sale price $36,637 with money factor of 0.00215, if any one cares). The closest offer I had was about $82 more a month. Let me now if I can give any leads. LOVE MY FX! 20's RULE.
  • crfabcrfab Posts: 7
    Can someone help me ... what is a good deal to lease an 2003 FX45, Premium Package, Black and Brick/Black interior and where should I go to lease it? I live in Santa Monica but am willing to drive anywhere to get a great deal. Would like to put $2000, no SD, and I have great credit. Any help would greatly be appreciated?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I have heard good things about Riverside Infiniti. Deal with the internet department and you should do well.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Have you spoken to Advantage in Santa Monica. I've heard they do pretty good deals. Failing that try Riverside.
  • fxfanfxfan Posts: 30
    Post 150 was deleted I think because I gave you a link that listed a person to contact! Anyway, if you will give me your email, I will email you the info; it was also regarding Riverside Infiniti :) I have a contact person for you that will give you the best deal.
  • Got ours at $5K off MSRP, don't know if that was a great deal but we are loving this car, lots of lookers at this color combination too. Great handling in the hills, takes corners like our 1976 911S. Just the 2 of us and plenty of room.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Have spent some time in my new FX35 now, (1050 miles/2004).

    I have Tech, which includes Touring but not the Sport pkg.

    I like the 18 inch wheels, it takes the edge off the firm ride. I experienced the full impact of the 20’s when I took one home for a weekend and thought them a bit too stiff.

    I may eventually get 20’s in the aftermarket for summer driving but for now the 18s are fine.

    Also got the cargo thing, splash guards and cross rails for the top, (turned out to be free since the dealer did not know they were on the car). The car is copper/brick.

    Nav is good. Easy to use, (though it might be nice to have an easier method to record “current location” without having to work through three menus). I really like the birdview. The sound system is just fine, CD’s come through clear and crisp and the subwoofer reverberates in your chest. I got a years worth of Sirus and so far am not disappointed in quality or quantity of station choices.

    The vehicle is quick. It’s not an asphalt burner but it will squirt when you need to move into a hole or bolt from a light. I am impressed by the torque. The trick is to shift to manual and downshift to get the revs in the 3000 to 4000 range, then when you punch it, it jumps.

    Mileage is so-so but probably good as compared to other SUV’s. I get 17 in town reliably buy only 20 on the road. That drops of course, if you are constantly pushing the machine.

    Seats are really comfortable.

    Planning an oil and filter change this week. I highly recommend the first change at 1000 miles. You would be surprised at the amount of metal that comes out of a new motor. Ask the dealer to save the filer for you and look at it closely. Then I’ll go to a 3500/4000 mile change interval. Not decided yet if I’ll use synthetic or not. I may not opt to go with expensive synthetic oil this time, especially since Infinity wants me to change oil every 3500 miles.

    My car had 300 miles on it when I got it. 130 were from the trip down from the dealer that had the car. The other 170 were test drives I assume. I wasn’t happy about that but took the car anyway. Other opinions? How many miles did your vehicle have at delivery?

    So the cons:

    Very little sub floor, (rear compartment), storage. With the spare inside, there is little hidden storage for all the little junky stuff I seem to think critical to motoring.

    Seat heater, (drivers side anyway), seems to be erratic. It’s hot, it’s not, it’s just warm, it’s barely warm enough…..performance is not consistent. Dealer will take a look….maybe it’s the thermostat but I suspect it’s just the nature of the system.

    The intelligent cruise system laser is easily confused when the cover plate gets dirty or wet. Works just fine otherwise but in this kind of weather I’ll have to bend down and wipe it off regularly. By the way, this little gadget is really interesting. I set it in traffic, gritted my teeth and held on to see what would happen when traffic come to a complete stop. Amazing. It slowed as traffic ahead slowed and then when traffic stopped, it brought the vehicle to almost a complete stop. Kind of spooky, feeling the car brake significantly while you have your foot off the brake pedal. (grin)

    Still wish it had auto lock at 7 miles an hour and auto dimming side mirrors.

    One last complaint. I like to wash my own vehicles. I heat up the garage, use hot water and wash my cars all winter long. However, this thing is just too big. It took me a couple of hours, maybe three, to wash and dry the FX 35. I just don’t have the time for that. I may take advantage of the dealers offer to hand wash the car anytime I drop in. In this case, I’ll have to drop in more often.

  • Just quoted $1000 over invoice for 04' FX35. Dealer is in So. Cal. Cars direct is currently offering $750 over invoice. Is $500 what I should expect.

  • Guys,

    I posted message #137 and finally I got a deal for $44K on 12/4th, for a 04 FX45 with premium package. The dealer ship is Rosenthal, in DC metro area. They told me the car will be here on 12/19th.

    And, so far, I am still waiting ...

    The story they try to sale to me is that on 19th, the ship just arrived in NJ port because of the bad weather. And we should have the car 22nd, no later than 12/23. Then today, 12/22, they called my wife and said that they made a mistake that the car we've been waiting for so long turns out to be a 04 FX35 with tech package. The only thing maching to my requirement is the color... And now they are searching "the whole east coast" for a car matches to my requirements. I just don't understand how a dealership can make mistake like this! Isn't the year and model the first thing they check other than the color? Maybe if they told me the car on the ship was 04 FX45 with tech package, I would've believed them.

    Well, I am really "touched" :-). And I strongly believe, I will NOT get my car, any time soon. I just don't have faith in them.

    Hopefully they can prove I am wrong, but till that happens, I will NOT recommend this dealership for anyone I know.

    I will keep you guys posted for what happened next. I dont know if reporters are still around this board. I think my story could be an interesting one. ( I can be reached through [email protected] )
  • I am also looking at FX35 with tech, but not sport. Same concern over 20's. Where did you buy and what did you pay?
  • I have an internet offer for an 04 FX35 Touring+ Technology for 41275 (+TTL) - this is $2520 below MSRP and $1950 above Edmunds invoice. Is this a decent price?
  • You can do better than that. Three weeks ago I bought my 04 FX35 RWD (touring, tech, sport) w/ chrome wheels, cargo liner, mud flaps, wind deflector for $41,200. That's $650 over dealer's invoice ($1050 over Edmunds invoice because Edmunds doesn't include the $400 advertising fee in its invoice price).
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    We must think alike and I assure you the 18s do make a difference. You still get a crisp ride but it won't beat you to death on a rough road.

    Here's what I got; at the time, a decent deal but I think others may have done a bit better.

    2004 AWD FX35 with Tech and Touring, (no sport) cargo area protector, Siris sat radio, splash guards, roof cross rails, (didn't pay for these, didn't want them but dealer threw them in), Copper color with Brick and Black leather. $41,120 plus tax and lic. Central Ohio (Columbus)

    Good luck. I don't regret my buy for a second, the car does not dissappoint.

  • Based on numbers from Edmunds,, etc. I paid $500 over invoice (whose numbers matched up with those on the dealer's sheet) for my '0345Tech and did not have to pay the $400 Advertising fee, at least as far as I could see. Is that part of the $560(?) destination fee, or did I just manage to deal out of paying it?
  • Roll, did you go thru the internet sales rep?
  • I was just offered $1,200 over invoice for a 04' FX35. Is this a good deal? Cars direct offering $800 over invoice.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    No I didn't use the internet for negotiating. I negotiated the price with a saleman at the dealership. I had questions about the vehicle and wanted to take a demo home for a day or two and so needed the personal contact. I wouldn't hesitate to negotiate over the net though, if I was positive about just what I wanted.
  • I just purchased my 04 FX35 w/ Touring Package from Austin Infiniti for $500 over invoice. Great buying experience. Had it three days - love driving it.
  • Has anyone worked out a decent lease in the Houston aera like < $500 ........reference msg# 148 in NJ. Infiniti North wants $596.....are they crazy!
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