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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • skb123skb123 Posts: 13
    Jon, Congrats on your purchase of FX 35. Would mind sharing the original MSRP and the exact sale price before taxes? thanks
  • I have quite a bit of experience with the dealers in the Philly area. First of all, Inf. of Ardmore and Inf. of W. Chester are really two branches of the same dealership. They share stock, ownership, etc. Oddly enough, they will occasionally 'compete' with each other in the sense that they will direct business to the branch that needs the numbers that month. Since they pretty much control the market here, they compete more on service than price. Both of them have decent sales people, but they will bargain VERY hard on price and are you must not be afraid to walk away from deals. You can get a decent deal from them, especially if it is a hi-margin vehicle or you finance through them, but be prepared to work hard. I was willing to pay a small premium for the convenience, but if you are making a trip, use the dealers in central and north Jersey. Search this board for specific names and places.
  • sure,
       my down payment was about $1,300. first month payment of $512, plus the security deposit of $550, plus a $99 documatation fee.

    remember, I rolled the tax into the monthly payments to lower my down payment.
  • Rosenthal infiniti in Tyson's Corner, VA was very courteous and friendly. Only problem is their best offer was $500 under invoice- and that was after fairly persistant negotiation.

    They did tell me that you cannot use the $1500 with a lease, but I don't really believe that.

    Good luck with your search, this is a fantastic vehicle. Too bad the dealers are terrible, I wonder sometimes how they look themselves in the mirror every day.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    41k for 05 Fx 35 w/Touring and Technology package. Black with Brick interior? This is in the Orlando Florida area. Any thoughts?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Is tax included in that 41K price?
  • 2005 FX35 with every option, except tow hitch, is gonna run me approx. $800.00 over invoice. Got them to commit. Trade in on 2004 p/t cruiser turbo was $10,000.00 Selling on my own. This is an all cash deal. Shop around. Go to find dealers with-in 100 miles. Do your homework. 3 weeks ago the 05' just came out. Now dealers have huge inventory. It's all supply and demand.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    The vechicle is $ 42,880 that breaks down $ 34,750 base, Tech package $ 4,200, touring $ 2,900, cargo protector $ 70, Roof Rail Crossbars (black) $ 240, and Splash Guards at $ 130.

    I am thinking about using a broker service like USAA. Of course the salesman immediately said I would pay more than is 41k offer.
  • Terrible Price.........That is list Price....I am paying approx $800.00 over invoice. My deal is ALL cash. If you finance thru them they can give you a much better deal but they will raise interst rates. My price is from Atlantic Infiniti in Lynbrook N.Y. They are part of the Atlantic Millennium Auto Group which I beleive also have 2 out-lets in Fla.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    How do you get the invoice price? They have to show it to you right?
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    I meant they put an offer of 41k for the vehicle. Not sure what their invoice price is on it. I guess I have to ask.
  • I worked with one dealer in PA - Willow Grove. I thought they were great. When I was looking for an '04, they still had the $1500 incentive to the dealer in effect (I think it still is, but not sure). If it is then 1500 under invoice should be a no-brainer. They easily offered me that. Then I said that I was able to get $2000 off at another dealer (which was true). They said they could not go that low. Maybe 1700-1800, but not 2000. You just have to do your homework before you walk in and have some quotes from other dealers handy. Most dealers will make you pretty good offers on the phone of over the internet - you just have to work them - let them know what you are looking for. I decided to wait for an '05. Willow Grove is still in the running for me if they get in exactly what I am looking for before my local dealer does.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Any reason not to go for the 04 FX 35 2WD over the 05 given that they have incentives out there?
  • I actually like some of the changes on the 05. Plus, if you get an 04 for even $4000 less than an 05, I think you only break even. So for break even, I'd like to have the latest and greatest. If you look at 2 comparable cars with the same mileage - only difference being 1 year older, there is about $3000-$5000 difference in resale. It is usually closer to 5,000 on the upper end cars. So 4000 difference in price is breakeven to me. I also trade cars often. I think if you keep cars for a long time, you are probably better to get the older model. All the financial mags say that and that if you trade often, go for the newer model.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    Thanks for the advice. I didn't know there were significant changes in the O5. Do you think $1,500 off the MRSP is a good deal on an O5? I heard there is not a lot of discounting on the O5's.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    I just got an 05. I pad slightly under invoice. Dealers will work with you.
  • Wondering what ya'll think 'bout my deal. I probably could have got better, but my impatience got the best of me.
    2004 fx45 bought new, diamond/graphite/premium/tech/cargo/splash
    MSRP 52265.00,
    My deal: 36 month lease, MF .00103 (2.47%), adjusted cap cost 48127.00(300over invoice) + 550=48677.00
    Monthly payment before tax 605.37
    got them to "throw-in" XM radio.

    I know I have read about the "1500 under invoice" manufact to dealer discount. According to my dealer, this only applies to fx45's and only on purchase, not on leases. Supposedly, to offset that my money factor is pretty good.

    I actually looked at the 2005 fx35's, but because of the big money factor difference (.00103 vs.00235) my payments were almost the same despite an almost 4000 difference in the adjusted cap. also, dealer would only go to 2000 off msrp which ws still about 1700 above invoice.

    I see those of you who say you got 1500-2000 under invoice, but wondering whether these were lease and also whether the money factors were good.

    appreciate any input.

  • Here is a deal I recently negotiated:

    We were told that the 1500 under invoice only applied to purchase, also. But after the lease deal was worked out the final cost was ~$2000 under invoice. '04 FX45 (22 miles on the odo!), pre/tech/cargo/splash/rails, 48 months, $559 which includes tax, $1999 down which included Lojack. Haggled forever since I had the time, threatened to walk out once, and actually did walk out. :-) Dealer called back the next evening to agree to my terms.
  • nice work. That is a great deal. mind letting me know what your money factor and initial negotiated cap cost was. I pick up mine tomorrow, but haven't signed anything yet. Could use a little more ammo. may not work, but worth a try. the way i run your numbers, I am about a 100 bucks more/month than yours. ( i do have a 36 month which accounts for some of it) But your deal is sweet! I am little bitter cuz i am upside down on my 2003 G35. RWD G35 and snow dont go well together, so am taking a hit of around 2 grand. in my calculations and in my last post a didn't include this figure.
  • Thanks. Sure thing, let's see if I can remember all of the details w/o having to dig through paperwork:

    First off, the car did not include the following:
    - No satellite
    - No chromed wheels
    - No sunroof wind deflector
    - No "Mobile Entertainment System"

    MSRP/Sticker = ~$53k, Invoice = $48.3k, TMV = $49.2k. There is a $1500 below invoice incentive on all purchased 2004 FX45's through the end of November, but I had read numerous accounts on another board that dealers in "high competition areas" (such as SoCal) were discounting $2500 off invoice at the drop of a hat. This dealership was motivated to sell, I think; the lot was so jam-packed with 05's he couldn't get the FX I wanted out for a test-drive. (I had to test-drive another.) It wasn't until two hours later that they were able to get "mine" out so I could take it for a 'sanity spin' before pulling the trigger.

    Cap Cost was ~$46.2k. I bargained him downward by explaining to him why nobody in their right mind would pay invoice on a car that would be 1 year old in six weeks, and promising to finance through them. Downpayment was $1999 but ~$700 of that went towards "stuff" (title, registration, California 'tire tax', etc) so only $1300 went towards the lease. Final lease price was ~$44.9k. Residual was 50% (an exact $23k). Money factor equated to 2.1%.

    Ok, so here are the exact numbers from my monthly payment stub: Monthly payment on depreciation is $456.17, the monthly lease fee is $59.41, so the final monthly w/o tax is $515.18. Monthly tax/usage fee is $42.53 (Based on 8.25% tax rate). My total monthly bill is $558.11.

    Hope that helps. :-) For what it's worth, this was the last 04 they had on the lot aside from the "GM Demo" that was going for $2500 under invoice ("but we might be able to work something better out", said the dealer), but it had over 4,000 miles on it. ALSO (so we can make this a nice long post) I didn't notice that our lease terms are different, so you are making up for a decent percentage of the difference there.
  • i think you are a much better negotiator than I. They had lots of 04's on the lot and no 05 x45's. Anyway,your money factor is awesome on a 48 month lease. I tried to get the same money factor on a 48 and 36 month lease and was nixed. It went from .00103 to .00194. Anyway, congrats I may try to use your info today, although I am not optimistic. I spent 3 hours there last friday-walked and then another 3 hours on the phone yesterday. Best I could get was just a little below invoice (when you include the XM radio the "threw in".

    hope your friend enjoys the new ride.
  • How much under invoice if I may ask? Currently working on an 05' every option except tow and chrome wheels. Gonna run me approx. $500.00 over invoice. My only prob. is that they are giving me just $10,000.00 on a trade for an 04' P/T Cruiser LTD Turbo with 17,700 miles. This will be a cash deal on my end. Just listed P/T on Craigs list and E'Bay motors. How much leverage do I have going to dealer if I buy this vehicle out-right for cash...........Thanx
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    It was about $168 under invoice. I gave them my final price and they said no. I walked out. They came running after me. The deal went down there and then. Stand your ground . If they say no, find another dealer.
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    They want 1800 over invoice on FX 05-2WD. Seems a little high. I am at 200 over invoice on the 04 model. What does one do?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    You need to be at least $1500 UNDER invoice on the 04. Infiniti is providing dealers with a $1500 cash bonus on the 04s. Therefore $1500 under invoice should be your starting negotiating point. On the 05, pay no more than $500 over invoice. What part of the country are you in? Your dealer seems a bit stuborn. Are they the only dealer for miles?
  • bigtbigt Posts: 413
    This is the Orlando area. They are saying that right now no one in the Florida area is doing any discount on O5's. They also state that the Edmunds website is right on in terms of the invoice total. They have not shown that to me yet. So right now they are at 40,800 on a 42,880 MSRP, 38,977 Edmunds invoice but 42,880 what others are paying in the area. My buyer rep stated that any discount on an O5 in this area is a good deal. They have this stupid 399 docs fee that they cannot explain except as it is where their profit is paid out of. Give me a break! :)
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Sounds like they are feeding you a line. I still insist that i would not pay more than $500 over invoice on an 05 and at least $1500 under invoice on an 04.
  • "They have this stupid 399 docs fee that they cannot explain except as it is where their profit is paid out of."

    I might be thinking of something completely different, but didn't Infiniti add the 'docs' and 'regional marketing assessment' fees to the invoices of all 2004 model year cars? A dealer on another board was saying that too many sales were being lost because salespeople could not explain the extra fees, and customers were walking out. So Infiniti started to roll the fee cost into the invoice for each car, and raised invoices 1% across the board to compensate for the cost increase. I believe Nissan did the same thing the middle of 2003.

    One of the Nissan sites talks about this, I am thinking it is the site in the VPP section, but I haven't been there in a while.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    If the dealership you are going to is Orlando Infiniti, wait until the end of month and try again. You may get that 05 for the same price as 04 or the 04 for way, way less. That dealership is always closed on Sundays, but they are open one Sunday at end of every month. I asked my salesperson why only one Sunday of every month and he said it was because some quotas are not met and the eager beavers are the one who normally need the sale.

    If your salesperson calls you relentlessly, he's one of those who needs a sale. Negotiate everything during those many phone calls. Don't pay the $399 charge and walk away if they do not remove it. Have them put everything in writing and send eMail offer to you so that you can print it out and take with you. Do not set foot in the dealership until they do so.
  • hi all, i'v been researching a couple of months and in the local papers(live in ny) base infiniti fx35 '04 is 29,995 and i want to get tech,sport and touring, how much should i expect to pay? and how much should i be paying for an 05 with those options?
                 --thnx in advance
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