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2015 Camry low-fuel warning when tank is full

techman41973techman41973 Member Posts: 83
edited August 2015 in General
I'm renting a 2015 Camry from a major airport. A nice SE with leather.
36 hours into my rental period I noticed the fuel reading on empty with a yellow warning light and guage cluster message "low fuel". I was baffled, I was almost certain they gave me a full tank with the car.
Went to fuel up and indeed noticed the tank only took 1/2 gallon. Still, the low fuel warnings appear.
Did some research on the web and some people with this problem said just drive over some sharp bumps and it may dislodge a stick sensor. Didn't help.
While the natural thing to do is simple exchange the car (indeed it's a rental), it's a hastle for me to do so and I'm unlikely to get as nice of a car like the Camry SE which also gets good fuel economy (in the full sized class).
So just wondering if there is anything easy I can try to fix this issue (unlikely, but it doesn't hurt to ask) thanks.


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    techman41973techman41973 Member Posts: 83
    update. apparently with the car sitting overnight, the fuel guage is back to normal. Weird. Not sure what would cause this and why it would reverse after the car was off overnight.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Glad it resolved itself. I wouldn't attempt any repairs on a rental car, even simple repairs. They'd hold you responsible for anything they could pin on you. I don't see any reason you couldn't demand "same in class" as an exchange vehicle; otherwise, you have no choice but to write down your mileage on a sticky note I guess.
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