Mazda RX-8 Accessories and Modifications

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    I have placed my order for a black leather pack. Accessories include: rear spoiler, side deflector, front air dam, rear under delfector, fender strakes, rear rotary crest and aluminium feul lid. All up additional cost is $AU4,365 which is a quite a jump from the $AU67,865 drive away without any extras. I found that accessories price lists have varied significantly between dealers. The first dealer I spoke to wanted to charge me $AU2,000 more for the same items as above.

    I am interested to hear from others who have added accessories and are re-considering some decisions in hindsight, now that they have taken delivery of the car.
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    Besides the Navigation, here is a list of my accessories:

    Port installed: Appearance Package (air dam & aero flares), Rotary Accents, Rear Spoiler, Cargo Net.

    Added Accessories: Air Outlet Garnishes (Strakes), Exhaust Finishers, Aluminum Scuff Plates, Door Edge Guards, Inner Door Protectors, Cargo Tray, Car Cover.

    And... (whew!) Window tinting. 30%side/20%rear.

    If you check out the link to my pics, you can see all the accessories.
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    how much were the strakes, exhaust fnishers and scuff plates? thanks
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    Are you sitting down?

    The parts are overpriced, but there is only one source - Mazda. By the way, you can try to negotiate with your parts dealer (which I did) or you can find these up to 15-20% off through some of Mazda dealers online. PM me if you want to go the online route and install them yourself. I can provide you a Mazda dealer that sells at a discount online.

    And don't forget to add the cost, if you want the dealer to install them for you. Advantage - those parts are covered under the full 4 yr warranty if you get them installed with your car purchase.

    Here are the retail prices:
    Exhaust Finishers: $250 set
    Air Outlet Garnishes (Strakes): $250 set
    Scuff Plates (Door sill): $270 set

    Until a third party starts producing some comparable after-factory parts, if you want to play - you got to pay.
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    Trussville Mazda is the only place right now to get accessories. :) I got the MP3 player and vent trim from them with no hassles.
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    How easy/difficult to install the MP3 player by yourself?

    Can you post a few pictures?
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    Here is a link with pictures - with step by step instructions.

    I heard it's about 1.5 - 2 hour install. I had my dealer install it, since he gave me a discount on the purchase and install, plus it would be covered for the full 4 yr. warranty.
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    It looked too difficult for me to install.
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    Hi all before I get a RX-8 I would like to know if any of you have the DVD base NAV in your RX-8 and is it really worth getting? In other words is it worth the money in getting it? I understand you can't a play DVD in them right? It is the only option that I question. Thanks Max
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    This might be a dumb question... but I can't seem to find exactly what the aero/appearance package looks like. There aren't any examples at the lot where I had my test drive, no pictures online or in Mazda literature, and none on the road to see. All pictures seem to be of the base body. What exaclty does the aero pack look like, and is it really worth nearly $1k?
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    Some have had problems,others it seems to come more easily.

    To me, it really wasn't worth my time. I make good money, and to take 2 hours out of my time to install it, wasn't worth it. I also didn't want to risk scatching or damaging anything. The dealer charge me about $120 to install it, on top of the cost of the player. I felt it was worth it on the warranty standpoint too, since the normal warranty is only 1 year, but if you have the dealer install it as a new car option, it is covered under the bumper-to-bumper 4 yr warranty.

    Some people got the 6-cd changer as an option, installed at the factory. They paid $500. For me to get the player at $350 and labor at $120, I felt it was worth it since it was close to the same price, and didn't mind if the dealer installed it.
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    That's up to you to decide.

    If you feel you can navigate fine via a map, don't need the special things you can do with a GPS NAV, and don't want to pay $2000, then it wouldn't be worth it to you.

    Me, although I am pretty handy with a map, I found that the NAV offers so much more than a paper map. Gives me options of finding specific gas stations, hotels, resturants, etc, if we are traveling, and know exactly how far you got to go to reach them. Also if I'm ever in an unfamiliar city, enter the address, and you are routed there with no problem. Also I didn't mind paying $2000 for it.
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    No question is ever a dumb question. The Appearance Package consists of the front air dam and the a set of aero flares which are in front and back of the rear wheel wells. Check out my pics on my website.

    I feel it is worth it. It gives the car a more agressive profile.
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    Anyone Know if the Rx-8 really has 9 speakers.IF so where?,sorry just need to know where everythings at.
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    The Navigation never really made sense to me in any car...unless you go on a lot of road trips or in sales. Otherwise, you usually don't drive your car out of your area. With the RX-8, you probably don't want to put a lot of miles on it either. If you go on a road trip, just get a Hertz rent-a-car that comes with the navigation system for about $30 more. You get the advantages without putting miles on your own RX-8 while saving $2000.00 in the first place. I've heard that the version in the RX-8 doesn't even allow you to program where you are at...but I don't know if that's true. Anyway, I couldn't rationalize nor advise anyone to get a navigation system other than the cool factor (which really only you would notice).
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    I am aware that the Default Navigation System cannot play DVD Movies because it only reads movies in the SDAL Format. But I was told that there is a Firmware Crack somewhere on the internet that will allow you to update the Bios of the DVD Reader and it will allow it to recognized DVD MOVIE Formats, etc. Has anyone had any luck with this???? I would love to watch a DVD on my 7" screen!
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    People keep asking about 9 speakers. 2 of the speakers on are in the trunk in the upper part where your spare tire would hang from. You can see them & the Power Amp if you lean over inside the trunk and look up at the roof.
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    Hi All,

    I am considering buying the spare tire kit for my RX-8. But, I am worried that the tire will take up too much space in the trunk. Has anyone else purchased the spare tire kit? Can you tell me if there is enough room in thee trunk or do you regret getting the kit????? Thanks.
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    Hello, I own a Mazda Rx-8 that came stock with the amber turn signals. HOwever, online I have seen owners with white/clear turn signals which in my opinion looks alot better. Does anyone know where I can get these clear/white turn signals?
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    Clear corners are available at
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    Just took delivery of my RX 8 and I love it already. Got the Nav system but have found that the user manual is very weak. It just doesn't seem to address the basic things I want it too. For example when looking at restaurants I get many that are over 200 mi away. Does anyone know if this can be restricted or more importantly is there a better user manual.
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    Thought I read (heard) somewhere that the nav system can be added as a dealer option. Can that be right or does it have to be ordered from the factory?
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    Has anyone added this to their RX8? Where did you have the rcvr mounted?
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    Has anyone out there tried any engine modifications to boost the RX-8 horsepower? A friend of mine said he had an RX-7 and adding a supercharger to increase air flow had dramatic results on the rotary with very little cost. He claimed a boost of 20HP. That would be an impressive add to 238 if true.
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    A lot of technology went into this car to make the rotary more reliable than the RX-7 rotary. I would be cautious before adding anything to it that might throw off the handling and suspension.
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    Update - added the clear side markers from and they look great! Easy install! Did it during halftime of the Packer Game Sunday!


    new pix are in section 3!

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    I put the clear corners on my Xmas wish list, but nobody got them for me! Now that I know that I did not receive them as a gift, I can go ahead and order them for myself. I also have a red car so it's good to see the difference. It's amazing how something seemingly so small can make such a huge difference!
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    A friend of mine just saw the clear ones today and said, "Wow! It makes such a difference. The car looks right now." She is also a lover of the RX's and was an owner of a gen3 RX7, so I value her opinion. If you ordered from , they were sent to me within 3 days! But please, wait a week before you drive your RX8 around South Florida. Give me sometime as the 'King Of The Side Markers'! :-)
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    cheeze- however, I can still drool over the idea of driving around southern FL with an RX-8! Whereabouts? I visited last year. We flew into West Palm Beach and then spent most of our time in Miami and Key West. We drove a rental car - I think it was a Olds Alero from National Car Rental - that was not the same as the RX-8.

    BTW have you ever considered getting an inexpensive 2nd/3rd car like a Miata to enjoy drop top driving in FL?
  • cheezeboycheezeboy Member Posts: 218
    dtran - I am in the Boca Raton / North Ft. Lauderdale area. Glad to hear you visited the ol' Sunshine state! It is a tourist-centric place. And as far as a drop top, well, I had a cloth top jeep-like automobile. Not a big fan of them. I like a solid roof over me! Call it a phobia or something! LOL!

    BTW, has anyone here purchased the "Aluminum Tone Power Window Switches" and if so, what was the install like? I kinda like those! Well, that and the "Interior Night Lights" many accessories - so few $'s......
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    You've have to be the happiest person I've seen on here. Is that what the Florida weather does to you?
  • cheezeboycheezeboy Member Posts: 218
    LOL!! have no idea, after 23 years of Wisconsin weather, how happy I am to be in Florida for the last 14!!....would you not be happy also if on Christmas day you were on a beach, with sand, and surf, and bikinis, and pizza, and bikes, and did I mention bikinis? the whole "No State Tax" thing is kinda nice.....AND I can drive my RX8 all year long on snow-free roads!!

    was at the dealer today and they told me that they have a bunch of accessories, from the web site, in stock now!....lord help me - I am so weak! (but happy according to carliker) :-)
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    i chose not to get the spare for the same concern that you have. turned out that the car came with the spare no charge as it was only available with the other options i wanted. after my first ride i removed it and it is now sitting in my garage. trunk is small enough!!!
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    if you have them, can you tell me how easy they attach, and if they look as good as you planned. is the quality high, for the price paid? with a list price of $250, i see an online web site selling for under 200.00....
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    I'm probably going to buy one of these beauties in 1-2 months. I saw the showroom model here in Dallas, TX, and it had some alumninum fender strakes on it, and it looked VERY sharp. I'm going to add them to my car for sure. It adds to it like the Corvette door side panels - that extra bar added to the outside of the door - looks very good. He had them marked up to $412 including install. Whatever. He said he could sell me the part by itself for 240. Again, what the crap ever. I can get them from a dealer in Virginia for 186.88, and I only looked on the net for 10 minutes. The only thing (and this isn't a big deal) is that if they put them on WHEN YOU BUY THE CAR, then they are under the car's warranty, not the part's warranty. That just depends on what's important to you.

    He told me that to install them, they take off the grill panel, and if I'm not mistaken, he said there was something behind the grill already there that allowed them to be mounted easily. The part should come with instructions though if you do it yourself - or the part dept. should be able to help you. They are VERY sharp though - they add an extra 'zing' to the car, especially if it's a black or dark gray RX8 in my opinion. This part might be on eBay soon for even less, but I haven't seen them on there yet. This being a new car and all, it might be a little longer till that price goes down. But 186 was the lowest I could find, and it was at Rosenthal Mazda in Virginia. Good luck. My e-mail address is Bamadog AT bamadog DOT com.
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    The spare tire to me isn't worth the time or space. With the RX8 already coming with Runflat tires, it's worth having some extra space in the trunk. The spare tire even 'sticks out' in the trunk impeding the space I need to actually put stuff IN the trunk (it has some overhang & is mounted to the roof of the trunk in the middle of the speakers). It's rather gaudy if you ask me. Go with the runflats and put your money into a better accessory... can't wait to buy my RX8!
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    the rx-8 does not come with runflat tires
  • carlikercarliker Member Posts: 285
    One could only wish!
  • tidetexastidetexas Member Posts: 5
    Weird - cuz the Mazda dealer here in DFW said that they DO have runflat tires - I checked, and they have Goodyear runflats on them. Maybe that dealer put them on - I don't know... but they WERE runflats. It's definitely a good idea if you decide not to go with the space-taking spare.
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    I appreciate all the information I've learned form this board and the other Edmunds RX-8 boards. After seeing the cosmetic options available for the RX-8, and reading about the factory option packages from people who've bought them, I've decided to go in a different direction.

    I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and within the next couple of weeks will be buying or ordering a base 6-speed, Titanium and black cloth interior. The only option I'll get will be the factory cargo net! None of the factory options I've seen improve the car's performance -- I've grateful Mazda is not nickel-and-diming us for good wheels/tires/brakes like others do. When a reliable chip comes along that restores the car's original horsepower, that will be my only performance modification.

    As soon as I get the car I'll have all the badging removed. I don't want anything to distract from its complex contours and unique shape.

    I'll end up with a very clean-looking RX-8, with minimum weight and complexity. For sound I'll use my iPod and noise-cancelling Bose headphones, as I do now with my Miata (only on long trips). The car's sound system will be used for the radio only.

    I plan to keep my RX-8 for a long time. From personal experience I know Mazda's long-term durability is top-notch. And from viewing this car I know it will look as fresh a decade from now as it does today.

    When I've got the car I'll post some pics on my Web site so you-all can see a "minimalist" approach. In the meantime, thanks for all the info.
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  • flatpickflatpick Member Posts: 43
    How about some pics!!
  • kylerckylerc Member Posts: 17
    Can someone explain what this is? Other sites say it is cheaper then chrome or new.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Member Posts: 1,007
    John, consider the Mazda replacement MP3 CD player (the one for the 3 or 6 should work as well). You can buy it new online for a couple 100 or so, and possibly for less used! You won't have to carry around the iPod and all the associated paraphernalia! Not saying its a better option, just that it may be more convenient!
  • mysteriomysterio Member Posts: 5
    I was going to get the GPS but decided to just get a handheld one for about $800 from
  • sugarlandersugarlander Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a new RX-8 and have been debating between the two solutions myself: factory-installed GPS for $2000 or 3rd party navi for about $1000. I am leaning towards getting the navi factory option for three main reasons:

    1.) Better integratiion. The controls are conveniently located on the armrest for easier operation while the display is mounted high on the dash for maximum visibility and safety. No need to clutter the dash with the obligatory wires and mounting equipment.

    2.) Better accuracy. I am *ASSUMING* the nav system option includes not only the GPS receiver but also a speed monitor and gyroscope. Does anyone no this for sure?? I am under the impression that all factory-installed systems have speedometer/gyro for improved accuracy, even my 2002 BMW 325Ci with a slow-[non-permissible content removed] ghetto CD-ROM-based system had speedometer/gyro integrated...

    3.) More secure. With a removable GPS, you run into the situation where you have to "hide" your GPS whenever you park because its defintely a hot item for thiefs to steal. Thiefs are stupid, but they're experienced enough to know current factory-installed GPS and/or audio systems are useless once removed.

    That's my $.02.
  • rx8riderx8ride Member Posts: 5
    Can't figure this one out. I recently purchased a Mazda front mask for my 8 prior to a cross country trip. Installation went fine except for the wide tab that is supposed to slot into the top of the grill opening. Because of the design of the grill, the tab will not push all the way in between the bumper and grill and so the mask is not pulled down tight which allows air to work up underneath. Am I doing some thing wrong here or do I have to modify the grill in some way? I followed the instructions carefully (or so I thought) but am stumped. Anyone have similar problems with this installation? Could it be because in CA we have front plate mounting as well? I've of course removed the front plate before install but still have this problem. Help would be appreciated.
  • donaldsdonalds Member Posts: 28
    The tab should push in all the way, it is tight but mine is all the way in, the problem I have is around the headlights at high speed, it will lift and flap alot.
  • rx8riderx8ride Member Posts: 5
    The whole point of my post was that the middle tab will not slide in all the way (at least on mine it won't) due to the construction of the grill. I had the same problem you mention with air getting under the mask around the lights. That was because the tab would not insert fully into the grill. I'm taking mine to the local Mazda dealership in the next day or two to ask the question so I'll see what they say.
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    Since I got the RX8 (aprox 1 1/2 months) so far I have had this car in the shop a few times. 1)"M" flash since car was spending lots of gas 2)oil light coming on/off often and spending too much oil(aprox 4 quarts in 4,000 miles)they changed the oil pan since there's a change or recall on the oil pan(there's a bulletin according to the service dept when I talked to them 3)there's an issue with the intake and they're correcting it right now(I'm driving a rental for a couple of days)other than that this car is ossum. I had a 1989 Mazda RX7 that went up for sale a couple of weeks ago with my motorcycle and a 12a bridgeported, NOS ready engine ("0" miles since modified)race ready. Bridgeported by Papo Mazda Racing in Chicago, you can see them at Anyways, I wanted to warn you guys what you try on your rotary rocket. DO NOT USE A TURBONATOR from, it caused my car to bog down and faulted out my computer and had to reseted twice and that's why now is in the shop, carefull, them cars are too expensive to be playing with. I know what I'm doing with rotaries, but the RX8 is a new ball park.
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