Whistling noise when reversing

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I own a 2005 Sienna CE with about 100,100 miles. In the past couple of weeks, I noticed that when I go into reverse, the car makes a whistling noise. At first I thought it was when I press on the brakes but it appears to make the noise even when not braking. It does not do this all the time; only sometimes. It appears to do it more when reversing and going down a slope.

Any ideas? I tried googling this but couldn't find anything. Some people say the brakes which were all replaced a couple of months ago.

Not sure if it is related but the car also makes low chirping noise when driving about 40 miles per hour.



  • mkarias72mkarias72 Member Posts: 29
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    It's hard to diagnose noises we can't hear, REALLY hard. It's even hard when you're in the car listening for something underneath. Sometimes folks make videos and post 'em on YouTube and that gives us a better shot.

    Best thing I can suggest is to put it on the type of lift where the wheels can spin free, and then run through the gears while someone listens from underneath.
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    OK, Thanks.
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