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i got a 03 jetta gls 2.0 well i did my first service i got 5w30 i couldnt find 5w40 the factory had installed so i drained the oil then i noticed that the way the oil drain plug is positioned it allows oil to drain into the shield that surrounds the oil pan then slowly drips out when you least exspect it like in your driveway anybody got any solutions it would be greatly appreciated


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    Not sure I can help you. I usually get my oil changed done at the dealership. How many miles on your car?
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    hey,fish my car has 3500 miles on it but its six months so i decided to change it. the design of the oil drain plug is weird the oil pan has a shield around it and the oil drain plug doesn't extrude far enough for the oil to drain properly which allows some oil to seep into the shield area i guess next time i will stuff a rag under the plug so oil wont seep into the shield i posted this message to see if anyone has experienced the same issue thanks for the reply
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    I think that's called a run on sentence!!! So you change your own oil?
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    i got the car back in february and the service manual says 5000 miles or six months on oil changes so i changed it saturday i still got used oil dripping on the driveway from where the oil got into the oilpan shield
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    Hey! That's why I don't do that stuff anymore. One look under the hood made me decide that it was work best left for the professional vw technician. They've got the training, proper tools and diagnostic equipment, and day-to-day experience working on vws. Unless you're on an absolute tight budget, have the pros do it next time.
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    they all need to be wiped down and sprayed clean. they have budgeted a fifth of a can of brake cleaner and rags at my dealer's to get the oil slobber off front end components on explorers.
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    I have a VW Mechanic who has been servicing my Golf for over 10 years now and he recommends using a heavier weight oil (than the 5w series)
    due to the fact that the engines are designed to run on the hot side, and any light weight oil will quickly assume the viscosity (thickness) of water.

    Here are the guidelines that I use (based on my 20+ years of driving water-cooled VWs):

    Fall/Winter - if where you live has a cold winter, but the temperatures do not go below (a constant) 25 degrees F., use either 10w30 or 10w40. Below 25 degrees, use the 5w series oil.

    Spring/Summer - use 15w and above (i.e.: 15w40 or 20w50). If you use an oil any lighter than 15w, at best you will consume more oil - at worst, you will see a drop in oil pressure and the oil pressure indicator will come on (even if your oil level is full).

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards and happy motoring!
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    If you take your car to the dealer for service, make sure you ask them what type of oil (regular or synthetic) and what weight of oil (5w, 10w30, 10w40, 15w40, 20w50, etc.) they are using.
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    I quit changing my own oil years ago.

    It's just not worth the hassle and mess involved!
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    atleast when you do it yourself you know it was done correctly with the right materials.some of these guys working at oil change places do not care about doing their job and take out their frustrations out on your car.
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    I have a 02 Passat, with 16700 miles on it. I had the first synthetic oil change at 11500 miles, and used Mobil 1 5W40, per the book. Prior oil changes were blends. However, I am unable to find 5W40 now. Instead, the 0W40 is now being run as the "European Car" oil on the lable of the Mobil 1 0W40. I life in South Dakota. Is it OK to use this oil? Which other 5W40 synthetic oil can I use?
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    Check the the Mobil 1 0W40 meets any API or ACEA (the European version of API) specs required by your car. BTW and ACEA A3/B3 oil is a pretty good oil, FWIW.

    Other choices, run by your local truckstop or Wal*Mart and look for Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W40, again checking for any API or ACEA ratings mandated by your carmaker.

    Ditto for the Mobil "Commercial" synthetic 5W40 (Delvac, IIRC)


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    Please turn your caps lock OFF, balticjetta...it's too hard for people to read and it appears like you are "shouting".

    thank you

    Shifty the Host
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