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VW Microbus 2008



  • kaleidoskopkaleidoskop Member Posts: 1


    i just surfed on your site, while i was searchin for the vw microbus.
    the latest news i've got is, that the microbus will be built in hannover, germany in 2007. but maybe it's going to end into a pick-up....
  • snuchisnuchi Member Posts: 1
    I've been interested in weather the Microbus is coming or not. The net has very conflicting information, so I e-mailed VW of North America. Here was their reply (6-21-05):

    It has been determined that the Microbus will not be produced for the North
    American market. We regret any disappointment this may cause. Though
    Volkswagen is not producing Concept Microbus, we plan to continue to produce
    cars that embody the same spirit and emotional styling present in the design
    of this vehicle.

  • zafozafo Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Eurovan MV Weekender and have been drooling over the new Retro Microbus as a replacement. It's a shame it is not coming out. I had already given up on it, though, because of the estimated price. It would have been way above my price range. I just got a 2005 Honda Element instead. It reminds me of my old '75 VW Bus: simple and fun to drive. And at $20k, it has a price I can live with.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    Future Vehicles: 2008 Volkswagen Microbus

    Get retro with Volkswagen’s upcoming Microbus.


    VW Turns to Chrysler for Microbus

    Volkswagen has gone without a van for a couple of years, but the company's new leadership is talking to the Chrysler Group about reselling a version of that company's successful minivan. VW's product chief, and former COO of the Chrysler Group, Wolfgang Bernhard, confirmed at the recent Frankfurt auto show that Volkswagen is negotiating to get a version of the new Chrysler minivans due in 2008. The new van would be based on Chrysler components but would be restyled to more closely resemble the Microbus vans that captured the attention of hippies everywhere in the 1960s and beyond, man. The goal, VW's Bernhard says, is to have a minivan available in VW showrooms in two years.
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Member Posts: 64
    If they can get some modern tricks, like stow and go from Chrysler, and keep the old school hippy loving surfs up dude looks, it could be a funky cool mini-van... there is no Mini Van I'd rather own. If you knew me, you'd think that was not much praise, since I hate mini-vans with a passion. But I do love VW Microbuses... they were cool. :shades: It is hard to imagine a price tag under $30k.

    I'll get my Greatful Dead stickers ready for 2008.
  • randarmaxrandarmax Member Posts: 6
    Okay, life is fair after all. I was nearly crushed when I learned of the labor disputes and ignorant strategic thinking in Germany about the microbus concept that led to it's killing. Sure you can ignore the North American market- but look what's already happened to VW now. Especially when you turn a Jetta and Passat into Nissan look-a-likes. Engineering without style is just another boring BMW. Nothing against BMW, just too many of them for my taste. When I have enough money to buy a new car, at least give me something cool. I don't think I'll mind if Chrysler builds it, just make it in the spirit of the concept and it will sell period. Maybe Chrysler parts will take better wear and tear, who knows.

    Way cool news Sylvia, way cool news. Keep us all updated please.

    I had been saving for the 2005 microbus- expecting it to be 30k plus, now I'll have more time to save for a camper option if it debuts. Can't wait for 08.
    Randar :P
  • randarmaxrandarmax Member Posts: 6
    Originally posted August 23, 2005

    The entire story...

    Volkswagen Gets Its Microbus? From Chrysler?

    Just because it looks like Volkswagen brand chief Wolfgang Bernhard won't be returning to DaimlerChrysler to run Mercedes-Benz under incoming chief executive Dieter Zetsche, that doesn't mean the two former close colleagues can't help each other out.

    When Bernhard took over the reins at Volkswagen, he was appalled to find the scant product development surrounding SUVs and a minivan, two natural segments for VW. The company had scrapped plans for a Microbus as it was shown at the Detroit auto show in 2001 because it was too expensive to build and would cost too much at retail given currency fluctuations and high labor costs in Europe. But Bernhard, who demonstrated at Chrysler how distinct vehicles could be built off the same platform (think 300C, Magnum, and Charger), will reportedly cut a deal with his old company to modify a Chrysler minivan into a VW van.

    The plan was first reported in German newspaper Handelsblatt, with details expected to follow at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The deal would be a boost to both companies as Chrysler could add perhaps 30,000 units of production to its minivan plant, while VW would get a much needed shot in its product lineup. Details will be interesting as neither company will want to rebadge a Chrysler minivan. It will have to be distinctly a Volkswagen, which means considerable interior and perhaps exterior refitting.

    Volkswagen sales are declining, off more than 33,000 units from last year despite the new Jetta, though sales are in part impacted by would-be Passat and Golf buyers awaiting the new models. Touareg sales are off by one-third. The Phaeton, a non-starter, is off by about half. New Beetle sales are down to 23,000 through seven months.

    Despite Bernhard's prowess in product development and design, a VW minivan built off a Chrysler has a high design bar to reach. VW executives have traditionally wanted a van that would price below $30,000, but one that was "uniquely a Volkswagen." Bernhard successfully developed the Crossfire off the Mercedes SLK, with no one griping that it was a knockoff or unworthy. The same, however, can't be said for GM's attempt to turn a Chevy TrailBlazer into the Saab 9-7X or the Subaru WRX into the Saab 9-2X.

    by: Jim Burt, Automobile Journalist, The CarConnection :):)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Looks like it's going to happen:
    Chrysler to build VW Minivans in St. Louis

    Not much there apart from a sorta, kinda confirmation.

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  • randarmaxrandarmax Member Posts: 6
    Overjoyed!!! Thank you Kirstie for keeping this forum alive with anticipation. Chrysler moving the Pacifica production to Canada seems to further confirm microbus production at the St. Louis south plant.

    Personally, I think the microbus and other concept designs will save VW in the long-term as long as they are not johnny-come-lately against the competition. Wolfgang Bernhard has his work cut out for him, but I'm happy he is pointing VW in the right direction by re-focusing on North America. Thank you Wolfgang. ;)

    Other links reporting Chrysler's commitment to a VW production.

    Detroit Free Press

    UPI report

    and here's an interesting read from Wards regarding VW's restructuring and outlook- North American section 3/4 down the article. Fixing VW
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Thanks for the additional links! However, it looks like DCX is moving production of the Pacifica to St. Louis, from Canada. So they'd just be expanding their minivan/wagon production.

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  • randarmaxrandarmax Member Posts: 6
    woops. Thanks Kirstie. My mis-read on the Canada/St. Louis switch of Pacific production.
  • jafojafo Member Posts: 1
    I have'nt read this entire forum, however, I'm excited that VW has decided to release the Microbus. Does anyone know the target price-point, and if they plan to manufacture the concept vehicle showcased in Detroit 2001?
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    that feature sounds good, but have you ever sat in that stow and go seat????the worst seats out there. also vw has to be vw unique to draw people to it, if the public sees this as just another chrysler model...with the quality to match it won't go.....as this developes it will be interesting which drive train...components, seating, interior will be furnished. if the underpinnings are chrysler but the working heart is vw well maybe maybe maybe. chrysler is losing market share to the honda and toyota FOR A REASON...quess what that is???? when they "totally" redesigned the T&C i went to look at it, what "redisign" they pulled a ford windstar trick same with a brushup....and those seats all of them stiff and poor back support. sooooo i'll await the microbus, my wife goes ga ga over the concept.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I wonder what Volkswagen will do to the Chrysler platform.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Member Posts: 271
    I'm hoping that Mercedes will fix the Chrysler platform, with the main problem being the transmission.

    VW Transporters come with rear seat beds, usually called Z beds and with camping interiors. It's the reason you buy one. I doubt most VW bus folks care if it has a stow and go or 99 zone air conditioning or other such uselessness.
  • harhirharhir Member Posts: 29
    VW has been reselling Daimler Chrysler vans for a while. When they dropped their old large LT van several years back they just went over to DC to sell the Sprinter as their new van
    Mercedes Sprinter:
    Volkswagen LT:
    So I imagine the new VW minivin will be just another rebaged Chrysler van.
    Especially since neither VW nor DC plan to introduce it to the European market.
  • quengaquenga Member Posts: 1
    I've been into VW's ever since I got my drivers license, it was VW bug (1968). I've purchased, fixed and sold over 15 different kinds of VW's in my life time and even today I own a German spec 1989 Caravelle (Vanagon). When I heard VW was coming out with a Retro VW Micro Bus. I thought that was going to be the cool est thing. But only if the designers stay true to the VW look. With the beetle it was the Shape that got my eye. I thought VW should use the european model called the Sharon for the base. And If you change the front to look like the split window front nose design. Add round headlights and taillights. And another thing Volkswagen made these cars to be simple, affordable, and able to be worked on by the owners. But these days with all the regulations, specification requirements. It's impossible. Speaking for the VW enthusiast be true to the look of the microbus and they will buy. I know I will.
    Raymond Quenga
    Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany :lemon:
  • djacq777djacq777 Member Posts: 1
    One of the best ways to try and get the Microbus into North American production is to continually get folks to let VW know we want one! Click to give them some "feedback" :)


    I have.... I grew up learning to drive VW, and am still driving one 34 years on... :)


  • rcc775rcc775 Member Posts: 2
    The thought of Chrysler producing a minivan for VW is pathetic and stupid. Someone at VW needs to read all of the horrible reviews that Chrysler minivans get on Edmunds.com and seriously rethink their strategies. The Eurovan was totally awesome and I would buy one today if they still sold them here. They were unique and fun, just like all of the VW vehicles. Unique and fun are not two words I associate with Chrysler vehicles.

    Sure, the new 2008 Chrysler van may be great but it's no VW and cannot have the same appeal. Chrysler is testing them out here in the desert in Nevada and I have seen one. They look a lot like a Kia or Hyundai van, very boxy and square.

    If Chrysler vehicles had the same appeal as a VW everyone who drives a Jetta would drive a Sebring.

    I hope someone from VW reads this. Bad, bad, bad idea all the way around. Make your own van and leave Chrysler to their own devices. :mad:
  • tonym4tonym4 Member Posts: 1
    I got fed up with waiting for the Microbus, so bought this.

  • skellenerskellener Member Posts: 2
    I really wish VW kept persuing the new Microbus. It's ashame they gave up. The new Space-Up! definitely has some cues from the Microbus. Even better is the fact that they brought back oblong roof windows from the old school Microbus.

    Have a look...

    I'd like to see the big cloth ragtop on this thing! ;) But since this is an electric concept, that big area on the roof is a solar panel, not a sunroof. The small oblong roof windows though - rock! Very retro and very cool. I still have hope that we'll see some sort of Microbus from VW. Hopefully we'll see something before I'm ready for my next vehicle.
  • skellenerskellener Member Posts: 2
    So we had this idea....

    It's still a great idea VW...build it!
  • wulffman1wulffman1 Member Posts: 16
    Just got back from a vacation in my native south africa which as many VW bus fans know is big on the beloved bus. After dreaming of owning a T3 since childhood, I owned one briefly in 2003 before moving to the US. There are still tons of the T3's running around which only went out of production in 2002 in SA. Since then the T5 was introduced as an import and they are everywhere in multiple configerations from panel van to luxury caravelle spec. Two of my friends have the modestly appointed transporter version with 2.5 Tdi 128kw (170hp) output. The performance is incredible for such a large vehicle and by personal account they are returning on average 23mpg under hard driving. I ran one up to 110mph with no sweat and a 19foot surf ski on the roof ! and it remained composed and sure footed. By comparison my uncles' Chrysler Voyager (T&C) with the mercedes 2.7 CRD engine was absolutely aweful in performance and road holding, not mention feeling only 2/3's the size. Why do can we not get a real VW van here?? I woud be first in line.
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