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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm trying to buy an '07 limited 4wd v6 in the southern california area (orange county) and have found this to be very difficult.

    Most dealers only have one on the lot of this model and if they do the options included are usually JBL 6 disc CD, leather seat package with heated seats, daytime running lights, moonroof, floor/cargo mats.

    One dealership, which has the car that also includes the tow package, has told me the msrp is $31,084 and is quoting me $29,000 including destination charge. Other places I checked have given me similar quotes w/o the tow pack.

    I'm not sure this is a good price but it seems that this car is in short supply around here.
  • Did anyone purchase that "Platinum" extended warranty? I had my mind set on not getting it, but the sales guy did a damn good job selling it to me... Should I give in and buy it? He dropped the price to about $1350
  • RAV4_Me,

    You did great buddy. Looks like the invoice for the vehicle with options you purchased is $23,209. The price most folks pay (TMV) is $24,663. So, your OTD purchase price of $24,475 means, with 6.5 sale tax of $1,493, you paid $22,980 for the car! This is almost $300 under invoice. That's better than the automalls. My OTD price was $25,500
    same car. I thought I got a great deal. I'm still happy with the RAV4. I am getting a free tint work and life time oil changes and loaner cars.
  • drx03drx03 Posts: 1
    Where in New England did you find this? I am looking for a similar, V6 RAV4 Limited with Leather, JBL and sunroof. This selection is priced above 30,000 MSRP on the Toyota website, and I have found no leather anywhere close to the Upstate NY area. Did you actualy buy one of these for 27,600? Thanks for the help....
  • rav4_merav4_me Posts: 12

    Thanks CJ, I'm sure my wife is going to be very happy driving it --for a long, long time. She actually looks a bit younger when she's behind the wheel ;)

    Toyotas will last over 200,000 miles so with your lifetime oil changes and free window tint you could potentially end up with the better deal!

    I'm sure Daytona Toyota is banking on people keeping their new cars for ~5 years (the average length of a car loan), after that they'll start wincing when they see you pull up.

    I bought an '02 Camry with the "Tires-For-Life" program and I'm already on my second set of treads --much better than the originals by the way! You just know I'm going to keep this car until I get another set of tires for free. It's what America is all about.


    The original email from the salesman accepting my internet bid was somehow filtered into my junkmail folder and sat there for a few days and was almost deleted!
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well the guy made a mistake or low balled you but you probably have little chance to get a Limited V6 with leather for $26k. They are very hard to find and if loaded that price is under invoice.
    Good luck.
  • rav4_merav4_me Posts: 12

    It's interesting to me that they dropped the price because the F&I guy that tried to sell me the same warranty told me that the price was fixed, "... this is a form of insurance and it's against the law to negotiate on insurance rates in the state of Florida."

    So I held off on the extended warranty because if I can't negotiate then I'm not happy. You can always buy one later from a lot of different sources and they don't even kick in until the factory warranties expire. Remember Toyota gives you 5-years/60,000 miles on the powertrain.

  • rav4_merav4_me Posts: 12

    Sounds like a lot of pricey options that you don't want or need... heated seats in Southern California? Does CA still have unique emission control standards? If so then that would tend to limit availability and interstate sharing among dealers.

    I cast a wide net when it comes to car buying. All Toyota dealerships have an internet department and you can use them to shop prices without ever leaving your home. Don't limit yourself to just local dealers. Contact twenty dealerships and make them compete for your business.

    I got a great deal over the internet by using OTD pricing. Basically what I did was to offer them a specific figure for the model and options I wanted and tell them that I will lock-in at this price. That this number is my "buy today" price and any counteroffer from them is just a bid that I will compare to their competition, lowest number wins!

    Always use an "out-the-door" price otherwise you won't be able to accurately compare deals. Remember that there are no standardized fees among dealerships and they all have a ton of fees after you've negotiated the final price on the vehicle. Many of these "fees" are just pure profit.

    In my experience OTD price shopping is the only way to go.

    When I lived in LA the airwaves were saturated with TV commercials from Cal Worthington, the dealer who said if he couldn't sell you a car he would "eat a bug."

  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 194
    I'm glad you are so ecstatic about your deal.
    Until your friend or some guy at work tells you that he paid $300 less, enjoy it.
    Remember dealers never loose.
  • Picked it up 10/19/06. Its very nice...Got the Flint Mica. It looks sharp as the color is close to a gun metal grey with metal flake in it, working nicely with the 18" 5-Spoke alloys. Also got leather, JBL, sunroof, window tint, interior lighting package and a couple of other goodies, one of which I did not order: the carpet mats. The vehicle was delivered with them. I told my rep I didn't want to pay $139 bucks for those carpet patches, thats why I didn't order tham and I told him to take them out. Instead he let me have them by increasing my trade in amount and lowering the price of the RAV to compensate.

    Sinc 10/19 I put 264 miles on it (is that alot over a four day period?) and so far no problems. No droning, no JBL issues and no wet spots under the dash. I still haven't been able to tell if these issues, other than the JBL issue, are isolated to the '06's. Theres one I thing happening thats got me watching closey...the movement of the needle on that fuel guage...
  • rav4_merav4_me Posts: 12

    Right you are on that, dealerships are like casinos --the house always wins!

    No doubt as the inventory of 2007's increases the prices will come down accordingly. Hopefully my experience can help someone else save money as well.

    Happy RAVin'
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    mixmanot....Isn't Longo Toyota in your neighborhood. I see from their website they have 101 RAV4s in their inventory, including a number of Limited 4WD, 6cyl vehicles. They seem to have the largest inventory of anyone in the country. I don't know anything about them or their pricing and, suprisingly, I haven't seen many folks discuss their buying experience with them. Maybe they are on other forums. I am in Oregon and would probably go to Californina rather than the East Coast to buy a RAV if the Cal. dealers were competetive with the East Coast people.
  • kalcikalci Posts: 4
    I got a quote of 21,350 + TTT for 2007 Rav4 4x2 V4. It is a very base model with no sun roof,6CD. Is this reasonable? :confuse:
  • rav4_merav4_me Posts: 12

    You really have to shop a price around to see if it's any good. For all you know the next dealer might undercut it by a few hundred bucks and throw in free window tint. Check out my previous posts on OTD pricing, it takes a lot of the math out of car buying.

    Good Luck!
  • :cry: Brian & others: I thought all the Ravs came with window tinting. Are you talking about the front & front seat windows? I thought in California the front windows are not allowed to be tinted, yet I see quite a few SUV'S with every window tinted. Does anyone know how they get away with it? My eye's can't take a lot of sun and it sure would help? I couldn't believe those goofballs over at Subaru that don't even have window tinting as an option. They lost my business & probaly thousands of others. When you have dogs, the other tinting won't do. It's funny when you like 2 cars equally,it always comes down to some little feature one car has over the other. The Rav4 has same type of problem-you pay $25000.00 & they have no side protection along the doors. End of rant. Thanks
  • I have the 2006 RAV and the front windows did not come factory tinted. The dealership I went to automatically adds the tint and the door guards. As far as CA tint, I know at one time no tint at all was allowed, though I think it's relaxed a bit no? I know you can't go as dark as other states. Here in Nevada you can go almost limo tint.
  • I understand TMV calculation, except for one small detail. Here in Central Florida, usually the Toyota dealers add around $695 for what I deem "fluff", i.e. paint guard, sealant, underbody coating, etc. This is posted on the window sticker and of course, included in the price. When Edmunds shows, for example, that the TMV of a RAV4 is about $1,000 under MSP, do they include or EXCLUDE such dealer additions. Please understand that I am NOT talking about destination fees which are pretty typical and non-negotiable. Thanks for any info. GJC
  • Got this vehicle(2007 rav4 4 cyl, 2 drive in Dallas, TX last month, and thought to share some information. is this a good deal.

    MSRP : 21900.00
    options : 2850.00
    (which includes
    1. Multipurpose Cargo Net With Support Poles
    2. Black Roof Rails And Crossbars
    3. Daytime Running Lights
    4. Vehicle Shield Package
    5. Molded Dash Applique
    6. Nightvision Mirror Upgrade.
    7. Permavin/Glass Etch And Limited Warranty
    8. Extra Mile Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
    9. The Extra Mile Option Package A

    after few visits and bargains I got the vehicle for 1500 less on MSRP.

    that makes my deal as 20400 + 2850 + 995(Auto care premium packg) = 24205 + TTl + ++
    ON road the vehicle cost is : 26067.00.

    pls comment on the deal..
  • I finally got my 2007 Rav4 Pacific blue v6 2w Limited with 3rd row ,JBL,Moon Roof,Tow Prep,Daytime running lights,Toya Guard Protect Package for 26400 The MSRP was 28860.Total OTD 29300...
    It drives Great lot of Power for this little Baby....
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    gjvfish....Edmunds obviously does not figure any dealer added "fluff" into their prices. Most dealers don't add "fluff" but some do. Edmunds has no way to produce prices for each dealer or even each region.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    rav_v4_2007.....$1500 below MSRP is a pretty good deal, expecially if you can get it from a nearby dealer. Some are finding deals for $2000+ below MSRP but I wouldn't complain to much with your deal. Just enjoy it and don't lose any sleep because a few have gotten better deals.
  • The "fluff" that you have referred to is the bogus and uselss $699 dealer option called "Toyoguard" that has been sold on Toyotas for decades. Consumer Reports say avoid it if you can. It's a waste of money. The RAV4s already have undercoating and paint sealant. The VIN etching kit can be purchased for $19.95 and some police stations will do it for free. You do get roadside assistance but go with AAA. The only way to avoid the "toyoguard" is to request a RAV4 without it. Many RAV4s in the SE region come without the "toyoguard." Most RAV4s on the lot have it and the dealer is hoping you buy fromthe lot. However you do have the option of requesting one without the "toyoguard" if you are willing to wait a few weeks.

    As far as prices, they will vary depending on options and dealer fees.If I had to doit allover again, I would insist on OTD pricing (the actual out the door price).
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    BAD DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All fluff, no real options or engine or 4wd
  • This seems like a lot of fluff options that are bogus. The DRL is a standard option on all RAV4s. Some of the other options appear to be part of the "toyoguard" pkg. If you already purchased, no big deal. Some deals are better than others. Enjoy the ride. The RAV4 is the best SUV out there.
  • Got an '07 rav4 4wd v6 with JBL, moonroof, leather/heated seats, DRL & mats in S.Cal. Here's what I ended up paying:

    The MSRP on the car was $30,334

    Purchase price was $28,087 plus taxes and fees.
    tax: 2180.23
    tire fee: $8.75
    smog abatement fee: $12
    registration fee: $233
    electronic filing fee: $28
    documentation fee: $45

    TOTAL PAID: $30,593.98
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    mixmanot...that is a very good price. Was this a special order or was it a car on their lot? Did your superior negotiating skills play a role or is this just the normal price anyone would pay? Would you care to divulge the nae of the dealer?
  • rudy13rudy13 Posts: 3
    Nautical Blue w/following options:

    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set
    Roof Rack
    Tonneau Cover
    "17 Styled Steel Wheel
    Daytime Running Lights

    Cost = $22,300 OTD (tax, title, reg) and got them from $5200 up to $6000 for my '03 Elantra, an NYC car with all the wear on the body, brake system and frame you'd expect from the mean streets

    MSRP was $22,214 before tax, etc. so I saved almost $1300 over the asking price.
  • Hi rudy
    sound really good, I'm in nyc too could you tell me which dealer?????
  • rudy13rudy13 Posts: 3
    Got it in PA, outside of Philly. Just moved from NYC, away from Manhattan dealerships! (The one I bought my Elantra from dented it during an oil change and never really compensated me or fixed it....!) You might consider going out of state..
  • Hi, rudy13, Do you mind sharing the name of Philly dealer? I happen to live in metro pilly too and am looking for a rav4 base 4x4. Thanks.
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