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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tigersfantigersfan Posts: 2
    First time poster. I read sidious6688's advice and emailed six dealers in SE Michigan and Toledo. One dealer didn't respond to two emails (Dunning Toyota/Ann Arbor) so that was one dealer off the list to visit. One dealer wanted me to drive the RAV4 at their dealership before offering a quote. I told them I wanted a quote before I would visit. They said they would have a bid to me by the end of the day - never happened (Victory Toyota/Canton), so they were off the list to visit. I dealt with Jim White Toyota/Toledo, Rouen Toyota/Maumee, Thayer Toyota/Monroe and LaFonatine/Dearborn. All of the RAV4 bids were pretty close but I went with Thayer Toyota who offered $21,752 on a RAV4 4-cylinder 4X4 listed at $23,752 (tonneau cover, roof rack, 17" styled wheels, and the Z1 preferred accessory package with cargo mats, cargo nets and a first aid kit)... that's only $200 over invoice, and about $600 lower than the TMV pricing listed on the Edmunds site. That dealer also provided the best value for my trade-in. I was very pleased with all four dealers and how responsive the salespeople were via email and in person. To me, doing bids via email cuts out a lot of wasted time trying to negotiate a deal.

    In searching the dealer websites in SE Michigan, it seems that classic silver (my color), black, barcelona red, pacific blue and super white are the preferred colors... the dealers said the other colors are not proving popular in this area.

    I have had the car for all of 48 hours and really like it so far. I have received many positive comments about the car and the color. I would highly recommend doing the initial bids via email as sidious6688 suggests. Thanks to everyone else for their suggestions as well.
  • ravrideravride Posts: 1
    I spent at least a week securing bids from Northen California dealers. All bids were on the sport with the cargo net and mid level stereo,moon roof etc.. Longo : $27300. So. Cal. and the highest bid. Capital the lowest @ $25859.Costco bid Modesto Toyota $26409 Piercy: $.26414 Roseville Toyota : $26059. Elk Grove Toyota :$26316. Maita :$26288. San Francisco Toyota :$26188. These were non specified colors. I was after Flint mica and found one at S.F. Toyota and one at Maita. I'm more familiar with the Sacramento area and purchased the rav at Maita. No games and a smooth hassle free buying experience.
    If you don't have a specific color in mind you could do better than the $26288. Good luck and thanks to all for your info.I dealt with Dave Lundgaard internet fleet manager,great guy.
  • kst1kst1 Posts: 22
    Hi! I am looking for a base, 2wd, 4 cylinder RAV here in Central California. Here is a quote from a Fresno dealer- Internet price of 21118; Invoice- 20918. Installed options- cargo area tonneau cover/roof rack/17" steel wheels/carpet floor mats, cargo mat. The price includes destination charges. Looks like a decent quote. Would welcome any input from you guys?
  • As I recently found out, "invoice" doesn't mean the same thing to every Toyota dealer. To some, it includes their regional distributor's cut, in this case $365. (true invoice on this vehicle is $20553 according to Edmunds)

    It may be that you talked to a lower-volume dealer who doesn't get the same breaks as the bigger players. If you have no particular attachment to this dealer, I'd shop around a little more before committing.

    In any case, Edmunds' True Market Value price for your vehicle is anywhere between $21297 and $21443, depending on color.

    Happy car-hunting :)
  • txtwintxtwin Posts: 3
    From what I can see, buying a Toyota in Florida is more of a hassle and more expensive due to the SET distributorship. First, they assume that Floridians don't want leather. And, they add on lots of extra fees, including redundant/unnecessary extras (rustproofing/scotchgard, etc.). I understand the after market leather is not that much more than "factory" and much better in quality -- just a hassle and delay in getting your vehicle complete. Any suggestion regarding getting a good price and eliminating some of the "automatically added" SET port extras? Any idea what the "premium" factor is for Florida vs. most of the country?

    Right now, I am at final decisions between RAV-4 (probably the Limited 2/4) and the CR-V EX-L (simple with no "options" to worry about). It seems that configurations for Toyota's vary considerably in what you can get and not just pricing from region to region compared to other mfg. I must say, I was not impressed dealing with SET on my Camry a few years back.
  • mytoy3mytoy3 Posts: 5
    Bought a Limited 4WD V6 Pacific Blue RAV4 w/third row seat, moonroof, JBL package, towing package...etc..etc. The MSRP was around 29,500 and the invoice was around 27,300.

    The 4 cylinders are easily going below invoice as some dealers have the internet price(below invoice) already posted on their website. If you want to get a V6 version below invoice, you'll have to do some negotiating especially one with the third row seating because there are not many out there.

    Again, 2007 RAV4s are selling BELOW invoice. There must be some hidden dealer incentives or something hidden in those invoice prices. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • kst1kst1 Posts: 22
    How do you know that the 4 cylinders are selling below invoice? Would you care to elaborate? Where are these dealers?
  • mytoy3mytoy3 Posts: 5
    Here's one dealership in my area:

    I believe the deals will be much better starting the week of July 4th and after. The 08s are coming in late August, so you'll see discounts with the 07s.

    Dealership don't post their price for the V6s and you'll have to come prepared to negotiate if you want it below invoice.

    One way is to get as many internet quotes as you can. Don't be affraid to get quotes from dealers in neighboring states. You'll be surprise how competitive their prices are. As long as you have the different prices printed on paper, you can start your negotiation base on the lowest price(also saves time). If they don't have the car in stock, find a dealership that has one. Don't do orders!!! Good luck!
  • Hello,
    Could someone tell me what I should get from dealer prior going to dealership? I am trying to do everything by e-mail. But when we finally agree on the price, how I can protect myself - it is 2-hour drive to their dealership.

  • Thrifty,

    What you want is a bottom line price not including any dept of motor vehicles fees and sales tax. The price should include all options selected, destination fee, any bs conveyance fee etc. Everything but the 2 items listed above. Secondly, be certain with this in writing you have the VIN number of the vehicle. This way when you get to the dealership you can confirm on the window sticker (and inside the door jamb of the vehicle) that you have a match. The sticker will give you the exact configuration (4x4, v6 vs 4 cylinder, options, etc). This should match the VIN on whatever you have in writing from email. Then all you have to do is resist all attempts to sell you additional things like alarms, extended warranties, etc once you are physically present. The dealer may grumble about your lack of trust, but he can thank his industry.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    I'm looking in the Chicago area for a Base V6, preferably FWD but would take AWD, WITHOUT the third seat, and finding them very hard to come by. Is this always a rare configuration, or just now at the end of the model year?

  • djc1959djc1959 Posts: 5
    Try The Indianapolis Toyota Dealers. Tom Wood Toyota or Beck Toyota they had several V6 Base And V6 Sport Rav4 in the area In the Configurations You would like.Might Be worth a drive. Beck toyotas is
  • Hi,

    First time poster here, and I would greatly appreciate some help:

    I'm looking to buy a 2WD, 4 Cyl, Blizzard Pearl Rav4 with the following options in So. California:

    -JBL Audio
    -Heated Seat
    -Leather Package
    -Carpet/Cargo Mat
    -Leather Seat
    -Heated seat
    -Sun Roof
    -Daytime running light
    -Special Color (Apparently Blizzard Pearl costs extra)

    I visited a Toyota dealer in Cerritos yesterday, and the MSRP for this car was $27,339. I offered $25,100 (CR bottomline price + 3%). The dealer pulled out his invoice which showed his price @ ~$25,080, and was not willing to do the deal. (This was after the 3 asst mgrs talked and kept me there for 3 hours before they gave me the answer.)

    My questions:
    1. Did I correctly derived the actual dealer cost? According to the CR price guide, the cost of the model + cost of the options - dealer holdback was $24,374. I wasn't sure why there was a difference of $706 in CR's dealer cost vs. the dealer invoice I saw yesterday...

    2. Assuming the CR dealer cost I have was accurate, should I be more aggressive or less agressive with my offer? (I was offering the dealer a profit margin of 3%, ~$700)

    Thanks a million
  • Hi mmking31,

    Which dealership did you visit in Southern CA? I've was NOT able to get a car similar to your configuration for this price in So CA. It would be a big help if you can let me know.

  • Read post number 1602.

    The numbers will be different, but the final analysis is the same- your dealer probably does have extra fees that drive their price up to $25080 (before they get refunded their holdback), but that's no guarantee that another dealer reasonably close by will have to pay the same price to the regional distributor for the same vehicle.

    Also, like it says in Edmunds' car buying advice articles, most dealers accept the fact that most people now have internet access and will come in knowing invoice price, but they're not fond of people who bring up holdback right away.

    And like I told the other guy, Happy car-hunting. :)
  • txtwintxtwin Posts: 3
    SET adds on many additional things including, but not limited to rustproofing/paint sealent, scotchgarding (which I really don't want since I will be getting after market leather -- SET doesn't bring in leather to Florida). So -- I am looking for the Limited 2dr/4cyl. It is bad enough not being able to find an American vehicle with the features, price and quality -- having to pay for extras I don't want because SET thinks I need them....Grrr! May still end up with CR-V instead....
  • kst1kst1 Posts: 22
    We just bought a base 2WD, 4 cylinder RAV4 in silver for 21K + TTL in Fresno. Has the standard accessory package- tonneau, 17" steel wheels, carpet mats and roof rails. dealership was advertising a white one for 19997 but it was gone before we could get there. It was just tough to find one of the colors we wanted- silver/blue/green. Plenty of white and reds but didnt care for either. Overall, I am happy with this deal.
    Has anybody installed an after-market alarm on their RAV? Any suggestions?

  • Hello All,

    After much research in this forum, I bought a RAV4, Limited, 4CYL 2WD at Longo Toyota in So CA on Saturday.

    -JBL Audio
    -Carpet/Cargo Mat
    -Leather Seat
    -Heated seat
    -Sun Roof
    -Daytime running light
    -Special Color

    I offered $25,100 + TTL, and came to the agreement of $25,300 (including the extra alarm option). The final OTD price was $27,689.

    My observations:
    - The "dealer invoice" price at 2 dealerships were different for the exact same car. The Cerritos dealership had the invoice price of $25,080, and the Longo dealership had the invoice price of $25,200.
    - My buying experience was much better and smoother at the Longo dealership. I didn't have to re-start negotiation with 3 different "assistant sales managers" every time we concluded on a price as in my visit with the previous dealership.
  • mytoy3mytoy3 Posts: 5
    From my understanding, the "dealer invoice" price should be the same for "exact" same car in the same region. You have to compare the invoice sheets side by side to see the difference. Some dealers added mudguards or extra trimming to the exterior which slightly increases the invoice price. These are not the common options and are tagged as "dealers extras".
  • First some background, then a couple of questions.

    I am looking to purchase a new 07 RAV4 Limited 4cyl, 2wd with moonroof option, and not much else (JBL 6CD changer seems to be default on all Limiteds in the NC area). I've solicited quotes by email from 6 or 8 dealers in the central North Carolina region with mixed. Of the responders, the quoted prices are less than hot. Most seem to be using the email contact to get my phone # (I've resisted) and get me into the showroom.

    I am ready to place a counter offer, again by email, and am trying to determine actual invoice price upon which to base the offer to provide a low but realistic counter.

    This is what I have:
    RAV4 Limited/4cyl/2WD (Inv: $21,464)
    Moonroof (Inv: $720)
    JBL 6CD Changer (Inv: $480)
    This totals $22,664, which is about $2000 below the offers I have in hand.

    What else should I include in calculating invoice - Southeast Toyota ($639)? Manufacturer Deliv, Proc'g, and Handling fee ($695)? Dealer documentation fee (~$400)? Any other legitimate fees to be included in invoice price and offer?

    Relative to calculated invoice, what do I offer to be low but realistic? At calculated invoice? Some percentage above or below invoice?

    My intention is to have a fairly well justified offer, and to place the onus on the dealer to justify a higher price.

    Thanks for all of the excellent information already in this forum, and any responses to my post are greatly appreciated.

  • mytoy3mytoy3 Posts: 5
    It will be very difficult to find a Limited without the JBL package. You should be able to get any '07s 4cyl @ below invoice during this time of year. It'll be difficult with the V6s, but possible with a lot of preparation and due to the fact that the '08s Highlanders, all V6s, are arriving at the end of the month.

    Try getting quotes from dealerships as far as your neighboring states and bring those quotes to the negotiation table and crossout the source.

    Dealers tend to be more reasonable and aggressive if they know you are serious, prepared and been shopping for a while.

    Good Luck!

    PS: Beware of dealers posting on these kinds of forum with BS price quotes.
  • whosumowhosumo Posts: 1
    Has anyone recently purchased a V6 LTD or Sprt AWD Rav4 in the Twin Cities? Any dealership horror stories that I should be aware of? Thanks - whosumo
  • Mytoy3: all good advice, thanks.

    As for calculating the invoice and offer price, do I include the SET (Southeast Toyota), manufacturer delivery charge, etc?

    I assume yes for SET and delivery, but no for any other fees. Is this correct?

  • gotenjaigotenjai Posts: 5
    I'm having trouble with buying a Rav4. I've got quotes from two dealership for the same vehicle. one is $26,459 and the other one is 27,000 sumthing. Can someone tell me what is a good price to pay for this vehicle? the quote of the vehicle comes withs sun roof, 6 cd-changer and all them accessories. also i live around the sacramento area
  • gotenjaigotenjai Posts: 5
    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 28190.00 $ 24243.00 Total
    Accessories .....................: $ 1784.00 $ 1496.00 MECHANICAL & PERFORMANCE3.3L V6 Engine w/VVT-i5-Speed ECT-i Auto Trans w/Snow ModeFull Time 4WD/4-Whl Ind SuspensionFront and Rear Stabilizer Bars4 Wheel Disc Brakes16 inch 5-Spoke Styled Steel Wheels withP225/70R16 Tires and Full-Size SpareSAFETYStar Safety System Includes: Veh Stability Ctrl w/Traction Ctrl Anti-Lock Brakes w/Brake Assist & EBDDr & Fr Pass Advanced Frt Airbags (SRS)Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side/Fr & 2ndRow Roll-Sensing Side Curtain AirbagsTire Pressure Monitoring SystemFr Seatbelt Pretension & Force LimitersSide-Impact Door Beams2nd Row CRS lower & Top Tether AnchorsEXTERIORColor-Keyed Bumpers, Body Side Molding,Pwr Outside Mirrors, Dr Handles & GrilleFrt Var & Rr Intermittent Wipers/RoofRack/Flex Mast Antenna/Rr Privacy
    GlassCOMFORT AND CONVENIENCEAir Conditioner w/Clean Air FilterCloth Int, Multi-Adjust Frt CaptainsChairs w/Drvr Height Adjust60/40 Split 2nd Row Seat w/Fold Flat,Slide, Recline & Rt-Hand Walk-In FunctFold-Flat, Recline 3rd Row Seat w/RearHeating System & 2 Cup HoldersHeight-Adjust Headrests for All SeatsDeluxe AM/FM/Cass/CD w/6 SpeakersPower Windows and Door LocksCruise Control/Remote Keyless EntryTonneau Cover/Tilt Steering WheelAuto-Off Headlamps/Digital ClockCntr Console w/2 Adjustable Cup Hldrs2nd Row Center Armrest w/2 Adj CupHolders/2 Auxiliary 12V Power OutletsSilver Interior Trim
    Retail Dealer TotalVehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 28190.00 $ 24243.00 $ 28190.0050 State Emissions .........................8-Way Power Driver/4-Way Manual Pass ....... 410.00 328.00Tow Prep Package Includes: Transmission/ ... 160.00 128.00Power Steering / engine oil coolers, heavy .duty radiator, 160 watt fan coupling, ......trailer prewire, 130 amp alternator, .......3,500 pounds towing capacity ...............Value Package 6 Includes: 16" 6 Spoke High . 1015.00 914.00Gloss Alloys w/P225/70R16 Tires & Alloy ....Spare Wheel, Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof .....w/Sunshade, Rear Spoiler, Homelink .........Universal Transceiver, Fog
    Lamps, ..........Anti-Theft Engine Immobilizer, Color-Keyed .Mudguards, and Illuminated Vanity Mirrors ..Carpet/Cargo Mat Set ....................... 199.00 126.00 --------- --------- ---------Total Accessories ...........................: $ 1784.00 $ 1496.00 $ 1784.00Destination Charge ..........................: $ 645.00 $ 645.00TDA .........................................: $ 485.00Gasoline
    ....................................: $ 10.00Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 563.00Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 281.00 --------- ---------Total .......................................: $ 27723.00 $ 30619.00
  • sanssans Posts: 5
    I'm buying an '07 RAV4 in the Philly area, and have a couple quotes for the same '07 Pacific Blue Limited V6 4WD with JBL, sunroof, daytime running lights, and tow prep package. The MSRP is 28905, and according to Edmunds, invoice is 26137. There seems to be only one in this area that matches that description, and the dealership that has it gave me the best email quote--26447, 26047 after their college grad discount.

    Does it sound like:
    1) This is a good offer?
    2) I should counter their offer?
    3) Things will get significantly better towards the end of the month?

  • sanssans Posts: 5
    I heard back from the dealer, and it turns out that the college grad discount is really a recent college grad deal. In other words, one would have to have graduated within the last 2 years, finance through Toyota, and have perfect credit. Glad I asked.

    Also, he mentioned that the quote is valid through the end of the month and he wouldn't expect it to be any different next month (I didn't ask about that). So that takes care of option 3.
  • zzzflazzzfla Posts: 4
    Check the price against Cars Direct.

    I don't know when the 08's are coming out, but prices on any remainig 07's would have to be less.

    Not sure what your personal situation is, but there isn't any reason not to counter with a lower offer...unless you have to purchase it by a certain time or you are afraid someone will buy it and you won't find another one.

    Remember, whoever cares the least wins. I negotiated with my dealer for weeks before agreeing on the price. Best of luck and happy negotiating!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • bluegill1bluegill1 Posts: 1

    I was offered a price of $25,000 "OUT THE DOOR" for this very setup and model including pinstripe and mats. That included tax, $118 fee, and SE toyota upcharge. This was at Clark's Toyota in Charlotte - ask for Freddy. The vehicle had been traded for and had 400 miles on it which may well have contributed to such a good price, but I think pricing guidelines as discussed in this forum are doable in NC. Stand firm.

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