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Chevrolet HHR



  • btbambtbam Posts: 2
    Why dont you just get the 2LT? It starts at around 19k and it comes with ABS and traction control standard. Plus you get the 17 inch rims, pimp [non-permissible content removed] sound system and the sport suspension? Even with all the tax, etc. it should come to around 20k. I preordered a loaded 2LT with leather and the side curtain airbags and the dealer said it would be around 20k before taxes and such. Minus the leather and other options I got and you would have your price. Lucky for me they let me use my GMS discount since my granddad worked for GM and that knocks almost 10% off the price.
  • Because there's probably still an almost-$1,000 price difference, I don't want 17-inch rims, and I haven't heard the standard sound system yet so I see no need for the upgraded one. I will compare the 1LT to the 2LT thoroughly when the car is available.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    The truth is not the latter. If you take a look at a pic of a 1949 Suburban you'll see that the HHR definitely does resemble the Suburban with the exception of the rear taile lights.
  • The LS is $15,990
    The LT is $16,990
    The LT2 package is $1,800

    The LS has no options presently. The only option (presently) for the LT is the LT2 package which includes the ABS, 17" wheels, the Pioneer radio system, and other goodies.

    I saw a few of them yesterday at the GM Tech Center with some new Impalas. They seem clean and well built. All were loaded. The Ecotech engine is a fine engine although this version should have a few more horses.

    It is definitely retro to the 49 Suburban. It seems a fair amount larger than a PT Cruiser.
    The colors of the four or five I saw were brilliant.

    I did see them with Michigan plates, not manufacturer,which I found interesting.

    If the pricing stays put and they add some options to at least the LS, this vehicle looks like a winner.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Very competitive MSRPS!!!!!!!!!

    General Motors of Canada has announced pricing for the all-new 2006 Chevrolet HHR crossover vehicle: $18,995 for the base LS and $21,195 for the up-level LT.
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    Shouldn't be too much larger than a PT. It's built on the Cobalt platform.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I think the HHR could be larger than the PT - at least lengthwise - since the PT is shortened, even shorter than the Neon. Let's hope so, my old PT Cruiser didn't have much depth to its trunk.

    I like the pricing; I want to see about ABS and side airbags. I would hope anything above the LS would have it standard, and nowadays it would be nice to see ABS across the board. After all, Cavaliers used to all have it, and anything above the base Cobalt comes with ABS.

    Anyone find a site with weights and measures? I'd like to see how the weight stacks up to the PT. I assume comparable, hopefully not heavier (the PT is pretty heavy, even if it is platform related to the Neon).
  • ptcruiserptcruiser Posts: 1
    I just recently test drove a Chevy HHR and here are my thoughts...

    My current PT is (original 2000) way underpowered.

    My wife hates the headrests.

    From the inside, the PT does have better visibility than the HHR.

    The PT does have more headroom under the liftgate when it is opened and you are loading cargo. The HHR should have its hinges redesigned to allow more opening position head room.

    The new HHR is a fresher design to a stale PT Cruiser, much like the original Saturns were after 4 years of the same vehicle. The PT convertible is not attractive when the top is up, sorry. :confuse:

    The HHR comes with a passenger seat arm rest :-)!!!!

    The HHR is built off of the Cobalt and Ion frame and not a Neon frame. This should be much more durable over the lifetime of the vehicle.

    The HHR is about 4 inches shorter than the Cobalt but its cargo area is way superior to the PT Cruiser.!!!!!! :)

    The ride and comfort of the HHR is more superior.

    The transition between gears is smooth.

    The steering wheel is kind of different feeling in your hands, more rectangle than tubular. Weird but not uncomfortable.

    The premium sound system, including the same Cobalt Pioneer sub-woofer is a must have coming right out of the manufacturing plant :-)!

    Top trim level pricing is under $19,000.

    This is no Scion or Element. It's a GM - :) !

    GM has plenty of big, gas guzzling, high priced SUV's. The HHR offers entry level pricing, comfort, style, and decent performance. The PT was no speed demon but it still sold well. If you guys all notice gas prices and gas guzzling vehicles are not too popular right now. GM needs this mix of vehicle

    BTW, if the Aztec was ugly, which it was, and had too much cladding, which it did, how can anyone in their right minds think that the Element is attractive? The entire boxy exterior of the Element is grey plastic with a smidgeon of paint. Personally, I couldn't buy an import, which this website is mostly promoting, especially plastic boxes on wheels. Of course, these are my opinions, I could be wrong.
  • I'm really interested in this Chevy HHR and can't wait to see more of them and read more about it. I'm a single Mom of 2 and want something a little roomier than my Corolla, don't want a mini-van or huge SUV, so when I saw this, it's caught my eye.

    Those who have seen it up close or taken it for a ride - is there a lot of cargo area? Can i comfortably seat 3 across the backseat?

  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    GREAT post, especially insightful coming from a PT Cruiser owner. I had the 2004, and believe me, with an automatic it too was a slug.

    Did you drive the 2.2 or 2.4? I am thinking you may have driven the 2.4 in an LT2 and not the base model. Based on the premier sound system.

    Glad to hear the luggage compartment is larger, that is a big concern of mine.
  • You test drove the HHR...........where does one go to do this? Detroit? And thanks for the PT comparison.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    My thoughts exactly.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Excellent review, but I have a few questions:

    Which model did you drive? What engine did it have? Was it a stick or auto?

    And lastly, how in the heck did you get a chance to drive one?
  • slovanslovan Posts: 10
    check out the first preview of HHR vs PT on
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    I have the sister car of the Corolla, the Prizm. My company is moving to a new location, and my commute has now become more dangerous. The HHR is just what I need to feel more safe on the road. I wanted the PT Cruiser the first time I saw it in 2000, but bought the Prizm instead. Now that the HHR exists, I WANT IT !!! It should be a fun commuter car as well as have enough room to throw my three kids in. GM may have a home run on it's hands. I hope so, they need it. :)
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    GM has cut the forecasted sales of the HHR to 60k per year. Do they think it'll sell well?
  • kkrausekkrause Posts: 8
    I live in Saltillo, Mexico, very close to where the HHR is assembled. Therefore, there are a large number of them on the roads here, mostly driven by the engineers and other GM/supplier employees who are here for the vehicle launch.

    To me, the HHR is a frustrating vehicle. Although I feel people should buy what they want to buy (Japanese, US, etc.), I have always pulled for GM and Ford to turn things around ...

    I think the HHR would have a much better chance at helping GM if it were better looking. It's not nearly as ugly as the Aztek, but it's not really much of a looker. I think it's so-so looks will hurt its sales, though not to the extent that the Aztek's looks hurt its sales.

    I spent a bit of time checking out the interior, though, and I was quite impressed, especially considering the price-point of the vehicle. The chrome accents are a nice touch, and the plastic is mostly "soft touch." The vehicle is fairly roomy ... I'm 6'4" and fit in the driver's seat no problem. In fact, a 2nd guy who was 6'2" was able to sit behind me.

    I had the lucky opportunity to eat dinner with a fairly high-ranking GM exec here in Saltillo and it is very obvious that GM is excited about this vehicle. They feel that this has been one of their best vehicle launches ever (in terms of fewest problems with initial vehicles, etc.) and think the HHR is going to really appeal to young people and therefore sell well.

    I hope it does for GM's sake, but the pessimist in me doesn't think it will ... it's not good looking enough. It has a lot of great features, especially in the details (chrome trim, cool gas lid, etc.), but if people think it's ugly they'll never get close enough to appreciate all of that ...
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    As far as the looks, I disagree. Perhaps in person it looks less appealing, but I was on a site with a number of HHR pics and I've gotta say I love it. Even the colors were appealing. Who would've thought an orange (Sunburst Orange more specifically) car could look so good?

    And if the interior looks better than the exterior, whoa baby. This might be at the top of my shopping list.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I had a PT Cruiser, base model, and was disappointed by its handling. Not to mention the acceleration and gas mileage.

    However, I loved the efficient packaging, and it was very quiet for an "economy car."

    For 2006 the PT Cruiser press release says there is additional sound proofing and they expect a 3 decible reduction in sound levels. That would make it a great commuter vehicle and small family vacation vehicle.

    GM, if you are listening, PLEASE match the sound levels on the new PT Cruiser, and BEAT the handling. PT Cruiser has the "older set" with its cushy ride, but it is truly too much of a "cruiser." How about something a little sportier - like matching the GT in handling?

    I'd much rather buy a GM, there are a lot more service outlets (my one big gripe about Chrysler). The PT Cruiser is truly your target, so do better! Don't just match it!
  • my feelings exactly. It is priced very well - unlike the Aztek but the looks of the HHR are polarizing. Some on here love it, others will be turned off. Just like the Honda Element and Ridgeline - both visual pooches in my boook. The pricing is going to save this vehicle from the SSR's fate. It also offers good versatility for the $. Nice legs...shame about the face....
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Pricing is right, interior is right, styling has been done.

    I like the vehicle, I just wish it was a little more original. I hope they give the HHR a more modern look when the next generation is done.
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    Everything I am hearing has me excited. I am expecting a big bonus this year (my company is doing well) and the HHR is on my shopping list. Chevrolet interiors have always been a thorn in my side. From the pictures I have seen, it seems they have finally listened to the masses. As soon as they are on the showroom floor, I am there buying one.
  • We had a visitor at the office who picked up an HHR from Avis at the
    airport. It had arrived only 6 days earlier, probably one of the very
    first in the hands of the general public. Nearly everyone in the office
    swarmed around it to check it out. This thing is *TINY*, dwarfed by the
    GM minivan parked right next to it. It will just about fit 4 adults
    snugly. Sitting in the driver's seat, headroom was comfortable (I'm 6
    feet tall). However, all of the windows are teeny-tiny, with the
    windshield seeming like a porthole. Even if 40's panel vans had windows
    this small, the interior spaces were certainly bigger. I almost felt
    like I was sitting in a coffin (yeah, a coffin with windows, but that's
    the only way I can describe the claustrophobic feel). This was the base
    model, in black, no roof rack, tan cloth seats, and with the 2.2L
    engine. The visitor says he was not impressed with its power (having
    attempted an impromptu drag race at the gate of the rental lot against
    an Impala). The cloth seats were beyond firm. Not uncomfortable, but
    not exactly pillowy either. Stowing his golf clubs in the back required
    the turn down of one of the rear seats (and removal of its headrest).

    Unless demand for a PT Cruiser-like vehicle with retro styling is really
    still *that* hot, I don't really see this as a top seller. It's really
    not a practical vehicle for carrying adult passengers and gear, let
    alone any towing. Was GM anticipating riding on the coattails of the PT
    Cruiser's popularity, or were they anticipating some serious ramping up
    of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) in the near future and wanted to
    shunt off more of the SUV buying public into this compact-station-
    wagon-in-disguise? If the latter, the buying public might be better off
    buying an undisguised compact station wagon. Yeah, the styling is
    eye-catching, but if you want something small with eye-catching style,
    you can buy a Hot Wheels toy.
  • kkrausekkrause Posts: 8
    To be honest, I think GM is targeting a younger market ... late teens, early twenties looking for a slightly more practical vehicle than a small sedan or coupe.
  • nmeiringnmeiring Posts: 2
    I just test drove the HHR yesterday. Something just wasn't right. I love the way it looks, but that 4 cyl and the dash are just wrong. My husband thought it looked just right in the driveway (he is always supportive of my test driving) but I think the dash looks very cheap. Even though it is an economy type vehicle-how hard would it be to put in a nice looking dash? Afterall, all we see when driving is the hood and the dash! Well, so much for my two cents.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Are the cars with "cheap" interiors and "bad brakes" real cars or pre-production testers?\

    I am kind of surprised to read all the negetivity on the HHR so far?
  • auntnitaauntnita Posts: 3
    vanman1, don't know about other test drives, but the one I drove was a "real, it's on the lot, it's for sale, we're past pre-production tester" car.

    I'm the last person who would want to be negative about the HHR. I've been living for this car for the past 8 months with no expectations of perfections. It just has some flaws that would affect a pleasurable drive. :cry:
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    Premium is not required, but recommended. In the manual it states that acceleration may suffer if 91 octane is not used.

    Think of this though -

    at 12000 miles per year

    20 mpg ave. - which is most likely low

    you would need 600 gallons of gas

    premium is usually $.20 higher than regular

    so, it would cost you an extra $120 per year to use premium - really not that much.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    Drove a LT2 on Sat. Quick thoughts -

    2.4 with auto provides adequate power - nothing spectacular. Would be better with manual.

    Interior does feel a little cramped.

    Rear view mirror seemed to create a blind spot for me. I am 6'4".

    Ride is very nice.

    Fit and finish seemed very good. Except that the center dash console cover was too loose for my liking - seemed cheap.

    My kids thought the car was cool. I do like the looks even if it is late to the party.

    I'll write more later.

    I drove a Cobalt SS with the 2.4 right after the HHR - it seemed much peppier and the steering was more to my liking.
  • yes, this HHR was on the lot for sale. you just can say enough about the cool styling but in my opinion it's simply not very functional to drive. i mean, maybe to scoot around town like you would use a bike, but forget making long commutes and trips like you would normally do with a vehicle of the size. i checked the weight specs, 4200 lbs would explain this slugs acceleration problems and braking issues. seriously, any vehicle that weighs that much should have 4 wheel discs brakes Standard equipment. Heck, even Hyundai even puts 4 wheels disc on almost every vehicle they make as standard equipment. its too bad, gm didn't go back to toyota for some engineering help with the car, it would have made a world of difference and would have been well worth paying a little more. look no further than the pontiac vibe for toyota's influence on gm, the vibe forums are full of nothing but tears of happiness.
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