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Chevrolet HHR



  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    For those that are interested, heres a link to a site of a guy that restored a 49 Suburban. After seeing this I'd say the HHR looks more like a 49 Suburban than a PT Cruiser or a Durango as some has alluded to.

  • The Mazda5 is supposed to start at $20,000 CDN. The P/T is at what, $15-16,000 CDN now. SWB Caravans are available for $20,000. Wonder what the price of the HHR will be in Canada?
  • Chevy should slap some real ash or teak on the sides of this baby and it's a Surfin' Safari! What nostalgia!
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    You have a good point. I think that would be a great addition for the HHR.
  • Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how, come on a safari with meeee....

    And they should build the Bel Air. One week till auto show!
  • They had the blue HHR on a five-foot-high slanted turntable, and the customized one behind ropes. Bummer. So I still haven't gotten a better look at it than what's on the internet. Did get to check out the Ford Freestyle, though: not a bad package at all.
  • It's a crossover wagon with 7-passenger seating, a CVT, flat-folding rear benches, and a chassis designed by Volvo. Mid- to upper-20's on price.

    I still want the HHR though -- I was just able to check out the Freestyle there, which gave it an immediate edge.
  • Driving home from work, at the stoplight next to me, I saw a vehicle similar to the HHR in taillights and profile. I cranked down my window to see it better ("what is it?") see the word HEMI on the back. Oh, heh, Dodge Durango. The HHR wouldn't be quite so big. Sigh... want it. Six months away.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Anyone have an idea of what the pricing is going to be on the HHR?

    I've heard rumour that they'll start around 23K for the base model. That seems awfully high to me, given that they're basically an extended PT Cruiser. I'm interested in one, but I'm not sure I want to pay in the mid-20s for a 4-cylinder wagon. (I have a 4 cylinder 04 Outback wagon now, and got it out the door for 20K).
  • They say "the upper teens" for base price, but that could be 19,995 before destination charge. Yes, I'm in a cynical mood this afternoon. But seriously they have said "starting in the upper teens".
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Who is "they"? There is no way that GM is going to start pricing at $20K on this rig for a couple reasons: they need it to sell in large volumes and they've stated they're going to start pricing vehicles closer to actual transaction prices instead of playing the $5000 rebate game.

    This car is essentially a Cobalt wagon, so I think it's fair to assume that the starting price will be within a couple thousand of a comparatively equipped Cobalt.
  • "They" refers to GM's marketing department writing press releases and the spokesmodel at the auto show. "Starting in the upper teens" was said in print and at the show. I can't find it online right now, but it has been tentatively sort-of "announced".

    I was in a very cynical mood yesterday, thus the 19,995.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Well then. I guess GM must not be intending this to be a volume model.

    I saw one on a pedestal at the Twin Cities Auto Show a couple weeks back and though it looked nice, the interior certainly didn't have the materials quality of a PT Cruiser. And they're going to start it several thousand higher? Uh boy... here comes the rebate game again.
  • bradkurtzbradkurtz Posts: 24
    I think th epricing will be close to the PT, and the it is larger and looks better (to me).
  • I can imagine the LS starting around 16k. I had no idea what a PT Cruiser retails for, so I checked out our local Chrysler dealer's website.

    Assuming the LS starts at 16k, the 1LT would likely be around 18k, at least with anti-lock brakes.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    GM has announced recently that they're going to stop purposely pricing high in order to have incentives later. Expect the base HHR (LS) to start around $15k.
  • Chevolet isn't really a competitive brand, compact wagons have been the rage for the past four years, and now Chevrolet introduces a competitor for 2006. They also copied the PT Cruiser retro concept. However the real car doesn't seem so bad at all. I would like it better if they had less grey plastic on the dash. I personally like it, however I'd rather take a Honda Element. Better options, and better reliability and reliability.
  • I'm really liking the HHR so far from what I've seen. Considering buying one as soon as I graduate college in a couple years. Just wondering though, is there gonna be an SS version? There's no mention of it on the Chevy website. I'd heard a bit of speculation about it, but nothing really official.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    So if the pricing is going to start around $15k for an HHR, should I assume that means no incentives? I have access to the GM Supplier Discount, and that should still work with an HHR. I also have a fair amount of money on a GM Card, if they'd let me use that.

    I'm trying to figure out whether the HHR, the Mazda5, or a PT Cruiser would be the better deal...
  • a_l_hubcapsa_l_hubcaps Posts: 518
    I'm not so sure that sticker price will be as low as $15K. A Cobalt starts at $14,190, and that's with a manual trans, crank windows, no power locks, etc. I'll register my guess for HHR base price as $16,995. I don't know who thought up the $23,000 figure that was floating around awhile ago. No way it will be anywhere near that. Probably a fully loaded one will be priced around there.

    -Andrew L
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I think that the HHR will start at about 17,500. Only because Chevy wouldn't want it to cannibalize Cobalt sales. I bet you a dollar that Chevy will try to SS this car.... sad thought, but they're doing it to Malibus..... :mad:
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I can't see that many Cobalt buyers cross shopping with the HHR.
  • wingmanwingman Posts: 19
    I just came back from a visit to a Chevy dealer in Shrewbury, NJ. A saleman told me they had the opportunity to see in person a new 2LT HHR. According to him they will start at $24K not a penny less. Not for the first 4/5 months. We'll see about that.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Did he mean that the 2LT would start at $24K, or the base HHR? If he meant the base HHR, I think they're going to have a whole lot of them sitting on the showroom floor. And sitting, and sitting, and sitting.

    Chevy did release the colors they're going to be coming in, though, on I like the amethyst, myself.
  • That's GOTTA be for the 2LT. With the stronger engine, the upgraded stereo, and ABS, I could see the 2LT being close to that value. If it's 24k base for the LS trim, the model will get your basic "f.o.a.d." response and do just that. ;)
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Sounds like salesman speak to me. If you were actually in the store looking at cars and shooting the breeze, I'm thinking he said that just to dissuade you from waiting until its release. No salesperson good at his trade is going to tell you that model you're asking about - and that's 5 mos. away - is going to be a fantastic deal and well worth the wait.

    He needs to put the numbers on the board this month. Those Cavaliers aren't selling themselves. And considering the turnover in the industry, he'll probably be serving up Parfaits at the local DQ by the time the HHR hits the lots anyway...
  • wingmanwingman Posts: 19
    Well, if his answer was designed to persuade me to buy now instead of waiting 3/4 months it worked. I took my 24K to Toyota and ordered a 05 Prius. 50 MPG. Screw GM.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    Wow. I really don't think it's GM's fault that there's some schmoe working at one of their dealerships - they're independently operated. I've run into plenty of unsavory sales folks at Toyota dealers too.

    There's no way $24K is an accurate number. It only makes sense that they'll price it above the Cobalt and below the Equinox.
  • Prius looks nice too, but aren't they hard to find, or at least to get a decent deal on due to supply and demand? I read an article (I think it was here on Edmunds) about Priuses (what is the plural of that?) getting closer to 40mpg than 50 in real-world driving, and owners complaining about it. But what the heck, 40's better than 30 anyway.
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