Accord 00 problems after rear-ending

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My 2000 Honda Accord was rear-ended a few months ago. A month after it was fixed the alternator failed! 2 months later I heard wierd noises coming from the back & under the car--like metal being dragged over a rough surface. What's happening? I checked the underside; couldn't spot anything amiss. I'm not a car person, had bought the Honda because of its great reputation and now I'm really upset! It was always on time for its servicing etc. & in great shape. My questions--do you think it's related to the rear-ending? else what could be wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Well, who knows after 2 months? Could be related to the rear end damage certainly---maybe some cover or baffle has come loose. You should put the car on a lift to see if it is anything to worry about. Take it back to the body shop that did the work and see what they say.
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    My 2000 EX V6 was rear ended also. $11,000+ damage. I filed a diminished value claim becasue I had the same concerns as what your experiencing.... the insurance company totaled my 2000 Accord for $21200! I went out and bought new 2003 EX V6 w/Navi in Graphite Pearl. Consider dumping the 2000.
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    When did you file the dimished value claim. Was the damage that extensive, what had to be repaired?
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    DV claims are tough. Insurance companies will fight you to the death on DV, you can be sure.
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    I filed the claim the day after I took the car to the body shop. When filing, I told them (and I did) have a letter from a Honda dealer indicating that they would give me $6000 less for the car on trade. I believe that you can file that claim at any reasonable time after the accident.... even if the car has been repaired. It is also law in some states for insurance companies to disclose and recognize "diminished Value". I live in WA state and that is not the case. State Farm was the insurance I was dealing with however. Overall, I recommend you call a Honda dealer, tell 'em that you want to trade it in but need to know what the DV is due the car being in an accident. Honda cannot certify the car if more than one body part (VIN identified) has been replaced. The rear bumper skin is one of those parts with a VIN on it.

    Damage to my car: Ford Explorer hit it squarely in the rear at 25mph. Trunk and bumper pushed in. Post your e-mail and I'll send you the pictures.
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    A DV claim is somewhat easier (well, less difficult) if you are struck by a third party. But if you did the damage yourself, filing a DV claim successfully is darn near impossible, and often specifically excluded in insurance policies.

    The reason you can file DV if hit by a third party is that you and the third party's insurance company never signed an agreement--so the law is more likely to listen to you.

    Anyway, DV is a valid claim in many cases, DEPENDING on how the work turns out---but still insurance companies hate DV and will drag it out any way they can, valid or not.
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