O2 sensor replacement

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It's been running a bit rough lately, and I assumed I needed a tune-up. It's getting dramatic-not wanting to start, shaking, moaning...then actually shutting off after it's started. The auto store with small diagnostic tool said the code was for the 02 sensor. One store said it was the sensor going bad- the air/fuel ratio off hence the chaos. Another (I checked with two) said the code did not necessarily mean sensor was bad-it may be responding appropriately to another issue, with which I agree...I am going to clean the sensor that is attached to air filter hose...as per recommendation...maybe get that tune-up... any other suggestions?


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    you might have a look at THIS TUTORIAL.

    Since your car is a 2005, if you've never replaced the 02 sensor, it might not be a bad idea as a routine maintenance item anyway.

    Testing an 02 sensors is tricky for the DIY owner. There are YouTube videos on basic testing, like whether the 02 sensor is even getting current, and that's okay, but I'm quite skeptical about some of the other "tests" being suggested using a propane torch. I don't see how that could be very accurate. You really need diagnostic tools to do a proper test.

    I don't personally recommend trying to clean one.

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