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Help on choosing the best option

margaret2013x3margaret2013x3 Member Posts: 13
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thank you in advance for all answers. My BMW X3 lease ends November 2013. I am currently 7000 miles over my 36000 limit. I am interested in the best bang for my buck, should I:

1. Purchase - The residual is 28,185. However my monthly notes and downpayment I am probably paying approximately a little over 50,000 for a 2013 BMW. The warranty will expire and I will have to incur maintenance.
I am also told if I purchase the car it has to be inspected by BMW only before I can purchase. This I find hard to believe and they are just looking to gauge money. Has anyone experienced this before. Also if you have purchased your lease, did you think it was worth it?

3. Turn in car. Pay the over mileage approximately 1100 and 350 disposition fee. I would then be 2000 out of pocket and would have to turn around and cough up down payment, taxes, tiltle if I decide to buy a 2016 from a different car maker. Ex. Lexus, Mercedes, Honda Accord


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