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Lexus GX 470



  • jesstjesst Posts: 8
    dsurowiec-Just looked at your message and I am able to calculate your MSRP of 53,243 exactly. Your price DOES NOT include the the rear camera and nav. Hope the following helps...

    Base 45,700
    Nav/Audio 2,700
    Cargo Mat 92
    Cargo Net 59
    Ent. System 1,560
    Hitch Rec'ver 50
    Hitch Ball 420
    3rd Row 2,030
    Spoiler 551
    Wheel Lock 81

    TOTAL MSRP 53,243
  • jesstjesst Posts: 8
    I am told by my dealer that the new KDSS and Navigation w/ the back up camera is due to arrive in December. I have gotten MSRP prices on these new features, but wondering if anyone can provide Invoice prices. I have not been able to locate any online sources w/ this info. Edmunds lists "n/a" for KDSS.

    Here are the updated prices on new features:
    Navigation/Audio package inclusive of backup camera....MSRP $3050

    KDSS....MSRP $1750
    (FYI... I was also told that w/ the KDSS option, you will not be able to include the tow package at this time)

    Wondering if anyone has received any price quotes inclusive of the new features. Thanks!
  • tony50tony50 Posts: 15
    Jesst, did your source say why getting the KDSS excludes the tow package? Is there some mechanical interference with the two (hard to believe)?

    As for your quote on the hitch ball above, is it really $420 while the hitch receiver is only $50? This does not look right.
  • jesstjesst Posts: 8
    tony50,the dealer mentioned something about not being able to add the tow option w/ the KDSS but do not recall the specifics since this was not something that I was interested in anyways. Sorry.

    Regarding the MSRP on the tow package, the $50.00 option is for the hitch bracket which "includes the wiring harness, converter, sub-bracket and rear bumper hitch cover with cut-out".

    The $420.00 is the ball mount.

    As stated, I am not interested in the tow option, so I apologize if any of my tow package info is unclear. The MSRP figures that were quoted is from on-line sources which provide this info.

    Maybe someone else may have some input on why no tow package is available w/ KDSS option.
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    Just got my new '04 GX with ML audio/Nav on Friday, and I thought I'd post my comments. I am very impressed. I haven't really found anything not to like. Ride is exceptional, build quality seems excellent, lots of nice touches like the lighted running boards, auto windshield washers, cargo electrical outlet, etc...

    The Mark Levinson audio is AWESOME, by far the best factory system I've ever heard. As the review in Audio Revolution stated, bass is very tight and full. The navigation system is easy to use (especially with the voice commands) and very accurate. With the NAV and ML pkg. costing $2700, it's a steal. BMW makes them separate pkgs. of $2000 and $1200, and they're not nearly as good. And on the Toyota website, the NAV is a $3350 option on the Land Cruiser!

    This is purely subjective, but I love the size of the GX, it fits squarely in the midsize range. It has more room than our BMW X5, especially cargo room, yet it's not as big as the LX size SUVs. I think it handles well for that reason. Nothing hangs curves like the X5, but I don't feel like I'm driving a yacht like the Land Cruiser either. I know, some people really like 'em big, just not me.

    Minor quibbles: I wish the rear quarter windows and rear cargo window went down, I'd like to replace the big ol' Hi/Lo transfer shifter was just a button (it looks a little goofy and takes up lots of real estate), 3rd row heat as well as A/C would be a nice touch, definitely time for all the car makers to offer satellite radio connections. All very forgivable.
  • I noticed a few comments about headlights. I did see a GX 470 listed on that lexusus site the other week that had Xenon lights. It is no longer listed but they have an LX470 with xenon lights listed. Enclosed is the page...just go to vapor blue LX 470. Are these aftermarket, dealer installed or what. Can anyone explain the differences.....Lexus refers to their lights as projection.

    Sorry the link doesn't bring you directly to the page I wanted. Just enter LX470
  • Has to be aftermarket. Lexus does no toffer xenon's for their GX or LX.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Since someone has placed a link to on this board, has anyone here actually dealt with them?

    I've seen where the owner moved to California and set up that website after the Florida Attorney Generals office charged him with taking about a million of peoples money without delivering the cars, or worse...delivering the cars and cashing the checks, but not paying off the bank to clear the title.

    Didn't want to draw attention to them here, but since someone else did, does anyone know if this is a scam or not?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    shenkar, that sounds like a great discussion to start up on the Smart Shopper board. Bet some members who hang out there know more about this company.


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  • I bought a 2004 9700c GX in the middle of December from a dealer in Boston. Got a great deal...$48,366 including 3rd row, Nav/Levinson, DVD, etc. Was supposed to be delivered at the end of December. It wasn't. Then, it was supposed to be delivered the first week of January. It wasn't. Now I'm told it's at the port in NJ, where all GX's are being held while some type of problem is being investigated by Lexus. My dealer won't tell me what the problem is, and will only say that he hopes the car is delivered next week. This has been extremely frustrating. Does anyone know anything? I got a great deal...but I really feel like I'm getting the runaround.
  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    It has been thirty days since I brought home the GX. I am very happy with the vehicle. Here are some of the things I have noticed about the vehicle that I would put on my wish list for Lexus to change.

    Way too much vinyl on board for a vehicle of this caliber. My MDX had more leather trim than the Lexus.

    Shift knobs and console areas...too much vinyl.

    Truck does indeed "clunk" when you are stopped with your foot on the break. Gives you a sensation of being lightly tapped by the car behind you. I thought perhaps this would have been corrected by now, as it is a recurring Toyota issue. I did not notice this on the test drive.

    Storage compartment between the front seats is a little wimpy for a vehicle of this size.

    Hill/ stability control thing makes a horrid noise when pulling up into my garage, which is on a slight incline. Scared me to death before I realized it was "normal" in this situation.

    Nav is not user friendly. I had heard this before, but didn't want to judge. Apparently Lexus has heard this over and over. Bluetooth sys still needs work, not as compatible as one would be led to believe. Lexus techs have made this same statement. That said, I am far from being the most techno savvy person around. ;)

    I wish the audio controls were not via the nav screen. I do not like the fact that I have to take my eyes off the road to change stations. Also, it requires an extra step to turn on the audio screen to actually get to the selections. (At least with "buttons" you can feel the buttons and change the station without looking at the buttons.)

    That being said, I LOVE this vehicle and wouldn't trade it for the world. I love the climate control system and the sound of the audio. I love the ride, the handling, etc. It is just a really nice vehicle to drive, and makes my daily commute a pleasure. I get lots of compliments on the color, which is the ash blue mica. (steely gray/blue) (At this point I am getting an average of 16.1 miles per gallon for the first 1300 miles, half freeway, half stop and go. )

    I would say that having also owned an MDX, the MDX is a close second for me. But I am planning on keeping this vehicle for quite a while. I am really glad I decided on the GX.

    Has any one tried the adhesive film paint protector available from Lexus? It looks intriguing, but not sure how it really holds up. ;)
  • bobby999bobby999 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know when the 2007 GX470's will be in dealers?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Usually August or September.
  • We have a 2004 GX470, and would like to hardwire install satellite radio. Anyone have a product solution that works through the existing sound system (levinson w/nav) and doesn't look like hammered dung? Thanks!
  • whitewhalewhitewhale Posts: 1
    There is a perfect product for this that I've had on my 2006 GX for a couple of months. Go to This system works through your nav unit and looks and works as good as any factory unit...and better than some. You'll love it.
  • darlinboydarlinboy Posts: 4
    Sounds great, thanks. Did you do the install yourself, or take it to a shop? If self installed, how hard was the job?
  • normalnormal Posts: 19
    Has anyone heard anything regarding a hybrid gx470?
  • vnguyenvnguyen Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I have a 2003 GX470. It has the NAV Option, but no camera. The GX, being tall, has a drawback in that I usually don't see the car in the back. Having a backup camera will be a solution. I am aware that since 2004, Lexus does offer the camera, but it is a part of the NAV. Is it possible to add this feature into my existing NAV? If not, should I go with an independent camera? And which independent camera is best for me to go with? Hopefully I can receive a few good advices... Thank you.
  • jturvoldjturvold Posts: 6
    Anyone heard what is going to be new in the 2007 model? I'm trying to decide if I should buy one now or wait until the 2007 model comes out.

    If I wait for the 2007 (August/September) can I still expect to get a good deal or will I have to pay closer to sticker?
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Anyone heard what is going to be new in the 2007 model?

    If it's still a dressed up Toyota 4Runner I would advise against buying one if you do a serious amount of highway driving. After a lengthy trip to Yosemite and back (to Tucson) I found our GX very unstable on the highway at any speed above 70 mph. After posting this on the Lexus and the Toyota websites it became evident that both vehicles are intrinsically unstable at highway speeds.

    If you plan on merely enjoying the luxury the GX offers and tool around town as my wife does with hers it will not matter. It's a very luxurious SUV ... IMO it's second rate when it hits the higher speeds on the open highways. If it was MY daily ride it would be gone. I'm intolerant of less than perfection.

    Bart :s
  • voguedvogued Posts: 1
    Really! I was looking at the GX, and drive mostly highway. So the ride is not as good over 70 you say. I had been looking at the RX, but it is so small. What other vehicles do you suggest Bart?

    I am used to Lexus & Mercedes cars. And drive an SUV now. I like the high end. Who do you think offers perfection at highway speeds?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I don't mean to mis-speak, but I believe blov8r and I were both very impressed with our Lincoln Navigators we have owned in the past. I had 2, and frankly, would like another.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I am used to Lexus & Mercedes cars. And drive an SUV now. I like the high end. Who do you think offers perfection at highway speeds?

    I haven't driven the LX470 but my brother-in-law has the Toyota Land Cruiser (same truck) and says it's as steady as an anvil. He's had three or four of them ... drives back and forth from Monterey to his place in Jackson Hole several times each year. Loved my Navigator ... got hammered on resale so would only get one on an incentive laden lease (and they're blowin' 'em out here for 4th of July "sale"). Wouldn't have the MB (two of my friends here have had to have engines replaced) or BMW on a bet ... too many problems, too austere. $50K+ and they want you to drive ugly? Not me. I'd look at the big Infiniti ... but I haven't driven it and it looks clumsy to my eye so I wouldn't have it. From a quality perspective, however, Infiniti's right up there with (and in many respects better than) Lexus. My daily ride is the Infiniti M35 Sport and the quality's sensational and the technology knocks the socks off my wife's GX.

    Hope this helps.

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Actually, the Nissan/Infiniti trucks have had very serious quality problems. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Actually, the Nissan/Infiniti trucks have had very serious quality problems. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole."

    That's what my 3 neighbors say who have them.... But they do drive nicely. Just like the Navigators, IMO. Bad brakes though, way too small. Nissan wasn't quite ready to play with the Big Boys, it seems.
  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    I really loved my Acura MDX, and would consider another one if I ever tire of the GX. The wind issue doesn't really bug me, I got used to it. I think it it just due to the height of the vehicle in the crosswinds. Otherwise I am very happy. But the MDX was awesome too, I am waiting to see what they do with it when it is time for the re-do.
    We own a Nissan Titan, and have not had any issues except for a few minor recall notices. I am sure it will run forever, but the fit and finish quality is sorely lacking. I wonder if the Infinitis have the same fit and finish issues.
  • jasp2jasp2 Posts: 2
    I have driven large SUV's for almost 20 yrs. I have driven Ford, GMC, Chevy, Now the last 2 (2003,2005) were Cadillac Escalades and I have come to the conclusion that the American made trucks just don't have the finsih or the ride. With a price tag of 60 thousand what I got was a truck with a bunch of plastic and just not the finish that I had seen today with the 06 GX 470 and not to mention a 2005 White diamond fully loaded in mint condition w/10,000 miles on it that has lost almost 28,000 dollars in value. What I would like to ask you all is before I step into the Lexus have any of you switched over from a large SUV and never looked back? We first started looking at the RX350 but felt that it was a bit of a drastic change for us so we would try the GX470. We would also pick up a couple of extra miles per gallon in return. Could you tell me if anyone has gotten any info on the 07's which is what I would like to get. I have never dealt with Lexus before can you order a truck like you can with American made trucks or do you wait to see what comes in? When should we start seeing the 07's hit the showrooms? I read that there will be no real changes until 2009 but does anyone know if there are any changes between the 06 and 07? Also does Lexus have sales that I should look for? Do they tend to sell close to MSRP when the new models come out? Any info that you can provide me would help a lot being a newbie to the lexus family.

  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    have any of you switched over from a large SUV and never looked back? We first started looking at the RX350 but felt that it was a bit of a drastic change for us so we would try the GX470. We would also pick up a couple of extra miles per gallon in return.

    I had a Navigator, perhaps second year it came out. Loved it. While it didn't have quite the refinements of the GX470 that my wife now has, it was a far superior vehicle on the highway ... less sway, easier to keep on the straight and narrow, less downshifting in cruise control,
    all complaints registered on this thread by others. My wife had a Grand Cherokee for ten years ... much better road car than the LX470. If you don't do a lot of highway driving it's a wonderful local cruiser ... refined and filled with quality. And the RX just isn't big enough for us either.

    Your feeling about the Escalades and other GM SUV's is a very valid one ... I am of the firm opinion that Ford (perish the thought) finishes its vehicles better than GM and the GM large SUV's are all the same w/ different bells and whistles.

    Also does Lexus have sales that I should look for? Do they tend to sell close to MSRP when the new models come out? Any info that you can provide me would help a lot being a newbie to the lexus family.

    If you go to the GX470 forum you'll see several discussions of prices paid, etc. I recently saw one that claimed to have gotten $6,500 off MSRP and I'd believe it given the effect the price of fuel has had on the large SUV market.

    Hope this helps.

    Bart :)
  • cwilbscwilbs Posts: 14
    I just downsized from a 2000 Lexus 470LX down to the GX 470.
    Brand new 2006. It's only been a few weeks and as I love the New SUV I have to say I do see quite a difference from the LX.
    The LX has a much smoother ride and I liked the feeling of sitting up higher.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Good post. While I've not driven the LX I have driven my brother's Land Cruiser, same vehicle, and it's much better on the highway. I believe Toyota put too much vehicle on the 4Runner's chassis and dropped the ball (for $53K!) :(
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