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Lexus GX 470



  • Yeah, I've never bought extended warranties from the dealers before either.
    I most likely won't buy any extended warranties for the GX or any Lexus.
    I think it's so cool that we can get such huge discounts on the GX. This makes buying the GX a lot easier when doing the comparison shopping.
    Good luck on your purchase of the very awesome GX470!
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    donovan8 posted here that he had ordered using, I haven't heard the final outcome. Has anyone completed a transaction with them and can tell us how it went? I'm considering going that route since it looks like they're routinely offering $4K off MSRP on '04s.
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    I've now talked with all 3 dealers in my state and they all confirm that the 9700B models arriving next week or so will have the GVWR of 6150lbs. My local dealer says they've added the KDSS suspension and that's what's made the difference. Now I'm sure they had to do something to bump the weight, but I'm skeptical if it's actually the KDSS since it's not supposed to show up until the Novermber builds. I think it may just be a heavier suspension, but I'm just guessing, I have no solid info on this.
  • In Israel, the GX470 is sold as Toyota Land Cruiser.
    Many features like V-8, side air bags, 11 spkr stereo, xenon lights are not available to this market.
    Does US model come w/ xenon's ?
    If not , does anyone have experience w/ retrofitting the oem lights w/ xenons ?
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    the GX does NOT come with Xenons. Lexus has said it's because the height of the lamps would cause the xenons to blind oncoming drivers. folks don't seem to buy that answer since other tall vehicles have them.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I like the idea of the xenon and HID headlights to light the road in the dark. I am not an engineer. But is it possible to make the windshield to reduce the headlight glaze of the oncoming cars or even sunlight... something like the auto dimming rearview mirror?
  • Children are more likely to get killed by the airbag itself rather than the impact of the collision wearing a seat belt. I can understand why Lexus does not offer 3rd row curtains
  • While I live in IL., I'm thinking of buying a GX in California in Feb, and driving it home.
    Does anyone know if there are any additions to the GX to adhere to Calif. emission standards that are not necessary anywhere else?
  • My sales manager told me that the new Nav system in production in Nov and for sale in Dec will have the backup video camera as it's only change now. Also he said KDSS will not be available until Dec build due in Jan '05.
  • I'm seriously considering moving down from a full size SUV and it looks like the GX470 has the most to offer me. I cannot find any site that gives the actual dimensions of the cargo area.(behind the front seats to the rear gate.) I do occasional hauling (tables, etc.) and short of going to the dealership with a tape measure, can't get any info other than the overall cubic footage (77.5)If anyone out there knows these measurements I would appreciate it!
  • Tigger,

    Here are the dimensions I measured from my 2003:
    62 long, 45 wide (inside the wheel well), and 41 high.

    I love my GX, but hauling things other than people definitely isn't one of its strong suits. The layout is uneven and the 3rd row seats get in the way unless you remove them.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for the info, Chucky! I would absolutely pull the 3rd row seats out and stash them till trade-in, I have no use for them. Looks like I'll have to find some 5 foot folding tables if I were to get one lol- I'm just sick of driving a full sizer that I only use to capacity about 4 times a year, I would rather treat myself to something like the GX470 and maybe get a medium size cargo trailer. It is kinda suprising that it has less cargo area than most in the mid size market, but it sure wins hands down in the lux dept. - better wait for a GVWR 6150 model for that trailer.....
  • I was quoted $50,000.00 today for a loaded GX (MSRP $53,243.00). I live in the Southeast (TN). Is this pricing consistent with pricing seen in other parts of the country? Is this a fair deal? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • I only got $2,500 off $52,700 MSRP. While not an especially good discount I needed to get 6150 GVWR model before year end and dealer claimed to have deposits for nearly all of his expected ships prior to year end. Anyway, I got my tax deduction sitting in my garage and since Uncle Sam is paying over 1/3 of it I felt I had better take it.
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    same here in NC, $3K off MSRP was best I could do.
  • The reviews on the nav system seem mixed. Can those who have it elaborate on its ease of use? I test drove a GX a few days ago and the salesman touted the nav system, but when pressed to show me how to use it he couldn't perform. If there is a learning curve, I'm okay with that. However, after you learn how to use it, is it great, good, poor, or somewhere in between? Thanks in advance.
  • Fully loaded GX with $3K off MSRP is only about $3~4K more than a fully loaded RX330. No wonder I see more GX than RX330 in my neighborhood.
  • I hadn't thought of buying a Nav system until I drove a GX. The salesman knew how to operate it and it worked perfectly. I also looked at Landcruiser, 4Runner, GX, MDX, X5. All said, I thought the GX was the best value and the Toyota Nav system is top notch. Honda seems good also. BMW and MB do not rate highly in reviews, but I never drove one. BMW dealer had 10-12 X5's, but no Navs which told me something.

    We took delivery last month of an '04 GX and left on a 3400 mile trip. We relied on the Nav 95% of the time. It makes driving in unfamiliar areas much less stressful and I'm not a wimp about driving in strange places. I also found that we explored areas that we would have never known about, due to the detail of the maps. Not all minor roads have guidance, but you can see your route as you progress and see where you will end up. We confidently took back roads in PA and VT which were not on any maps we had. Also drove around cities using only Nav to explore areas we had not prev seen. When we were thru sight seeing, put in the hotel address and had Nav take us back.

    The learning curve is moderate, read the book, watch the CD and get out and use it. The combination of dash buttons and touch screen buttons is a good combination.

    I'll never have another main car without Nav, and the quality of the Nav will be a big factor in a buying decision.
  • jrynjryn Posts: 18
    You must live in an unusual neighborhood. In August, Toyota/Lexus sold more than 10,000 RX's and fewer than 3,000 GX's. - ml

    Sales of both were down in September, with Toyota/Lexus selling about 7,500 RXs and fewer than 2,000 GX's.

    With standard feature sets (and typical discounting), the price gap between RX's and GX's substantially exceeds $3000, particularly since the "optional" 3rd row seat on GX's comes on about 98% of them and bumps the price up $2030 all by itself.

    There are many reasons to prefer the GX. "Value-pricing" as compared to the RX, though, would be a stretch.
  • any suggestions on a dealer to buy from near Southern Connecticut?

    Also, I would like to wait for the reverse camera, does anyone know when the car will be equipped with the camera?
  • Define Southern CT. In Fairfield County there are 2 dealers, Lexus of Greenwich and Lexus of Westport. I dealt with Greenwich since I work across the street from them, makes life easier, and they had the same price as Westport. The GXs when I brought had a waiting list so a minimal discount. If you can wait for the backup camera on the Nav it is nice on other SUVs I tried, due after the 1st of the year I hear.

    Greenwich was nice since they had no problem with me bringing the dog in for a test drive in the GX unlike other dealers.
  • I have purchased a 2004 GX but it won't be in for a bit. I would like to begin reading about the NAV System and the Rear Entertainment System and other features while I'm waiting. Does anyone know where I can download a Owners manual (pdf)
  • My dealer gave me at least 2 CD's that explain the Nav system. Ask, they would propably give you one.
  • Thanks Boskone. I did mean Fairfield county. I probably can't wait til the beginning of the year. So I will probably try to get one that comes in December without the backup camera.

    Here's what I got on price so far. Two dealers have said that I can have the GX with third row seats, nav, and rear ent. for $53k (this number includes everything) out the door.
  • For $3~4 K more, GX has 3rd row seats, rear A/C, voice activated DVD/audio system, speed adjusted moonroof deflector, full-time 4WD with TORSEN LSCD, DAC/HAC, and adaptive variable suspension (standard). I do think the GX has better value. Actually, I think just the 4WD system worth the extra $$.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think RX is a great SUV too that’s why there’s a RX right next to the GX in our garage.
  • Can anyone recommend winter or all-season tires better than the Bridgestone H/T's that come with the 04's today? We travel during winter to Lake Tahoe about twice a month, and I'm doubtful that the H/T's will satisfy my needs. Upon research in multiple online tire stores, there seems to be limited choices in the 265/65/17 range.

    Any ideas?
  • I picked up a Blizzard White GX last week. Wow, what a truck. I am amazed how solid and quiet this truck rides. I have a 2003 Benz E320 and the GX (in terms of ride quality and sound isolation) will give my E320 a run for the money any day of the week.

    I ordered the GX with the 3rd Row Seat/AC, Wind Deflector, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks package. I paid $46k even plus they game me a great trade on my 2000 Trooper Limited. (Lawrenceville Lexus, Lawrenceville, NJ) I sort of wish I would of ordered with the Nav system as well. I was under the impression that the GX came with the LCD screen regardless of whether or not you ordered the Nav system. (ie Acura MDX) I was mistaken. The GX interion looks much better with the LCD Screen. Although, it was hard to justify the price of the Nav/Levison System. I planned on buying the Garmin Voice Activated GPS for $999 so I am able to move it to any of my 3 vehicles. Like I said, I though it came with the LCD screen regardless. I might have changed my mind if I knew it didn't.

    On occasion, not regularly, I have noticed a very slight vibration in the wheel at 1800-2000 rpm. I have also occasionally noticed that "bang" in the breaks / trans while coming to or at a stop. It hasn't gotten to point of bothering me just yet. I have 1300 miles on the truck as of today.

    No problems to report just as yet. Some things I think Lexus can do to even better the GX 470 (or give you what I would expect in a $50k truck) would be:

    The rear AC system should heat as well as cool and there should be a way to control both from the front console.

    The rear cargo windows should be power open and close. They are basically useless in a manual format in which they currently come.

    The rear door window should open for quick loading and unloading.

    The control rods on the steering column for Lights, Wipers & Cruise etc, should illuminate at night.

    They should eliminate the cheap plastic in the rear cargo area. Especially those cheap plastic lids that cover the 3rd row seat brackets. Man they are cheap..!

    Come on Lexus, this is a $50k truck. I expect more. My sister's $20k Ford Minivan came with power rear cargo windows and front adjustable rear climate control for God's sake..!
  • to wag100: as i was checking for lexus accessories in e-bay. i ran across some listings on owner's manuals and cd's for about $5.00 on the gx470. check it out!
  • just picked up my gx470 a couple of weeks ago and i must say that it's a great drive. i know a lot of people really don't like the back swinging door but it works well for me and the kids when they load up their backpacks to and from school - they don't have to reach too high like they have to on my land cruiser. i have approx 1,000 miles on it now. i have noticed a few things on the driving that i have not noticed on the other suv's i've driven: when i go down hill without my foot pressing on the accelerator, the engine downshifts on its own which i guess is good; and if i come to a rolling stop and then accelerate all of a sudden, the car rev's up a lot like i'm in neutral. anyone have the same experience? other than this, i have not heard any thumping sounds at all. the mark levinson entertainment system when a dvd is playing sounds tremendous! the kids love it.
  • I also received a 50k price on the same exact 53,243 MSRP for a loaded GX. Where did you get yours from ?

    Problem is I can seem to come up with the exact MSRP from any online source. can you ? Maybe this really does include the rear camera and new NAV.

    I was told that the GX with rear view camera were on the ground. I will verify this tomorrow.
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