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Importing Car into Canada from US



  • verbyverby Posts: 6
    Do you know or can you point to some kind of web page where is the list of the cars which are covered by the warranty?
  • emmdee,
    Honda appears to have to most restricted warranty coverage insofar vehicle movements across borders. Honda requirements attached to re-registration in another country may confound the initial registration in one country and movement to another scenario as earlier mentioned.
    I cannot explain why they continue to sever US and Canada warranties the way they do, but suspect that the manufacturer and dealers (Canada/US) have agreed that such policies are necessary. In my opinion that position clearly defies NAFTA and penalizes the consumer based on place of residence. To my knowledge, Honda have not settled the class action Anti-Trust suit in this regard (x-border warranties and dealer penalties...) whereas Toyota has. I am not aware of any Competition Act suits in Canada. No matter, whether it is fair or not, Honda will continue to apply contract law for warranty coverage and failure to adhere to the prescribed conditions will negate warranty. I only hope outcome of the class action suit is favourable to the consumer. Furthermore if Honda are penalized for taking such a draconian position in warranty reciprocity, I wish the Judgment to order financial penalty come directly from Honda executives and legal staff and not be passed on to consumers.
    Other manufacturers will afford US/Canada warranty reciprocity out rightly or have a six month/12,000 Km requirement. So look at alternatives.
    I suggest you contact Honda Canada customer relations at 1-888-946-6329 to determine what is required to maintain warranty validity.
    I alert you to the second FAQ and although it is the reverse scenario to your proposal, I trust Honda Canada will have equally rigid warranty registration requirements.
    - A copy of a current Canadian driver's license to show proof of Canadian residency
    - A copy of the Canadian Bill of Sale, which must have the VIN, selling dealer name, and engine number
    - A copy of the Canadian permanent vehicle registration. Temporary registration is not acceptable.
    - A copy of the current vehicle registration in the United States.
    Post your results.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    As it was expained by the car pros in these forums
    was because of the price difference along with a
    weak Canadian dollar vs. the US dollar (at the time).

    People were saving major bucks by buying Canadian
    along with buying hot selling models in Canada
    and reselling them here in the US.

    The auto mfrs. then moved to put a stop to it the
    only LEGAL way they could. Warranty denile!
  • geo9,
    You almost sound sympathetic to the dealers. I understand their frustration but dealers should concentrate their efforts on exhorting their influence on the respective manufacturer to ensure MSRP parity. At present currency exchange rates, there may be as much as 25% savings to the consumer.
    As a matter of fact Honda’s policies in the area of warranty is completely contrary to sound economic principles. Simply put, in enterprise, the manufacturer produces widgets and the more widgets the greater potential for profit and greater return for shareholders... so it’s pretty obvious that dealers on their respective sides of the border wanted to enter into this non-competition pact (ILLEGAL but difficult to prove and I do expect them to deny they have violated statutes in doing so).
    I understand Toyota applies their warranty throughout North American wide and from Filion’s post#102 Subaru seem to treat the consumer with equal respect.
  • CarLover,

    1. Contact your US dealer (manager) about temporary registration and apprise him of your intent. It should not be a problem and anticipate it will only add a nominal fee to the price. There may be no requirement for the dealer to collect state tax if you pay the full purchase price.
    You may register the vehicle in your Province if you have: title; provide the proof of insurance; and VIN to supply to your provincial vehicle registry office.

    2. BTW - Your proposal is not a grey market vehicle. My understanding is that a grey market vehicle is manufactured outside North America or for export from North America and subsequently modified for importation into a North American country and then proposed to be moved to another North American country. (i.e. a Mercedes built for Germany may be modified for import into the US and then proposed for movement to Canada makes that a grey market vehicle).
    Sad / Bad news about the Honda/Acura Warranty, unless you happen to currently be a US resident and returning to Canada. Visit:
    and call Acura / Honda Canada to be sure.
    I have no experience with aftermarket warranty suppliers. If you decide to, ensure you deal with a reputable company.
    I agree about the vast disparity in vehicle prices between Canada and US and only wish Canadian dealers would wake-up.
    Consider Toyota/Lexus? Visit their webpages for warranty coverage and obtain an email/fax confirmation of warranty coverage.
    Good Luck and keep us posted.
  • filion,
    Congrats on the Subaru and thanks for posting the positive experience. It reinforces the cost difference typically inflicted on Canadian consumers and may inspire other like-minded individuals to act. Such actions may prompt Canadian dealers at least attempt to compete.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Its NOT that I am sympathetic to the dealer.
    As I live along the US/Canadian border I see a lot
    of ex-Canadian cars being resold here and poor saps
    not seeing past the lower prices or warranty issues
    because they are ex-Can. vehicles.

    Most NOT knowing till they had a warranty problem
    and a US dealer telling them "sorry no warranty"
    because this is a TMU (true mileage unknown because
    of the speedo/odo swap to convert from kms to mph)
    vehicle or because it was a MSO Canadian car.

    Esp. a few years back when the Canadian dollar was
    only running at around .62 cents per US dollar.

    Folks just didn't know what they were buying into.!
  • verbyverby Posts: 6
    its german but build in us (atlanta, gorgia i believe) is such a car going to be 6.1% duty as well?
    what about warranty on mb, valid in canada?
  • logan99logan99 Posts: 1

    I’m originally from Europe. I worked temporarily in USA for few years and recently came to Canada on a work permit. I crossed border on April 2006 in my 2001 Honda Accord and have insurance with State Farm USA. My insurance is coming up for renewal and -

    1. My US State farm agent says that I have to get Canada insurance
    2. Canada’s State farm agent says that I have to register my Car first.
    3. In order to register, I need an export certificate on my title and it has to be obtained prior to brining the car into Canada.

    1. Now, is there a way I can get the US Export certificate for my Car from Canada?
    2. Do I need to go to the border to complete the import formalities?
  • verbyverby Posts: 6
    here is what i've got. received email from those 3, so can confirm it.
    BMW - "Any maintenance programs offered by BMW North America through its dealership network are not transferable or valid in Canada. Only the published, 4 years or 80000 Kms warranties will be honored in Canada."
    MB - "vehicle that is purchased in the USA and imported into Canada has only the new car warranty coverage of four years or 50,000 miles (80,000 kms) whichever occurs first from the first date of registration."
    Toyota - "The manufacturer's warranty (regardless of whether it is a US Toyota vehicle or a Canadian Toyota vehicle) is honoured in continental USA and Canada."

    If you have any more please post here.
  • socala4socala4 Posts: 2,427
    You violated Canadian federal law by importing a car without following regulations. You probably also violated provincial law by taking up residency without registering your car in the province.

    Here's a guess (and it's just a guess) -- you might want to just take the car to the States, then act as if you are importing it for the first time, and go through the whole RIV process accordingly.

    If you go to the Canadian government and confess your crime, then you'll likely be subject to penalties and opening up a can of worms that you don't want to bother with. Look at the RIV list and make sure that your car is acceptable, and if so, then be prepared for the various fees, taxes and inspection that will be required.
  • knsgeeknsgee Posts: 21
    It was my intention to purchase a new 2006 automobile in Georgia and driving it back to Ontario. I have visited the RIV site and associated links and am content that that all the procedures contained therein are fine and also have determined that I will not have to pay Georgia sales tax and that full warranty coverage will continue in Canada.
    My problem is the one mentioned in a previous post in that Georgia will not issue tags(license plate) to a non-resident and Ontario will not issue plates until vehicle arrives in Ontario and has been awarded the stamp of approval from the appropriate authorities even though the vehicle is on Transport Canada's approved list. The other associated problem is that of insurance as I have been advised by my Ontario insurance company that they are unable to provide insurance until vehicle is in Ontario.
    Non of this sounds to terribly logical to me and I was hoping that someone reading this forum has actually done what I was hoping to do and could inform me as to how they got around the issues I have just mentioned.
  • ep123ep123 Posts: 2
    Than you for being helpful by providing your financially rewarding experience. I am missing something on step 4 (forgive me I am green as a leaf)>
    How do I drive -out the car...I need a US plate and Insurance (how do I get a Plate)? what is this RIV from the dealer that lasts 30 days?

  • knsgeeknsgee Posts: 21
    So what kind of vehicle license and insurance did you use while vehicle was in transit from NY to Quebec?
  • carlover10carlover10 Posts: 13
    Thanks canucknuckled. You have provided a lot of useful information on this forum. Keep up the good work :)
    When I called Acura (Canada), they are the ones who used the term grey market. The guy I spoke to said when I import a US Acura into Canada, it becomes a 'grey market vehicle' and none of the new car warranty is applicable from that point on.

    Yes, I have considered Toyota/Lexus. However, the equivalent Toyota (Highlander instead of the Pilot/MDX) is manufactured in Japan, then I have to add the 6.1% duty and when you add that, it's not a lot of savings to buy it in the states and going through the pain. But in case of Pilot/MDX, there's big savings.

    That's why I'm tempted to even get the car and take a chance without the new car warranty(yes, call me stupid!!), since from my experience, most of the problems with the new cars start to appear after the new car warranty just expires anyway.

    The other option is to get a replacement warranty. I have not heard of any reputable companies providing this in Canada or anyone's experience.

    Any input is welcome.

  • verbyverby Posts: 6
    Mazda - "We are pleased to inform you that warranty repairs are applicable within North America (Canada & U.S.) at any authorized Mazda dealer."

    GM - "vehicle must be owned and operated in the United States for 6 months and 12,000 kilometres before being imported into Canada; otherwise, the warranty becomes null and void." ... that kind of sux
  • filionfilion Posts: 7
    The Subaru dealer in NY put 30 day tags on the car so i've been driving around with that in Quebec. I don't know if this is legal or not driving around Montreal with temporary NY tags but i had plenty of police cruisers right behind me and they don't seem to care. Eventually I will go to the SAAQ (quebec dmv) and register the car.
    As soon as I received the Vin certificate I called my insurance broker and insured it so I could pick it up in NY.
  • ep123ep123 Posts: 2
    According to TC website
    there should be no duty on the says:
    ALL 1991 TO 2006 PASSENGER
    CAR MODELS EXCEPT yjose below:
    1991 CAMRY
    1991 & 1992 COROLLA
    1991 TO 1994 TERCEL/PASEO
    2000 SC400/300
    2000 TO 2005 MR2
    2005 & 2006 SCION tC
    so I am bufled on the duties...better to check with Customs first.
  • verbyverby Posts: 6
    ep123 the riv canada doesn't tell you which cars don't have a duty... this list is only for cars which you CAN bring to Canada (afaik)
  • marcushmarcush Posts: 2
    I am bidding on eBay for a 2-3 year old SUV made in NA. I will import to Ontario and save $12-15K CAD all in, depending on travel. The car will have missed a few harsh Ottawa winters.

    From conversations with US border officers, 14 Jun 2006:
    > Ogdensburg: Need the original title in your name 72 hrs ahead. Fax of title no longer accepted. No copies needed. Open 24 hrs for driving through.
    > Alexandria Bay: Need original title and copy of bill of sale 72 hours ahead. Fax of title not accepted. No title copies needed. And, for new cars need confirmation of no lien. Open 24 hrs.
    > Detroit Fort St. Cargo Facility (Ambassador Bridge): only need fax of title 72 hrs ahead. Open 24 hrs.

    US Ports - addresses/phone:

  • growwisegrowwise Posts: 297
    I live in Ontario and most likely will be in the market for a new car in one year and probably wont have it paid off for five years from then. I am also contemplating a move to states in this time frame (perhaps one year into 5 year note)

    Does anyone have a list of lenders in canada who will let you take a vehicle still under finance (title with lien holder) to US? This is a hypothetical question since It is one of those what-if situations.

    When I moved to canada from US, GMAC had no problem in providing such letter of permission to show the customs along with copy of title. As I am doing my research, I am realizing that only domestics' (GMAC, Ford Credit, DCX credit) will do such and that too only for finance and not leases which is fine with me. Any others?

    I did call randomly Honda/Toyota/VolksWagen/Mercedes Benz etc and all were firm in saying that the vehicle will either have to be paid off or liquidated. They probably dont deserve my business but If I like a european car (not saab or volvo which come under gmac/ford credit) then I should be able to buy it notwithstanding the arrogant F/I.

    I have no clue regarding the banks and what their policies are though.. I am kinda apprehensive that my choice will come down to lender rather than the manufacturer/car itself. Anybody in the same situation?
  • pkfollypkfolly Posts: 7
    I'm a Canadian citizen living in the States. I have a 95 E320 Mercedes I'd like to park in my mother's house in Toronto, both to store it, and use it the couple of times a year I go to visit. Any suggestions about how to handle this? Should I just maintain the US registration, or go for Canadian plates and registration?
  • socala4socala4 Posts: 2,427
    I don't really know much about this, so perhaps others can answer, but a few guesses/ ideas if you don't bother with the RIV process:

    -Since the car is staying in Canada, I guess that you'll be breaking the law by "importing" it. But whether or not you'll actually get caught is another matter entirely, a question that I can't answer.

    -One question: How will you re-register this car each year? If an inspection, etc. is required, you'll have to figure out how to keep it registered while the car remains out of state. (I would bet that you'd be violating Ontario law by driving a car that isn't properly registered if you allowed the registration to expire, but whether you'd actually be cited for this, I don't know.)

    -Your insurance company may also not like this, a US insurer won't likely insure for a car that has been unofficially exported. (Yes, US policies are fine while you're driving in Canada for a visit, but probably not for something like this.) If you have an accident, and they figure out that this car has effectively been exported, they may try to avoid honoring your policy. In any case, you may (or may not) need valid registration to keep your policy in effect.

    On the other hand, you should note that the RIV list indicates that your car would require extensive modifications to the bumpers and child restraints to be permitted for import. According to RIV, it must be performed by a MB dealer in Canada.

    Sounds as if this car could potentially create a small financial disaster if you were to import it legally. I'm not your attorney, but let's just say that you may have some serious expenses if you choose to comply with the law, so you'll have to decide what this means to you. At the very least, get an estimate from a Canadian MB dealer for the cost of conversion prior to importing it, so that you can make a rational decision.
  • pkfollypkfolly Posts: 7
    Yeah, I checked the RIV site too, which is what brought me to this forum. The car is registered in a state that doesn't require inspections, and they are quite happy renewing the tags by mail, as long as I pay the small yearly tax. The blue book value is about 4K wholesale, so I'm not too worried about collision and comprehensive. Liability is another issue. I'd just leave it parked at home, but we live downtown, with all our garage space occupied, so it would just get trashed/stolen parked on the street. I'm leaning toward the don't ask, don't tell solution. If I ever got stopped in Canada, I got my US license and home address.
  • valh4rvalh4r Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,
    I am considering importing a (new)nissan Pathfinder from Newyork into Quebec. The price difference is about 7k .
    I called Nissan Canada and inquired about the warranty,
    Their response was: we will honor what is written in the warranty manual of the vehicle including applying the restrictions. (?)
    Does anyone have any experience with warranty service from Nissan?

    Also, What method of payment do you use to purchase the vehicle?
    Are 2 trips to the dealer required (1) to purchase and pickup the title documents and invoice and a 2nd trip to go back and pickup the vehicle.

    TIA for your feedback
    this is a great forum.
  • Folks,
    Visit todays' Toronto Star (http// and click on the Wheels tab (second row at the top) for a few interesting articles about the subject matter of this forum:
    1. American sticker shock$16,740 (U.S.) $22,510 (Cdn.);
    2. So you want to buy a car in the U.S.;
    3. Big differences between similar models in Canada and the U.S.
    I do not believe the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or state laws allow a retailer to discriminate based upon the geographical origin of a potential buyer. The warranty issue, as I mentioned in previous posts is a bilateral contract and as a buyer you agree to the conditions (some corporations offer more latitude than others). Personally I believe that the stringent interpretation of warranties is in bad faith by the corporation and makes obvious the collusive agreements that the corporation and dealers impose upon consumers, contrary to anti-trust laws.
    Note the predictable responses from corporate representatives.
    If after some period of time the content of those articles eventually prompts you to archives that demand payment, post that you want to see those articles and myself or others will post the saved content of the articles.
  • marcushmarcush Posts: 2
    Payment: Certified cheque from Canadian bank, or money order in US currency. Some sellers will accept major credit card for the downpayment, or a portion of payment.
    Obviously, never pay with a third party instant cash transfer service offered in the USA (no tracking or guarantee).

    Trips: Buyers tend to make one trip only, especially for new cars. First ensure you are comfortable with the credibility of the seller. Also suggest that you receive written confirmation of the features, miles, preps...
    Just to ensure there is no misunderstanding. The magnitude of the risk on a new car is around $1,000 (i.e. a feature not provided, an unknown cost, a scratch). Two trips, or one 72 hour trip, justs eats into the cost savings. And you will have already sunk travel costs. Better: one trip, lots of knowledge before, negotiate hard if there is a surprise, take the risk.
  • sfaradaysfaraday Posts: 5
    I was wondering if you got an answer to your question as I am trying to do the same thing. I want to buy a used car out of Texas and drive it back but I like you cannot get the tags to drive it back?
  • sfaradaysfaraday Posts: 5
    Has anyone bought a used car in the USA and figured out how to get plates so that you can drive it back to Canada?
  • Go to the state department of motor vehicle (DMV) web site to see what is required for temporary plates.
    Also,if you have a decent history with your insurer, it should not be a problem.
    A friend recently purchased a couple of used vehicles (1 private, 1 dealer)on different ocassions without any problems.
  • sfaradaysfaraday Posts: 5
    thank you this was very informative and helpfull.. I am working on it..Hopefully will have my suburban shortly..
  • sfaradaysfaraday Posts: 5
    I do not understand? how do you get the original title with your name on it to the customs folks 72 hours in advance. Do you not require this with you to drive the car? And does it not have to go to the Canada Customs folks rather than the US customs?
  • socala4socala4 Posts: 2,427
    And does it not have to go to the Canada Customs folks rather than the US customs?

    The Canadians will not allow you to import the car until you have first received clearance from the Americans to export it. You need the appropriate paperwork from the US first.
  • keriqkeriq Posts: 1
    Just reading your message,

    Did you in fact import the nissan pathfinder? What happended with the warranty. I am in the process of purchasing a nissan from Montana and they are saying that the warranty of the vehicle must be registered in the USA for 6 months, then transfered.

    Let me know what you found,
  • stavros1stavros1 Posts: 4
    Did you have any problems with the Federal inspection or provincial inspection/. Did nyou have to modify the vehicle at all?. Has your insurance company insured the vehicle. Stavros1
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm considering purchase a BMW Z3 on Ebay. It is located in Florida, and I am in Toronto (Canada).

    If I drive over to Florida and purchase it, and then proceed to drive it back home, what do I need? Do I have to bring my current plates? Are their fees/taxes at the border?

    I also wanted to know if it would be possible to have the seller bring it over the border to me, and then I would take it from there.

    Would this help me to circumvent any duties/taxes?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • thonorthonor Posts: 1
    Hey Seandamien:

    There's no way to circumvent the taxes. If you somehow miss paying them at the border, then you'll have to pay them when you go to register, because you'll have to produce the receipt.

    I'd be very very careful about importing a car from Florida (even if it is a POS Z3...) due to the recent Katrina happenings. The flood damage may not show on title yet. At the very least I'd order an inspection with CarFAX or someone like that, so that you don't spend a bucketload of money on a sight-unseen car that could have major electrical problems. Just because some dealer might have it doesn't mean they know exactly where the car has been.

    Here is the deal: Regardless of how you get it across the border, you will have to pay import fees (around $250), another tax if the car has AC ($100), import duties of 6.1% if the car was not manufactured in the US or Canada, and GST at 6% (as of July 1).

    Also, you must have the car inspected within 45 days at a Canadian Tire (fee there) and make any modifications / upgrades to bring the car up to Canadian standards if needed. Usually those are things like child restraints and daytime running lights. Those can get really expensive, so be sure to check up on that.

    At the border, you will need the Title, Bill of sale, and a notice from the manufacturer that the car is not subject to any outstanding recalls. You need to send a Certified copy of Title to the border crossing you'll be at at least 3 days ahead of time. Doesn't matter how you get it there, that's what you'll need. You won't be able to register the car otherwise.

    Good Luck!
  • knsgeeknsgee Posts: 21
    Hi sfaraday,
    Yes ,I finally resolved that problem and most others, I purchased new 2006 Sonata in Atlanta ,Ga. and have subsequently driven it back to my home in Ontario. The dealership issued a temporary tag good for 30 days which allowed me to drive the vehicle home. Insurance was a bit of a problem as well however it was finally determined that the car was protected (for at least 15 days) under policy which I have for two other cars that I own.
    All the rest US Customs/Canada Customs procedures were pretty much as advertised on RIV site. The title for new car that US Customs insist on having for 72 hours prior to letting you proceed is referred to as MSO or certificate of origin for a vehicle...kind of like birth certificate for new car. It also wouldn't hurt to have some sort of document that shows there is nothing owing on the car.
    I was expecting to have to report to RIV office after dealing with Canada Customs but at Detroit/ Windsor crossing was only given paper work to mail to RIV along with the $206.90 Cdn import fee. I mailed the docs to RIV the day after I brought the car into Canada 03 Jul and to date 12 Jul have not heard from them. By the way, the temp tags issued by dealer satisfied the OPP as I was checked out only about a half hour after departing Windsor and got the OK to proceed.
    I anticipate having to obtain and install a daytime running light module to satisfy Canadian law and after questioning Hyundai Canada received info that Hyundai dealership would or could complete this work at an expense of $400.00. I don't think it should cost any where near that and was wondering if anyone else out there has had this done with any US spec car and if so how much and how?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There are a number of Forums members who are own Sonatas. Why don't you stop by the Hyundai Sonata discussion and ask them about the DRLs?
  • filionfilion Posts: 7
    When I picked up the car in the U.S. I was very surprised to see bilingual warning stickers on the visors which was the only thing that i would have added but they where there so the car needed absolutly nothing done, passed with flying colors!
    My insurance company sold me a policy as soon i gave them the vin# no problem.
    I am very happy with this purchase, the deals available in the U.S. on american built subarus are incredible. when i went to the local Subaru dealer for a roof rack and told him what i paided for the tribeca he was in disbelief of the $17,000.00 cnd price difference he quoted me.
  • Wow, it almost seems as though it would be better to just buy the car in Canada.

    I was also considering a BMW 318ti. The price is $5000.

    Wt do you think it would end up costing me in total after I'm done with all of the greddy Canadian hands?
  • danafdanaf Posts: 22
    My question is the other way around, but I am not able to find a thread for it so I hope someone can help me.
    I am not sure if I should bring my Toyota with me when I move to the US. Will I have any disadvantage selling my car because it was purchased in Canada? Thanks a lot.
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Two issues:

    1) If you plan to drive the car until the wheels fall off and the vehicle will be salvaged, then bring it on over.

    2) If you plan to sell it in the US while it has some significant value, you should sell it in Canada as the vehicle will be considered to be TMU - "True Mileage Unknown" and will bring far less money than it is worth.

    I work for a large corporation which often relocates people on either side of the US/Canada border. Generally, people sell the car before heading across the border.
  • danafdanaf Posts: 22
    Thanks a lot jlawrence01! No my Echo is pretty new so I was hoping to sell it after my one year assignment instead of shipping it back. I am glad I find out about the TMU now. Do they just ignore the mileage reading?
  • ru5tyru5ty Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if Nissan will sell new vehicles to Canadians?

    I am interested in a Nissan 350Z and I'm looking to purchase one in Buffalo - can anyone recommend a dealer?

    According to google, these are the 4 in Buffalo,+ny&ie=UTF8&om=1

    - Barney Mike Nissan, 3676 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY
    - Auto Place: Nissan Auto Place, 8137 Main St, Williamsville, NY
    - Cappellino's Niagara Nissan, 6069 S Transit Rd, Lockport, NY
    - Westherr Nissan, 3580 Southwestrn Blvd, Orchard Park, NY,

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    My brother-in-law wants to buy my Florida-driven, US-spec 2003 Infiniti FX35 AWD with 38K miles or 60,800 kms, which I bought brand-new. I can drive the car up into Canada without any issues and leave it with him. He is willing to pay the taxes/fees required at registration. The FX35 will require retrofitting of the daytime running lights.

    What should we expect to expedite the transaction, in terms of paperwork and taxes/fees?
  • sahotasahota Posts: 1
    How did you get insurance in Ontario?

    RBC insurance is telling me that they don't cover this type of activity.
  • nissanissa Posts: 2
    My friend is currently working in US and has a BMW that I want to buy . We are both Canadians. If he drives it up, will I still need to pay the GST? Since I have never registered a car myself, I am not sure what they need and how do they know the car is from US?

    When I read the CBSA sight and they refer to an assessment tax. What is that? or do i pay GST on the sale price of the vehicle.

    Plus are BMW manufactured in US or in Germany? wondering if i will need to pay the 6% foreign make tax?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    This is the same situation that I am in, but in reverse, i.e. I'm the seller. I think that the GST will still need to be paid even if the seller is able to get it across the border without paying the fees there. When the vehicle is registered, I think that's where the $195 RIV fee + GST will be due. To register the vehicle, see

    I think GST is computed based on market value of the vehicle, as opposed to the sale price. That is, the seller may state that the vehicle was sold for $1 but actually has a market value of $25K just to circumvent GST. I don't think we can fool Revenue Canada.

    There are BMWs manufactured in US like the X5 and Z4, but most of the others are made outside of North America. So, it depends what BMW model you are buying.
  • nissanissa Posts: 2
    thanks for the clarification cricky. I am wondering if it is worth the trouble. i guess i will do the math and see
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