Car won't go forward

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Hello all, I have a 2001 VW Beetle 1.9 diesel with an automatic trans. The car would not go forward until I got the engine up to about 1800 rpm's. Then it was like doing a neutral drop, the tires would squeak, and then it would go. Once I got going the car would shift just fine. Once in awhile if I had to step on it it would slip but then down shift into gear and work fine again. Well I replaced the valve body with a re-manufactured one. Put it together with new fluid only to make the problem worse, Now I would have to get the engine up to almost 3000 rpm's to make it go. I called up the place where I got the valve body and they over nighted another valve body. We then put that one in, started the car and it went forward for about 5 blocks the started slipping to the point it wouldn't go forward. I put it in reverse and drove it back. The car goes great in reverse. So then reading more forums we came to the conclusion that perhaps the computer was having issues. I know of another Beetle that had a diesel and the numbers matched so we swapped the computer. We started the car and had the same issue. Car goes forward until it warms up. So then we replaced the ribbon cable knowing that that too can go bad. The car has 200K on it. Well, we replaced that and we still have the same issue. Go's great in reverse, but will not go forward. Also, I forgot to mention that when I took it out when it started slipping I was headed forward on a hill. The car would not go forward but when I took my foot of the gas it would roll back about 6 inches and then it would hill hold. I did this twice. Both times it felt like it wanted to go into gear but it wouldn't, but it wouldn't roll back either.
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