$50,000 Acadia Denali Air Conditioner Crashes at 30,000 Miles

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I loved my 2012 $50,000 GMC Acadia Denali. Only One complaint--the air conditioner always seemed weak flow-wise and didn't blow really cold air.

i was going to have dealer check on this during recall visit scheduled for May 26.

My wife and I dropped the car off at night. The next day I had emergency back surgery due to lumberjack tree falling accident--10 days in hospital . 
My wife called the dealer to explain she had no way to come I and pick up car since I was in the hospital. Nor did she bring up the worsening air conditioner. The dealer kindly delivered the car to my home.

Today was the first time I was able to drive my car since my May surgery -- the air conditioner was dead.  I called the dealer about the warranty since the car had only 30,000 miles on it.

He said it was out of warranty because the 36 month bumper-bumper warranty expired on June 15.

i explained the extenuating circumstances and he said it was s hard wired GMC policy to strictly enforce the 36/36 bumper to bumper warranty policy.

He said the repair would cost at minimum $700,

I did a Google search on GMC Acsdia air problems and many people are having problems. Seems like there should be a recall.

So buyers beware and be warned. 

i will never buy another GMC car again.

I really wanted to buy the new Cadillac SUV but with this experience I think I'll look at some Japanese (Lexus) SUVs. 


  • acadia2010acadia2010 Member Posts: 5
    HARMONS TOOK CARE OF THE AIR CONDITIONER FOR ME. Once I was able to speak with the service manager he got the go-ahead from GMC to replace the air conditioner -- a $1000 repair. I just have to pay the $100 deductible. Based on this and many positive past experiences with Harmon's I have to conclude that they are decent, honest and caring people.
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    Well good, a happy ending. Sometimes you just have to meet face to face and work things out.
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