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Ford Mustang (2005 and Newer)



  • I think the slow rate of raising/lowering has to do with the new "Z" design of the top. It's worth the wait, and I'm actually thinking of losing the boot cover I ordered, with the top down it just doesn't seem necessary. I do notice that it takes a little ooomph to get the top latched, but as I've only had the car three weeks, I am likening it to a new pair of jeans or boots. Kind of needs to be broken in to fit just right. I too am interested to see what other ragtop owners think.
    I haven't had the problem with the power windows lowering, but there is some sort of sensor built into the motor to prevent injury during the auto-up function. Something is setting it off prematurely, perhaps a small adjustment is necessary

  • Besides, if I peeled off my shirt while driving, the ceramic color of my skin would have blinded other drivers......

    LOL graphicguy. sooner or later I'm going to have to drive the car on a rainy day. THEN I'll put the top up

    By the way, How'd the A/C work? I 'm not even sure where the button is ;)
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I would love to have a new 05 Mustang but until the price comes off list I will wait.
  • I agree, we can't blame Ford for making a car people want. Speaking for my own frustrations, however, I think some dealers are causing a lot of angst. I don't even have a problem with price gouging...if someone wants to pay it, go for it.

    What I don't understand is why dealers can't give straight answers on manufacturing and delivery status. I have to think there's a computer somewhere that knows when an order came in, how many are in front of it, and how long it takes to make one. With those three pieces, the math should be fairly simple.

    That said, I've never worked in the car industry, and may have no idea what I'm talking about!
  • vppreachervppreacher Posts: 72
    No argument at all about the dealers. Ford, undoubtedly, has some unreputable, unscrupulous dealers

    I do have to say the dealer I used did give me straight answers. Taking the old adage, "Caveat Emptor" in mind, I "verified" what they said via the ERL phone number. In the end, I had the car in 7 weeks (they predicted 8-12 weeks) and below MSRP ($500 military discount and $500 price lock before MSRP price increase). My point is just that there are good dealers out there.
  • I ordered my 05' GT in April, and was told it might come in at the end of summer. I got word a few weeks ago that i had to roll it over to an 06' b/c all 05's stopped production on Aug. 6. There were a few cancelled orders and I moved up the list at my dealer. Mine is schedulled for build on Aug. 8 and hoping to take delivery by the end of the month.
  • saabnjsaabnj Posts: 1
    Hi all, New to this forum. I just ordered an 06 Mustang Convertible. I have a priority of 20 is that good ? The dealer says to look for the delivery in January. Has anyone experience similar delivery dates ?
  • detailzdetailz Posts: 47
    Still waiting for the coupe I've ordred as I rolled over the order at the end of July to an 06.....Been on order since mid a priority "new" level of 10 from the dealer only because I asked for it..?... was a 40 priority level with the 05...... learned it off this this forum..thank you! Does this mean that I get put in the front of the pack because I never got my 05 Redfire Coupe?

    Also.there seems to be some confusion with the 18" wheels offered. I ordered the polished Al. wheels for this right? or are they "satin" finish; "fan" type at the beginning?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    20's not bad - 10 is the best. January seems too long - maybe your dealership doesn't have much allocation? I'd try another dealer just to be safe (a larger one with more allocation).
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    Sonic.....the heat has been brutle here in the midwest. Although, the last week or so temps have dropped to the "high 80s", before that, temps hovered at or near 100 with high humidity. A/C freezes me out once the car cools down.

    Whenever I drive any convertible I always tell myself I'll buy one. But, in reality, around here, a 'vert is only useful about 6-8 weeks out of the year. Early Fall/early Spring...and a day here & there during the summer. It's either too hot (June/July/August/September) or too cold (November thru the beginning of April).

    On a side note, as I put more miles on my GT, it's clearly getting even faster than when it was new. I would imagine if I were to take it to the track, I could hit high 4s 0-60 and mid 13s in the 1/4. Shifter is also becomimg more "snikety" as I put some wear on it.

    The more miles I pile on, the better I like this car.

    It still gathers a crowd no matter where I go with it. More importantly, whenever I see it parked in my garage or whenever I get into it, it always brings a huge smile to my face. Now, if I could only get strangers to keep from asking to put their butts in the seats and fondling the interior (accompanied by "oohhh....ahhh....nice"), I'll be happy.
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  • tmtgttmtgt Posts: 18
    After six months, I saw my car on the truck today. It will be ready tomorrow. Boy, is it dirty.. and beautiful at the same time. I heard all 05 cars that were held up are now released.. I hope everyone gets theirs soon. My dealer insists I get the Lojac, for $700... I have no problem with that.
    But I also have to get this finish and fabric protection for $550. They say it guarantees them for 7 years. Others have told me they can't force me to take anything like that. I know I am paying full price and am ok with that, but maybe some kind of break should be in order. Any thoughts?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This dealer is already making list and now he has the gaul to gouge you for at least another 1k in profit?

    That sucks man.


    Legally he can't force you to take any of this.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Do you have a contract with the dealer to buy the car at $xx,xxx, or was the agreement to just buy the car at 'sticker price'? Because (as you are finding out), the 'sticker' can be almost anything the dealer says it is. I think he figures that since you've waited 6 months on the car, that you'll pay almost anything just so you can plant your butt in the seat and drive your new car home. And as soon as they get little to no resistence on stuff like Lojac, they just keep pushing the envelope to see how much they can extract out of you.


    If you have ANYTHING in writing regarding an agree upon sales price, let your dealer know that you'll be contacting your State's Attorney General's office to file a complaint.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    Like everyone else, I think the options of Lojac and finish/fabric protection is a poor deal, on any car.

    Some will disagree with me regarding Lojac, but most law enforcement people I've spoken to say it's no more of a deterrent than the standard factory anti-theft devices. The finish/fabric protection is little more than fancy wax. Matter of fact, with $50 worth of wash/wax products and a little elbo grease, I do a better job. What exactly are the terms for the finish/fabric protection warranty? Do they have to reapply it? If so, how often and how much do they charge for the reapplicaction?

    Almost any well waxed paint will not fade considering today's finishes. Are there exclusions to the warranty? What are they?
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  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    That's what they call it and it's worthless. Pure profit for the dealer. Just say no. At least with LoJack you do get an actual product regardless of how well it works.
  • detailzdetailz Posts: 47
    Glad to hear that your GT is getting better day by day! You refer to the shifter getting more "snikety" and was wondering what you meant by that. Also, any idea where I can see the 06' Tungston color online?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    detailz....the shifter was a bit stiff when I first got the GT. It's now much more of a "snik-snik" feel with the stiffness blunted.

    I saw the "tungsten" color at my dealership. They should have it in their '06 ordering guide.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • graphicguy,
    I read a recent review of the Mustang GT. I believe it was C&D and it was their second review. If I remember correctly, they saw results very similar to yours. The 0-60 time dropped from 5.1 to 4.9 and the shifter improved as well.
  • Detailz: To see tungsten gray online:

    Go to the bottom of the page.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    .......From Bob Bell Ford in Glen Burnie, Md, got a Confirmation Code/Number and Priority Number 10. Bought at MSRP, totaled $33,315 with options. Probably won't be ready until Nov., and it'll be winter here in Maryland :cry:, but at least I'll be ready to cruise when the weather breaks in the spring :shades: ! Couldn't sleep last night, the wait is going to kill me :mad: . I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait, always wanted to own a Mustang, and finally I will!!!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Colors, please!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    vp....which issue of C&D was that in? I usually pick up C&D at the airport when travelling. I must have missed that issue.

    The more miles I put on mine, the better it performs. Although I haven't been to the track in quite some time, I'm tempted to do so with my 'Stang GT.

    My "buttometer" tells me that high 4s 0-60 and mid 13s 1/4s are possible as the trade rags report, however. While a 1/10th of a second doesn't mean anything on the street, I'd be interested in the trade rags performance figures are on a long term Mustang GT test. I just don't know of any that are doing long term tests.

    Even the steering allows me to "point and shoot" holes in traffic quickly.

    I can remember the sloppy "rock cruncher" manual trannys and very heavy clutches on V8 cars of the past. The Mustang, while beefy, doesn't exhibit any of that. The shifter is purposeful and accurate, but relatively light. I can snap off shifts very quickly.
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  • tmtgttmtgt Posts: 18
    Well, listening to graphicguy and everyone else on this forum, you know I will take my car today... I would be crazy not to, (and my dealer knows it!) I am paying the original price on the order sheet, 32,660.(before taxes and this stupid dealer crap!) For a sonic gt conv. with premium, upgraded int. shaker 500, but they are insisting on the lojac and the finish protection. They do apply the finish protection one time and they give me a quart of it when I need it. It guarantees the finish for seven years against anything.. including acid rain, uv rays, spills inside or outside. I am supposed to meet my dealer at 2:00 est and finish the deal. I am going to tell them I will write a letter to Ford and complain to customer service..He will not care...It might just make me feel better..also of course, it is supposed to rain here thru fri. after 2 weeks of beautiful, if hot weather...BUT I AM GETTING MY GT AFTER 6 MONTHS!! ...thanks for all your input..
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    tm....did you sing a deal sheet stating that you HAVE to buy Lojac and sealer? If not, it's optional and you can refuse it. On the other hand, I would imagine the dealer is going to say something to the effect of "well, we already applied the wax and installed the Lojac so it's part of the deal".

    Personally, I hate dealers like that. They force you to take dealer installed options you may not want (I can't think of one dealer installed option I would want).

    You might want to try a little hardball with them. Tell them the deal is off if they force the dealer installed options on you. See what they say. At worst, they unwind the deal and you don't get the car. Maybe they discount the dealer installed options. Maybe they cave and don't charge you for them. Don't know unless you try.
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  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Black with a black covertible top, my preference color for a sports car. Options include: 17" Bright Machined Aluminum Wheels , Soft Top Boot, Lock Lug Nuts, Interior Upgrade, Active Alarm System, Front Seat Side-Mounted Airbags.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Personally, if I had a signed deal sheet showing what options would be on the car (factory options) and what the price would be, AND then a dealer attempted to cram that stuff on the car, I would lodge a complaint with the State Attorney General's office and forward a copy of the complaint to the dealer.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    rorr....I'm with you.

    I have a golf partner that bought the first Mustang GT in the city last November. He wanted it so badly that he not only paid $1K over MSRP for it, he also paid $995 for the "sealant" the dealer put on it. His is a black GT base model. He ended up paying $2,000 more for his base model than I did for my totally loaded GT. His car is always garaged. He had some stains from bird droppings he couldn't get off the paint, however. He took it in under the "sealant" warranty. Dealer refused his claim stating owner negligence. The wording of the "sealant" warranty was so nebulous that the dealership was totally in their rights to refuse the claim.

    Many years ago, I was all hot and bothered about getting a 300Z. At the time, the dealer I bought from told me all their cars were PDI'd with paint sealant and I had to pay for it if I wanted a Z. They didn't have the color I wanted, but we struck a deal on one that was coming in. As luck would have it, I saw them unloading the Z from the carrier truck one day. It was the one I wanted. I went into the dealership while they were unloading it off the carrier and stated that "it doesn't have any sealant on it, so I'll take the one you're unloading". They finally agreed. I sat there for 3 hours while they PDI'd it. I also went back into service area and stated to the PDI guys that the car they were inspecting was the one I just bought and they weren't to do apply any sealant (just in case they tried to sneak it on).

    I know sealant is a big profit line item for the dealerships, but I've never, ever seen one where it was worth $250, $500, $1,000 worth what the dealership charged.....maybe $100, at most.
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  • mbalembale Posts: 2
    Hello all - I'm in the market for an '05 GT premium. I'm in Chicago and there are very few left on the lots, and still going at sticker or above. I've got a line on a guy who ordered one from the factory and took delivery, but can't afford the payments and is looking to sell the car for a couple thousand below msrp. Supposedly he bought the property after placing the order and decided to sell the car himself rather than take the penalties from the dealer.

    The car has about 50miles, and a carfax seems to verify his story. I haven't actually seen the car yet, I'll be driving out to check it out on Friday. Anyone have any ideas about what this guy could be up to? If it turns out he's being honest then this could be a really great deal, obviously still under warranty. Is it possible he's done some major mechanical damage to the car in the first few months of ownership and paid cash to have it repaired? I'm obviously excited at the prospect of getting a great deal on the car, but really don't want to get screwed in the deal. Any suggestions on what to look for when I inspect and drive the car?
    Thanks all.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,991
    Is it possible he's done some major mechanical damage to the car in the first few months of ownership and paid cash to have it repaired?

    Anything is possible.

    I think it should be pretty obvious if the car is "still in the wrapper."

    Heck, a car at the dealership can easily have over 50 miles on it. So I say go for it if its what you want.

    HOWEVER, personally, at this point, I'd probably opt for an '06 at MSRP rather than an '05 at $2K under.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    mbale....maybe legit....or maybe not. Hard to tell. First, I'd ask the guy where he bought it. Check with the dealership on that part of the story. Next, I'd look for obvious body damage that may have been repaired. Look for "overspray" on interior panels (wheel wells, under the hood and trunk) and on attaching bolts.

    If that checks out, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a mechanic look at it. Although, with 50 miles on it, I'd doubt anything would be amiss.

    Even used '05 GTs are going for at or near MSRP (I've had 3 offers on mine for MSRP, and it's 5 months old with 4,000 miles on it).

    As q says, I'd probably opt for a new '06, though.....unless you want that Mustang NOW! You certainly aren't going to get a shot at one for less than MSRP. If you keep the '06 for awhile, that $2K you saved (in addition to the inevitable price increase) will disappear in year 4 or 5.
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