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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffceejeffcee Member Posts: 12
    I still don't think they are selling as well as Toyota anticipated. Yes the car I gave a link to was in North Dakota but others on Ebay have been from South Florida and South Carolina. The Florida car in Palm Beach county only received 2 bids neither of which made the reserve. I bought mine in Racine Wisconsin less than 40 minutes away from Libertyville, IL which is one of the largest Toyota dealers in the Chicago area. If these cars are as "hot" as the dealers claim I cannot imagine why a dealer in S FL would have to list the car on ebay....why wasn't it presold or traded to a Miami dealer etc. Don't get me wrong I love my 04 convertible I just don't believe all the hype that the supply is so tight as to warrant list price or over.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 50,511
    I think there are a couple of reasons. One is the chance of getting someone desperate that pays way over sticker. The other is cheap advertising. That is, prospects call about the car which happens to have sold locally, but might get sold another incoming unit.

    It only cost $40 or so to list, so not a big deal for a dealer to troll some units out there to test the waters.

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  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    wasn't the car in south Fla. opening up at $35.2k? I think there was another one that was opening up at sticker, and there is one with 1500 miles on it with a "reserve not met" @$28.2k.
    It is a function of supply and demand..my local dealer still has two with $5k adm's on them..quite frankly if i was in his shoes..i would probably do the same thing. It is finallly the season in New England..and as they say..there is an [non-permissible content removed] for every seat!!
  • jeffceejeffcee Member Posts: 12
    If these cars are truly in such high demand and with summer just around the corner how did you convince a dealer in a major metro area (Pitsburgh)to give you a $2000+ discount. Again I think they are great cars but at list price and above I believe dealers will be sitting on them for a while. With dealers willing to discount as much as yours was and the ease of buying through the internet and low cost shipping the market will not sustain the price gouging for very long.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 50,511
    on these is not a bad deal IMHO, especially when you compare to the compitition. 28K for a nicely loaded SE is about sticker on a mid level Sebring (although the have rebates to offset some of the diff), and 10-20K off the Euros (Audi, BMW, SAAB), which don't really offer much different, feature wise (some safety stuff I guess, and gadgets). Heck, a PT cruiser costs more than the SOlara if you get the GT model.

    I happened to sit in a 3 series 'vert today, and the back seat is significantly tighter, basically kids only. It seems like the only other choice if you need to use the car as a "real" car (that is, regular back seat use and stuff in the trunk), on the the Sebring really competes.

    Discounts are nice, but they aren't making enough of these to turn them into distressed merchandise.

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  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    you have me confused with someone else..i believe another poster bought one somewhere outside of Pittsburgh..and got a decent deal...There are exceptions to every "rule" and "deal".
    A colleague, who lives outside Philly could not find, let alone get a deal on a Limited AWD Sienna. He found one at a dealer in the middle of the state, got a good deal and picked it up yesterday.
    Again, as i stated, the high exposure dealers have no incentive to unload the cars at discount, as they get the floor traffic and exposure to eventually sell the product at their price.
    In many cases, the smaller dealers prefer to sell Camrys and Corollas, and see floorplanning a $32k specialty car as a liability they prefer not to take, as a result, they sometimes are more likely to take a shorter deal to roll the unit.
  • mikebb278mikebb278 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a new 04 Solara SE Sport V6 in Akron, Ohio from Ganley Toyota. The dealer was awesome, 1 hour 45 minuets to complete the entire deal (of coarse it was the last day of the month, and I walked in at 4PM and they close at 6.) They were very professional, their initial offer was $2200 off MSRP. The only hitch is that they had to dealer trade for the car from Cleveland, Ohio. Will be picking up later today. Total paid was $23244+tax+title+doc fee, that is base V6 with CD changer, Sport Package, sunroof, and floor mats. If you are anywhere in NE Ohio, go check out Ganley and ask for Tim Barnes! Good Day All!
  • ccinnovaccinnova Member Posts: 3
    I spoke to a dealer in Northern Virginia about finding the exact car I wanted from other dealerships. He said he could not do this. Is this true? From reading previous messages, it looks like it does happen.

    Makes me wonder if he wasn't trying to "push" me to buy what he had on the lot (cars with navigation).
  • mfullmermfullmer Member Posts: 773
    ...you can do that yourself on www.buyatoyota.com and save the hassle.
  • ahkimahkim Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm going to buy a Solara and I found a new 04 SLE loaded for about $25,400 with low financing. I also found the exact same car used with 10,000 miles and some minor rear bumper damage for $25,000. Obviously the new one is a better deal, but what would be a fair offer for the used? They actually started at $28,000, which is crazy. Thanks.
  • mikeb4mikeb4 Member Posts: 4
    I got my SLE convertible (Cosmic Blue with ivory interior) today. The only option that I got was the floor mats. My out the door price was $28,424 (includes $3,200 for trade-in of my Celica). I got $500 off MSRP and no documentation fees.

    I bought my Solara at Toyota of Hollywood which is located in Hollywood, FL. The entire deal was with the internet salesperson and I really enjoyed buying the car this way.
  • lbrownlbrown Member Posts: 5
    Working on purchasing a 2005 Solara SLE and trying to understand my negotiation room.
    Reading through all these discussions, I now understand that the Invoice price actually includes Dealer's profit and that I should negotiate from the Invoice Price , not the MSRP. Two questions:
    1- After the Holdback price substracted from the Invoice price, is the dealer still making some profit when he sells the car at a invoice price?
    2- I would like to add some option to the car. Options also have their Invoice and MSRPs. Is it fair to ask for Retail price of all options?

    In summary, here is the price I want to pay the dealers:
    Base invoice price+destination charge-Holdback+Options with "Invoice prices"

    Is this realistic?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    If you do a search here on the keyword "holdback," you'll find some archived discussions about how it's implemented. Basically, unless you know what the original holdback amount is, and how it diminishes over time, you won't be able to come up with a current, accurate figure.

    Second, dealers are generally reluctant to give you any of their holdback. That's meant to help cover their operating expenses, and isn't usually part of negotiations. As a consumer, you can, of course, offer any price you like. However, be prepared to have any offer that includes holdback as part of your "discount" rejected.

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  • lbrownlbrown Member Posts: 5
    Thanks. I got a quote from a dealer today for a 2005 SLE Convertible ($30,975), which is $1644 below the MSRP.

    Do you think it is a good deal?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    I sure hope it's loaded to the gills - navigation and everything. Unless it's completely loaded, our TMV invoice pricing says you're not getting $1644 below MSRP - unless you live in an area of very high pricing! Is that an out-the-door price, including tax, title, and licensing? If so, the deal looks much better.

    Make sure you do a report - click the "new cars" tab at the top to get started.

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  • lbrownlbrown Member Posts: 5
    $30,975 includes Navigation, Vehicle Stability and Wheel Locks as additional options. Tax and licence are not included in this price.

    I live in Concord, California. Here is the calculation I made.

    27,224 30,190 base price+ destination charge
    1163 1350 navigation
    559 650 vehicle stability
    295 395 wind screen
    37 58 wheel lock

    $29278 $32643 TOTAL

    Does it still look good??
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Looks like you're doing pretty well. You might be able to haggle a few hundred dollars, but to me it wouldn't be worth the hassle and possible rejection. It sounds like you're getting a car you'd love to have at a reasonable price, with all the good toys.

    Let us know how it turns out for you, and most of all, enjoy your new ride!

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  • enya18enya18 Member Posts: 19
    Has anyone here tried leasing a Camry Solara in the Southeast area. I live in Miami, FL and I understand that Toyota's leasing program down here is different than everywhere else. Just wanted to hear about someone's leasing experience. Thanks!
  • leahnjleahnj Member Posts: 4
    Actually, not really... You would not be giving the dealership any profit whatsoever in your scenario. You are taking invoice plus options (at invoice prices) and then subtracting the holdback. That means 0% profit for the dealership. The formula I went by when purchasing my 04 Solara SLE V6 was invoice - holdback + 4% profit + destination charge. The guideline for dealership profit is like 3-5%. The first dealership I went to accepted a 4% profit (they said no to a 3% profit). The second dealership I went to (I ended up backing out of the deal with the first one... wish I hadnt though) accepted 5% profit. make sure you add the destination charge AFTER you add the profit, otherwise you will be giving the dealership a percentage of the destination charge as profit!
  • vbtoyotavbtoyota Member Posts: 2
    Toyota is divided up into regions. The Southeast regions pricing is set by South East Toyota. The residual rates, and interest rates are set by Southeast Toyota. There are many finance companies that you can use, however the lease rates offered by Southeast Toyota are generally the best rates in our region.

    I currently have 2 convertibles on the lot.
  • vbtoyotavbtoyota Member Posts: 2
    I have 2 of these cars on the lot here in South Florida with no ADM. Our Dealership does not beleive in them.
  • reeldancerreeldancer Member Posts: 1
    I'm going to buy a 2005 SE Solara. This is the first car I will buy and I'm tired of playing games at the dealerships. I want to email this offer to the internet departments of all nearby dealerships and accept the first dealership to meet my offer. Is this a good deal for both parties involved?
              Invoice Price MSRP
    car $19,394.00 $21,550.00
    mat set $112.00 $184.00
    Total Base Vehicle & Option Price
              $19,506.00 $22,249.00
    Factory Holdback
              $667.47 $667.47

    Dealer's Total Cost Of Vehicle (Not Including Destination Charge) =Total Invoice - Holdback - Factory To Dealer Incentives - Floorplan Interest= $18,838.53

    Fair Profit Over Dealer's Cost (4%)=$753.54 Negotiated Selling Price Of Vehicle=$19,592.07 Destination Charge + $515.00 Final Cost To Customer (Not Including Sales Tax or Tags)=$20,107.07

    A few dealerships are saying they only have cars with X and Y options, so for the sports package. I would add an additional $1,342.65 to make the total price for the SE sport solara $21459.2272

    Any opinions?



    PS - Do you know of any rebates they have from manufactor to dealer or customer? Or if they are offering any student specials - I graduate in Dec and have additional employment lined up. I couldn't find any, but just wanted to double check.

    PPS - Also, they have a fairly large charge for the option of 50 state emissions. What is this for? Do they sell cars not legally allowed to operate without this option? I saw one sight saying not to pay the charge for this options but still getting it. This seems odd to me.

    THANKS Again!
  • ms_solarams_solara Member Posts: 6
    what color is it? 1700 more than in voice seems like an avg for california now.. i am looking for an SE or SLE loaded with navigation.

    i'd take the deal.
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    California is big. I don't thing there is any tight average for the entire state.
  • mycar1mycar1 Member Posts: 2
    I'm thinking about buying a solara sports coupe V6 but want a navagation system in it, not sure if that's something that's available. Also when I went to buyatoyota.com it seems that the ivory leather seats are not available in the sports model though I saw it at the dealer, (but not a V6) I'm having a terrible time putting the package that I want together, would love some insight.
  • kmodykmody Member Posts: 3


    Does anyone out there own a Convertible Solara in NY area? How does it hold up in winter?


    Also, if yours is a recent purchase, what should I expect to pay for 2005 SLE version? Does a choice of color affect pricing?


    Regards and thanks in advance
  • ian3ian3 Member Posts: 1
    I've got a worse problem, a Montreal winter! Any thoughts about winter handling and possible salt damage would be appreciated.


  • fsvfsv Member Posts: 196
    is it a good price or I should try to bring it further down?
  • sunstersunster Member Posts: 2
    Was this a good deal?


    In NY, just got an '04 Camry Solora V6 6 cylinder Sports Coupe for $21,995 with sunroof & am/fm/cd + 6 speakers, VIP plus security system, rear spoiler.



  • fsvfsv Member Posts: 196
    though dealer is in NJ. You got SE V6 Sport, right? $21,995 - is it with the destination charge?
  • sunstersunster Member Posts: 2
    no destination charge...one of the last ones. PA has a couple left as well...can always ask for showroom models too.


    through your research, do u think this is a good deal? gotta a V6 6 cylinder as well...




  • fsvfsv Member Posts: 196
    are mistery to me. Toyota people are least reasonable, when it comes to price negotiation. I would have gotten Accord, but road noise drives me crazy, and what's worse, somehow I get too tired of it and my bloodpressure goes up.

    Friend of mine, who was Toyota's internet sales manager in one of NY dealerships, says that 22G's flat (with the dest. charge) is a good price for '04 SLE V6 with 0 miles. He looked up his inventory (works for a different manufacturer now), and a 30,000 miles car is priced higher than that. My real problem is, my lease is out end of March - and this Solara is for grabs now. I still have 2 1/2 month to go with my current lease. And I want best deal - so, let's see how it gonna work out.
  • fsvfsv Member Posts: 196
    So, you fell out of the race. What is the reason, if I may ask?
  • jazzman1jazzman1 Member Posts: 13
    I just bought a 2005 Toyota Camry Solara SE convertible with the sz convenience package (upgraded radio and driver's seat) and cf option (floor mats) and paid 26,500. I am now wondering if this was a good price and what people have paid for this model.
  • a58a58 Member Posts: 15
    Hello All. I just ordered a 06 convert SLE. Got mats, VSC, Protect Group, 18" wheels, wood grain and windshield. Red/Ivory. $33461 in FL. Any thoughts on if the pricing is in-line with other purchases? Also, funny that Toyota website and sales rep say 2005. When he got the vin info I had to point out it was an 06.
  • charljacharlja Member Posts: 2
    $28,990 Madison, WI Jon Lancaster Toyota. Deal over the internet. $28,990 SLE with door sill enhancements, white/tan, Vehicle Stability Control, and mats. Went very smoothly and this price beat everybody!
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Member Posts: 489
    A thousand dollars less than mine but I bought the XL Radio reciever ($300) but your white color was more than my red. You got a very good deal.
  • lfmlfm Member Posts: 35
    Just purchased a 2006 SLE with Nav, VSC, Z1(mats,first aid, Emergency assist. kit), Wheel Locks. Red/Ivory in Delaware. MSRP $32692. Purchase Price $29,997. Just sold my 2004 SLE on Ebay for $27,500, same equipment except for Emergency kit. MSRP 32,338, purchase price $30,211. Much bigger discount on the 2006.
  • tammi1tammi1 Member Posts: 2
    Which dealership in Delaware,,,I would buy at the same price. Thanks
  • tammi1tammi1 Member Posts: 2
    anyone know a dealership in Maryland that will discount the Solara?
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Member Posts: 48
    Better than the deal I could negotiate. The 2005 Solara I was looking at was an SE convertible with the SZ pkg as well as floor mats/cargo net, $28,321 MSRP. I was offered a deal of $26,625 which I didn't accept. Now considering a new Mazda RX-8 as an alternate "fun car" instead of a convertible Solara.
  • lfmlfm Member Posts: 35
    Newark Toyotaworld. Also check out New Holland Toyota in PA.
  • lfmlfm Member Posts: 35
    Check out Fitzgerald Auto Malls. Do a search for a web site. They have about 22 different dealerships. They have 2 different Toyota dealers, 1 in MD and 1 in PA. They list their Internet sales price on line, and if you contact, they may give you a better price on the 2005's they still have left.
  • lfmlfm Member Posts: 35
    You don't say where you are? If you want a good deal let me know if you are in DE, MD or PA.
  • ronjcnjronjcnj Member Posts: 12
    I don't have a convertible Solara but l do own a convertible Porsche Boxster. No issues whatsoever and i park all over the streets in the city when I go and hangout.

    As far as pricing I got a quote for a Toyota Solara conv. SLE 2005 for $30,026 and they said they couldn't budge from the price, he did inc. his offer to pay for my trade in from $11,000 to $13,000 but that's probably just to make me feel I gained something when all the while they were going to offer me $13K anyway.

    Somehow I saw a red one Glen Toyota, converbitlbe SLE and brown top and it was more money sticker price wise than the black one it was $31 and change.

    Hope I got to help.
  • deckboat1deckboat1 Member Posts: 12
    I paid for 2005 sle w/o navigation 27415 plus tax. Msrp was 31246
  • ronjcnjronjcnj Member Posts: 12
    Finally got it!!! What a pleasure it is to drive this Convertible Solara. I took mine home tonight a black ext. tan int tan top and what a drive on this. Enough power to get you over take some big wheeler but yet the feeling of a big cruiser as you said. I got mine for $32K which is very close to if not just about the sticker price but had to bite because they offerred to payoff my 97 Porsche Boxster which at trade in price would have cost only $13K but they offerred to pay off my remaining balance on it which is $17K. Couldn't believe it!!! Anyhow, bec. they were buying off my Porsche I didn't care anymore if I was going to get the top of the line SLE Solara Conv w/ Nav. at sticker price.

    Happy driving to the Solara drivers and to those who are unhappy with their cars....ooopppsss that was a big mistake, should've test drove it more before your purchase.

    I later found out there's a minor scratch on the back window glass on the soft top. I complained about it and Got the Customer Service person involved, he promised to have their glass guy fix it next week. I''ll keep you guys updated if they follow up on their promise. This car is from East Coast Mazda/Toyota in Woodridge, NJ.
  • ronjcnjronjcnj Member Posts: 12
    Mr. Southern WI price

    Is this 05 SLE a convertible? If it is, you got a very good price. I've had trouble getting dealers to come down on the MSRP.

    Ron, JC, NJ
  • deckboat1deckboat1 Member Posts: 12
    yes it is a convertible sle. No navigation. I felt the price was real good. Appears to be about 1000 under invoice. That included a 700 rebate. Still, the price was 300 under invoice. No complaints. Love the car. I got the white with ivory interior and tan top.
  • jeffwxmjeffwxm Member Posts: 3
    Got a 2006 Toyota Solara SE V6 Sport 2D Coupe for $25738 in Philly, PA. Is it a good deal?
    Leather Seats
    Alloy Wheels
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