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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cyb1cyb1 Member Posts: 2
    2006 Toyota Solara SE 4 cylinder, special color (pearl), spoiler, and floor mat options. Total price of the car and the options is $19110 + $225 processing fee + $580 3% tax + $33 business tax + $10 online filing fee + $42 title & license fee = $20,000. I think I paid few hundreds less than invoice which is pretty good. I love the car I think it is most beautiful car for the price.
  • amtnamtn Member Posts: 4
    I'm considering purchasing a 2002 4 Cylinder Solara Convertible. The package is pretty basic. No leather seats, etc. But it has most of the typical features.
    Mileage is 47,000 and the price is $14,900. I have not yet tried to negotiate off that price, so that may be doable. It was turned in as a leased vehicle, so I figure they've already made a bunch of dough on it already.
    Body is in excellent condition.
    Thoughts? ;)
  • edwardc3000edwardc3000 Member Posts: 30
    I KNOW I am asking for flames about the Garden State, but if you can see beyond that, maybe you can offer some GOOD advice on how to buy an 06, SLE V6 with 5Speed auto, convertible, Option B ANYWHERE in or around NJ. I get vague responses to e-mails asking me to "come in to discuss", and I always reply with 2 SIMPLE questions
    1) Do you have (or can you get) the car I am asking for?
    2) How much..?

    Thats IT !

    Go to dealerrater.com.. Almost every Toyota dealer in NJ has gotten slammed ! Some deservedly for writing their OWN reviews..

    I just want to buy a car.. There's got to be a way..

    ED in NJ
  • snapesnape Member Posts: 1
    Hi -

    I found a great place to buy a used car in the Los Angeles area. After attempting, in vain, to negotiate price with Thousand Oaks Toyota, I searched Cars.com and found the same 2000 Toyota Solara SLE convertible at Eastern Auto Sales in Rosemead, about 50 miles away, except for less than half the mileage, and $5500 less.

    These folks have a great business model - one of the owners hangs out at the LA Auto Auction (across the street) and cherry-picks the nicest cars that come through (Toyotas, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.), and the other owner cleans them up, and sells them for the Kelly Blue Book price. They provided a 30-day warranty on the Solara, and encouraged me to have the car inspected, either at a nearby Automobile Association or Toyota dealership. A few small issues were turned up by the inspection, which they fixed without me even asking.
  • csh2csh2 Member Posts: 3
    Just bought a new 2006 Solara V6 - SLE V6 with options - MSRP - $28421 for $25250 not including $750 factory to buyer rebate netting out deal to $24500 plus tax and title.

    There are some deals out there for volume - Midwest dealer

    How does this compare to other prices paid recently?
  • csh2csh2 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 Solara V6 with 60k miles -- Excellent car and my 16 yr old is driving it --- only problem has been a sensor and a left rear wheel bearing at this point
  • csh2csh2 Member Posts: 3
    Ordered a 2006 V6 SLE - MSRP 28421 - Purchased for 25,250 with no rebates applied yet -- any deals in that area in the Midwest?
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Has anyone shopped for a Solara convertible, SLE, nicely loaded, around the Northern Virginia area? Are they mostly going at sticker or can you get a few thousand off?

    I'm comparing the Solara to the new Volvo C70. Looks like the Solara, sticker to sticker, is about $12,000 less than a comparably equipped Volvo, but just wondered if the difference might really be even more than that.
  • kam7185kam7185 Member Posts: 2
    I just signed the papers for a Solara SLE V6 AT Black coupe with dark charcoal leather.
    *Rear Spoiler
    *Carpeted Floor Mats
    * Side and curtain airbags
    *Veh Stab Cntl

    MSRP: $28,421
    wrote a check for 24,972.33

  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Did that include taxes, title, etc.? What year?
  • bsramzybsramzy Member Posts: 6
    Ive been shopping in the New Orleans Area and the best i could find on an SLE V6 CONV with Nav and VSA is 34700 including TT&L.......No idea if this is a fair price, all input is appreciated
  • kam7185kam7185 Member Posts: 2
    2006, and it included shipping ($900 worth). But no taxes*~
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Looks like you did ok, then, far as I can see.
  • jym626jym626 Member Posts: 21
    What city did you purcase your solara in?
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Has anyone been able to rent a Solara convertible, either from a Toyota dealership or from a rental agency, before buying?
  • cyb1cyb1 Member Posts: 2
    Springfield, VA
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Kay Jennings' place?

    What were the details?
  • ducnguyenmducnguyenm Member Posts: 1
    Got a quote for '06 Solara 2D Coupe with OTD (out the door) price $22,529 from Toyota Fort Lauderdale dealer:
    Cosmic Blue
    4 Cyl
    Leather seats
    6 CD changer
    Power Pkg
    Floor mats
    Tinted Window.
    What do you think ? Is it a good deal or should I lower more ?
    Thanks for your inputs :P ;)
  • john129john129 Member Posts: 1

    Do you know what the current lease money factor and the residual is on a Toyota Camry Solara 2dr. coupe SE 2.4L
    4cycl 5A is.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi john129. This car's lease program varies depending upon which one of its twelve regions one is in. Right now, the most widely available lease money factor on it for leases through Toyota Financial Services is .00190 for up to 36 months for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier. The residual value for this car varies depending upon how long you lease it for and how many miles per year you are allowed to drive it. If you were to lease an '06 Solara Coupe SE through TFS right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, its residual would be 52%.

    Smart Shopper / Prices Paid Forums
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    Just bought an `06 Solara Convert. for $30,981. That includes
    a multi-function back-up sensor which solves the poor rear visibility problem.
    Also negotiated a pkg. deal for the Platinum 6 year/100K mile extended warranty + a 4 year 55,000 mile full service pkg. + interior and exterior protection pkg. warranted by Toyota for 5 years all for $2.080.

    Put 100 miles on the car today and loved every minute of it.
    Thanks to Edmunds and everyone on all the Solara forums for helping me.

    :) Meegwell
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    Northridge Toyota, Northridge, CA

    The internet fleet dept. really wants to get it right.

    Never had a better/easier/more plesant time buying a car.

  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Is that an SE or SLE? What other options did you get on it? Color? Leather interior?

    Just curious.
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    SLE Convertible - Arctic frost, leather, NAV system.

    I've put 300 miles on it and I've only had it since last Saturday night. Loving this car.

  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Do you recall what either the MSRP or invoice price was? I'm on the opposite side of the country from you. After doing a quick check of two dealers inventory, I see one Red/Ivory SLE with invoice of $29,010 offered for $31,626, and another Red SLE with MSRP of $31,626 offered for $30,510. That one includes VSC and cargo mats, but I'm not sure what's on the first one.
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    MSRP was $30,210.00. Optional equipment touch screen Nav. system w/AM/FMCD 270 watts w/ satalite radio capability stickered @ $1,350.
    Special color srtickered @ $220.
    Vehicle stabily control w/ traction was $650.
    Cargo/carpet mat set was 186.
    Delivery,processing fee was $580

    Total Sticker was $33,196.
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
  • ral2167ral2167 Member Posts: 791

    Do you know what the current lease money factor and the residual is on a Toyota Camry Solara 2dr. coupe SLE 2.4L
    4cycl 5A is. 36 months/15K
  • dsluckidslucki Member Posts: 8
    This is my first post. These forums have been very helpful for me. I am researching the SLE Convertible with NAV and VSC here in the greater Los Angeles area. I have the dealer invoice pricing and the Destination charges. I am assuming that there is a 3% holdback. I was wondering if anyone who has recently purchased can share what fees were tacked on like dealer prep, etc. I am in the process of getting quotes from some dealers here and they have said that the fees are included in the price or that the Internet department does not have that information. I want to negotiate an out the door price but can't until I find these fees. Thanks!
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    After months of research as of the end of March, Northridge Toyota had the best deal in Southern California. I'm prohibited by forum rules from giving out a the internet sales manager's name and phone number but you can get to him by calling the dealer yourself.

  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    The holdback on Toyotas is 2%. Dealer invoice will include TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising) which is NOT included in popularly published invoice prices.
  • dsluckidslucki Member Posts: 8
    Oops, I was supposed to type 2% for holdback. Thanks for the information on TDA. Does anyone know if TDA the same for all models or does it vary model to model? Does anyone know the TDA for Southern California?
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    I did some online info searching when I still thought I might be interested in a Solara (decided to buy something else),and got quotes for SLEs around No. Va for $29,7XX to just over $31,000. Plus the last one came with an "internet coupon" good for another $300 off.

    None of the internet responses gave the full tax, tags, title, and dealer processing fee. Typically the dealer fee is around $200 - $300 in Va. Across the state line into MD it's limited to $100.

    I offer this just fyi, if it's useful to anyone.
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    My dealer wanted $389 in "fees." We negotiated it down to half that. I decided to leave something on the table since I had bigger fish to fry with them. Got the back-up sensor and some extras at very nice savings as I've posted earlier.

    I took the approach when I walked in that everything's negotiable. It was.

  • smz2smz2 Member Posts: 7
    I have had an SLE with nav for about 18 months. Car has only needed oil changes-absolutley no problems. The inherant problems are the design of the rear hearests! Enormous and everpresent. Toyota also reduced the size of the rear window - hence cuidado! You just can't look long enough or hard enough to get out of a mall parking lot. I did get my car with about $1000 off and a dealer trade price for my trade-in. (Writing this from Cincinnati). Market here is picking up as I am now seeing a lot more of them. I will probably not keep this car much longer due to visibilty and size but can certainly recommend it as long as issues I have are not important to a purchaser.
  • solara31solara31 Member Posts: 14
    I purchased a new 06 Solara SLE V6. Fully loaded with all the options except for navigation. Got it for $26,015. Bought it from Right Toyota in Scottsdale, AZ. All the internet departments at delaerships around the valley I spoke to quoted me the same price, but Scottsdale was the only dealership that gave my the plates fees, doc fees, and tax fees along with the price. So I knew exactly what I would be paying.
  • biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Sounds like a good dealership. Doesn't it make things nice and easy when dealers are straight-forward from the very beginning!
  • nileshdnileshd Member Posts: 7

    I am planning to buy a new Solara SE convertible. The price quoted by a dealer in bay area is 26000 + tax. Has anyone purchased the same vehicle here? If yes, please share the prices you paid.

    I would also appreciate if you could post your good / bad experiences with this vehicle.

    Thanks !!!
  • ral2167ral2167 Member Posts: 791
    it's my understanding the 2007's will be in within the next few weeks-- so you should be able to deal
  • nileshdnileshd Member Posts: 7
    Is anyone aware when Solara 2007 is expected in the market?

    Thanks !!!
  • yashayasha Member Posts: 5
    Just bought 06 Solara SE 4 cyl, auto in Houston. Negotiated to $20K even. It actually includes power seat, tinted windows, mats and etching. So, it is below Edmunds TMV. Would be interested to see if anyone bought the same model and for how much?
  • dbh126dbh126 Member Posts: 7
    Just bought 2007 SE 4cyl...power seat,carpet mats, special color (Blizzard Pearl) and Toyoguard Plus.

    Selling price $21598.98
    Dealer Fee $ 699.50
    Waste tire Fee $ 5.00
    Battery Fee $ 1.50
    Electronic filing $ 16.00
    St. & Cty sales $ 92.31
    Tag/Title/Regis $ 75.00

    Total OTD $22488.29

    06/10/06, David Maus Toyota, Sanford, FL
  • rlm75093rlm75093 Member Posts: 5
    Purchased a 2006 Silver Solara SLE V6 convertible last week. Added options: mats, etching, stability control, door guards, glass break sensor, shield package, wheel locks, mud guards. Invoice amount $29,878.91. Purchase price $30,373.91, plus tax, license, etc. No trade in. There is a 2% hold back on the invoice ($604).
  • solaraman2003solaraman2003 Member Posts: 92

    I am trying to decide if I should turn in my 2003 Solara SLE V6 or buy it at the residual price of around $14k. So the purchase price for me is around $12k. That DOES include tax, so effectively the purchase price comes to $11,300.

    If I turn it in, I will be subject to about $2.4k of mileage (presently at 76k).

    One of the unknowns for me is what else might they charge me for? How do I get to know BEFOREHAND what other "excess wear" they are going to charge me for?

    In other words, if I knew that the $2.4k penalty for mileage was ALL that they were going to assess me, then I might very well turn the car in and purchase a new one. BUT, I'd hate to find out AFTER I turn the car in that they're now going to assess me even MORE for some other excess wear.

    Per my lease agreement with CHASE, I am allowed up to $1,500 in "excess wear". I do have a 3-foot long scratch on the hood, and a (minor) indentation on the driver's door. A body shop wanted $1k to redo the door.

    So,how can I find out exactly what they will assess me for turning the car in (aside from mileage) BEFORE I turn the car in?

    Thank you,
  • toyofan2007toyofan2007 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone used the Costco auto purchase program to buy a new (2007) Camry Solara? If so what was the model and how much of a discount off MSRP or how much over invoice did you pay?
    Many thanks.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    These forums are great! This is my first post, and first time negotiating for this type of car. I think certain fees are more in the Southeast, and a dealer has given us a "rock-bottom" of $31,900 for an Arctic Frost with Ivory and Tan top, mats, splashguards, VSC, woodgrain, and nav. His 'invoice' showed $31,413, but KBB shows $31,151. There's also a $13 Fuel Surcharge on the sticker that I haven't seen anyone else here mention. Delv'y, Proc & Hndlg fees are $635 on sticker. My husband wants a $31,000 offer. What do y'all think - possible or not? This is the only vert on their lot, and I think they're getting some 07s in within the next few weeks.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    Click on any of the other 'Discussion Titles' (either for the convertibles or general Solaras), and type in Costco in the small search box on the upper right, above the posts. You should get a few responses.... I found 5 in the convertible discussion.
  • jbl8jbl8 Member Posts: 40
    I don't get it!! :confuse:
    In NJ, I got quote for Acura TL for less than $29500 - which is V6, sunroof, leather; Honda Pilot for less than 25900 - which is V6 sunroof, leather, 4WD -- why SE V6 Camry is more expansive than the Acura and 4WD Pilot?

    Something is wrong here, folks! :confuse: Are dealers posting misleading messages here? :mad:

    Please post your good deals on SE V6 here.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    I think there's been a misunderstanding :confuse: ....my post referred to a SLE convertible - which is w-a-y more $$ (and much harder to find) than a SE coupe, which is what I think you were comparing it to. Autoweb.com lists MSRP and invoice for all models of Solara - and the SLE convertible MSRP is $30,210 - before options/fees, etc! SE coupe is $19,530 MSRP....

    We just purchased an '06 SLE convertible, red with ivory leather and camel top, for $29,473....and it has 5 pc mats, Nav, and Vehicle Stability Control. Only extras were $100 processing fee, $15 for 60-day temp tag, and $4 Tire Recycling Fee. We bought it in Maryland, because in NC (all Southeast U.S., actually) Toyota charges extra fees and higher prices for certain options, believe it or not! We will do tax/tag work here in NC. The website for the dealership had MSRP and invoice prices listed, with a 'Click Here for Internet Price' link.
    Inv: 30,173
    Internet Price: 29,473

    It was a clean, no hassle experience - the salesman was great - very professional and responsive to emails and calls; the managers were great, completely "no pressure" - just a sincere "Thanks for coming by and test driving our dealership!" That was on the first visit! We didn't see the color we wanted, so when I did an Internet search the following week and saw that they had a red/ivory, we called and completed most of the paperwork over the phone! I can't recommend them highly enough...
    DARCARS Toyota of Silver Spring, Maryland. AND... they may still have a few '06s on the lot! ;)
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