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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • Steve,

    thanks for re-posting the defects you encountered. My comments follow your listed defects:

    "1) Wind noise - a whistling noise when going down the street that can be changed by moving the air-conditioner to recirculate or not."

    When I read this, it seemed it had to be related to the hole where the drain hose belonged, as you then clarified in a later post. So, you know that the drain hose was missing from day 1.

    "3) On strong bumps, left driver's door window emits creaking sounds

    A loose door. Toyota engineers should take notice of this and institute changes on the production line"

    Reading this worries me. The shiny black frames around the Avalon door windows look very similar to the window frames in my 2003 Honda Pilot. I have heard creaky noises in the Pilot, and found out only recently that Pilot window frames are notorious for making creaky noises (see post #118 in the "Honda Pilot Problems and Solutions" forum). Not sure yet if there is a real cure for the Pilot noises (still have to read later posts there).

    "5) The lower center console squeaks badly, and needs to be looked at.

    This is just a poor design - the lower console is held in place by only 4 sheetmetal brackets or similar, and this allows the console to flex quite a bit. When I turn a corner, my body shifts and I lean into it causing the creaking - again, bad design, and the only remaining open complaint."

    I tested this today. I could make the console creak quite a bit by holding onto its pwood edges and pushing on it. Same with trim on the dash; if you poke at it, it can make noises. It's surprising that a lot more noises are not heard in normal travel...

    "6) The Front Passenger's door makes noises over sharp bumps, almost sounding like rubber on rubber (similar to #3)"

    Sounds ominous. What about the rear doors...?

  • "and thank you havalongavalon for the assist.;) "

    You are most welcome, Pat. I figured you were on a rare coffee break, maybe. ;)

  • barclay3,

    Glad to read about your positive experience!

    Both your negatives are curable: 1) install bumper sensors for backing up, and 2) can turn off the radio from the steering wheel by pressing the "MODE" button for over 1 second (I learned this from an earlier post on this forum).

  • partsguypartsguy Posts: 2
    Barclay3, you can turn off the radio from the wheel. Press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds, powers off Audio all together.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    No, I was supposed to get the gold pkg today, but two of my sons and daughter-in-law discouraged me - they said the chrome looked better, so I put it off until I can see one with it. I just know I would like it. Someday I will learn not to listen to them. Also, there was a post on here once upon a time that told how to turn off the radio with the steering controls. You had to press the mode button(I think) for 4 seconds. I tried it and it worked. Experiment, but I think it was the mode button. I don't ever turn mine off, so it has been so long I have forgotten. Do you like the color? I have noticed that in cloudy weather it looks deep burgundy but in bright sunlight it looks almost red. So we have a "dual" colored car. Ha, Ha. I just try to turn my head when I see a black one because that is still my favorite!
  • Hey just me, where are you? Come back, you are needed. This is your job... Can't expect me to do everything around here!

    This reviewer really liked the XLS, has original views on some features of engine and transmission, shows nice photos of an Indigo. There is also a link to a Movie Clip that shows details close up.

    link title

    Some excerpts:

    "The entire cabin of the Avalon could literally be lifted and dropped into any Lexus. The dash is lovely, classy even. It is ergonomically designed and assembled with care. The resistance of each button is exactly calibrated to feel expensive and are within easy reach of the driver or passenger. I will say that I am not too crazy about the "bright white" lighting of the HVAC controls. At night, they become a blur of white light.

    On the road The new 3.5L engine is very strong and pulls very hard, yet always remains civilised. The motor feels like it has a switch; it can be docile and refined one moment and the next, be nervous and explosive. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of deal.

    The new Avalon could be considered the latest Q-Ship on our roads: it is unassuming, unpretentious, unadorned and just plain fast. Most people would never imagine that a Toyota Avalon, if they even know what it is, could move so quickly. It certainly is not the fastest car on the road but a 0-100 km/h of 6.5 seconds is as quick as the new 2006 BMW 330i with the new 255 hp 3.0L engine and a 6-speed manual transmission.

    The automatic transmission shifts smoothly, almost invisibly. It seems as though it is tight like a drum; it never missed a beat even when driven as if it was a Celica GTS. The manual-mode shift is quick on the draw and adds another small dose of sportiness to the big car. This transmission and engine combination would, in the right circumstances, downshift from second into first gear and permit the wheels to spin for a second. Some would-be sport sedans are simply unable to do this.

    The brakes work quite well but the pedal is very soft and needs to be pushed really hard when stopping briskly. It is unfortunate that the pedal must be pushed so far towards the firewall to give the impression that the car will come to a full stop.

    This car is actually one of the surprises of the year for me.

    Good stuff:
    Great engine
    Splendid cabin

    Not so good stuff:
    Rear visibility
    Spongy brake pedal"

    Sounds like Toyota Canada gave this reviewer a well-broken-in XLS for testing...! On the other hand, have we had any serious negative findings raised by Canadian Avalon owners, yet? ;)

  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    How do you know that Toyota monitors this forum? I would like to believe that they do. . . .

    In general, I am not convinced that "constructive" feedback given to a dealer, or to a service writer, necessarily gets passed up to the corporate engineers who need to hear the feedback.

    Anything that owners can do to inform Toyota of drivability and safety concerns in a semi-official manner might be helpful.
  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    Do we know for sure that the Canadian Avalon is running the same engine/transmission software as the American Avalon ??? In concept there could be two sets of algorithms, one specifically set to American EPA / CARB rules, and one for Canada.
  • You now, bettersafe, that's a very good point. How can we find out?
  • ronharvronharv Posts: 51
    Hi tmeframe,

    My guess is that, with admirable nobility, you have taken it upon yourself to endure numerous Avalon failings that were officially scheduled to be parceled out to countless other owners. Your generous altruism has improved the lives of many who have not suffered the effects of Toyota gremlins because you had the strength of character to relieve others of insufferable burdens. Please accept our humble thanks and our fervent wishes that your Days of Lemon have passed.
  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    If a TSB was applicable to Canadian cars and not American cars ( or vice versa ), then we might infer that the software running in the cars was different. { There is some weakness in this inference, however, in that a TSB might be able to be applied to Canadian vehicles before the TSB was approved by American EPA / CARB authorities. }
  • mmg1mmg1 Posts: 29
    Had the problem of silver panel not closing and then getting stuck when it finally made contact. Dealership had to gently pull it down by hand and kind of "stretch"it down in order for it to make good contact with latch. Been working fine since then except for not opening once, which was fixed with a credit card inserted .! Will take it back for fine tuning soon! There is no way to turn sound system off unless manually on the radio panel. Thought I should be able to turn it off on the steering wheel since I can turn it on there!! My husband thinks I should turn EVERYTHING off before I cut the engine in order to avoid strain on battery when turning car back on. I thought there was a delay on all those extra things that took care of that old problem. Think I,m right but why argue, just do what I want and say I forgot!!

    Just read further messages and was so pleased to find out I can turn the radio off at the steering wheel!!! Wheeeeee!! Learn something new every minute on this forum!
  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    I see where someone posted a new review about the Avalon's transmission quirks on EPINIONS.COM, and gave the car only 2 stars out of 5. Perhaps those with specific problems could add their own review to EPINIONS.

    I think Toyota will respond if the word gets around enough. I have been shocked at all that I have learned in the last few weeks from this forum and the Lexus forums. I had no idea that the ES300 and ES330 could be so squirelly. I assumed that every Lexus owner was in bliss. Apparently not.

    BetterSafe (than sorry)
  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    read your manual about the radio. when you hold down the bottom button on the steering wheel for the radio for 2 seconds, the radio will go off.
  • rrogers2rrogers2 Posts: 11
    I also noticed that my MPG seemed to be off with the first fillup. It was showing about 19.8 MPG (good for around town driving) when I filled up tank (waited til the warning light) it started off with over 22 MPG. I would have expected it to start somewhere near 19.8. Any one had similar experience?

    Also, my fog light was loose and dealer has ordered "part" to fix it after trying unsuccessfully to repair.
  • scoti1scoti1 Posts: 676
    Also, I recommend filing a complaint with the NHTSA ( ). Several months ago it was announced in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that NHTSA was considering opening an investigation into this problem -- they really need to hear from those of you with the hesitation so they can determine if it is worth conducting a safety investigation.
  • hank3hank3 Posts: 26

    I have been following these boards for a few months now and I am happy to say that I just recently received my limited Avalon. I was on a wait list and it took app. 3 1/2 weeks for the car to come in. I have had the car for about a week and so far I am very impressed.

    I haven’t experienced any of the hesitation problems that others have experienced. No whistling, the car is very quiet and all of the latches in the interior shut and open just fine :D Its kind of sad to see that this forum has turned into a gripe forum about the hesitation issue. The point of my post is to let other people know that all is not bad. I think you can find faults in any car if you look hard enough. My opinion is that this car is nearly perfect. I appreciate everyone's candid posts in this forum but I felt I needed to post to let other potential buyers know that some of these issues appear to be isolated and not everyone experiences these same issues. I think in these types of forums, people see a problem and it’s like a feeding frenzy. I am willing to bet there are a lot of satisfied customers such as me who haven’t even been to this forum to share their experiences. Toyota has a great reputation and I have owned two other Toyota products before the Avalon.

    Keep up with the great posts. I have learned a lot from everyone in this forum.
  • ronharvronharv Posts: 51
    With about 600 miles now on my XL, I'm tickled with just about all aspects of the car. But a tad annoying is the transmission shifting betwen second and third gears (with about a second's lag or so between shifts) even when I'm when I'm driving up a mild incline too small to be considered a hill. It doesn't happen all the time, of course, but I can't say that I'm pleased that it happens at all. Even my wife, who could hit a moose and not notice, has commented. As for the far larger problem of hesitation, I've so far not experienced that.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Hi Havalongavalon.. You don't need me anymore, your doing just fine, in fact great. Your right there with Macabee. I took a vacation from here as far as posting because things seemed so repetitive and silly things, like asking questions that have been answered so many times but people don't want to scroll back, so I got tired of posting. Anyway my friend I still check in and read the posts to see if there is anything new. For those that are new to this board, I think it's time to give them this link again if they haven't seen it posted back when. It answers so many questions. As far as the hesitation problem, I haven't any Havalongavalon. I even did Future1's test regarding the stepping on the gas pedal when going between 5 to 10 miles and hour and in both cases I had no hesitation, and the car took off on the other when I released and applied foot pressure real hard I flew, not a seconds hesitation. That has been from day one for me, and there are two drivers in my family. So either my Avalon is a quick learner or I know how to drive a car. I'm sure like with any car some people are having a problem, nothing is perfect. In some cases I think it's just overdone, and in others it's reported by a car enthusiast who is really into his car and he looks for perfection. Incidentally I do as well and it's why I took my time until I realized by lowering my head I saw that the simulated wood on the dash perfectly lined up with it's mate on the door panel. My car is as quiet as a church mouse. The little silver doors so far work perfectly and I realize now they aren't as brittle as I first thought when first sitting in the car. Like everything else I handle them well, I don't abuse them. There aren't any squeaks or rattles so far and I have a little over 3,000 miles on my car now and am proud to say, so far no dings, or chips on my hood or bumper, YIPPEE! I have learned while driving with this car to stay back of the guy in front of me at a reasonable distance so if a rock does fly it will loose it's energy before colliding with my car. As you know from the picture I posted some time back, the bumper guard protectors I put on my bumpers have mentally alerted me while backing up or moving forward while parking to stop before engaging or contacting another car or tree etc., so no scratches there as well. If I were asked at this point on a scale of 1 to 10 if I'm happy with my car and if there were anything I would add, my answer would be a 10. For those that want blue tooth fine, I'm one of those Neanderthals who doesn't use a cell phone because I know me. Once I have it I would run up a large bill even if I had 5,000 free minutes 24/7. I don't need a gauge showing me my tire pressure, I take my car in for an oil change every 3,000 miles to my dealer and I have never had a problem with my tires. They last all the years they are supposed to and than some. I guess having them rotated and balanced when needed makes the difference. If I wanted or could suggest anything even though I'm very comfortable, I would love the drivers seat to be increased an inch to take care of my long thighs, but then again if I had gotten the Limited instead of the XLS I would have had that anyway. I have to believe there are many satisfied customers as myself. I do believe the proof of that is that I haven't seen one commercial on TV of our Avalon (in my area) after the initial ones back in Feb and March. It seems like this Avalon is selling itself by word of mouth etc. I know in my neighborhood so many people have stopped me and asked what dealer I used and now I see the 05 in my back of the woods. I suppose Toyota is on the sales target they projected for this car and probably exceeded it and therefore don't have to spend money advertising it as Ford does for the 500 etc. I wish they would advertise it because for selfish reason I would love seeing it on TV, but I guess that isn't going to happen. Okay, I said all that needs being said and overdid it. I just wish my friend RONN would pop in again just to know he is okay. Take care. Best wishes to everyone.
  • boatsmanboatsman Posts: 37
    I agree hank3 it is sad that so many of the posts are gripes about transmission etc. I have a black limited with now aprox 4,000 miles on it and have had no problems except the tail pipes not being the same level where they hang under the bumper. For the longest time when people were talking about hesitation I thought they were talking about the engine, not the transmission. The only complaint with the transmission for me is that it doesn't always seem to coast freely with foot off the gas and feels like it's in a lower gear instead of overdrive when coasting. I have noticed the transmission behaves differently when the engine is cold verses after it's warmed up. Comments about radio on/off on the wheel etc. show not enough people are reading their manuals. HINT: if you hold in on the ^ or down arrows on the wheel for a couple seconds it will change to a different cd. I still think the new Avalon is a fabulous automobile!
  • tmeframetmeframe Posts: 80
    I know because I have received email from at least 2 different Toyota Engineers regarding feedback on my other Toyotas in various Toyota forums on the Web. One's words to me were "believe me, we pay close attention...." and then he proceeded to tell me about the available software program-modes available on my Sequoia.

  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    To the Toyota Engineers watching this Forum:

    IMHO, a car must have predictable performance. A car that always hestitates 1 second at a turn, is easier to drive, and is safer to drive, than a car that sometimes hesitates 1 second. I can safely drive an 86 Colt, which is dog slow, because I expect it to be dog slow. I can safely drive an 84 Corvette, which is very quick, becuse I expect it to be quick. A car that does not act predictably does not exude confidence to the driver.

    Please fix the transmission problems so that I can purchase an Avalon Limited and make my wife happy. She wants the heated and cooled Leather seats ! :)

    BetterSafe (than Sorry)
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    avalonkitten, look in your owner's manuals. There is one called "Owner's notification rights" it explains what qualified as a lemon law case and how to go about filing it. From what I'ver read in your posts I don't think you have a case, however read the books and consult an attorney as I'm not qualified to advice you or anyone else in this matter.
  • ski1003ski1003 Posts: 41
    I made an appointment to have my first oil change for my 2005 Avalon XL. The dealer called me back to inform me that my car was one of three he had sold (Feb. 9) that had a recall on the steering wheel alingment. Not sure what that is but I'm having this done this week, along with my oil change. Anyone else hear of this recall? He said it would take about an hour to check it out. Have had no problems to date and love my car!!
  • angeange Posts: 158
    You say you have been on a waiting list for 3 1/2 weeks for your Limited. How did you do it? I have been on a waiting list for 3 months, exactly today. My Limited is to be in this month.

    I talked to the dealer and Toyota Corporate a number of times and I get an explaination that makes no sense to me. I am told my car ordered is a request. The dealer's request is placed and when it is built it will be shipped. I ordered only one option,VSC. Since none was built with this option and my color, my car never got built. Two months after the order was placed and a non refundable deposit was made my dealer calls me to tell me my car did not get shipped and he had no idea when it would be shipped.IS THIS A WAY TO TREAT A FIRST TIME FOREIGN CAR BUYER? What am I suppose to do at this point? The only way that I could get a Limited at a designated time was to buy one that was scheduled to be built. This car was loaded and I ended up paying more and getting two options that I am not interested in. I was then told the car would be here in 6 weeks. I think this treatment is terrible and shows total disregard for my interest, as a customer.Why and how could this happen and what could I or anyone do to make my normal order go through in a normal fashion. Toyota Corporate were sympathic but did not do anything but send a E--Mail to my dealer.My dealer did nothing to interceed to speed up the process. How many customers would wait 12 weeks plus for a new car? Can any dealers reading this situation give me some insight to what they would have done to get my car delivered on time? Right now my patience is minus zero and I can assure you the dealer owes and owes. Any comment would be apprciated.
  • willie_zwillie_z Posts: 8
    My wife and I picked up our phantom grey pearl this past Saturday and on Tuesday we had our first problem, albeit minor. When I went to pop open the lower bin on the passenger door, one of the springs that holds this bin in the retracted position flew out and landed on the ground. I initially thought that this was just an "extra" part that had been deposited in the car during assembly, but a closer examination revealed that this spring is one of 2 used to hold the bin in the closed position so it does not rattle. This problem does not concern me as much as the attitude of the "Toyota Experience" Hotline. These people want me to drive to my dealer to have the problem diagnosed, (a 60 mile trip each way each way!) and then come back to have the part installed. When I advised them that this was extremely inconvenient, the reps attitude was "so what!" I then called back thinking that I had a rogue rep and the next rep was even more rude and surly. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told "they are not here" When I asked for the phone number of the President of toyota and his address they told me his name and nothing else. In short I want to let people who are thinking of purchasing this car of the lack of proper support by Toyota to owners concerns. On my Acura that I traded in I received outstanding customer support from Acura / Honda Corporate when I had a minor problem. This level of support may be fine for Corolla customers but I don't think Toyota has the level of customer service necessary for the type of customer that this car will attract, or that this car deserves. I did contact the general manager of the dealership after this and was pleasantly surprised that he offered to have someone drive to my house, pick up the car and return it so that when the part came in it would only take one trip to resolve the problem. While the dealer is to be applauded. it is pathetic when a dealer offers better customer service than the factory. Due to the way I was treated by Toyota I will wait for the car to be repaired, and then trade it in on a new Acura RL, which I should have purchased in the first place. It is unfortunate that Toyota has produced such a great car and backs it customer service people that are apparently ill trained, unprepared and unwilling to do what it takes to satisfy a customer. I was also contemplating a Highlander when my Acura MDX is due to be replaced in the fall. Needless to say I will not be purchasing a Highlander. Another MDX it is! Sorry for the long post but I want people browsing this forum to know of my "Experience"
  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    My transmission did something I didn't expect today. I was driving downhill and I started going a bit too fast so I let up on the gas (I'm not sure if I took my foot off the gas or was just touching it) and the transmission downshifted to slow me down just the amount needed. I didn't expect it but it did exactly what was needed.

    I must admit I haven't read about the radio yet in the owners manual (it's a big book). Thank you all for setting me straight!! :blush:
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    Right on! I post my positive experiences every few weeks just to let everyone know that that there are trouble free Avalons too. I have had other cars with adaptive transmissions and nothing I have experieced with my Avalon is any different. I have never experienced a perfect car but the Avalon is close!
  • yurikyurik Posts: 18
    I filed that complaint with NHTSA today. I also called Toyota corporate office and they told me they are aware of the transmission problem. They need to hear it from more people. Everyone who experience transmission hesitation, please contact Toyota corporate office, so they come up with the fix sooner, just like they did for Lexus ES330
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I believe what you say. It's just amazing how well my dealer takes care of us and the friends who bought there. They go the extra mile every time. Customer Service is their second name. Toyota Corporate has always been very nice and helpful to me. One of my Avalons, I forget the year had a slight noise that my wife heard, I could hear something now and then. I brought it in saying I don't know whether there is a noise or what since I barely hear something as my wife does. They checked it out and thought it was from the transmission and asked me if I have some time to kill, they want the top guy checking it out. After awhile they came back and said it's from the transmission and rather they taking it apart they will order a brand new (not rebuilt) transmission from the factory and that it will take a couple of months, in the meantime to drive my car it's not a safety issue. Two months later on an 18,000 plus mile car I got a brand new transmission. One time pulling into the garage I hit my side mirror which knocked the mirror out. It fell but didn't break, I put it back in but it wouldn't stay. Next trip to my dealer I said the mirror keeps falling out, I didn't say I hit in, he didn't even say anything about the obvious scratch, but ordered a whole new part that I had to wait for. So for me, with my dealer, my experience has been first class. Maybe it's the way I treat them, I don't know. I was always told the wheel that screeches the loudest gets the oil. I do it with kindness the way my Mother taught me, and 99% of the time it works for me. Sure every now and then you meet up with a smiless non-service oriented guy and no matter how you speak to him you get nowhere. Anyway being nice has always worked for me. Good luck.
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