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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Ouch! That's not good! Two in one week. Not looking good for the home team. On the positive side, Toyota is always good about these things by fixing them quickly before any injuries or fatalities happen.
  • dtaylordtaylor Posts: 3
    Switching gears on you all, I am struggling with buying a new 2005 Avalon ( XLS or LTD ) or a 2005 Nissan Maxima SE. Based on somethings I am hearing i am concerned with problems that have surfaced. I understand the Avalon has only been out for a few months which I could see some bugs to work out. Both vehicles are similar in performance, options, etc., but the main concern for me is the "looks" between the two. The Nissan looks aggressive and sporty, and the Avalon just looks nice. My wife and I are 39 yrs old and do not want to buy a vehicle that may be marketed more towards an older crowd. Although, I think by changing the rims on the Avalon would help make it look a little more sporty and in line of the Maxima. Just looking for opinions out there on the web !

  • hank3hank3 Posts: 26
    Go with your heart. If looks are more important, I agree the Maxima does look sportier. My wife and I also had the same dilemma but we ultimately chose the Avalon based on other factors such as the interior and all of the bells and whistles that come with the limited. We also weren't too keen on the "mohawk" sun roof that comes standard with the SE, although I think you can order the regular sun roof.

    For what its worth I'm 36 and my wife is 27. Good luck with your decision. I’m sure you will be happy with either car.
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    pmcb48....I went with the ivory interior. I like the look of it with the Blue Mirage exterior. If I would have gone with a darker exterior I would have chosen the dark gray. In any case, I am happy with what we chose and it think the light faux wood looks as good as the real thing I had in the Cadillac.

    Trust me there is no perfect car regardless of cost. I have owned cars that cost almost $60K and they all have had their small issues. Fortunately, I have never had a real major problem with any new car I have ever purchased other than an 84 Buick Century that was a real lemon. I had a good friend who owned the Buick dealership and he took care of everything. If he were still in business, I would most likely still be driving a Buick, but everything in life changes and hopefully for the better most of the time.

    I too enjoy this forum and hope that it stays civil. As much as we like our vehicles, we should try to help those who have genuine problems and just write off the minor issues that we all experience.
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    Hey, take it easy on us older folks! Believe it or not many of us, me included, like sporty cars. However, while gravity gets me into my nephew's Corvette, getting out is entirely another matter. In the long run, you have to go with you gut and do not second guess yourself. My decision came down to the Acura TL or the Avalon. While I like the exterior of the Acura better and the fact that I could get a black,not dark gray, interior with a silver exterior; ultimately we chose the Avalon Limited for other reasons. Some of those reasons were more room in the back for the grandchildren, smart key, auto ON and OFF headlights, rain sensing wipers, and heated and cooled seats. The Avalon, the Acura, and the Maxima are all good cars. You can be happy with any of them as long as it is your decision and not that of someone else.
  • wynwyn Posts: 32
    You may find my experience of interest---Just replaced a 2001 Avalon XLS with a 2005 XLS. With Amoco premium fuel (93 octane) , at approximately 2000 miles, the 2001 averaged 23.6 MPG, while this 2005 has averaged 28.8 MPG. Driving route and pattern is very close to identical, with the same 800 mile trip included on each. As you might imagine, I am totally amazed at this significant increase. No complaints from me on economy with this vehicle. The driving conditions for these periods is probably close to ideal---not heavy traffic with few lights.

    Good luck!
  • eljefe1eljefe1 Posts: 12
    I've had my Avalon almost 2 weeks...I got 267 miles on the tank that was full (?) from the dealer... I don't know what grade...When I filled up, the pump shut off at 14.4 which equals 18.54 miles...I pumped it in to 16.1 gallons which equals 16.58
    These numbers disappointed me from what I had seen in this forum...of the 267 miles, about 70 miles were freeway with speeds ranging from 60-80

    My city driving includes a daily hill climb to 1100 feet from sea level...
    I always drive with the air on!
    But the mileage is better than my last 3 vehicles, all Acura 3.5 RL's... They got about 14.3 with the same type of driving..
    I'm waiting to see what my mileage is with this fillup...The average stays between 15.9 and 16.3 on the trip meter...
    Other than that the car is great...when I baby it, notice a search for gears sometimes...but if I drive my normal lead foot, no problems...I use the standard shift a lot so I guess the computer is always resetting...

    El Jefe
  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90 I didn't get the gold package. I'm happy with the way it looks so I won't be getting it.

    Anyone... When the fuel range reads zero is the fuel gauge on the line next to the E or is it over the E and are you really out of gas? How many gallons are left when the low fuel level warning light comes on? How much is left when fuel range is zero? Am I the first to ask this?
  • eljefe1eljefe1 Posts: 12
    See my message 5909...I filled up at just above the last line...16.1 of a 18.5 tank (we hope) It shut off at 14.4 at pump...Light flashed on during an uphill climb, but turned off on level after the climb...i purposely wanted to see where it came on

    El Jefe
  • bakeroidbakeroid Posts: 39
    I Live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and just took delivery on my Cassis Pearl Limited from a terrific dealer (Wilson) in Ames, Iowa. The sales manager gave me a price that was closer to invoice than to sticker, the trade-in allowance for my 03 Avalon was above KBB; and he also delivered my new baby to my door and picked up my trade-in for no additional cost. He is a Cadillac/Toyota dealer in Ames and buys used Caddies in this area (he has a local agent here to eyeball your trade-in and drop off/pick up) and trucks them back to Ames. He sends a truck down about twice a month.

    All my local Florida dealers were asking sticker for XL's XLS's and Touring, and $2,000 over for Limited's. Also there is no $699 "Preparation Fee" that all Southeast Toyota Dealers add.

    Very positive experience.

    Also, want to thank the HOSTS for the super job they have done in the 3 months since I have been following this forum (and will continue to follow it), especially lately for reminding us to be contributors and not chronic complainers.

    NOW !!!! I'm going out to drive my new car.

  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    Sounds like all the mileage in all your vehicles sucks. Ask yourself, what's the one common denominator with all your cars and I think you'll come up with the answer
  • eljefe1eljefe1 Posts: 12
    Yes rwb2, if you notice I did say I have a lead foot and I always use my air :) ...But I drive a car like it was meant to be driven :D ...and knock on wood, no accidents in 36 years of driving...occasionally get a speeding warning though! :cry: I spent 15 years driving various fire apparatus, code 3...So I enjoy pushing it :blush: ...I do think my limited will get better mileage than my other vehicles...I just wanted readers to know, not everyone gets 21 around town...but thats my choice, and for me its great...

    El Jefe
  • bushkabushka Posts: 19
    Does anyone have details on the reported Avalon recall? What manufacturing date range is affected? Are all '05 Avalons affected, or just the very early ones? Is this a complicated fix? I wonder if this is in any way related to complaints of steering pull. Any details appreciated. Thanks. Bushka
  • dtaylordtaylor Posts: 3
    Thanks for your thoughts cafpaf and hank3. ( and No I didn't mean old in a bad way ! )
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    The sales manager gave me a price that was closer to invoice than to sticker, the trade-in allowance for my 03 Avalon was above KBB; and he also delivered my new baby to my door and picked up my trade-in for no additional cost....

    That sounds like a sweet deal indeed, pick up and delivery service you can't beat that. I have one question though, why is the Avalon so popular in Florida? What is the special appeal? Last week I went to "look" at the new Avalon but I was indifferent, I felt no passion for the car....maybe later in July when shopping for a birthday gift I might think differently about it.

    Enjoy your ride!
  • laserpamlaserpam Posts: 8
    I am 42, working Mom and in the process of buying an Avalon XLS. I also looked at the Maxima and this is how I made up my mind: Do a side by side comparision on Edmunds of a Maxima & an Avalon - exact mileage, and all options - I went back 6 years & found the Maxima's could not hold their resale value. Also, contact your Insurance Company & find out what your costs will be for each vehicle. The Maxima is more. Last, the Maxima is the #2 stolen vehicle in America just behind the Cadillac Escalade. Yes, I absolutely loved everything about the Maxima, it is a fun car to drive. But, if you want class that will retain
    it's value for life - buy the Avalon!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    RTOM. It's been my experience that most Toyotas have about 2 to 4 gallons of gas left when the low fuel light starts to come on and off. When it stays on constant it means you better pull into the next gas station you see no matter how much a gallon of fuel is as you are about to run out of gas!
  • fallfall Posts: 2
    About a week ago I placed an order for an XLS. The exterior is Desert Sand Mica. The fleet manager said that I could not get the taupe colored interior in Gulf Coast area, even if I wanted to order it directly from the factory . Although I like the Ivory interior, I would prefer the taupe interior.

    I find it hard to believe that some color types are only available in a given region.. Does any one have any insight on this issue.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Open the link.

    I told you they don't have to advertise the Avalon anymore. Now you see why. If they sell that many cars a month as in April, they will have far exceeded their estimate of 85,000 cars. So at the least they will hit their original goal. That tells you well well the car is received and how few people are really posting here when you realize they sold over 9,200 Avalons in April alone, read the article. Only a handful of posters here. Good night my friends.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508 you see the year 2005 versus 2004.


    DSR % DSR %
    2005 2004 CHG 2005 2004 CHG

    AVALON 9,229 3,344 165.8 24,662 13,227 86.5

    Almost three times the sales this April over 2004 April. And almost twice as many for the year so far over 2004. Also remember they weren't selling the Avalon until February. So January of 2005 is missing compared to 04. So it will be a great year for the Avalon my friends. We have one great car. Have a good evening. I'm going to count sheep. LOL.
  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    I do admit, El Jefe1 it's hard to stay off the gas. We just must pay when we do. By the way I called Toyota tonight (they're on Pacific time), my LTD is one of the recalled ones. I wonder if Mac knows how long it will take to inspect and then replace if necessary.
  • miket99miket99 Posts: 6
    yes, here is what is in the news regarding the recall.

    "defect in the steering wheel column that could result in a loss of control of the vehicle, the company and U.S. safety regulators said on Monday"

    "The recall is another blow for the world's second-largest automaker, which last week recalled about 880,000 sport utility vehicles and pickups worldwide due to a defect in the front suspension that could hamper steering. "
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Sales are usually hottest during the first few months after introduction of a new model. Many people were sitting on the sidelines waiting for it and postponed purchases they may have made a few months earlier otherwise. Plus the car is new and a novelty which makes it more exiting to buy during the first few months.

    Plus you are comparing sales to the final year of a lame-duck model.

    Don't expect the same sales pace to be sustained.
  • mmg1mmg1 Posts: 29
    Just wondering!! What number do you call regarding steering wheel recall?
  • Strange when I bought the cargo net, the directions said to use those hooks as the attachment point for the net. I took the car in and they did reset the power strip assembly. I was glad because it has been raining and I was afraid I was going to get water in it. On the other hand, they said there was nothing wrong with the hook and then it came off while the service advisor was showing me there was nothing wrong with it. Still, they did not replace it. He said they would have to fix it eventually. Strange, I thought that I took off work to have him fix it now. I am now teased when I come into the service lane about whether I want the transmission fixed again. The problem is that it really is not funny to me anymore. I was so glad to see in another posting that Toyota finally admitted that people are having a transmission problem. I only hope they are able to do something about it sooner than later. I am becoming quite attached to my Avalon in spite of it's "issues". Someone also posted about the car being for the older crowd. I was concerned about it when I first got the car but Evanescence in the CD player helps to dispel the stuffy image. I added unconventional vanity tags so with minor changes the car adjusts to a younger style while still spoiling you with creature comforts.
  • I use 91 octane gas on my '05 Avalon Touring. My city has been about 24 mpg and my best highway was 34 mpg. I typically get 25-26 mpg for mixed driving. I found that I can achiev best gas mileage by keeping the engine below 2000 RPM while cruising on the freeway (~60 mph). Unfortunate my typical highway commute is either 70 mph.

  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    800-331-4331.Have your VIN number handy and be prepared to jump thru many hoops before reaching a human. They said the letters will start going out the first wek of June. The toyota rep seemed almost surprised with the call. His first question was "how did you hear about this". Yet another reason why this forum is great.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    "800-331-4331.Have your VIN number handy and be prepared to jump thru many hoops before reaching a human. They said the letters will start going out the first wek of June. The toyota rep seemed almost surprised with the call. His first question was "how did you hear about this". Yet another reason why this forum is great."

    I was one of the first to post about this recall and provided the TSB #, SSC50F. I was called last Friday morning by my selling dealer and advised to come in ASAP. I actually took it to my local small town Toyota dealer. So tell Toyota that some of us have Dealers calling us about these things.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    For those of you worried about gas mileage, don't sweat it so soon. The engine does need some time to break in and mileage DOES get better as you get more miles on it. With almost 6K miles I'm averaging 28.3 on 87 octane in mixed cith/highway driving. Highway speeds are 70+ mph.

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