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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • fragmirefragmire Posts: 97
    gbinplano, I only see the GPS receiver and a small bunch of wires for probably HomeLink. What does it look like exactly?
  • fragmirefragmire Posts: 97
    LOL. My bad. At least now I feel even better about my purchase ;)
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    fragmire, sorry to say I haven't gotten any solutions. Asked the dealer about it last time I was in and he said he could find nothing wrong. Was hoping someone here might find a solution.
  • rosebud3rosebud3 Posts: 14
    I postponed picking up my '06 Blizzard Pearl Avalon Ltd. until today. Many potential concerns may have been eliminated by working with my sales representative. Late last week I e-mailed to my salesman a note requesting all frequently expressed concerns be inspected and resolved as necessary prior to picking up the car. Today I walked around the car, opened then closed plastic covers, tapped fog lights, checked tail pipes and the rear window. Tire pressure was checked for accuracy and adjusted earlier. My initial comments are 100% favorable.
    XM radio antenna is mounted on the deck lid far right side/center. I can report the Ltd's wheels chromed look very nice. Black mud guards look sharp blending into the color of the tires. I do have some anxiety however. I remained standing at the dealer while my wife drove off the lot in the new car leaving me to drive my current '00 Avalon. I'll give the car a more detailed look and drive tonight.
  • gar333gar333 Posts: 12
    Going to check out the new Cassis Pearl Limited tomorrow. Dealer just got it in and it has everything I was looking for. The deal has been made. Now I'm trying to remember everything that I need to check so I get it fixed before I leave the lot. Fit and trim, fog lights, distorted rear window, door covers on the dash. pleats on the seats, window runs, and general fit and finish. Have I missed anything ? Don't want to miss anything in the excitement. Really looking forward to getting this car though ! And what do you think about the extended warranty I know they will offer ? I intend to drive the car for several years, I always do.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    do you know something specific about the trans. in the Avy - or is this something based on just a checkered history of auto trannies in high horsepower front drivers like the TLs and Maximas?
  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    the extended platinum warranty from Toyota I think is a great deal. 7 years, 100,000 miles and 0 deductible. there are many things that can go wrong especially in the Limited. do not pay more than $1,000. I paid that at Glen Burnie Brown's Toyota in Maryland and there was a dealer in MA selling it for $985. You can buy it from any Toyota dealer, not just where you are buying your car. show your dealer this post and he will come around or go elsewhere. good luck with your car. you should love it.
  • gar333gar333 Posts: 12
    Thank you "jordan7". I do think it is a good idea if intending to keep the car for a while. And I do. I'll compare the $985 to what they offer, and go from there. If they can offer it in Maryland, they can offer it in Indiana too. Thanks again for the feedback.
  • scs111scs111 Posts: 22
    My understanding is the leasing company is getting it straight from Toyota. I get it for invoice less $200, which is better than any dealer I've looked at by far!! All of the dealers in Houston either want sticker price or they might discount the car by a few hundred dollars.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I don't understand. Don't most people normally make the lease agreement at a Toyota dealer. What kind of lease compay did you deal with. Great price on a 2006 by the way. So what do you have for options and what was the price on which the lease was based.
  • Cell phone holder.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    As algee stated, it's on the trunk lid, either left or right hand side. Search on this blog under "xm antenna" and you will see a myriad of postings regarding the positioning of the antenna. It's a no-brainer to remove it from the trunk lid, disconnect it from the receiver in the trunk, replace the antenna with a Terk micro-antenna & splitter and put it on the roof, rear package deck or front dash. I have done it successfully as well as several other posters...putting it on the front dash inside the car makes it practically invisible.
  • scs111scs111 Posts: 22
    I'm getting the car through a commercial leasing arrangement by buying through my company. I ordered the Limited with VSC, spoiler, and floor mats for $30,700 + TTL. :)
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    There I was lying in a hammock on a Saturday maybe 2 months ago while reading a new car magazine which came in the mail that day. At that time we owned an '04 Prius, an '02 Prius, and a warm weather/fun car '92 Lexus SC300. No need to get a new car at all, or so I thought. On the magazine's cover was a picture of the newly redesigned '06 Mazda MX-5 (formerly Miata). Wow, how great is that! So, off to the Mazda dealership I went soon thereafter, but only left over '05's were on lot. Took a drive and enjoyed that older model car. Put down deposit for Limited model, one of only two such units destined for our city. Some weeks later went back to dealership with partner for update and on way home stopped by Audi dealership "just for a look". Ended up buying on the spot a black '05 A4 convertible with tan leather interior. It seemed like much more car than the Mazda and possibly safer too. Traded in '04 Prius which had been wonderful to own. After a couple days of driving around with top down we mostly reverted to having top up for greater comfort and quiet. In time we decided that the rear visibility was so poor that it was dangerous when backing out of parking spots at work. We never warmed up to the Audi's controls either... we much prefer the design and function of Toyota/Lexus controls. Interior started to seem too small and entire car too impractical. Just days before, when I was crossing the Toyota dealer's lot to take in the paperwork to get a refund on the Prius' unused extended warranty, I happened to see an '05 Phantom Pearl Limited Avalon with tan interior. I looked inside and was impressed. Price seemed quite reasonable for all that was included. Gas mileage on sticker was better than the Audi A4 with its 1.8T engine and CVT transmission. I thought, "How come we never saw THIS car before?" It seemed like a much better deal than the Audi. As an aside, the price for an extended warranty of same coverage on the Audi was about $2800+ whereas on the Avalon it was only $1200+ (and some have gotten it for <$1K). I guess that tells me something about expected repairs costs on those vehicles. Realizing that we had probably made a mistake in buying the Audi convertible, two weeks to the day that we bought it we traded it in for our '05 Desert Sand Mica Avalon Limited. At that first Toyota dealership they had that same Phantom Pearl Limited unit but we thought the tan interior didn't go well with the dark grey exterior color. The various units on their lot all had something undesirable about their colors or equipment packages, so we looked further at the dealership on the other side of town and saw the car we bought the next day when they were open. We drove only that unit and only for 6 miles before deciding it was just right for us. Desert Sand Mica color tends not to show the dirt and it blends well with the ivory interior and light wood interior accents. Have now put on just under 3K miles and love the Avalon. Have gotten as high as 35 mpg on a road trip. All this because of that magazine cover's picture of the MX-5. It would have been cheaper if I had just spent that day mowing the lawn. Still, we're quite happy with our new Avalon and have kept this car longer than two weeks so it must be for the long haul.

    Jim in WI.
  • Just took delivery of my '06 Indigo Ink Pearl Limited on Saturday. It has graphite interior which looks fantastic. One issue - the navigation can't find my address. When I drive on my street it gives me the next street over's name instead of my street. When I try to plug in my address it doesn't recognize it. Any ideas?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Manually scroll through the map and see if you see your street. If not, you need to wait for the next map disc update.
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    Does anyone know one way or the other if Toyota offers Sirius Satellite radio or not. Their web page said they offered XM and Sirius both. But, dealers say they only offer XM. I would like to have the Sirius because they are offering a one time payment lifetime offer at the moment.

    I know I can buy a Sirius radio and stick on my dash but I would rather have one that is factory compatible and plays through the Nav screen...
  • It is a 3/8" square window on the driver's windshield side of the rear view mirror.

  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    How did you get chromed wheels from the dealer? Is this somethign I can ask about for my Limited that is on order?
  • hank3hank3 Posts: 26
    I think some Toyota dealers have the Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels as an option. They will run you about $1,300. A cheaper option would be to get aftermarket rims from some place like or I am not big on chrome, but I purchased some aftermarket chrome rims (not over the top) and they look very good on my blizzard pearl limited. Personally I didnt like the rims that came with the limited. I asked to exchange them with the touring rims but the dealer wouldn't budge.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "A cheaper option would be to get aftermarket rims"

    About this time of year, Sears has some really good prices on wheels. They rotate brands on sale every few weeks or month. I have purchased my last 2 sets from them. I drive up to the auto center show room door, go in and grab a couple of jugs of anti-freeze or windshield fluid from the shelf, then lay them on their sides by my wheels. Then I grab wheel candidates from the wheel display and set them on the jugs. This gets them to the position they would be when mounted on the car. I can then stand back to see which wheel works best on my car. I get lots of help too. When customers pass by, I usually get comments about which one they like. Makes it fun. And, I have yet to find prices as competitive.
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    A while back there was a picture of chromed LTD wheels. They looked great. Haven't been able to find a place yet that swaps out the LTD wheels with a set of LTD chromed ones.
  • msavalon - I did my research on the front end and included all the options I wanted before closing the deal. I actually put together a proposal outlining exactly what I wanted and emailed (got email addy's off of toyota WWW site) an RFP to 8 dealers - KC to Oklahoma (I have a large sales territory) stating exactly what I wanted (I asked for line item detail on the options) and that the dealer that came back to me with the best price in the most timely fashion would have my business. Most car dealerships have an internet sales dept that has more latitude on pricing that the sales team (I guess they figure less sales effort). In any case, several responded within the day. I went in to Molle - negotiated down a little more and there you have it. I have helped several friends purchase cars that way over the past few years. If you know exactly what you want before you walk in or email - you are in a much better negotiating position. And btw, one of the best car buyers I have ever seen is my former mentor - a female. She would do her research, walk into the dealership ask to speak ONLY with the sales manager and basically say, I want this car for this price, my time is precious, YES or NO. There are 3 other toyota dealers in town, if you tell me NO, I will go to each of them with the same offer - if they all say NO, THEN I will rethink my offer... She was a machine! They never knew what hit em!
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    scs11: I'd be happy to 'sell' you my $300K house for a mere $250K if you'll agree to:
    1) put 10% up front
    2) agree to a 12% interest rate on your payments.
    3) guarantee a value for my house 4 years from now - at a value I determine
    4) tell me that you are not actually going to live in my house very much because I am going to charge you outrageously for anything that I determine is abnormal wear and tear.
    That way, when I take possession of my house 4 years from now I've made quite a profit and I still own the house, or maybe, you can really buy it at that point for some value that again I determine. I can make sure that I actually receive a whole lot more than the $300k it was worth in the first place.
    Such are the conditions of leasing a car - dealers and 3rd party leasing companies push it because they do make a lot more money and the consumers like it because the payment sizes are lower. The point is that leases can show almost anything at the top of the page (purchase price) - and it means nothing. The only way anybody knows what a car really costs is to pay cash for it.
  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    In the October issue of Consumer Reports there is an article "Consumer Reports' Dream Car - Features that Count". In the section titled "Interior" they state: "Vehicles with well-designed interiors include Acura TL and Toyota Avalon." Interior features they looked for are - comfortable and well constructed, without complicated multifunction control systems, controls close at hand and simple to use, soft touch plastic.
  • I have purchased many Toyotas since the mid '80's. My 1989 Camry had non-chromed wheels and for three years my wife heard me sigh and whimper everytime I eyed a passing car with great looking chromed wheels. Never the future get what you want', she said. In '92 the next LE Camry was purchased with chromed wheels off a more expensive Toyota model (XLE V6). The initial 'not available' became available when the issue was a 'deal breaker'. The wheels came off the GM's car. Everything about buying a car is negotiable. I liked the stock wheels on my '00 Limited Avalon and I like the style of the stock wheels on my '06 Limited Avalon. Both cars were delivered with chromed Toyota wheels. When I e-mailed July 5, 2005 my wants to the salesman I listed each and everything I wanted. I was specific and included stock, Limited alloy wheels-chromed. The wheels were changed at the dealership prior to picking up the car. If you like chromed wheels, the Limited's 17" look very good. When I factor in the 'pleasure' of getting the wheels I wanted, chromed, balanced and mounted the extra cost was minimal.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    scs111, what's the name of this leasing company? I better let our owner know that Toyota is overcharging us and the rest of the dealers in Cat for their cars.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I remember her, she was at my old dealership years ago. Very dry, no personality whatsover, plain Jane looking, sensible shoes. Sales manager sent her packing then called the other Toyota dealers and warned them she was coming. We don't know if she ever bought a Toyota. Probably not because her offers were so ridiculously low that sometimes we felt like calling the cops and tell them someone was in our store trying to "steal" a car. We later found out she ended up buying a Chevy as they were willing to sell everything at a loss! LOL
  • You may not be familiar with commercial leasing. Basically my company buys the car at invoice less $200. For tax reasons we show it's on the books as a lease, and the company depreciates it over three years. At the end end of three years, I can buy it from my company for the remaining balance (from invoice price) and what was paid out over the three years.

    So keep your house... and I'll keep my Avalon!! :)
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