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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • ski1003ski1003 Posts: 41
    I traded my 2000 Chrysler 300M without php, for new Avalon XL. My biggest regret is that I didn't get much in trade for my 300 (8500 and in mint condition with 50000 miles) and paid MSRP for Avalon. This was back in Feb. My 300M was on the lot with a asking price of 11999 and was sold within two weeks. Not sure what they finally got but it was a lot more than trade in $. I didn't like the new 300 and did like the design of Avalon. My wife also has had 3 Toyota Camrys with no problems.
    The Avalon is bigger inside, much quieter and acceleration is great. I do miss the 300M style but this car has an elegance that I like.
  • rosebud3rosebud3 Posts: 14
    This message is a reply to 'oldgrumpy'. It seems we both fit the Avalon buyers profile. We are both 'mature' buyers. It's 4:55 PM California time. I have an appointment to pick up the Avalon tomorrow (Wife is driving both ways). I had a phone call from my salesman today. The Ltd's chrome wheels and mudguards have arrived. He is inspecting each detail about which I expressed concern, prior to my arrival. The car is an'06 model. I will describe later the XM antenna mounting location and the radio display as you've requested.
  • roskiroski Posts: 15
    Excellent document. I have been researching the way other Toyota owners (Sienna, Prius) have done a similar mod. Based on my findings, and perhaps you have the same conclusion, I don't think it would be difficult for an EE to design a circuit to not only mimic the ENTER key press, but to fool the NAV computer into believing it is stopped and hence allow for a passenger to enter destination information (the other annoying "feature" created by trial lawyers).

    Many Sienna owners discovered that there is a speed sensor cable going into the NAV unit. When the speed sensor is grounded, or opened, the NAV computer thinks you are stopped and allows you to enter destination info until the GPS tells the NAV computer your position has changed. You only get about 15 seconds after the interruption. Some people have simply installed a DPDT switch so that they can manually interrupt the circuit every 10 seconds or so while they are entering destination info. Others have built a timer circuit to do the same thing.

    My thought is that coastalETech has designed a circuit that does both. First, since it connects at the NAV computer, it must detect when power is applied, and then after the five seconds send a signal which is the same as generated by the ENTER key - this removes the 'I Agree" annoyance (similar to your approach, but sending a signal rather then closing the switch). It then monitors and detects when the DEST key is pressed at which point it interrupts the speed sensor as described above. Once the MAP button is pressed, it puts everything back to normal.

    Two main obstacles have prevented me from doing something. First, I'm not an EE and don't have the skills or equipment to diagnose, trap, and mimic the signals coming from the NAV controller to the NAV computer. Nor do I have the skills to design such a circuit as I described. Secondly, I have never been able to source the connectors coastalETech uses to make it a "plug and play" solution by connecting into the NAV computer in the trunk.

    As annoying as the trial lawyers are, I'm not annoyed enough to go back to school or create my own plastic injection molding factory. CoastalETech is capable of doing this, they have designed some very brilliant solutions, but based on my experience with them, they are a very mom and pop operation (perhaps running out of the trunk of their Prius in Indialantic, Florida). The NAV units in the 05 Avalon and 05 Prius are the same, with slightly different software, but the connectors are the same. I wouldn't be surprised if they would work in the Avalon, but CoastalETech can't even produce quantity for their Prius customers.

    The entrepreneur in me says you can sell such a solution to Avalon owners for maybe $150 per pop. I doubt even low volume manufacturing costs would push $50 and I expect over the life of '05, '06, and possibly '07 Avalons you could sell several thousand of them on eBay and forums.

    You have definitely come closest to the holy grail, any other thoughts?

  • retired7retired7 Posts: 133
    I just completed a 2600 mile round trip from the pacific NW to southern Calif. A few details:
    * Temp 90 deg to 100 deg F.
    * Ran A/C 95% of time.
    * Used Premium fuel.
    * Set LCC @ 75- 85 mph.
    * Radar detector operational.
    * Fully synthetic oil 5W-30.
    * Nitrogen filled tires to 33 psi.
    * Car loaded back seat and trunk.
    * Acrylic protective lens installed in front of LCC.

    Results: Averaged right @ 30 mph. High of 33.9 and low of 27.9 (in mountains).
    Got 95% of premium fuel @ COSTCO. Ate up a BMW and couple of other sport cars on the way just for fun.. Only complaint is the high sensitivity of the LCC (responds too aggressively to braking and acceleration) and too much nose diving of the front end over dips in I-5. I do believe I got better mileage with the synthetic oil + additional protection in the hot weather.
    I was able to remove (snaps out) the plastic bumper portion in front of the parking light and LCC. I then cut a rectangular piece of acylic .093 thick about 1/4" larger than then rectangular opening in front of the LCC. I used duct tape to tape the edge of the acrylic lens to the rectangular opening in the removed plastic bumper and reinstalled/snapped back in the plastic bumper. Works great- no faults during whole trip. Acrylic protective lens is located approximately 1/2" in front of LCC face. Easy fix to a potentially expensive repair!">

  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I would think it might be better to silicone the protective plastic piece onto the opening edges to keep out moisture which could fog up plastic piece.
  • whykatzwhykatz Posts: 2
    My fiance has just leased a 2006 Avalon with the Navigation system. We cannot, for the life of us, find where the display is for the outside temperature reading. Manuals are not clear with NAV. I would think it exists...Where can we find it?
  • roskiroski Posts: 15
    Press the CLIMATE button on the NAV Controller. It is in the upper right corner.
  • whykatzwhykatz Posts: 2
    Duh! There it is...plain as day! Thanks!
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42
    Hi there.. I had the same sort of shuddering....on my new '05 XL, (less than 100kms) 70-80kmph low revs about 1400rpm in top gear in "D"... I have been able to repeat it on slight grades but not when I take it to the dealer, they can not see/feel the problem..

    Do you have any news (or solution) on yours.?

    cheers CD
    [note: we use metric here in Dubai]
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42
    Hi abfisch - I have the vibrating seat problem and all that you recommend above has been done.. so whats next?

    cheers CD
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    I had also researched the Prius, Sienna, and Lexus boards first, and did discover instructions for a circuit that, as described, restores the speed sensor connection for a short time every 12 seconds or so. I am not as bothered as most by the “in motion” limitation, so have not been motivated to try a modification. I do have a wiring schematic that identifies the location and wire color for the speed sensor connection.

    I do agree with your thoughts regarding Coastal. The company probably consists of one or two engineers familiar with the serial data communications protocol that Toyota uses for body electronics functions. He or she could then purchase a replacement part from Toyota that includes a multiplex transceiver. Then the task becomes primarily a software exercise, to, as you suggested, read and write Nav controller to Nav ECU commands.
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42
    yep I am getting that too...
    has anyone out there got an answer for us..?

  • maddokemaddoke Posts: 12
    I have black mudguards for my black touring also and the fronts were easy to install. 2 ?? for the back. 1) should I worry about the metal rusting after drilling the 2 holes in each fender?? (I thought about using touch up paint after drilling the holes and waiting before installing the guards. 2) Which 2 screws did you put back? Ii sounds like you did the bottom screw(existing) skipped the next going up and then attached the top one. Is that because the middle one wasn't accessible to drill or did you drill the hole but couldn't manuever with the screwdriver? thanks for the advice?? Keith
  • scs111scs111 Posts: 22
    I just ordered a 2006 Avalon Limited through a leasing company. They told me that all of the Toyotas they order are manufactured only in Japan and that it takes 4 to 5 months for delivery. I can't find that Toyota even makes the Avalon in Japan. I thought they were only made in Kentucky. Anyone know for sure? Also is the delivery quoted about right?
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    It sounds like you are "lugging" the engine by manually selecting 5th gear. At 70 MPH my 05 is turning a little over 2000 RPM in 5th gear.
  • hmm dont know about that! I have been looking for an XLS in Blizzard Pearl with no options, and have seen many window stickers. They have a place on the sticker that reads, "port/plant". Many of them read Kentucky. Since there is no port in Kentucky, I assumed that they were infact manufactured there where the Camrys are. Perhaps you should call a dealer. :confuse:
  • retired7retired7 Posts: 133
    I previously tried placing the 3/32" thick LCC protective acrylic lens in the recess area but it didn't work. See postings #7105 & #7337.

  • wynwyn Posts: 32
    The Avalon has always been made only in the US.
  • Same here. Also looking for an nice price on an XLS in Blizzard Pearl and I cannot get closer than 1500 over invoice. Where are these "under invoice" XLS at?
  • scs111scs111 Posts: 22
    Thanks, that's what I thought. When I told the woman at the leasing company that I wasn't aware they made the Avalon in Japan, she said she was positive they did. I wonder what the delivery is running for new orders shipping from Kentucky.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    When I drilled the required holes for my rear set, I don't recall going through anything metal...believe it was some sort of hard plastic. Simply follow the instructions that came with the set and install them as called need to remove the rear tire(s) to properly install them....VERY easy.
  • stlmostlmo Posts: 40
    Keith, the back wheelwell lips you have to drill through aren't metal so no rust problem. The 2 holes per side be drilled back there are the top two of the 3 total screw holes used to install each guard. The bottom hole already exists; it is a square hole at the bottom of the fender where a clip is installed & the screw goes thru the clip. You are right, I did't drill the center hole for each rear one yet as without removing the tire/wheel the angle for the drill seemed to great. It seemed like it could be done at an angle & likely work but they were plenty tight (with no gaps) using only the top & bottom attaching points so I will wait for my first tire rotation & shoot the holes in about 2 seconds while they have the rear tires off. These were Toyota guards obtained through a dealer and they fit great. I did clean/seal/wax the areas prior to install since car is new.
  • stlmostlmo Posts: 40
    Charlie, I tried the LCC today & it worked great (of course it still accelerates to catch back up to speed faster than I would like). Didn't mention previously I actually used 3 smaller pieces of the 3M protective on the unit; one for each of the sections as it looked like a one piece install would result in gaps or air bubbles as the unit is sort of sectioned & not totally flat.
  • scs111scs111 Posts: 22
    Does the 2006 come with a cassette player like the 2005? I can't understand why Toyota would waste space putting in an outdated piece of equipment in a car like the Avalon. I don't think you could buy a cassette tape if you wanted to. :confuse:
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    My new Limited doesn't yet need an oil change, but sometimes I like to change the oil myself so I want to be prepared for when that time comes. From the top of the engine I haven't yet been able to find the oil filter. I haven't yet put the car up on ramps but wonder whether anyone can describe the filter's location. Are there any special considerations for removing the filter and changing the oil? I did read something about it not being a traditional type filter. Do I need to buy anything special to use to remove the filter? I have looked through the various manuals but have found no reference to any of this. Thank you.

    Jim in WI.
  • koondogkoondog Posts: 15
    My Av has Navigation, and the NAV Control panel takes the place of the cassette. I will say that the stereo is one of the best car stereos that I have ever heard. After 3 days, I'm still tickled to death with the car.
  • wynwyn Posts: 32
    Filter system is totally different, uses an internal cartridge for which dealers are supposed to have special tools. Capacity is 6.4 quarts. Check post #8284 and possibly #8277 and related posts for more details. Sorry, not sure about location
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    The filter element housing is located facing down on the passenger side. Look with a hand mirror and a flashlight. The part that is removed to access the filter is about 2.5" in diameter and resembles a spline. There is a plug on the bottom that takes a standard square socket drive.
  • doobredoobre Posts: 42
    Hi jicka

    I am not selecting 5th the gear shift is in "D".. it is selecting that gear itself.. I would expect the auto gearbox to work out that it has to change to 4th but it does not.. so the vibration/shudder happens...

    note: I am talking in metric, kmph not mph, so 70 kmph is about 40mph
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "$66.00 5W synthetic with me providing the filter!"

    WHAT? $66 for an oil change with you providing the filter? I hope you had lots of other stuff done for that price.
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