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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • Where would I find the Toyota tech training web site as it referes to the avalon being included in the solving of the drifting problem in the travel of the car.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Where would I find the Toyota tech training web site as it referes to the avalon being included in the solving of the drifting problem in the travel of the car?

    See previous messages #8626, #8648, and #8655 for a description.
    When searching the TSB section on this site, select 2005 Avalon first, otherwise the returned list will be long and include TSBs unrelated to this model.
    The last time I ran this search, 22 TSBs were listed.

    The content of this TSB is essentially identical to similar pulll/drift troubleshooting procedures described in the Suspension chapter of the 05 Avalon repair manual. Only step (4) is new.
  • I read your comments with interest. I just bought a XLS and it has the park assist and I can't hear it even with the radio off .What other comments did you receive about this problem. So far the dealer just saying thats too bad and sorry that spent the money on the option. There is nothing they can do .
  • mikeor,

    This dealer response doesn't make any sense and I would not accept it. When a dealer installs an accessory for a high price, they generally provide a certain guarantee on the device, their installation and its long-term functionality.

    Can you hear the buzzer when you stand behind the car with the trunk open? If not, the system is not working. If you can hear it, but not from inside the cabin, then they installed the buzzer in a poor location.

    I suggest that you ask the dealer where exactly did they place the buzzer. There are some good and some not so good places. Search this discussion for early posts by johni and havalongavalon discussing two alternative buzzer locations inside the trunk under the rear shelf. I posted photos at the time showing a good location near a rectangular hole, from which sounds carries well into the cabin. More recently n0v8or installed his buzzer on the door pillar as I recall, close to his left ear. For the price you paid, your dealer should be willing to move the buzzer to a better location so that the sound can be easily heard.

    Good luck!

  • Havalongavalon..My unit came with the car . I believe it was put on by Gulf States the local distributor in our area. I am not real sure of who supplied the parts to them. Any idea who supplies Toyota? Thanks for your comments.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Thank you, *n0v8or*, for the summary in post #8684 of the TSB about the drifting problem in some cars. It appears that Toyota deals with it in a very logical manner. Forum members who have new Avalons that drift for no obvious reason are now able to stand toe-to-toe with the service dept. people who love to say, "it must be a road crown, or, gravity..or...look, they ALL do it". Nonsense. Fix the problem. Thanks again.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    We really didn't discuss it further. He was driving and I was outside motioning him to come on back and he chickened out - guess he didn't trust me. Anyway, I directed him to within about a foot of the other car and we didn't hear anything. I wasn't going to buy that particular car anyway, so it didn't concern me at that time. He was a new young salesman and didn't know too much about the car. I knew more about it than he did from what I had read on here. I didn't think I needed it, but this car is so much longer than my 2000 that I regret not getting some type of back up sensor. Would like to have the camera.
  • Just a heads up. Awell will not send me a power cord with fuse until I return the one without the fuse and I'm responsible for the return shipping . This is their mistake but at this point I have little choice. Not exactly what I would call good customer service.


  • Tony,

    Sorry to hear. I agree that since it was Awell's omission, they should pay for return shipping of the faulty unit. I didn't have any issues with Awell, on the contrary I was impressed by their effort at scheduling a reasonably priced international shipper. Cwell Leung provided helpful support by email, perhaps you could contact him at

    Best wishes,

  • I don't know, sorry. When I bought my car the Toyota sales manager showed me a brochure on the aftermarket parking sensors that they installed in Siennas, but the cost was high so I passed on it. Toyota may use more than one aftermarket supplier, as well.

  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    I have the Michelin Tires (2006 Avalon Limited)

    Am I the only one who finds the road noise in these cars to be terrible and far more than the previous 2000 year series? I have set the tires to the correct 32 lbs (cold) but the road noise is bad. They came with 40psi (why) ?

    Any suggestions? Between the front seats and the road noise I am sorry I bought this car.
    Thanks for any comments
  • I have an 06 Blizzard Limited and am thinking about getting the windows tinted. I have heard that the best window tint has metallic flakes or something, but the metallic may interfere with radio signals or the smart key signals. Can some of you shed some light on this so I don't buy some line of baloney from a window tinting firm and end up with a problem?

  • I have the Ltd too with the Michelin tired. I think the amount of road noise really depends on the type of road you're on. On most of the freeway here in the DC area, there is minimal road noise except on bridges (where the road is a white / tan color). I've got comments from friends in the car once while driving from DC to the Shenandoah national park (roughly 90 minutes each way) that they couldn't even tell we were going at 60 mph.

    For the record, I owned a 2001 Avalon XLS before this, and I find the road noise to be very acceptable.
  • regisregis Posts: 94
    This is my third Avalon XLS. (1996, 2000 & now 2006). The 2006 is every bit as quiet as the others other than a sweet rumble from the exhaust under heavy acceleration (which I like).
  • I also have a 2000 Avalon XLS, with Michelin tires, and a 2005 Avalon Limited with Michelin tires. In both cases I find the tire road noise is no problem, and the new one is no noisier than the old one. I do find the new tires, with a lower profile, have a slightly harsher ride, but no big deal.

    I initially thought the 2005 Limited seats were a bit less comfortable than the 2000 seats. I have since taken the new one on very long road trips (700 miles in one day), and the seat comfort was never an issue. In fact, the new seat is probably a bit more supportive and comfortable for an all day drive.

  • My dealer has the (TSB) ST002004 ,but that it does not mention that it applies to avalon. You say that the Toyota Tech training web site does mention avalon. I would like to know where on this web site exactly does it mention avalons drifting problem and that (TSB) TS002004 applies to the avalon also. The dealer says without a (TSB) on avalon drifting problem they will not fix it. I would love to go and say, here fix it,but i need this information...HELP!
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    I also had a problem with tire noise and I had the Bridgestone EL400's. Toyota wouldn't do anything for me except tell me that the tires complied with NHTSA requirements - duh, and told me to go away. :mad:
    The problem is that there are very few manufacturers who make a tire in the stock size of 215/55-V17.
    I replaced my tires with Bridgestone Turanza LSV in 225/55-V17 and they are VERY quiet. The only downside is that the 225 tire is a little larger in diameter than the OEM, and the spare does not fit in the trunkwell when fully inflated, so I keep a portable inflator with me. Your may want to keep one Michelin as the spare. Discount Tire will give you a partial credit on your Michelins toward something else. If you change tires you must do a balance using the Hunter 9700 Road Force. Discount Tire were the only tire dealer who managed to balance my tires!!!! I recommend Discount. :D
    If Discount don't have the Bridgestones, go to a corporate Bridgestone store and ask if they will give you the 4 for the price of 3 deal. They were running this promo a while back, and after they install them, if they are not balanced, take them to Discount to balance using the Hunter 9700. Bridgestone couldn't balance mine after 3 attempts...
    I have Bridgestone Turanza LSH on my 2002 Avalon (quiet), and Turanza LST on my wide's Sienna (quiet) and I had the Turanza Revo Z's on my old LS400. Now my new Avalon rides just as quietly as the 2002. The only quiet riding Bridgetones are the Turanza LS series.... forget about anything else they make. Check out the Turanza LS reviews on
  • 50 year old .With 280 hp I would of bought this car at 18.
  • I just purchased my third avalon. Model year 2006. I am concerned about door dings. The 2006 Lexus GS 300 has a bumper of some type located on the door sills. Any body tried to install these on a 2006 Avalon? :) :)
  • Just a passing thought -

    A 235/50 size tire would have been closer to the original size and would fit into the trunk well. The down side is it appears to only be available in 'Z' rating (LSZ) and is $50 per tire more.
  • I want to weigh in on the side of those who find that the new models with Michelin tires are as quiet or quieter than previous models. I have owned a '96 and an '00.

    Also, while I have been told I have a "Cute Tush" ( and not just by my mother), I weigh 230 lbs so I am not exactly a small guy. Yet, in 3 lenghthy trips, I have found the seats very confortable. Although, there does not appear to be a lot of external bolstering, there does appear to be internal support because I do not wander all over the seat in turns etc.That can actually be helpful for those of you whose tushes are more "wide" than "cute".

    Finally, I have felt from the beginning that the '05 seems to handle curves etc. at high speeds noticeably better than my "00, although Consumer Reports seems to say the emergency responses are not that great. How do other owners feel?
  • can u please explains what exactly do u mean>?

    thanks :surprise:
  • Does anyone know what a paint sealer is. My dealer has thrown it in on my purchase of new 06 limited. He said its a clear coat that goes over the paint to seal it. Well there is a clear coat put on a car when its pained at the factory so I dont know what he is talking about. i will have to check with the service dept. I guess.
  • It's probably nothing more than a polymer type protective coating similar to wax substitutes available in auto parts stores or online. Zaino and Meguiars polymer products come to mind. It's basically an overpriced money maker for the dealers.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    I sent a response to your email. Your dealer is using a common tactic to avoid a trial and error repair procedure where, if lucky, he will be reimbursed for only half of his technician's time. In his position, I would tend to do the same. I have been through all these same denial routines with my previous vehicle, a Volvo. It if had not been for various Volvo forums, I would have never prevailed in my struggles to get defects fixed. Every problem was "the first time they had ever heard of it", despite 27 others having reported it on forums, and even when the identical problem occurred again some months after they fixed it.

    A TSB is simply a piece of "how to repair" ADVICE from the manufacturer. Lack of a TSB does not absolve a dealer of addressing a problem, nor is it mandatory that they follow the TSB to solve a customer issue. The TSB does say "if you do it our way, the repaIr will be successful, and this is how much we will pay you for the job" (usually not enough). Resourceful technicians often develop alternate approaches that are both less labor intensive and more effective than suggested by a TSB.

    I have found that showing up at the service counter with 2 dozen donuts at break time is a lot more effective than a protracted argument with the customer service manager. For the benefit of non-USA forum readers . . . donuts are a form of underground currency here in the Northeast US .
  • wynwyn Posts: 32
    It means a polish or wax job. I would decline on the chance that the finish might be damaged by careless choice of materials, power equipment, or application.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Downside is also that the ride will be harder with a 50 aspect ratio, and a wider tire is likely to cause more noise thru greater pavement surface area contact. I would not go wider than a 225 - the wheel wells are pretty full already! A 235 may even come into contact with the lower extremeties of the rear struts. There is very little clearance in that area.

    Further to my post - the ride of my Avalon felt really hard. I could feel every ripple in the pavement. Turned out that it wasn't a hard ride, it was high frequency vibration caused by multiple wheels slightly out of balance, and every pavement variation seemed to be magnified. Anyone out there who feels that their Avalon rides hard - have your wheels balanced using the Hunter 9700 Road Force. You won't believe the difference.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Awell will not send me a power cord with fuse until I return the one without the fuse and I'm responsible for the return shipping .

    I also found Awell's customer service virtually non-existent and their quaility far from exemplary. One of the 4 sensors in my kit caused the beeper to sound continuously, even with no obstruction to the rear. Awell would only replace it if I uninstalled and repacked everything, sent it back at my expense, plus included $20 to cover their shipping and handling of the replacement sensor. It was easier to just buy a new sensor from them for $15 plus first class mail shipping ($3).

    In your case, I recommend going to a Radio Shack store and purchasing a #270-1213 sealed inline automotive fuse holder for $2.39.
    This holder is much better than the one you should have received but diid not.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    Does your car have the sound shield on it that Gulf States includes in their "add on" group? I drove an XL with no options and I thought it was noisy, but my Limited is very quiet-much more so than my 2000 Avalon XLS. It does have that option called "Vehicle Shield Package" that includes sound shield, lusterizing sealant, sealant cleaner and rental assistance. Maybe that made the difference.
    Under the fender wells of my car feels like a kind of felt type of material. The seats are the only fault I have found and the fact that it doesn't shift as nicely as the 2000.
  • Along the bottom of the door and mounted to the door sill is a small rubber bumper. This is only on the 2006 Lexus GS 300. Look at the actual car and you will see the rubber bar along the bottom. Makes the car look real sporty and should help with dings. I don't know if it will fit an Avalon, but it looks like it would. thanks, chodie
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