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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • Your Custom Car Is Ready:

    At Toyota, special orders now go from zero to built in no time flat.


    By Rachel Rosmarin, September 22, 2004

    You want a 2005 Avalon in Aspen Green with a sunroof and leather, but your local Toyota (TM) dealer's lot is a sea of Diamond White. Getting the color and options you want might normally take two to three months. But not anymore: Nowadays the carmaker can build exactly to your specifications in just 14 days.


    Continue - - ah yes continue, it requires membership perhaps a participant here is a subscriber to the magazine or is an AOL member as it is only available to them. Be nice to know what the rest of the article says..


    above can be found at this link;,17863,699736,00.html
  • coug2coug2 Posts: 34
    I would like to read that as well. Nonetheless, I did find this regarding custom orders...

  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117

    Two questions:

    If your dealership get one tonight when are you going to have on the showroom?

    Second- In Virginia can you order the 2005 without the remote start, first aid kit & other unnecessary add ons?
  • I understand all the excitement of a new model being introduced but for goodness sake don't give the house away in your quest to get the car.


    There have been several posts here advising folks to steer clear of a first year model. That is excellent advice. Believe me, as much as I would like to hit the dealership, I'm sitting back and looking to see how this first model year plays out. You can't lose! Prices will come down.
  • tassotasso Posts: 33
    Well, I am the one to blame. Just stopped by and paid off the balance due, have not even seen it yet. Originally, I had worked out a $29000 trade in value on my 2003 Denali and $1000 off MSRP. BUT, the dealership let me sell it privately and run the transaction through them as a trade in. So I got $32350 for the Denali, saved $600 extra dollars on taxes, and avoiding any tax consequences in selling my Denali striaght out ( I depreciated 50% of its value last year). THey helped me a ton. So I did pay the difference to MSRP $3300, BUT I got them to include a spoiler, plus I will use my my Citi Drivers Card to get $500 back through Citi. SORRY I just cannot wait or hold back, but I came out great in the tax world.
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Remember the average age of the Avalon owner is above 60. One needs to consider that for many our time is more important than money. Got to go change the oil in my wheel chair.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    For those of you who are wondering whether you have to pay the MSRP or not, I will tell you now that deals have been made for over $2,100 dollars under the MSRP. You should also know that from all the excitement on this board, after I made my deal on the XLS Avalon, I asked my sales manager if anyone has been coming in asking for the 2005, his response was they are coming in asking for deals on the 2004. My dealer in my area is one of the largest, so take this into consideration when they try to sell you on the MSRP. Now as far as not being first to by a new model that has been redesigned with a new motor, as far as I am concerned, Toyota has built a very fine reputation for quality, it's not like buying pie in the sky. My belief is that once the car gets into the showroom, once the advertising starts and the car is on the road and the test drives are in, the car is going to sell very well and the price will begin to creep up. I am sure the Lexus engineers have some input into the Toyota brand and they aren't going to build a lemon. My experience with Toyota as far as service and correcting any faults has been excellent. So for those of you who want to own this new Avalon, I personally wouldn't have any second thoughts. Good luck to all of you.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    cove148, we probably won't put it in the showroom as I pretty much have it sold to one of my previous customers. Answer to the second question is yes, actually every dealer in the nation can do that. These are port installed options and they can be deleted by the inventory control manager at the dealers. Unfortunately some of these "icm's" don't have a clue what the option codes mean so they stay on the car. For example; I get my next months allocation. There is an Avalon XLS with VD,NV,G4,Z1 these codes mean Vehicle stability control, Navigation system, Remote start, and Preferred accessory package which includes the glass breakage sensor, floor mats, cargo mat, etc. The first two option codes are factory options and the last two are port installed options. If I have a customer that wants this car but doesn't want the remote start or the accessory package but does want the floor mats then I would go into the Toyota Dealers's website where I can make these changes to the car. I would delete the G4, and Z1 options and add CF for floor mats. A lot of dealers will leave the Z1 package on there as there is a credit to the dealer for every package sold. I'm off today but one of my colleagues is supposed to call me as soon as the car gets here. The midnight thing was just a tease on my part!

                           ; )

  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    Mackabee: The midnight thing was just a tease on my part!


    I am not sure I follow you, but then again, I am 85 years old and my sense of humor ain't what it used to be. So, would you please clarify again -- what is the expected day when all the dealerships should have at least one Avalon?
  • hello everyone. I got to test drive the car today. My dealer got their first one last night. I set up a 11am drive. The car I drove was a silver XLS. I thought they were going to get a limited. The car drove very good. It handled well in corners(very little if any pitch). It had great excelleration. It had options of the jbl synthesis 360w radio(wow),add-on wheels(did not see need for this), toyota prot. package(dealer markup junk) . MSRP was around 34200.00. I'm sorry I did not write down the exact amount because I'm only interested in the limited.I have been shopping around for a new car for three months. I decided on the Lexus ES330 but the Toyota dealer said I should wait to drive the Avalon. I will have to drive the limited to compare the two. I was not overly impressed with the interior and the ride is ok. I'm comparing the Av to the ES. For the money the limited will have to be alot better than the ES330 because I can buy the ES loaded for less money. I know the power is more and the back seat has alot more room but the front seat spacing is about the same. If I can work out a deal, I will post my findings.

    P.S. I do not understand why Toyota is so secretive about their cars. The salesman was asking me questions about the car and when we got back to the dealership he got some of his co-workers to ask me questions about the car. I thought this was funny.This just shows that the information is out there. Happy car shopping everyone
  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    I know the power is more and the back seat has alot more room but the front seat spacing is about the same.


    Interesting. Last time I drove the '04 Avalon, I found it significantly more spacious than the ES330, so it's surprising that you rate the ES330 and 05 Avalon "the same" in regards to the front space. It looks from the specs that the Avalon front driver position has significantly more room in all dimensions (compared to ES330), except for the legroom.


    I'll test drive the 05 on Saturday and report my impressions. Just like you, I am also cross-shopping between the ES330 and the Avalon Limited. Here is the Avalon vs ES330 side by side comparisson (includes the dimensions data):

  • Thanks for the post it was very helpful. One question. You said-

    "P.S. I do not understand why Toyota is so secretive about their cars. The salesman was asking me questions about the car and when we got back to the dealership he got some of his co-workers to ask me questions about the car."


    I am a little confused...which car were they asking you about- the Avalon or the ES330? And what kind of questions were they asking you?
  • Hello future1, I'm 6'3 330lbs and for me it was not the shoulder room or the hip room it was leg room and the footwell space. I felt the Av had a ton of room for the body but it seemed to cramp up in the foot area. I like the power pedals in the Lexus Es330. I prefer the pedals over the manual tilt/telescoping wheel because I have long arms. I feel this car would have benefited by having a power tilt/telescoping wheel. The new Maxima has this available, I would have expected to see this in the flagship. One other thing I noticed is in the compartment area in front of the armrest there is a holder for your cell phone, which is nice but you cannot close the compartment with a phone in it. This would have been nice to hide your phone when you are out of the car and there is not a single place for lose change. Also be sure to check on the door that covers the audio system, it opens nice but I had to press really hard two or three times to get it to close. The salesman told me this was a problem in the camry as well. One nice feature is the spare in the trunk. It was full size with a standard wheel and matching tire. I'm saying standard wheel because the one I drove had special wheels but the one in the trunk was a standard XLS wheel not a matching one. The standard wheels I thought looked better than the special wheels.

        The size of the back seat is a plus for small kids and adults. I got in the back seat and there was enough space to put my knees together and they would not touch the seat in front. The tilt feature on the back seats is nice. Another thing about the back seat is if you get the jbl sound system, set the surround function on then get in the back seat.(I think the sound is better back there)

        One other thing is there is no key access to the trunk. I know the keyfob or the button on the inside will open the trunk but what if the battery was completely dead you would be stuck unless there is another way that I do not know about. I hope this helps everyone out. I know there is alot I did not mention about the car.
  • The toyota guys were asking me about the avalon. I could not belive this since I was in their car. Most of the questions were about the performance figures and info on the electronics like the radio, nav, laser cruise. Then they asked me about the differences in the av and the es. I hope this does not sound like I'm bragging because I don't brag about anything. I just make it a point to know as much as possible about the cars I am interested in. Most of the info I pieced together was from this site and a few other sites. The info was easy to find. That is why I could believe the salesmen did not have the facts
  • dna2511,

    This does not sound like you are bragging at all. I too try to find out as much as I can about the car I am going to buy. I know that salesman cannot know everything about every car on their lot, but I am a little surprised at the lack of information most salesman have about the 05 Avalon.

    I do a little research just so I can know the basics myself since some salesman can give you wrong info. I hope this does not sound like I am bashing salesman in general. There are some knowleadgeable ones out there- Mackabee has been a great help in this forum and is very knowleable. But unfortunately they are outnumbered by the ones who do not or will not do the research.


    I must say you did not seem overly impressed. I thought with the extras the Limited offered it would be far better than the ES330 which I also cross shopped. It seems like even after test driving the Av you still are on the fence. I have not yet test driven the Av although I have driven the ES.

    I would be interested in any other information you have about the Av. Did it have a Nav system and if so how did it work? I travel and would use one often.
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    Just to toss another opinion on the heap...


    A few years ago, I owned a 2001 Avalon XLS.

    Went to the Lexus dealership, and drove the new ES330.


    I am being completely honest when I say, I was more then happy to drive away with my Avalon.


    I really did think that my Avalon rode just as smooth, maybe even smoother, and had just as much power (they have the same engines).


    And, the ES330 seemed a little bit cramped compared to the 2001 Avalon (it should since the Avalon is huge in comparison).


    To make a long story short, the ES330 to me seemed like a fancy Camry. (which is what it is)


    Now with the new 2005 Avalon, it shouldn't even be close. In my opinion.


    The BIG thing with me is the Laser Cruise Control, the AC seats, the Smart Key, and the power.


    All that stuff, you can't touch for anything less than 45k. The 2005 Avalon is offering it for 37k.


    I was going to buy a loaded Chrysler 300C, but the Avalon is nicer. Besides, I think if you chrome the Avalon's limited wheels, or put some nicer wheels on it, it would look just as good as the 300C.


    I just couldn't live with myself driving a 300C thru traffic for 3 years, and wishing I had Laser Cruise Control, when the Avalon has it. Not to mention the smart key, so on, so on...
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    If you really like waiting, I read that the new VW Passat will offer around 280+ hp, all wheel drive, laser cruise, dvd nav, ac seats, basically everything the new Avalon is now offering.


    But won't be around until at least this fall.


    Guess this fall I'll drive over in my new Avalon to take a look... :)
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Future, I posted yesterday evening in jest that all Toyota dealers were having one Avalon dropped off at midnight. I wondered how many of our Edmund's members got in their cars to go check last night! Seems like some dealers got theirs today, we didn't as we were told by our district rep! : (


    Dna, are you by any chance in the Southeast Toyota distributor region? Sound like you are by your description of the car. Here in my region there were a couple of Avalon learning tests online for Toyota salespersons. This is a requirement to get certified as a Toyota Salesperson although not all salespersons take the test due to high turnover. We usually wait to see if a salesperson is going to cut the mustard before adding them to the master roster and having them take the required tests.

    Prince, thank you for the kind words.

                      : )

  • future1future1 Posts: 103


    "Went to the Lexus dealership, and drove the new ES330. I am being completely honest when I say, I was more then happy to drive away with my Avalon."


    I had the same impression, when I test drove 2005 ES330 and the 2004 Avalon, one after another. The Avalon was just as refined, smooth, and quiet as the ES330, but I just felt better in the Avalon because of the extra space surrounding me. The other thing is, of course, that infamous Lexus laggy transmission, which I did experience in the Lexus, and none of that in the Avalon. As we know, the new Avalon does use the same tran as ES330, but according to the first Avalon test drives, it's nothing less of spectacular in how it works with the engine and delivers the power.


    "The BIG thing with me is the Laser Cruise Control, the AC seats, the Smart Key, and the power".


    I believe the seats are ventilated, not air-conditioned. That is to say, I don't think it will be cooled air blowing through the seats.


    "I just couldn't live with myself driving a 300C thru traffic for 3 years, and wishing I had Laser Cruise Control"


    That's interesting. I see the use of the laser cruise control on the highway, but never thought that it would be useful on regular roads with traffic, especially if it's "stop and go". Is that what you mean -- you intend to use it on regular roads, with traffic signals and stuff?
  • fd1000,

    I would have to agree with you on the es330 being a fancy camry. I do not think by looking at the car you say wow that's a lexus. Also, I'm

    just sitting on the fence now. There are quite a few things I liked as good as the Lexus And a few I liked more. I still have to drive the limited. It should be more quiet than the XLS because of the dampening winshield. I would rather have the laser cruise,smart key and the power. The lexus I'm looking has the heat\cool seats. I believe that the sound systems are close together(Mark Lev--JBL synthesis). The nav on the lexus is far and away the better system(touch screen is awesome and the screen is bigger). There are a few little things between the cars that most people would consider trivial but not me. (lexus= tool kit, spot for loose change ect.)

    For people who are interested in the XLS. When you add the JBL system, behind the little door on the bottom of the console is a cassette player in place of the ash tray.(I am assuming this because when my dad was driving today i was looking through the owners manual that showed thit
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Check your e-mail that you show on this forum.


  • prince812,

    I put alot of info in the other posts above. If there is anything in particular about the car I can help with just post it.
  • How was the headroom in the rear seat? I was concerned in the specs that headroom decreased in the 2005 Avalon. At 6'3", was your head hitting the roof? (At 6'1", there was very little room for me in the 2004 Avalon.)


    How was interior material quality?
  • ed,

    plenty of room in the back seat. Head room was awesome. I do not like to use that word describing certain things but in this case its ok. Being 6'3 I sat behind the front seat in the complete back position. My knees would not touch the seat in front of me and the flat floor board is a nice touch. There has to be at least 3-5" from the roof to my head. In the recline position it increased to at least 8-10 inches of room. When I read about the recline position I thought it would be like a airplane seat 3" of movement. When I sat back there and reclined, I would guess the range to be 4-6". This will be a great car for someone who carries alot of people with them without going to a crown vic\town car size vehicle. The back seat is a flat bench type seat without that painful hump in the middle. If the back seat room and comfort is important this is the best car I have been in yet. I have been in most of the midsize and upscale sedans out there. They put the Avalon in the large car sections on web sites but i disagree. I consider a large car to be like the town car or roadmaster type
  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    It seems like the new Avalon is somewhat disproportioned in its interior dimensions. For example, compare it to the 2005 Camry:


    -- while the Avalon's interior volume is almost 5 cu. ft. more than Camry, the Avalon actually has less front legroom, less front headroom, less rear headroom, and less trunk room than Camry.


    -- Avalon does overwhelm Camry in all other interior dimensions, most notably the rear legroom


    It's as though you would take the Camry, stretch it in length and width, lower the roof, move the front seat closer to the front, move the back seat backwards (taking some trunk space), and viola, you've got the Avalon!


    If you are not convinced, consider this: the Corolla (!) has the same front legroom as Avalon, and more front headroom than Avalon. I'd say it's a little out of balance.
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    Yep, I know the ventilated seats are not acutally delivering AC air, just air from underneath the seat, which is OK with me.


    I don't believe that any of the Laser Cruise Control systems available will allow you to use them below a certain speed, like 30 mph. (Of course I could be wrong, but this has been true of the ones I have seen).


    I live in a suburb, and my wife and I travel the highway for about 10 mins to get to the larger stores, restaurants, and so on. I can see using the Laser Cruise Control every time we travel on that road.


    We also have plenty of 45-55 mph, smaller highway type roads, with stop lights spread out every 2-3 miles. Again, think the LCC would work great on those types of roads.


    Also, I think that a person would use LCC more then they think, because they expect to use it in the same circumstances as normal cruise control. Normal cruise control is a pain, if there is moderate slowing and speeding up, so we only tend to use cruise control on wide open highways. But those situations are not a problem for LCC!


    I actually drove an Infiniti Q45 with LCC, and followed a car on the highway going 65 mph, then slowed to 35 mph to take a clover leaf exit, merged onto the next highway, and increased speed up to 65 mph again. Not ONCE did I step on the brake or the gas, WOW. LCC is cool. (Of course you cant do this unless there is some other car in front of you, doing the slowing down for you :)


    I am also very excited to try the smart key system, another feature not available on the 300C.


    The only negative is that there is a Chrysler dealership 10 blocks from my house, but the closest Toyota dealer is 10 miles. Oh well... :)
  • Hope I am not beating a dead horse here, but just trying to get clarity.

    dna, were you comfortable in the front seat of the Av? In reading your earlier posts it seemed that you were more comfortable in the ES, but could you comfortably fit in the Av?

    I am 6'0" so it may not be a problem but just wondering what your impressions were.
  • I understand the market analysis that says if you wait awhile the prices will go down. In fact that is usually true.

    But can someone address the Chrysler 300C? When I was cross-shopping it a few weeks ago it was still going for over MSRP at every dealer I called in my area which is Northern CA. In my own city they had a $6000 markup on the hemi version!


    I recognize that is ridiculous but it does seem to indicate that some vehicles continue to sell at MSRP if they are hot. Of course we do not know if the Avalon will be that hot, probably not from all indications. Just wondering if that is a NorCal thing or has anyone else found that to be true regarding the 300C.


    You do pay a price for being the first on the block, but are there any guarantees that it will go down significantly even if you do wait? I know there will be 100,000 made but just wanting to take a look at the other side of the coin. Guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    There are no guarantees that price will go down. The Sienna for example, was still selling near MSRP for the more popular loaded models (XLE, XLE AWD, etc) many months after introduction. Even now, the deals are much better on the less popular CEs and lightly optioned LEs. As you move up the trim lines and options packages, prices converge toward MSRP, as the higher trim models are still widely demanded, even with the advent of the new Odyssey (which is a better value, IMO).


  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591


    1. How many of you purchase a $35k vehicle cash or can lease in on your businesses?????


    2. Do you keep this vehicle 10 years or over, or are you trading it in???? The Avalon has a poor resale value if you are trading it in.


    3. You are buying a first model year car with alot more electronic equipment on it. Does this concern you??????


    4. I probably read it wrong or it was misprinted, but....this new model, besides having a smaller trunk, has the same headroom (w/i .5inches) and legroom, as the past model. In addition to that, with all that extra power, from Premium gas, it printed, that it could only tow 1000 lbs, instead of the old model 2000lbs. Is this becaause of the chassis difference???? Does anyone know?????


    5. Unless you have a compelling reason to buy a first year model, I would let those emotional buyers do there thing, and wait for more critical analysis of what this model is and is not.


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