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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • Thanks Tee for the info. I hope that's just an oversight in the brochure.
  • a quick mention here, the only Audi association is the chain in the CVT, no other connection. The CVT while jointly developed between Ford & ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) is now a 100% Ford product with outsourcing and for me that does not speak to long longevity.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Forgot, the Acura TL doesn't have body side molding as a protection against dings.
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    I spent Saturday and then again Sunday morning touring Toyota dealerships in the area. Looks like all of the vehicles in this area (NW Indiana) are all equiped the same way at least for the launch. The XL has SR (sunroof - 910), EV (6 disc changer - 200), CF (mats - 199) for a total of $28,199 including freight. The XLS is EJ (JBL sound - 640), VD (VSC - 1090) and CF (mats - 199) for a total of $33,269. The Limited has CL (laser cruise - 600), NV (navi - 1900, VD (VSC - 650), and CF (mats - 199) for a total of $37,429. The only variation I have seen is the Blizzard Pearl is a $220 extra.


    I have seen most colors now and like the darker colors best, although Silver Pine (lt green) looks nice.


    The trunk isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. It looks fine to me. The rear looks much better in person than in the pictures. The front looks too much like my Camry. Nothing classy about the grill at all. The inside is really cheap looking on the XL. My Camry LE looks much better in my opinion. I am not really fond of the wood trim. I actually like the look of the XLS better because there is less of the wood to look at.


    As for the slab sides and no door moldings, I think that is an issue as well. I think a very narrow aftermarket molding painted the color of the car would look absolutely fine. I was even looking at the moldings on the Corolla and I think they might work, but they are a little wider than what I think would look best.


    One dealer has addded an $858 "environmental protection package (basically scotchgarded the inside and put a protective wax on the paint) and $149 paint stripe on all of their vehicles. Those are of course pure markup, and I wouldn't apy for them, but the paint stripe does look good. It started on the front fender just behind the headlights and followed the upper crease and wrapped completely around the trunk. It looked good as long as it was a contrasting color.


    I must say there was a Camry SE in Salsa Red with a spoiler and ground effects sitting right next to an Avalon Limited at one of the dealerships and I actually thought the Camry SE was a better looking vehicle.


    Another item I noticed was the huge number of Sienna's on the lots. Evidently supply now exceeds demand, at least in my area.


    My thought after seeing the Avalon in person, is it just does not grab me as something I "have to have". I am sure it is a nice sedan, but I think I would be just as happy with a Camry. I had thought from the specs and the initial pictures, etc, that I would want to upgrade from my Camry, but it just didn't do that to me. So I will be driving my Camry for a while longer.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    My apologies littlejohn600. The post just looked too much like one of many that a certain troll has been dropping on a lot of the Edmunds threads.

                    : )

  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Planned on the 2005 being my next car, but after spending two days looking at a Limited & XL at two different dealerships the car just doesn't have the X factor. Big Avalon fan, last two cars have been Avalons and loved them both. Drove the Limited, the only thing I liked better than my 01 was the power. Very surprised to find that my 01 has less road noise. Like the layout of the 2005 interior, but there is a cost cutting factor that keeps coming at you. The dash board is hard and processed looking. My 01 has two visors on the driver side with an extendor, 05 has one and the extendor has been eliminated. The console doors do not have the smooth tactile feel of the earlier model. The door panels also have a cheaper processed look. On the outside the car's profile is awkward looking, front and rear views are good. I hate door dents, the car has huge doors, without an protection. Any door scape is going to show huge. Took the MS out today to look at them, got a thumbs down from her. Summary, car is big and I am sure it will get 200K miles for you with little trouble. But is has zero lust factor. Both cars I looked at are still unsold.

    Maybe the car will grow on me, because I am a big Toyota fan. But right now I am keeping my older model.
  • Hmmm. I can't say the ebay pics do anything for me. It is nice to see sometyhing other than the slick press release pics though. I still look forward to my dealership getting one so I can see in person and drive. If thumbs down, oh well, I can always spend several thou less and get a v6 cam-cord with leather, and go on a few nice trips with the difference.
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    So are door ding protectors and visor pullouts the deal breaker for you folks?


    I would like to ask why people are interested in the Avalon in the first place.


    I want power, comfort, luxery and good looks. I do not think that anyone could say the new Avalon does not provide these 4 things (personal opinion on the looks).


    I am suprised to hear how many people don't like the size of the trunk. The new trunk is only marginally smaller. With all due respect, are you folks looking at buying a luxery sedan, or a cargo van? How much stuff do you need to haul around with you? My trunk is completely empty 99% of the time.


    Additionally, I just can't see any comparison between the Mercury Montago and the new Avalon. (Other then they both have 4 wheels, doors and seats) You can't even get a navigation unit in the Mercury. The Avalon also out performs it by almost 80hp. And I think we would all take the bet that the new Avalon will be more reliable then the Mercury.


    Just my opinion...
  • I'd also be interested in some feedback on the Nav system and how user friendly the joy stick type interface is. How do you enter an address? It looks to me as though it would require moving a cursor around on a video keyboard on the screen to select the letters or numbers.


    The previous Avalons did not get high reviews on their nav system. It is tough to beat the touch screen like Lexus or Acura.


    I need a car that can hold 4 golf bags and I do believe the trunk in the 2005 Av. is marginal. Anyone test it out with 4 bags? Why do the manufacturers think a roomy trunk is now passe? The new STS has a smaller trunk as does the Acura RL.


    I looked at the top end Merc Montego today. Nice AWD car and they have a very roomy trunk. Seating position F/R is nice and spacious except only the driver seat is heated. No Nav offered.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    My '96 Avalon had silver(chrome) letters and emblem on it and the wife and I both liked the gold better. Does the new Avalon offer gold lettering or is that maybe a dealer installed option?


  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Why do so many people refer to port installed options when these cars are built here in Kentucky. Last time I looked KenTuck was land locked. Is this a throw back to when Toyota imported everything?


  • I had a chance to input on the Nav this past weekend. My impressions:

    1. Although it is not touch screen, it is the next best thing in user friendliness. It was easier than others I have used and it was fine for me.

    2. It seemed to be easy enough to input and it is intuitive so it makes things easier.

    3. It responds to voice, but I did not get a chance to give it any commands to see how it would respond.

    4. The screen it easy enough to see although I am used to the screen being closer to me. Again with the voice guidance the screen size is fine since you will be guided mostly by voice. I have read it is a small screen, but I have seen smaller ones (300C).


     Of course no system I have used compares with the Acura RL-it is in a class by itself.

    If you compare it to the Acura TL (which is a fair comparison) it falls a bit short in ease of use, but it is definitely easy enough to use. I would not hesitate to buy the car if that was a concern.

    I would be interested to hear what others thought after using it.
  • Does anyone know how the doors can be protected against dings if there is not side molding?

    Can moldings be installed? Are there any other options to protect it?

    I will be leasing so dents and dings could be a problem for me at lease end.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Prince the answer is yes. Here is a link to try. s/interior/trim/

    Find a custom detailer in your area and have a molding put on professionally if that's what you want. Good luck
  • Just me,

    Thanks for the Link...
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I think the comparison of the Montego/500 to the Avalon is right on the mark. How many people buy a NAV system right now? 5-10% maybe. If that is a major factor then I agree you don't look at the Montego/500. Where is the AWD on the Avalon? To me if you live in the snowbelt area, this is much more important than NAV. If you look at the acceleration numbers for the Montego, the engine performs more like 230-250hp especially with the CVT.


    I looked at both this weekend. The interior of the Avalon XLS is nice but as mentioned before the woodgrain is cheezy. The trunk is incredible on the Montego. You can get memory seating on the Montego for $25676-FWD/$27597-AWD and on the Avalon it starts at $34,080.


    The Avalon looks much better exterior wise than the previous generation, but Toyota is pushing people to the Limited to get many popular features. At that price, the nearly as good competitors look like bargains, and the better luxury nameplates look comparable.


    The Montego/500 reliability remains an unknown, but many people might be willing to take a chance given both the $5-10000 difference and keeping the dollars at home by helping Ford.
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    I read the comments about the new Avalon and I agree if it does not have what you like get something else. I have an Accord and dislike the no real spare. no lights on, no heated mirrors and and no split seat plus the ExL rides poorly compared to the Toyota. I will not buy another one

    We love our 2000Avalon and new one better as good
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591


    I DO NOT THINK I COULD AGREE MORE WITH YOU. WHEN YOU LOOK UNDER THE SKIN, AND TAKE AWAY ALL THOSe electronic features, the car is actually just changed, not some much improved. And the price you pay for the electronic gizmos is quite robust.


    The lack of a bench seat, smaller trunk, no a fold down rear seat, larger tires, etc. do not make up for other creature comfort features.


    My needs may have changed as well, as that NEW Honda Ridgeline with its independent suspension is looking better all the time. Will wait a couple of years though till the bugs are worked out.


  • I have heard more than one person assert this is bad. Personally, I think that's a good thing.


    I don't think I have used a key to open a door or trunk in 8 to 10 years - not necessary with a button inside and one on the remote.


    Besides, an observation I have made is that I have never seen a trunk pried, cut or forced open by thieves. But, I have seen countless cars with the lock pushed in, to the point that they even make collars to go around the keyhole.


    I doubt anyone posting here lives in a neighborhood where that is rampant, unless your condo doesn't have parking included, but we all end up in less-than-ideal areas on occasion.


    Just my $0.02
  • johnijohni Posts: 43
    You may be able to fit 4 golf bags in the 2005 Avalon if you take the woods and any long shaft clubs out of two of the bags and lay them alongside. I put two sets of clubs (normal cart bags, not the huge ones like the pros use) in the rear of the trunk which is wider than the front. That area is not large enough for 4 bags, however. I was only able to fit bags in the front of the trunk between the wheel wells by taking out the long shafts. That's not unusual for most cars.
  • Your opinions are interesting because, after looking at the 05 Avalon, I reached the same conclusion.


    When I saw the webcast for the Avalon, I said to myself, WHOA, I MUST HAVE THIS CAR! Having owned nothing but Toyota's for over 20 years (I am in my 40's), I just knew this car had to be a no brainer/must do deal, because no doubt it is better than it looked and it looks great! And for all practical purposes, it's cheap!


    Well, Saturday, 5 Feb, I spent about 30 minutes walking around, sitting in and touching things in a 05 Avalon Limited (it had just been delivered and was not ready for driving). Although from a styling standpoint, one might say it is better than the previous model, from a materials perspective, things just didn't seem quite right.


    Example, when I adjusted the reclining rear seats, as they rubbed against the side, it sounded like cardboard. (The rubbing itself was a little annoying.)


    When you run your hands over the roof, doors and panels throughout the interior, surfaces felt a little harder than expected and where there is a cloth, a little hollow; you get the sense a few dollars were saved on the interior materials. In some places I thought if I pressed too hard I might puncture something.


    The fact that it doesn't have body side moldings is a bit unusual (maybe the sides are using a material that doesn't show dings as much as other cars!).


    The hinge in the trunk appeared to be made of some type of plastic (I am not sure if this is common, but I just noticed it).


    When you look at the side view of the car, the rear door windows look a lot like the 300c, even a little like the Magnum, (this obviously is a good/bad thing depending on your tastes!) but they do look smaller in person than they do in the pictures.


    Even without driving it, you get the sense it may not be as quiet as you would expect it to be. (I will drive one this week to know for sure).


    The observations and opinions above are purely subjective so please take my comments with a grain of salt! I have no doubt that the new Avalon will give its owners great satisfaction. I also will give Toyota the benefit of the doubt that, despite what I think about the interior materials, everything in the car does work as advertised. My expectations (which were extremely high) were simply skewed by the marketing hype and my own past experiences with Toyotas.


    On the other hand, last month my wife and I bought the 05 Camry XLE with the Nav system (this is her car). After having driven it few times, I am absolutely blown away by this car! I literally love this car! When I sit inside it, the only thoughts that cross my mind are "top-of-the-line" and "must have". The car is simply the best Toyota we have ever owned. The driving comfort, the quality of the materials, the Navigation System and its ease of use and accuracy plus all the numerous conveniences found throughout the car all contribute to creating a better than average driving experience.


    Note: I will never buy another car without a Nav system. I think Navigation systems will be to the future of car accessories what the radio became in the past: standard equipment. For anyone living in a city where there is a good chance you may not know the directions to a place you need or want to go, on-board Navigation is really convenient. And like all things, they will only get better and cheaper.


    But back to the 05 Camry XLE, when people first see it and ride in it, they always comment that it looks and feels like one of those expensive European cars, but little do they know it only cost 28k! And it doesn't hurt that the interior space is almost as roomy as the 04 Avalon!


    So, I will wait and give the 06 Avalon a look, but if it doesn't make better sense to buy it, I will go with a Camry XLE of my own.


    By the way, once you get close to the new Avalon, in my humble opinion, it doesn't really appear to be the threat to Lexus we thought it would be. At least, not right now. However, it looks like it is dead-on with its real target-market: Ford, GM and Chrysler customers. For this shopper, the new Avalon will be similar in many ways but, at the same time, a huge step up in others. They will be hard pressed to find fault with the Avalon. But, for long time Toyota customers who are used to Toyota quality combined with the sense of having gotten more for the money, well, try it out and see what you think...
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Mike, port installed means these options or accessories are installed at the port of distribution for a particular region. For example here in CAT (central atlantic Toyota) the port of distribution is in Annapolis Md, and also in NY/NJ. These options or accessories can also be installed at the dealership level. Most of them anyway.

                      : )

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    We just got our second Avalon in, a Touring model in Titanium silver. The Limited was sold just as the truck pulled in with the Touring. After reading these last posts about interior quality I had to go and check it out myself. What I see here is the same thing that happened in 1997 with the Camry. The 92-96 Camry was a Lexus in disguise and the next generation Camry was "decontented" as Toyota put it. This new Avalon although loaded with new features does seem to have a less quality material feel. I went and looked at the inside door panels and they do not look as well finished as on the current Camry. The dashboard is still soft but it does not look as good as the previous model. The rear vent louvres also don't look as expensive as before. Who knows? Maybe they did do some cost cutting. It worked with the 97 Camry when they put cheaper cloth, plastics, and eliminated the hood pneumatic lifters in favor of the prop rod. We sold a bunch of Camrys then which made it the number #1 selling car in the US. This will probably attract a lot of domestic buyers and it will probably have the same effect as the Camry did in 97. Time will tell.

                     : )

  • Hi Mackabee... My salesman wrote $33,341 for the XLS and 37,500 for the limited on the brouchure. #1336 reports MSRP for Limited at 39,450. #1341 states SLS Loaded at 37,800. Sure sounds to me like dealers are playing price games - much as they did post WWII. (You young folks: Ask your daddy about those days)


    I certainly don't stand alone in my critique of the '05.


    Maybe it's nit-picking, but the extra sun visor and pull-out extenders were nice touches - as was the protective side-mouldings. Why they didn't include them in '05 is a mystery - other then shaving a couple bucks from their costs. The suggestion to find a custom detailer is o.k. - EXCEPT, why should we have to do that?


    One comment is that they are getting up into the pricing of competitive luxury cars...And Toyotas famous selling claim of 'great trade-in value' seems to be gone in today's market. After two Avalons which both my wife and I loved - 'fraid it's goodbye Toyota.
  • Judging by the looks of the new Lexus GS and knowing that their target is to emulate BMW, I think we'll all be surprised by the new ES and LS when they debut in 2006.


    I don't see Toyota being a threat to Lexus. Now that they have their own design staff the line will begin to show it's own "DNA" and not just be a Toyota in emperor's clothing.


    I think Toyota is more of a threat to Ford and GM than to it's own Lexus line. I think the day will come when Toyota will be the #1 auto maker in the world unless Ford and GM make some major business changes and NOW!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    pope,$33,341 sounds about right for an XLS with JBL, Vehicle stability, and floor mats. The limited seems kind of pricey although it may have the nav, xm radio, and all the other accessories available. Then you have the "stereo typical" dealers that use the addendum or market adjustment stickers or better known in the industry as "sucker" stickers. I've never cared for them. We don't use them here.


    bluesman, Toyota is well on its way to world market domination. They could blow away GM right now if they wanted to.

                : )

  • Judging by all the positive reviews, it seems like reviewers who actually test drove the car really like it. Although I personally think Toyota made a minor mistake by stuffing all the nice goodies in the top of the line limited model. Some of the amenities should at least be optional on the lower trim models. Speaking of Toyota dominating the auto industry, I just found this article.

  amp;page=1&offset=2&result_url=redir%3Fsrc%3Dwebsearch%26- requestId%3Dad04e39476bf9913%26clickedItemRank%3D3%26userQuery%3D- Toyota%2BGM%2B2006%26clickedItemURN%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Feconomy.- er-in-2006.html%26invocationType%3D-%26fromPage%3DNSCPToolbarNS%2- 6amp%3BampTest%3D1& tml
  • Wow, there is a lot of talk about jacked up prices. What could be easier than going to a dealer's internet and simply paying $1500 over dealer invoice. That's what is going on in the Maryland area. some dealers are of course asking MSRP but I am not sure how many, if any, they are selling. There seems to be quite a few on the dealer lots already in this area. I have been told by Toyota, Georgetown, 85,000 units are to be made as compared to 35,000 in 04. With this many available, deals should be plentiful.
  • $1500 over invoice. That's very good considering the all the hype the car is getting. Is that for all trims or just the lower end XL ?
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