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  • cngocngo Member Posts: 1
    My XC90 is one year old now and I had heard the same high pitched noise when the summer started back in May or June. At first I thought it was coming from some body else car that needed a brake service, then the noise became more frequent and louder. I brought to the dealer and they could not duplicate it. 2 weeks later, I scheduled another apointment, this time I had the service dept. foreman drove along, he heard it, they said they vacuumed the air condition expansion unit (or something) and sealed it up but they didn't fix it; they said they did. But as the car owner, I knew it right away on my way home from the dealer, it - the noise - was still there! I called the service avisor and had my car scheduled again for another appointment, this time I signed the paper to leave my car with the dealer for 4 days (over the weekend) so the technician could work on the car longer. This time they said they only added some oil and that'd take care of the noise - The service advisor said he drove the car to verify the problem was fixed, and he could not hear the noise any more. Well, guess what, it's still there. I really disappointed, they all said they could not hear the noise. I don't think I'll bring the car in for another appointment unless they know exactly what to do with the problem! I'm glad that there are people out there also experience the same issue - Is there any thing we can do to raise the issue to Volvo? I love the car, but this type of problem makes me feel bad. Please let me know if you want to jointly make Volvo's awareness of the problem.
  • vegasxc90vegasxc90 Member Posts: 5
    Did you ever solve this issue? I have had my XC for 5 weeks, and at 72mph I have exactly what you are describing. Please let me know if you solved this!!!!

    Thank You!
  • mcainesmcaines Member Posts: 1
    I had defective left rear wheel bearings... tjhe faster I drove the worse the hight frequency sound!!!! It occurred at 31 K.

  • t1369t1369 Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought an XC90 and when one of my friends found out he warned me about premature failure of the turbo. The noise you and others on the chat line have reported sounds like the noise he told me I would hear. May be worth pointing the dealer in this direction and asking them for an assurance/certification that this is not the turbo.

    Good luck to you and others with this situation!

    I have my ears tuned in as well!
  • jr8jr8 Member Posts: 4
    I bought my xc90 about a week ago and I am unable to program the memory seats. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong here?

  • volvovikstavolvoviksta Member Posts: 4
    Cannot go wrong with the 04 XC90. I have had it now for a around 14 months now and we really love it. I had test drove the MDX and I liked it as well. I really didn't like the interiors... found it cheesy and didn't want to waste around 40k for an SUV whose interiors I didn't like. The interiors and aesthetics of the XC90 by far stand out from the crowd. I don't have count of all the people at work that have sat in my XC90 and have praised it. We just got driving from Williamsburg, VA to Orlando, FL where I live and the drive was super!. No issues, lots of stability, control and I really didn't feel that I drove for 12 hours at the end of the trip. This was the weekend of Hurr. FRANCIS. BTW, I have the 04 XC90, Crystal Green, Atlantis 18" wheels, Climate, Premium, and Versatility packages, best of all I love the 305 watt sound system!. Go for it!.
  • volvovikstavolvoviksta Member Posts: 4
    I'd like to install "Running Boards" on my 04 XC90 2.5T. Is it wise to have these? Dealer convinced me at the time when I bought it, that it wasn't good to have, since it actually impedes oneself from getting in and out, especially if you are tall. I really wanted to install it so my 71 year old mom can get in and out of it with ease. Any good ideas/suggestions for "install" or "no install". I was planning to install these sometime during November timeframe. Anyone with running boards experience any specific issues/problems that I need to be aware of!. Thanks a ton!
  • schuhcschuhc Member Posts: 333
    Have the seat and mirrors where you want them and then turn the key to the on position. Hold down the memory button and one of the 3 other buttons at the same time for 20 seconds. That should program your key with the memory setting.

    Then do the same for the other driver with their key once they've put their settings in
  • haac_parkhaac_park Member Posts: 2
    hope you resolved this issue, but if not, please keep in mind you should have rec'd two keys with remotes and one valet key.

    if you set your seat with one remote, the car will autmatically adjust to the set position for the particular remote and vice versa for the other remote.

    to store a seat position with the key (with remote) in the ignition...adjust seat position and press and hold "store" and the memory # for about 3 seconds...that should work...

    If you want the seat to automatically adjust for the other remote...repeat above but with the other key/remote in the ignition
  • haac_parkhaac_park Member Posts: 2
    Not to discredit volvoviksta...but I guess we have a lemon...we purchased a certified 2003 XC90 T6 in has 24K miles and the same configuration as above. problems we've encountered in the short period of ownership.

    2 trim pieces loose...and requiring refitting periodically.

    turbo....took two visits for the dealer to figure out the turbo solenoid was bad...corrected the problem.

    Slow coolant leak.....took 3 visits for them to figure out the engine had a crack and that coolant was leaking into the oil....the last visit resulted in the engine core being replaced and our family driving a cramped S40 for almost 3.5 weeks!

    I would expect these problems in a Chevy (which I've owned), but not in a $40K car....just wished I leased this so I could give it back..but no such luck..........our car must have been built on a Monday or Friday.
  • jr8jr8 Member Posts: 4
    I haven't gotten the memory seats to work yet. The seats do move with different remotes, but my problem is with the memory buttons on the seats themselves. I did some research and found out how to program the remotes (which work independently of the seat memory positions).

    I will be calling my dealer next week to have them look at it. I will keep everyone posted on what I find out.
  • csarocsaro Member Posts: 2
    My XC90 does the same thing. I had an RX300 Lexus that did not do that.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    This is a safety feature. Once you step on brake and bring car to the full stop, the transmission is disengaged, unless you rev the engine up a bit to prevent an unattended creep during accidents.
  • l406l406 Member Posts: 1
    My car was making that high-pitched noise (I compared it to a table saw noide) which became worse. I back up a steep driveway from my garage and the noise became worse. Finally made the Volvo service manager come to my house to hear the noise(He could not hear it in the shop!) Turns out most of my power steering had leaked out due to a faulty clamp. My brakes are noisy at times (I hear the brake pads are being redesigned)
    My lates problem with my 2004 XC90 it that my husband could not get it to start tonight and the "immobilization" message flashed. Anyone ever had that happen before? He finally got it started but I'm wondering if I should take it in to be checked. For such a nice does have some problems.
  • buddhabmanbuddhabman Member Posts: 252
    Would most of you buy an XC90 knowing what you know now? Have you been satisfied with the service in repairing the problems? I am thinking of the XC90 with the V8.
  • guyfguyf Member Posts: 456
    I've had mine for 6 months, 12,000 km. No problem whatsoever. Better than expected off road capability.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    I just read that, when asked that question, almost everyone says yes, I'd buy it again" and that the test result is meaningless unless fewer than 95% say that they'd buy it again.

    I'm sure the results here would be less than 95%, but this isn't really a scientific sample.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    Can I ask for clarification?
    Does it mean that the only meaningful answer will be the negative one?
     In other words - If 80% of answers is "yes" - is it meaningful?
  • buddhabmanbuddhabman Member Posts: 252
    To Clarify:
    Knowing what you know now, after driving it, after services, experiencing the faults, are you still excited about driving the car? Do you think about your second choice car? Either you like the car with the faults that it has or you have second thought and think maybe you should have gotten something else.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    It was not my question.

    Once again - if I poll 100 people and 80 of them has answered "yes, I will buy it again" - Is this considered a meaningful poll, according to the article?
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    yes, that would be meaningful

    the info that I read said that every car, basically, gets 95% or better from such polls. If you get less than 95% of your owners saying "I'd buy this vehicle again" then you have REAL problems

    this isn't my theory - just one that I read on the topic
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858

    Unfortunately, usually we do not get a lot of answers here.

    But for the sake of polling - my answer after 4000 miles - is "definitely yes".
  • guyfguyf Member Posts: 456
    I've had the XC90 2.5 T for 6 months and Thursday we are taking delivery of a S60 2.5T fully loaded for my wife.

    Faults? Too small fuel tank. For me thats it!
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    so, is THIS Volvo's solution to the mp3/IPOD issue?
  • prime1prime1 Member Posts: 1
    I recent bought a XC90 and would like to get the highlight beam turn off. Please advise.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    Brian, send me your e-mail. I have posted some pictures of Prague for you. I will respond with the link to the website. My e-mail is in my profile.
  • chomondelychomondely Member Posts: 15
    On my 2003 2.5 AWD, I turn the light switch to the parking light position and the main headlights go out.
  • tmccandlesstmccandless Member Posts: 1
    I think I can get a used 2004 XC90 AWD for $33,500. Good deal or not? Appreciate any and all opinions. Thanks, Tim
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Member Posts: 107
    IIHS tested the 2003 XC90 and of the luxury SUVs it has a rather high femur forces (reference ront.htm ) of 6.3, and 5.0 for left and right respectively on the driver.

    Any idea if anything has been done since then to reduce these forces in the 2005 XC90 model year?

    Note 6.3 kilonewton = 1,416.2963464 pound-force
  • apdddapddd Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased the separator for the cargo area (the one separating the back seats from cargo area; used especially for dogs)? If so, can I just purchase this accessory, or does it need to be installed by the dealer? I read on the description that it is installed via pre-installed fixed points, however I dont know if those pre-installed points are first installed by the dealer when you order this accessory, or if all XC90's come with this installation points.

    Any ideas?
  • guyfguyf Member Posts: 456
    My XC90 came with one. It folds away when not in use. The mounts are pre-moulded in the car.
  • aussiexc90aussiexc90 Member Posts: 10
    I'm in Australia and have owned an XC90 T6 fitted with Conti 235/60/ R16's for 13 months. I have need tyres at 20,000 kms or 12,000 miles due to excessive front tyre shouldering and scrubbing. I had the wheels rotated twice at 7500Kms intervals and had 3 alignment checks but the tyres are just shouldering. I'm on my 2nd set, this time Pirelli 265/55 R16 's and at 3000 kms 1800 miles they are showing very severe shoulder wear and scrub. This car is driven by my wife and is not driven enthusiastically.
    Any answers??
  • aussiexc90aussiexc90 Member Posts: 10
    I had a really strange resonance from new, after many fights with Volvo it turned out to be a front Diff Chain too slack and was replaced under warranty
  • aussiexc90aussiexc90 Member Posts: 10
    I have had an XC90 for 13 months and have experenced massive tyre wear particularly on the shoulder. Volvo Australia have denied any problem saying 20,000 kms ( 12000 miles ) is acceptable.
     The first set were Conti's and I replaced them with Pirelli's to no effect ,after 30000 Kms ( 1800 miles ) they are showing severe signs of shouldering.
     Any Ideas ?
  • aussiexc90aussiexc90 Member Posts: 10
    I put them on my metallic silver XC90 They look really good as well as being practical. Downside in Australia they are extremely expensive.
     I have severe tyre wear problems do you have similar problems?
  • guyfguyf Member Posts: 456
    What air pressure are you using in your tires? Underinflation will do that to tires.
  • laurietnlaurietn Member Posts: 4
    Push the memory button and the setting number button at the same time. I'm not sure what the manual reads, but I push the memory button first, then the number of the preset and hold it for a few seconds.
  • laurietnlaurietn Member Posts: 4
    I bought my XC90 brand new (7 miles), and the brakes started squeaking about 10,000 miles. Additionally, a grinding/groaning noise started about the same time. This noise only occurs when I am stopping and putting the car in reverse (to get into the garage). Of course it has not yet made that noise for Volvo, so it has not been resolved.

    Regarding the brake noise, every time I took it in, they could not figure out what was causing it. At the 15,000 mile check-up,I was told my brakes were shot, and I had to replace them. They were not covered by warranty. At 15,000 miles????? Has anyone else had to pay to replace their brakes? I have EMailed Volvo; hopefully there will be a satisfactory resolution.
  • aussiexc90aussiexc90 Member Posts: 10
    Tyre pressures 34 -36 PSI this is slightly higher than the Volvo recommendation, the problem is I believe the geometry of the car
  • guyfguyf Member Posts: 456
    I understand that Volvo changed the specifications for the wheels alignement sometime in 2003. You may want to have your dealer check on this.
  • kneadnukneadnu Member Posts: 9
    Hi! I was curious @ the side decors also. Did you get them installed? I was going to get them as soon as mine came in. Thanks, J
  • xc90buyerxc90buyer Member Posts: 2
    I have just ordered a 2005 XC90 2.5T Silver Metallic/Graphite, Premium, Climate, Premium Audio, Subwoofer, Bi-Xenon, Roof Ribs.
    I was disappointed that the 2005 US models no longer have the option of Aluminum trim. Having selected the dark graphite interior, my preference would be a brushed aluminum look instead of the standard wood trim.

    I've looked at the UK Volvo site and it shows Aluminum trim available as an option. My questions for European owners....1) Is this real brushed aluminum, and 2) what are the locations of the Aluminum trim pieces (is it the glove box strip, the shifter surround, and the cupholder lid?)

    If so, would it be feasible to purchase the European Aluminum trim pieces to replace the wood trim on my US model? Thanks very much for your replies.
  • aussiexc90aussiexc90 Member Posts: 10
       They were dealer fit items- they are glued on and make the car ( in my opinion ) look much better
  • kneadnukneadnu Member Posts: 9
    Thanks, and you haven't had any problems w/ them? How about the step up bars. Did you get those too? J
  • keddykeddy Member Posts: 1
    New problem began yesterday (in addition to the many service bulletin issues I've dealt with). I put on the right turn signal, take the turn, and rather than it returning to the neutral/off position, the left blinker goes on! I thought it was me, but it's happened each and every time I use the right turn signal. Anyone experience this one?
  • rappjrrappjr Member Posts: 1
      I am new to the group. My widowed mother purchased a 2003 XC90, which she ordered new. After putting 30k miles on this vehicle, it is turning out to be a big disappointment. My family has always owned Volvos, and have always known them to be high quality automobiles. This one defied all that we have ever known about Volvos. For starters, the dealership has replaced the tie rod ends TWICE. I am not a professional mechanic, but I do know enough about cars to know that this is not normal. Furthermore, they continued on to inform her that her tires are worn out and need replaced. At 30k miles. Of course, this has nothing to do with the repeated tie rod end problems, or so the dealer says. There have been the run-of-the mill TSB and recall items that have been serviced, which is better to fix than ignore. I was also fairly astounded to learn that scheduled maintenance is not covered for this vehicle. You would think that after paying $44k for a brand new luxury SUV, they would at least throw in a few oil changes....nope. The dealership has been charging her around $200 for each scheduled maintenance stop, which I think is an absolute joke. If you are someone who is considering buying an XC90, save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches and just go buy a BMW.
  • apfapf Member Posts: 3
    My brakes started making a noise and the service department checked them during my regular maintenance, they said they fixed them and each time I still heard the noise. Today, I am suppose to pick it up from service and I had to have new rotors in the front ($390). I have 30,000 miles on my XC90 but they still should not have worn out that fast. At my 22,500 check, they said the noise from my brakes was fixed and made no mention of my brake pads being worn. I think this is definitely a problem that Volvo should take care of and not the consumers.
  • apfapf Member Posts: 3
    I must say that I am disappointed also. I have to get new tires also after only 30,000 miles. I think theses are issues that Volvo needs to address.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    I understand your frustration, but to be fair and balanced:
    - it is not unheard off for the high performance tires to be worn out after 30K miles.
    - Volvo does provide a free maintenance for XC90 now, just as BMW.

    And I do not believe that a free maintenance from the manufacturer is too common...
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    I have looked some reviews on Michelin Pilot ( and I have come across some of the reviews, where tires went bold at 20-25K miles on Audi, Volkswagen, etc.

    So, I do not think, that there are some design defects in XC90.

    There are very few low profile tires at 18", so Volvo does not have much choice.
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