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Volvo XC90 Maintenance and Repair



  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Those 2 XC90 with the same mysterious problem have another thing in common: You as the owner...

    A VOR is the same car as the other XC70 or 90 but with different colours and fabrics and leather inside. Hardly something to make them more or less reliable than the others..

    What do you think happen when a manufacturer takes a car back for whatever reason??

    a) They send it to the moon?
    b) They use a giant laser beam to make it disappear?
    c) They use it as land fill?

    My wife and I owned 6 Volvo's since 1988. Never had one drained the battery overnight for no reason. Wait, I've owned cars for over 30 years now, the only car who would do that was my 1968 Toyota Crown; but we were then in 1978.

    And Toyota refused to take it back...

    Darn.... :P
  • Never claimed the battery drained overnight, guyf. It doesn't. Drive those newer Volvos every single day? Do you always lock them?
    Blame me all you want.... it's a Volvo defect and I know it. :lemon:
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    No, we don't get to drive them everyday. My car sit's for days at the airport parking when I travel on business at starts right up when I turn the key; even in sub zero weather.

    "Do you always lock them?" Most of the time yes, but quite often I leave it unlocked in my driveway. I'm not sure I get the point of the question however.. :confuse:
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Mine has also sat at airport parking for several days and survived just fine - the outdoor temperature has no effect. As for it being unlocked in your driveway, I'd have to wonder just how many consecutive hours it sits there.
    It's certainly understandable you don't get the point of my question - Volvo hasn't caught onto it yet either.
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    "It's certainly understandable you don't get the point of my question - Volvo hasn't caught onto it yet either."

    So, what does having the car locked or unlocked has to do with the issue??? :confuse:
  • I think the fan in the ventilation system will stay on if you don't lock it...? Something along those lines? Mine seems to hum in the dash after I turn it off... tried locking it once while I was still in it, and the noise stopped upon locking. and for what it's worth, my 07 has been FANTASTIC so far (all 3k miles of it lol)
  • What you are referring to might actually be two different things, but yes, the fan will sometimes stay on for a brief while after the car has been turned off - it is designed that way. As for your hum..... can you hear it even when the car's been turned off for more than a few minutes? I'm very curious!
  • Gee, I guess I have to wait for Volvo to figure that one out! Those 'special' corporate techs are the experts, right?! :lemon:
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    Yes, trying to read your mind is quite difficult.. :confuse:
  • Two week old 2007 XC90 with about 400 miles and getting ABS warning. Took it to dealer and they reset it. Before we got home, it came back on. It has been at the dealer for three days. They can't find the problem and told me they have contacted Volvo's tech support for guidance. Not real encouraging.

    Anyone else experience this? :(
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Be patient, guyfr - - I thoroughly intend to get this news out there in the VERY near future. Let's just see if Volvo will uncover it on their own first. Now they have ALL the details placed right in front of them, and I'm just waiting...
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    So you know what is causing the battery to drain? Does it have anything to do with the full moon, tides, black magic? :confuse:
  • Hey Volvo owners! While having my 2006 XC90's battery checked here yesterday, my service tech seemed quite surprised that he couldn't find my VIN (vehicle identification number) anywhere in the drivers' door area.
    I did some investigating and then contacted my Volvo dealership an hour or two ago. My service manager told me he checked and found NONE of the '06 stock there had VIN numbers in the drivers' door.
    Problem? Apparently so. Department of Transportation (NHTSA) has long required "certified" imports to display a sticker on or near the drivers' door stating that the import has been tested to meet US federal & safety standards - and this sticker would include specific information such as the VIN number.
    Currently, NHTSA is checking into an '07 Volvo I have here which does not have this sticker on it, and an employee there wants to know if my XC90 has one on it (when I get it back from Volvo repair shop).
    Does yours? If not, please contact NHTSA and let them know! Or feel free to email me and I can provide contact name and phone number.
    Just a note: 2007 models may show VIN plates on all the doors which simply say Volvo and VIN. This is there for a totally seperate reason (rated in high-theft catagory), and these plates do NOT serve as the federally required import sticker!
    Care to check next time you're out there?
  • So it's the stickers, or lack thereof that is causing the mechanical problems!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The rule is that it has to be on the "B" pillar.
    Open the LR door, you will find it on the back side of the "B" pillar.
  • Hey, I'm only going on NHTSA telling it should be on the driver's door. Excuse me for asking, but what the heck is a "B" pillar? I did not find any sticker inside any door of the Volvo here.
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    Why don't you ask your friend at the NHTSA??? :P
  • On my 2005 XC90 AWD V8, there were several problems last year with the car stalling and occasional warning lights. After several extensive dealer visits the problem(s) appear resolved. This required replacing the fuel sending unit, computer that controls the sending unit, wiring harness that connects the computer to the sending unit and the fuel pump. What really helped was having the vehicle strand the service tech on the side of a busy freeway while diagnosing the problem. Since then the vehicle has performed very well and been a hallmark of reliability.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    the "B" pillar is the pillar between the driver and rear doors.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I've been holding my breath for 5 days to find out what was wrong with the 2 XC90, not to mention the continuing saga of the VIN door sticker scandal.

    I guess she (he?) found out the problem with the car was sitting in the driver seat....
  • I have a 2004 XC-90 and I'm looking at replacing the radio. Has anyone out there attempted this?
  • I have a 2004 T6. The fan will come on at various times to reduce condensation in the ventilation system. We used to live in Florida (high humidity) so this was a good thing. In 04, the factory default was to have this function turned off which resulted in a musty smell, which is how I learned this bit of information. This will, however, drain your battery if you don't use the car that much.
  • To Madatvolvo1

    If you still on this site, what was your outcome with your car? I had the identical (almost eerie) problem. The car had been in a Volvo Dealer for 1 year waiting on resolution. When Volvo was reluctant to support their product and I had to pay to get it out, it had thousands of more dollars worth of problem that did not exist when it was taken in to the dealer. Looking at legal recourse -- curious as to your resolution with them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Looks like a login bug has switched your member name (unless you are replying to yourself). Please let us know who you are so we can do a bug check. Thanks.
  • Hello all,
    I currently have a 05 XC90 T5. I actually bought an 03 same model in june of 03 where I live in Stamford, CT but the radio never worked right so after 18K miles and about 18 months of bi weekly service the Dealer gave me a brand new 05 model ( sweet on the resale since it is not a lease!) However I find that the radio is a piece of crap. I preset the stations I like, living in the metro NYC area, and these are stations that boast 50K + watts of broadcast juice. No matter what, I go to certain stations and the radio stops for a few seconds and then displays "P1 Seek, press exit"
    What kind of bull is this? anyone else have the same issues?? All I know is that I'll own this car in 08 ( about 20 months from now!) and I'm hoping to get close to 20K on a trade so I can get the new Q7 ;)
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    My radio does that sometimes on some stations. I press exit and the sound resume's. I think you can solve that by going in the radio menu and desabling the RDS function. But then of course you loose whatever text message the station is broadcasting.

    I did test drive a Q7. Very nice but what a complex cockpit! You have to play with 2 or 3 buttons and dials to get the seat heater to work. The Q7 is big too, almost a foot longer than the XC. You never feel the extra bulk while driving however.
  • rkvrkv Posts: 8
    I've had this problem repeatedly with an '03 XC90. The dealer seems to know of the problem. They claim the cause of the problem is a cable that locks the transmission and it's routing near the steering column. I have had the cable replaced and it still occurs although most times I can now resolve the issue by moving the steering wheel up and down and in and out. In my car it also seems to be sensitive to how quickly after starting the engine one shifts out of Park. I tend to do this quickly and experience the problem much more so than my wife. Before I understood the source of the problem, I too concluded I could not operate the car. Since the cable was replaced, most times I can resolve the issue by re-positioning the steering column and waiting. Sorry to not have a complete fix. But hopefully this will help.

    I don't have your other problems. My only other problem is that the ignition key gets stuck in the ignition lock from time to time. This too seems to be from trying to do things too quickly for the XC90. I have mixed feelings about Volvo and the XC90. Besides these two issues, my pet peeve is the ergonomics of the front seats. Unbelievably poor for a european car.
  • My 2004 XC90 just started doing this 2 weeks ago. I've had to call roadside assist 5 times. The most recent occurance had the "after fan" running all night after I drove the car home from the dealer. Needed a jump in the AM and the car has been at the dealer ever since. They can't find the problem. 3 rd time in the last 2 weeks at the dealer.

    No ne seems to know what is up.
  • Living in the country, we have had mice start building nests on top of the engine of cars. These we deal with by very often checking for a nest and cleaning it out. This I can deal with, but not when the mice are getting in the cabin of the car. My XC90 sat for a couple weeks without being driven. Opened the back of the car and saw a mouse run to the front of the car. My husband checked the interior of the car and found a mouse nest in the glove box and under the driver side mat. Mouse brought in many leaves from the outside so somewhere the mice are finding it easy to enter and exit the cabin. Any ideas how they are getting in? Anybody else have this problem? Is there something we need to check and seal or screen to prevent this from happening?
  • The "P1 seek" has nothing to do with the radio text. It is actually looking for other stations broadcasting the same signal. For example, 92.3 and 104.1 both broadcasting the same station and programming. The way to solve this problem is to hit exit and then reprogram the station to that preset. That way it will be saved without trying to "seek" for it. You will still be able to see the radio text.
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