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Volvo XC90 Maintenance and Repair



  • I heard a similar rattle this weekend. I think one of the rear seats was not completely locked. I moved each seat and backrest forward and then back and the rattle went away.
  • I too have experienced many, many problems with my XC-90. Mine is a 2006 V8. The regional mgr. has told me they will replace it as a lemon since it was in the shop for 35 days in the first 7 months I had it, but they are dragging their feet, apparently to take it to the point (18 months) where they won't have to take it back. It is now making the turning left noise (I think the same one I've been reading about here) and it has a PUTRID smell at times for a few minutes after starting. When I start it, the cooling fan races at 100% for a couple minutes, so loud that if you're standing outside the car talking you can barely hear. The A/C's gone out twice, and the fan and smell problem started after they fixed it. They've already replaced the entire computer systems in the car, engine contol module, central electrical unit for the engine and transmission, software control module, etc. When I took it in the first time for the smell, they told me they found a dead rat (rat, not mouse) in there. Although I couldn't figure out how this could happen, I believed them and the smell was gone for a while. The smell is back now, and my brother-in-law mechanic says no way, they were pulling my leg. I can drive for hours stopping and starting at different places, then all of a sudden the next time I start it the smell will be so bad I have to open the window until it goes away. Anyone else experience this? Could it be mold? An attorney told me (I'm a court reporter in Nevada) that they will give me a new next year model and just sub it out. The regional guy wants me to pay usage for the time I've had it to the tune of $500 a month, and then he will credit me for my down and monthly payments. I told the attorney, and he said if you do mileage at all it should be IRS standard of 38 cents per mile. The regional guy said he didn't know about that but he would cut the usage fee in half. He's also not rolling it into my old loan but telling me no way the bank will accept a substitution of collateral so I need to get a new loan (at a higher rate) and essentially buy a new car and use the credit as a down. The attorney says why would the bank not want a newer car to replace an older one for collateral.

    This is all very frustrating. I am very unhappy with Volvo at this point and not even sure I should get a new one. The JD Power list of reliability in cars has Volvo way down near the bottom of the list (about six or seven makes under Found On Road Dead [Ford]) They never showed me that when I bought the car, just the list that said it had such great value retention.

    I never thought I'd buy a 50,000 dollar car, and now I have and it's had more problems in the first 10 months now than any car I've ever bought has had in the first several years of owning them. How ridiculous is that?? :lemon:
  • Please let me know if they will be able to find and fix the noise :) :)
  • lmc22lmc22 Posts: 1
    I also have the '06 XC90 2.5T I have the same noise only in the one seat on the passenger side (second row) and had someone else drive while I sat in the middle of the second row. It does sound like it's coming from under the seatbelt base (passenger side)
    I have noticed though that it does not make this noise when the seat is folded down flat(have kids that use the third row so I sometimes leave seat folded flat for easier entry)and it doesn't make the noise if someone is sitting in the seat or have a heavy bag or box on the seat. It also seems to stop if the seat is upright but pulled all the way forward in the track. It is a mystery and annoying because most of the time I'm driving with the second row in the normal configuration and it's a constant rattling!!
  • 44ad44ad Posts: 12
    No. Problem was it would not start in morning. After almost three weeks at dealer this time (and untold thousands in warranty service costs), they are about 50% confident that problem lay with the DVD rear seat entertainment system, which was replaced - all this was done under warranty, and as soon as dealer had a spare loaner, we had one. I must say that despite prior bad experiences with some aspects of Volvo service, dealer treated me very well on this one. Still car will soon be leaving our family. Bottom line is that because this is intermittent problem, they cannot be sure they have fixed it.
  • 44ad44ad Posts: 12
    See post # 876. Our repairing dealer treated us much better than that. And on a car this new you should never have to pay for a new battery - that's a warranty replacement when this happens. Have your dealer call in the Volvo Field Service Rep - they are pretty good.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    That's odd, my 04 is solid as a bank vault, no rattle.
  • I once had s similar issue with a Chrysler. The dealer could never hear it and I drove around with him all day until I took it into a parking garage with the windows down. He finally heard it. It turned out to be a weakness it the metal on the floorboard. It was essentially buckling some when I made sharp turns! They then seemed to think it wasn't a warranty issue because it was either a fabrication of metal weakness. I had to get Chrysler Corporate involved.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I had that rattle too on the drivers side door. It took 3 trips with them completely taking the door apart and padding the inside with something? All around the lock mechanism. They even took me back to the service area while they were doing it. Finally the service manager noticed that I had been in like 3 times within 2 weeks maybe? He rode with a mechanic and I both in the car to figure out where the noise was coming from. It was coming from the door handle. They padded around the inside of the door handle and no more sounds. It's started on the passenger side now but I can deal with that. I don't ride over there often:) I also had the sound in the rear middle seat also but it resolved itself and I never hear it anymore. Hope this helps.
  • Hi there fellow XC90 owners. Decided to join the crowd to share my experience. So far I have been in 3 times: 2 times for check engine light that went on due to the thermostat opening too soon. Initially, the dealer just reset the light - the same problem resurfaced the next day. I came in and they actually replaced it. It did not reappear as yet.
    The third visit was for a shifter not shifting gears. Last Saturday, I pulled over by the store, shifted to park and turned towards my kids in the back as they were getting ready to exit. I almost hit the lady in front of the car as it remained on drive and started rolling! Somehow in all of that I was sane enough to drive it right to the dealer avoiding the need to back up and not turning it off. Apparently the pulley that connects the shifter and transmission slipped off the bracket. I have to say, as much as I love the way this car rides and looks, I’m afraid I will regret buying it.
  • It's stories like this that make me think that as much as I want the AWD XC90, I would be making a mistake. The looks are the best thing. The hassles after buying don't look like they are worth it. And I wouldn't even be able to complain because I've read these types of posts for so long.
  • I never thought that buying an extended warranty was a good idea, except with the Volvo XC90. You will have problems and some major ones are a definite possibility by 50-60k miles. The Volvo rides nice, looks good, but get the warranty if you go for it.
  • That sounds like excellent advice to everyone here. Only problem is sitting at a dealership is never fun and as good looking as the car is, sitting in it on the side of the road sounds worse. I see some who are devoted and have had no trouble. I would like to know I'd be one of them because the car looks so great. But so does the Land Rover and it has issues. So do you choose the ugly car that runs forever or the car you love and get to know the mechanics at the dealership on a first name basis?
  • I just starting having that noise, again intermittently, when hitting the breaks after they were replaced at 30k miles.
    Amongst the many other problems I have had/am having (passenger seat slipping, tailgate rubbing the paint off itself, tires going at 15k miles, infamous passenger door lock not unlocking, etc.) I am ready to try the lemon law.
  • Let me know if this went anywhere. THe problerms, even though there are many, don't seem to qualify for most state's lemon laws.
  • Hi

    I have a slide ski rack that I need to install this winter. However, the dealer did not give me the manual and they will charge me for install it for me. Does anyone know how to install it ? Do I need extra kit ? I have a 06 XC90 with wind bar style... Thanks
  • dimaddimad Posts: 5
    Is it normal that when I press AUTO button (Electronic Climate control) the AC ON Led lights up, regardless of the temperature set by Temperature control? Even if I need to heat the air up and set both driver and passenger Temperature controls to 80F, the AC switch still shows that the air conditioning system is ON, unless I turn it off manually. Please advise.
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    All cars do that
  • In what experience that humming sound when ur' cruising at that speed if u' have a sunroof is a wind leak. The seal around it, have them reseal it. May '05 got the V8 XC 90 a/ 5 mos. got that prob. more b/ that. My work order is so thick. More than my 14yr. old Japanese car.
  • You guys are to the LT mine is to the RT. and backing-up. Bring to the dealer 4x for that no success. Im still driving around w/ it. Exhausted, what can we do, like u' they don't hear it or since they tried b/ they now use the selective hearing technique. FTS people was not a big help. He never even confirm appt. to be on the there. day before.
  • Hello, did u' have any success w/ the lemon law. I also need help same prob like yours and many more. 05.5 V8 xC90.
  • I feel your dissapointment. i have thesame problem as well and many more. Pls. share ur' progress my 18 mos. is over in Nov.'06
  • Have I known 'bout this forum b/ buying. I wolud not recommend this SUV to no one. Save ur' self.
  • Do you mean the battery died twice? Was it ever figured out? Just curious, as I've dealt with a total of 5 dead batteries (due to draining - the batteries themselves were fine and could be jumped) so far this year on '06 XC90s. Yes, 2 XC90s! Volvo replaced the first one as it was Lemon-status bound here - I suspect they come out ahead replacing first. The second one is now doing the SAME thing...
  • "the car mysteriously keeps draining the battery."
    You get this solved yet? BOTH my XC90's kept/keep doing that!
    Has the battery been going out when the car's been parked in the same location - like say, a garage?
  • Keep reporting each problem, and documenting Volvo's reply. You say: "once the car has been started, they consider that the problem has been solved." So have them write this up for you! If it REALLY qualifies as a lemon in your state, persue your rights under the Lemon Laws! And DON'T forget to let NHTSA know of your ongoing issues - you can report your vehilce at:

    If Volvo's not willing (perhaps it's more like ABLE) to do anything, YOU SHOULD TRY WHATEVER YOU LEGALLY CAN TO GET THEM TO ACT. You may have protection rights - find out! GOOD LUCK!
  • "I never thought I'd buy a 50,000 dollar car, and now I have and it's had more problems in the first 10 months now than any car I've ever bought has had in the first several years of owning them. How ridiculous is that??"
    VERY ridiculous!! Ditto for me - I've had one XC90 replaced by Volvo because they couldn't fix it, now I have a SECOND one (both are limited edition '06's) that has the same identical issue!!
    You know what 'VOLVO' might stand for?? Very Often Lemon Vehicle Outcome!!
    Hee-hee....... an absolute nightmare - sorry i bought my first one back in March - sorry I agreed to the replacement too! Guess I was being too optomistic that I wouldn't get another problem car.... WRONG!
  • I certainly regret buying mine!!! Be sure to see my next post...
  • 2006 Volvo Ocean Race XC90s and XC70s..... GORGEOUS, powerful vehicles, fully loaded, NOT cheap price tags. There were only 600 VOR XC70s made, and 800 XC90's. I don't think they are all just in the U.S, but not sure on this.
    Island2 seems to have had lots of issues with his/her XC90. Actually, there SHOULD just be 799 XC90's out there, unless Volvo re-sold number 612? They took it when it was obviously just about a legal lemon, and gave me another one in exchange. I purchased the vehicle late in March... by mid May, it had FOUR non-start battery issues, and Volvo was clueless as to why. NOW MY SECOND VOR XC90... less than 6,000 miles and it's been at dealership for three days so far - - SAME BATTERY ISSUE!
    I've also read of one apparent XC70 lemon - so far.
    Since these are limited edition vehicles, would it be possible to set up some little forum for VOR owners? It'd be real helpful to hear of other's complaints and/or compliments on these vehicles.
  • Stuck in Park position and many other problemsHello: Anyone out there ever start their car and they cannot get the gear shift out of park? 2005 XC90. Just had the car towed to local Volvo dealer 3rd time. (car is 19 mos old-missed lemon law). I think it is related to other problems I have had since September. I keep getting the message "Brake Assist Required" and "Anti Skid Service Required". They tell me they have re-set the computer and replaced a brake sensor at the pedal. But now, I still am getting the msgs and the car will not move from the "P" position. Somehow I think it is all related. Also since the spring, I get a very loud grinding noise when backing and my foot is on the brake while the wheels are turned. They first blew me off and said it was the power steering and that I was turning my wheels too much. Well I'm not stupid and I don't turn my wheels very tight. The noise is extremely louder now so they checked out the braked. Now they've decided my brakes are "glazed over" and I need a brake job. Said since the vehicle had 18,000 miles not under warranty for brakes. I argued I've always had the noise. Got nowhere. Still haven't had the brake job, want to get a second opinion on that one. Send long letter to Volvo, so far my car is still at the dealer. Would love to get rid of this car!
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