Can I register a 49-state used car in California?

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I'm trying to determine if my 2007 Forester 2.5 AT is legal to move to LA. It's had its hood replaced, so the emissions sticker is missing. Any thoughts?


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    Shouldn't be a problem although you will have to get a vehicle verification and also your vehicle will have to pass a smog test. Plan to spend some time at DMV, or perhaps you can go to a title and registration service and let them do it all for you.

    In other words, as a used vehicle it has to pass the smog requirement for which it was built. So if someone took off the catalytic or added some mods because their state has lax (or no) smog inspections, then you'll have to correct that when you come to California. For NEW cars coming into the state, there are other restrictions not applicable to you.

    Not sure if the lack of an emissions sticker will come to haunt you. You'll have to ask DMV about that.
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    Thanks. Sounds like I'm ok, this is consistent with most of what I've found. The confusion in some Q/As is about new cars, which do have to be 50-state approved.

    Why Subaru put that sticker on the hood....
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