Noise from driveshaft when I hit big bumps.

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I have a 2006 Grand and alot of times when I hit a large bump or pot hole I get the noise that it sounds like gears grinding and a piece of metal is hitting the floor board in the center of the car. I stop and pull over, put the car in reverse and it seems to correct the problem till I hit another bump again. Any ideas of what this might be?


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    It's a common error to assume that the symptom description alone is enough to automatically know what is wrong. For a shop/technician to fix this problem, they start with your description and then first attempt to experience the symptom. Now whether that occurs for them or not the next step would be to lift the vehicle for a direct inspection. For example, a loose heat shield is quite likely but without confirming whether that is genuinely the case this time it really is only a guess. Keep in mind that It's actually possible to find that you have a loose heat shield and have it not be the source of the noise this time.
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    What Doc says. Could be any number of things. Also loose or broken engine, transmission or differential mounts.

    With symptoms like that, I'm a bit surprised you are even still driving the vehicle and haven't put it up on the lift already.
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