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2001 Chevy Suburban shuts off hitting minor bumps

parkercc18parkercc18 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2015 in Chevrolet
This problem has been driving me nuts. My 2001 Chevy Suburban shuts off fairly regularly when going over rougher roads at speeds more than 20 mph. I have changed the igniting wiring harness only, the crankshaft position sensor and just last week, the fuel pump. The problem still exists. I am at wits end. Any suggestions? Thanks


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    So it shuts off and comes back on by itself, or do you have to pull over and restart the car, or does it stop and you can't restart the car, or ????
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    parkercc18parkercc18 Member Posts: 2
    It shuts the engine off. I still have battery power. Sometimes I can get it started rolling in neutral other times I have to stop. Engine doesn't hiccup at all. Just shuts off. It's as though someone shuts off the key. As you would when you decided to shut the car off deliberately.Thanks
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