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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • When I blow hot air through the front vents of my '04 TL I get ice cold outside air (during the winter, of course)coming from my center console, between the front seats. It comes from the opening near the hinge of the console lid. This air flow stops when I use the "auto" feature for temperature control, but using the front vents for heat is the fastest way to heat up the car in the winter. I had the vehicle into the dealer last winter but he couldn't find anything. Anyone experience this?

  • gkoffgkoff Posts: 36
    Just took my '03 in for transmission inspection. Dealer called and said 'second gear look a bit dark-discolored'. They sent pictures to Acura to get direction on whether to replace transmission. I've had no problems yet. Dealer says even if they replace transmission, I still might not get any extended warranty on it. Say's it depends on VIN number. Does anyone know Acuras warranty on this problem 1) if transmission is not replaced and, 2) if it is replaced?
  • Can anyone out there tell me if my 2005 Acura TL has anti-code grabbing technology? I suspect not. Why you ask? Because when I was at the mall this afternoon, I had too many packages so I went back to my car, popped open the trunk and put my packages in for safe keeping. I then went back to shopping inside the mall. I think a thief had some type of code grabbing device that was able to intercept my signal and use the copied signal from their device to pop open my trunk and steal all of my packages. Doesn't Acura put code hopping or code rolling technology (a new code is generated each time you open your door or trunk with your keyless remote rendering a code grabbing device useless) in their keyless systems. Can't believe Acura would be naive enough to exclude something so cheap. Please tell me it ain't so.
  • None of the literature mentions rolling code technology, so I'm guessing it doesn't. If it did, I would suppose that the marketing department would be mentioning that as a selling point.


    I know the Lexus RX330 brochure I have specifically mentions rolling code technology.


    That is a real bummer about all of your packages being stolen. I guess I'll have to remember not to use the key fob with my '04 TL to open the trunk if I'm putting something valuable in there. I'll just use the electric release on the dash and unlock the car the old fashioned way.


  • I feel Honda/Acura should pay for your stolen gifts taken from your trunk. Can anyone tell cherylgirl how she can work up the corporate ladder and get this complaint in front of the big wigs? I suggest anyone doing Christmas shopping use their metal key to open their car and lift the trunk lever to open their trunk. What happened to Cherylgirl occurs all the time. It happened to me too. Someone grabbed my signal as I clicked my transmitter, followed me home and opened up my TL while I slept and stole many valuable items. I'm now nervous to ever use my keyless transmitter anymore in any situation.
  • One more thing I forgot to mention. The thief permanently has my code in his code grabbing device, meaning he now basically has the key to get into my car whenever. My only recourse is to put in a new alarm/open unlock system with rolling codes or permanently use my metal key. Can't help but imagine one morning getting into my car and someone jumping up from the back seat and car jacking me at gunpoint or knifepoint all because he snatched up my code from my transmitter. This is really scary.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    When you put the packages in your car, did you unlock and then pop the trunk, or did you just pop the trunk? The reason I ask is that maybe, after closing the trunk, you forgot to re-lock.


    Regarding your concern over being car-jacked, one way to safe-guard, though a bit of an inconvenience, is to make sure you can see the flashing LED on your door before unlocking and jumping in. If someone is hiding in your car, even if he locked in from the inside, the LED wouldn't flash. I wouldn't worry too much about this in a sedan, but if I had a minivan, or an SUV, I would be more worried, since there are tons of room in those vehicles for someone to hide in.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Wow this is new to me. My ES actually has this rolling code feature and I don't even know about it. I think Acura does not offer this feature on any of its models, not even RL. I wonder if this is more standard on Luxo brands other than Lexus.


    I guess we'd avoid opening TL's trunk in public and then place some goodies there. That said, I am not sure how bad it is as most none-Luxo cars, including all those minivans, don't have this safety feature, but you don't hear this happen much.
  • I didn't open the doors. No need. Hit the trunk button, put my packages in, closed the trunk shut and I was off inside the store again. I went to the police station Saturday and there were over 25 police reports of trunks and doors being opened from the same underground mall parking. The police say they are somewhat hot on the trail of these guys. Thank God. Just beware that it's happening out there.
  • kozokozo Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had a problem with the Bridgestone tires causing vibration on the 2005 TL?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You have opened Pandora's Box!
  • revrasrevras Posts: 63
    thats just the way the car rides...
  • brew99brew99 Posts: 86
    rmg - I think you should be able to replace the DVD disk for your nav system with a new one that should have Canada on it. Not sure about the previous generation TL but the current one's Nav system includes both US and Cda on the same DVD which may be able to replace yours. Now on cold Ottawa mornings there is no guarantee that your whole system may not be completely frozen - good luck.
  • Help Please!! I took my 97 3.2 TL in for routine maintenance for the timing belt and water pump to be replaced. Keep in mind that there was nothing wrong with the car before serviced. Once completed I noticed that it was running "hard" and it made a noise every time it shifted from first to second. Before I could get it back to the dealer I found tranny liquid all over the ground. Towed in and now they are trying to charge me over 3500 to get my transmission rebuilt/replaced. Help form anyone out there....... could this problem be related to the "routine maintenance" I had done with the timing belt and water pump
  • vin3vin3 Posts: 12
    Spoke with Acura Client Service today. They still contend that the vibration and shudder in the front end is a driving characteristic though their engineers are working on it. My question then is why would you have your engineers work on a favorable driving characteristic? Strictly retorical.
  • Cherylgirl, I spoke with Acura today and they did acknowledge that anyone with a code grabbing device can grab your code and be able to get into your car whenever. They also told me they will be putting code hopping technology on the next year's models that will generate a new code each time you click you keyless transmitter. Hurray for this! I've also called my local news station and they are considering doing a story warning car owners of this problem. Another reason no one knows too much about this crime because the police are reluctant to report it as to avoid encouraging more thieves to go out and buy these simple to find code grabbing devices. You don't think it will happen to you? Cherylgirl and I both thought so. Not so now. Be carefull where you click your keyless transmitter.
  • Hi,


    What year is your acura, my is 2003 and has 35000 on it, the car already have transmission problem.
  • shellyshelly Posts: 22
    Just changed all my Bridgestone tires for Mich and the ride has improved 95% Dealer took back all tires after 2700 miles and charged me $200.00 for all 4 new tires. balanced installed. Took a while but I think something is going on with HONDA
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    "Took a while but I think something is going on with HONDA"


    Can you elaborate on that? Sounds like at least now if you complain to Acura they'd swap it at some nominal cost w/o asking much question?
  • Mine is a 2005 and no transmission problems to speak of as yet. Crossing my fingers. Did you have anyone evacuate the transmission completely and have it replaced with new fluid? I've routinely done this to all of my cars to prevent transmission problems.
  • kkftzkkftz Posts: 15
    For those that have owned a TL 6 speed manual... have you experienced any issues that I should be aware of? How reliable is the clutch... how long can I expect it to last? I have about a 45 mile commute which is about 3/4 highway and 1/4 stop & go.


  • After starting my car, the following 3 lights went on and did not go off:

    - D5 gear (i.e. green flashing light)

    - TCS (Traction control light)

    - Check Engine light


    Does anyone know what is going on? Is this safe to drive?



  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Even though I hope it ain't so, those lights may mean that you have a transmission problem. I would bring it in to a dealer asap and have them run the diagnostic on it.
  • Merry Christmas!

    After filling the trunk with a whole sleigh-full of presents that santa left at grandma's house, we needed to also load up the backseat. Went to open the driver's side rear door and it wouldn't open. It's cold here in the Northeast, but not cold enough to freeze the doors shut, and all 3 other doors were fine. When you pull the handle nothing happens at all, when you hit the power lock nothing happens to the lock, and you can't move it up or down manually. The door was opened once today to get my daughter in, but that's it. Any idea what happened? Is there some funky child protection thing I could have inadvertently hit?
  • cartalkcartalk Posts: 145
    It may be a faulty power door lock actuator.
  • Then I guess I'm off to the dealer tomorrow. Other than oil changes it'll be the first thing I've had to go to them for since I bought it in May, so even though it is annoying I suppose I shouldn't complain. Thanks.
  • My TL is a 2000 with 59,000 miles on it. I just noticed my transmission slipping and immediately had it service but it is still slipping. The interesting thing about this is that 4 months ago I had Acura dealer change the oil and do the transmission recall notice. I am very interested in the details of that notice. I don't even remember getting notified but they had it in their records so they performed whatever it was they were supposed to do.


    I am wondering if that has anything to do with my current problem.


    Thanks. RayJay
  • My TL is a 2000 with 59,000 miles on it. I just noticed my transmission slipping and immediately had it service but it is still slipping. The interesting thing about this is that 4 months ago I had Acura dealer change the oil and do the transmission recall notice. I am very interested in the details of that notice. I don't even remember getting notified but they had it in their records so they performed whatever it was they were supposed to do.


    I am wondering if that has anything to do with my current problem.


    Thanks. RayJay
  • webby1webby1 Posts: 209
    My friend drives a 2000 TL....same symptoms at 86,000 km....approx same mileage as yours.

    Acura finally replaced the tranny under warranty after denying for 6 months that there was a problem.

    He now has approx 136,000 km and no problems so far. This behaviour by Acura ( and amny other reasons )was enough for me not to get the new TL.


  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    TL has a terrible metallic sounding rattle when going over bumps or rough roads coming from the glove compartment. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how was it taken care of?


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