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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • ktnrktnr Posts: 255
    "I've downloaded hundreds of stories about these TL problems..."


    Can you share with us the web site where hundreds of stories about TL problems are posted?


    Also, you don't mention what Bridgestone's response was to your complaint. Each time I've ever bought a new car, the tire manufacturer's Tire Warranty was included in the paperwork discussed at delivery. With each car I've purchased, the car salesman pointed out to me that the tires are warranted by the tire manufacturer. Like you, I too would try the car dealer first (just for the heck of it) but I'd expect my next stop to be a tire dealer.


    Unless you can prove that a safety defect exists, I think it unlikely that Mr. Spitzer will expend political capital on behalf of luxury car owners with lumpy tires.


    Thanks for sharing your concerns and best of luck to you in getting this issue resolved without having to buy your own tires.
  • rsherrsher Posts: 2
    At 1500 RPM between 50 and 55 mph, my 2004 TL automatic has a low humm or vibration that is quite noticable(almost like it wants to be in fourth instead of fifth). The dealer spoke with the Acura tech people who said it was "normal". Its anoying. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there anything I can do about it?
  • Although our 2004 TL has not experienced flatspotting of the tires, we are replacing the stock "all season" Bridgestones at only 15000 miles. The tires were rotated as per recommendations from the dealership. It appears Acura is willing to change the tires once at their cost, and the dealership is planning to do so. Has anyone experienced this problem? I was under the impression that the all season tires should last for a minimum of 25000 to 30000 miles even on hard driving.
  • Same here. My TL2005 is heading to its 1st 1000 miles this weekend and still going smooth at any speed.
  • Hi all,

    Have to say this forum has been very useful. I've now got 1500 miles on my new TL and i've been getting 20 MPG - i think this is pretty common for most TL owners as the car needs to break in. But how long did you have to wait until the MPG started increasing????
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Did your Acura dealer volunteer to replace your tires, with what kind of tires? Were the tires worn out bad already, or it's due to some complaints of yours, that they would do that for free?
  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    If I'm not mistaken, the MPG has been better since the first oil change @ 6500 miles.



    I just found out that the computerized service reminder is able to detect how severe the car has been driven. That is why the avg mile for oil change is different from one car to another. You maybe having too much fun.



    No vibration or whatsoever @ 19kmiles. Try to reduce air pressure in your front tires (but not less than the lowest recommended level). That might help a bit.
  • dkg005dkg005 Posts: 1
    I have 2004 Acura TL. Here are some of the issues I have with the TL.


    1. Tire Tear. My rear passenger tire has a 3 inch tear between the treads. I took it to the dealer and they said that I hit a pothole which may have caused the tear. I took it Firestone and they said it wasn't a manufacture defect and they won't be able to replace it. I explained to them that I didn't hit a pothole, but heard a loud pop in the middle of driving. Have anybody else experienced this?



    2. Rattles. My dealer was able to fix one of the rattles above the driver's side window. They added more adhesive glue to the padding. That seems to fix one of the rattler.



    3. Rolling down the window all the way or halfway on the driver side and front passenger window causes the door to vibrate when shutting it.
  • gotatlgotatl Posts: 1
    I have an 05 TL. This is overall a great car, too bad I can't recommend it to anyone, yet!


    There is a slight vibration, or resonance coming from the drivetrain when accelerating in first gear, more noticable with more load on the car, like going uphile. Some of you have eluded to having this problem.


    Dealers, of course, two of them so far, characterize this behavious as "characteristic of the car". Here are my guesses:


    1 - Engine might not have enough low end torque -very slight chance this is the culprit, since if you accelerate very softly, you dont' have this problem.


    2 - Possible issue with the torque converter. It feels that the resonance may come from the TC until is spins up to certain cycle.


    Any thoughts?


    Has anyone talked to Acura (the company, not the dealers) to see if they are aware of any torque converter issues on 04-05 TLs?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    One thing that I have noticed about the TL's automatic is that it is quite eager to downshift. I've noticed this especially on my weekend trip. At highway speeds, it seems anytime you call for more speed to pass or to go up a hill, it will downshift (or maybe the torque converter unlocks). I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. I know some will like a quick-reacting tranny, but all the constant shifting makes the drivetrain kinda busy. I just didn't think with 270hp, it would need to downshift so readily.
  • We experienced an episode on the interstate where there appeared to be no traction whatsoever. Since we only have 15000, I asked the dealer about it. I had read a couple of the entries on this website about "bad" tires. I had also read on this website that some dealerships were replacing the tires. So, we asked the dealer and they have apparently agreed. They examined the tires and reported that our tread wear was almost to the replacement indicators. I will only know the price when it happens. It was implied that the dealer would do it for free. This may be a dealer based decision and not an Acura decision.


    I have since reviewed the Turanza EL42 on Tire Rack and there are many entries from '04 TL owners that speak of bald tires at 15000 miles or less. It appears that this is a common occurrence for this car & tire combination. Although this is considered a premium tire, there is no tread life warranty on the EL42's.


    I am almost certain the dealer will replace the tires with new EL42's, but I am not sure.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    Have you guys noticed how easily the leather seats get wrinkled up? I just bought my 2005 TL last month and the passenger leather seat is already beat up. What suggestions do you have to keep the seats new? Thanks.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
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  • We have just over 1700 miles now. Our mileage has varied from 17 (all local driving by my lead foot spouse) to 29 (all highway). Typically we get 23-25 mpg in combined local/highway driving.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    That seems about right for the TL. I've gotten as low as about 17 mpg in IMPERIAL (not US) gallons in pure urban driving, albeit with frequent stop and go, school zone drop-offs, extended idling, etc.
  • vin3vin3 Posts: 12
    Have the same problem between 1500rpm-2000rpm at about 50mph and above sometimes mine will actually shudder. According to Acura this is a driving characteristic. I have had the tires balanced, motor mounts aligned and the shift points on the tranny worked on. Still have the same problem. It appears we all are in the same boat.
  • revrasrevras Posts: 63
    I have had it with this rough riding, vibrating, rattling pile of junk. I guess my best advice for anyone.. don't ever buy a car without taking it out overnite, if possible for an extended test drive. The rough riding characteristics of this car were just not apparent on my 15 minute test drive. I think all the complaints about the stock tires are really a reflection of how Acura engineered the suspension on the car..poorly. It's telling that the majority of the ads Acura puts out on this car focus on the stereo system, I must admit its the best 32k stereo on wheels. In any event I was lucky, was able to trade for another brand of car and only lost 1k on my forty two month lease, because the TL is still a hot car to those who value flash, gadgets etc over a controllable, safe, comfortable car.
  • rsherrsher Posts: 2
    At first, I my dealership as well told me that it was "normal". Then, after I persisted, the dealership took the car for several days and later told me they discussed this with an Acura area service manager who said the vibration (I have also called it a "shudder") was caused by "harmonic resonance". The dealership told me that Acura recognized this as an issue and was going to issue a technical bulletin in the next 45 to 60 days with a proposed fix. I guess I will find out then if this was a way of putting me off or if they really recognize they have a problem and have a solution on the horizen. The loaner 2004 TL they gave me when they had my car did the same thing.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    klee, I noted this premature leather wear with a previous post, as well. When I brought it up at a recent service appt., I was told it was "normal wear". Sorry, but I don't buy this. My previous car (different make) had essentially no wear of its seats after two years compared to my 5 mos. old '04 TL.


    This lack of Acura responsiveness to the consumer and the numerous rattles, vibrations and feeling of hollowness rather than solidity has soured me to buying any more Acuras (and this was my third).
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    It's such a shame though, because in so many ways the TL is a great car. Not a good car, a great car. I love mine. But if only they had gone the extra mile with workmanship and material, and avoided the rattles, squeaking & creaking, wrinkly leather, etc., this car would be a legend in its own time.
  • sgsunnysgsunny Posts: 20
    Clarify, if possible...I heard about the probs w/

    vibration, rattling...regarding the 2004 TLs, and

    some postings inferring this prob has "presum-

    ably" been corrected w/the 2005....should 2005 TL-ers be on the look out for this? I am getting

    my new TL this week.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    From what I know, I don't think any of the problems have been definitively corrected for the '05. Generally, there may be less rattles and other quality problems as a model gets older in its life-cycle because the production process smooths out, plus they may make subtle changes to material, etc. to eliminate rattles and other noises. As for the vibration issue, I haven't experienced it on mine, but for people that have it, I have not heard that Acura has come out with a fix for it. Oh, they've tried rotating tires, changing tires, alignment, etc., but my impression as that they are still just grasping at straws at this point.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
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  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    "But if only they had gone the extra mile with workmanship and material, and avoided the rattles, squeaking & creaking, wrinkly leather, etc."


    That is precisely why I DON'T think it's a great car.
  • I own an '02 CL-S. I thought about the new TL, but the mileage?? Why would the TL get much worse mileage than my car? In the city, I get 21 mpg and on the highway I consistently get 29. Mind you, my car has 10 less horsepower, but did Acura change the gearing in the TL? I know it has really good performance and handling...rated much better than my CL-S.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Not that I don't think Acura could do a better job in those regards, but which $31K car is truly a great car? Lexus is probably the best in that department.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I assume you meant Lexus is best in regard to quality of material and workmanship, not that it is the best $31K car overall?
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    I don't believe the answer to your question in #1552 is Acura.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    No, not in regard to quality of material and workmanship. Overall....hmmm...maybe.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Yes I meant in terms of workmanship and materials, Lexus is the one to beat.

    For $31K, it's hard to find a car that does everything well. You just have to give and take some. TL is a great blend of many virtues, while others excel more in one area or the other.


    That said, Honda's workmanship is very good traditionally (I've owned a few). I don't know why this TL received these many complaints. Maybe because it's built in US? But then so are Accords and I don't think Accords got this kind of complaints that much.


    My 05 TL is coming soon and I am crossing my fingers to have none of these issues. I do know a few friends of mine that own 04 TL and have no workmanship problems. So I know 'it can be done'!
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