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Mazda RX-Vision Concept Marks Return of Rotary Engine| Posts: 10,059
edited October 2015 in Mazda
Mazda RX-Vision Concept Marks Return of Rotary Engine|

The Mazda RX-Vision, a sports car with a next-generation rotary engine dubbed the Skyactiv-R, debuted at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. The concept may signal Mazda's return to the unusual engine design that it last featured on the Mazda RX-8.

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  • subatomicsubatomic Posts: 140
    Stunning car! I enjoyed watching the live webcast of the unveiling at the Tokyo Auto Show. The car sits so low and there is so little sheet metal above the front wheel wells. Only a rotary engine would allow for such a low hood line. As small a corporation as Mazda is (and with limited resources), I am surprised to see the return of the rotary sports car. If and when it does go into production, I hope Mazda can keep it affordable and obtainable for hardworking middle-class drones like myself (hopefully that next promotion comes through!). I wouldn't mind if it has less than 300 hp. Reasonable horsepower/torque/fuel economy combined with low weight, sharp handling, reliability and low/moderate oil consumption would make for a great sports car.
  • sonny28sonny28 Plano, TexasPosts: 65
    Rotary always brings back memories as I've owned two RX-8's in my history - some of the best sports cars I've ever experienced. With this said, I've always felt the rotary has been an uphill battle for Mazda... But it's in their roots and defines their identity / niche, therefore I have no arguments here.
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  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,285
    Will the catch phrase "A Mazda goes mmmmmmmmm" make a comeback?

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  • sjw91sjw91 Posts: 22
    I hope it's back to two seats.
  • DLuDLu NHPosts: 94
    Tire width match those of the C7. Price it accordingly ($65k) Mazda, and people hopefully will stop complaining about longevity. The rotary is reliable -- I rev to 9,000 RPM regularly. Most cars that can do that do not need longevity. My R3 has given me zero problems, inside or out, so it is very reliable. Some people do not need a 100k-mile commuter machine. The Accord coupe V6 is faster and can get me probably to 300k miles, IF I cared about longevity. The C7 is fantastic, but they are EVERYWHERE. I promise, Mazda, if you make this thing, I will buy it. But please, price it in the $65k range so it's a proper flagship.
  • rx8se3prx8se3p Posts: 1
    edited November 2015
    My '04 RX-8 (after 5 RX-7s, since '84) just turned 143K original miles with the last 60+K as track-only, since being replaced in '06 with a Prius daily driver. So, rotary reliability is entirely dependent on NEVER bogging the engine (detonation breaks the rotor seals in an instant) and routinely redlining the motor to minimize carbon build-up. Other than routine maintenance and strictly maintaining fluid levels, that's all one needs to know about keeping a rotary healthy. Looking forward to seeing a 1.6L with improved torque and direct injection for better mileage and emissions.
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